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blacksabb2013 Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has a feeling the band’s current tour will be their last.

He’s still enjoying life on the road as they support acclaimed album 13 – but admits he’s starting to find it difficult to keep going.

Butler tells the Chicago Sun-Times, “I just got a feeling. It’s getting tough, it really is. I can’t lie about that. I’m old now; it really is tough going on every night. You wake up next day will pains you never had before.

I don’t want to go onstage for the sake of the money. You have to have pride in yourself. I honestly think I’m coming to the end of the top of my job.”

He isn’t sure when his final show will be, but asserts “I’ll know when the day comes I can’t do this any more, can’t play to my usual standards. That’s when I won’t go out any more.

I just love playing with the band. It probably will be the last time, probably the last tour. I want to go out on a high – the band is playing really well at the moment.”

Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, who’s continuing to receive treatment for cancer, recently said he hoped they’d be able to play 13 in full at some point in the future, and perhaps make another album. Frontman Ozzy Osbourne has stated their future is entirely down to Iommi’s health.

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  1. Saw the Philadelphia show, it was a moment for me. a fan for 35+ year and of hundreds of concerts it was the same as 3 shows in recent years with Dio (Sabbath/Heaven and Hell): I cried at the joy of hearing them play. And they were AWESOME while obviously having a good time. A 2 hours lesson to make “instant fad, 2 albums” bands go back to their garage and learn to play. Was a privilege to be there.

  2. Its interesting to read your comments. I haven’t seen them yet and accept the fact that Bill isn’t there – doesn’t really bother me. So many people are saying Ozzy is sounding like crap and the live shows haven’t been as good. Then I read comments like your’s (and others) who say how great it was. Makes me wonder if some people just have the blinders on and won’t accept this version of the band, or if its a simple case of ‘to each his own’. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. Its always the best when a band you’ve loved for years don’t disappoint.

  3. They never saw the Sabbath on their last tour with Ozzy decades ago, trust me, they are better now even without Ward. Don’t believe Geezer, the tour is making big loot….another LP & tour soon.

  4. If I had to pick my favorite album buying experience aside from breaking my heavy metal cherry with BARK AT THE MOON ( Harmony Records PARKCHESTER NY 1984 ) it has to be as a 40 year old downloading 13 onto my IPOD on a Monday evening this past June. I (excuse me Daniel Murphy hit a 2 Run shot) again I turned my computer on at like 9:30 to have it ready for midnight if 13 would be available but it was already there. It was like a bootleggers inside my computer/cat room. TOTALLY AWESOME SURREAL STUFF. It was there, my own after 35 years. My intro to SABBATH was BORN. AGAIN (shit in the 80s but now a cult classic). This is real SABBATH man. Whatever they release I m
    buying. BLUE RAY leftover songs whatever….HEADLESS CROSS DELUXE EDITION who cares this is where it started. Ask me when I was born, I ll say the year VOLUME 4 came out(not STPs). My only beef with this tour is I’m a SABOTAGE guy and it got shut out.(AGAIN and HOW?.) SABOTAGE is a masterpiece with a hideous cover that’s all. The genious of that album will always be overlooked. As far as I’m concerned SABOTAGE beats ZEPPELIN 4 head to head.

    Nnnnnnnnnnn NnnnnnNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bbbbbbbb Iiii I fans we ll take. I ll pre order any blue ray or future release at all.

    1. Bark At the Moon is the first album I ever bought. Sabbath is my fav band ever. Even though my fav Sabbath album is Sabbath, Bloody, Sabbath my three fav Sabbath tunes are all from Sabotage, namely The Writ, Megalomania, and The Thrill of it All. That said: Sabotage is not my fav album because of the track Am I Going Insane (Radio), and the pseudo-songs Supertzar and Don’t Start (Too Late)

  5. That SABOTAGE stuff is bold but Jim Florentine once mentioned on TMS that he felt strongly about that album as well so I’m not alone. SABOTAGE lacks nothing. 2 intro type songs: HOLE IN….SYMPTOM…..2 epics: MEGA…THE WRIT…instrumental: SUPERTZAR….plus THRILL + INSANE……You know bands like WINGER are doing whole albums, for me SABOTAGE would be that 1 album.

  6. Tonight I saw Black Sabbath perform in Tinley Park outside of Chicago. I was on the fence about going, but when I read this article, I said to myself “Man, I probably will never see these guys play together ever again” Being a HUGE Dio fan, having watched the youtube clips of Sabbath’s performance in Texas and hearing Ozzy’s voice sound terrible, and never having seen Sabbath with Ozzy, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to check it out. But my 7 year old daughter said “Daddy, just go. Thursday is your birthday. It can be your present.” So I went, and I have to say…it was simply epic. To those of you who think Ozzy’s voice is off, I can honestly say he amazed me. Was he perfect? No, but he was close. He sang the epic songs from back in the day and he was right on. Without saying, Tony and Geezer are the finest guitar and bass players who walk the planet today, and their skill has not diminished. If you are on the fence about going, GO. The show reminded me of how powerful metal is, and to see 3 of the 4 creators of metal perform together was legendary.

  7. Did I mention SABOTAGE? You know what s f#@kng amazing about that album? The way that SYMPTOM fades into MEGALOMANIA. There used to be an AM radio station I believe called Z ROCK and they actually made it a point to play that song. They played the acoustic outro of SYMPTON as if it were part of MEGALOMANIA which is fine ’cause it fits perfectly. They say THE WRIT was a song actually written by Ozzy. His vocals on that album are the best of his career. On DIARY OF MADMAN, he also sounds great.

  8. I’m going to sabbath a week from Monday in San Jose California. Ive heard mixed reviews too. Some people love it. Some say they hated it. It’s black sabbath. Ive only seen them once with Ian Gillian on the born again tour. I loved that show. Can’t wait. I will post my review at some point. Remember. Fairies wear boots!

  9. Saw Sabbath last night in Illinois. I am not a big Ozzy fan and never saw him with Sabbath, but the show was insane. Ozzy’s voice was awesome, not perfect, but he belted out the old classics without any problem. Geezer and Tony were epic. Check them out if you have not ever yet, this might be your last chance according to good old Eddie Trunk.

  10. I heard that Ozzy is a piece of crap on stage. NO WONDER. Dio fing rules the Sabbath scene, and no matter how hard they try, Ozzy still sucks and Dio still rules. THE MOB RULES!!!!!

  11. I saw them 8/4 in NJ and they killed it! Sold out show, the crowd was way into the concert and Sabbath did not disappoint! Killer set list (could have had Electric Funeral) and Ozzy sounded good (started to slow down towards the end, but hey he’s over 60!) Go see them if you can!

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