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Getting ready to fly to Sacramento for the first time ever in a few hours with Don & Jim. Thunder Valley Casino is putting on a concert tomorrow night we are hosting with Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burn Halo. I’ll also be selling and signing both books on site and will have merch available at the band merch booths. We will also be there hanging Saturday. If you are in the area and coming out or would like to meet and grab a book just follow on Twitter and I’ll post specific places and times I’ll be available. I would assume during most of the concert there may be time as well while the bands are playing. Should be a fun weekend.

Saw Ted Nugent in NJ on Tuesday night. I realize Ted is a polarizing figure to many. When we had him on TMS had a massive amount of equal love and hate for him being on. My position on Ted is that I love his music and his guitar playing. That’s all it’s about for me. On some of his other stuff I have mixed feelings, but the guy is still a machine on stage and his band kicked ass. Derek St Holmes still sings amazing and Mick Brown and Greg Smith were locked in strong. Really fun show. I appreciate Ted’s very vocal support of TMS as well which he expressed from the stage. That support from the fans and the artists is so cool and important to what we do. Me, Don & Jim hung with him some pre show (pics on my Twitter and Instagram) and he was as entertaining as always. There were a few protesters in front of the gig. One interviewed Don. He told them he was also protesting….that Rob Grange wasn’t in the band. Seeing this guy try to figure out what Don was talking about was hysterical. Like I said, for us it’s about MUSIC above all and Ted rocked!

Caught Queen with Adam Lambert last night in NJ. Pretty remarkable that for the most part Queen are filling arenas (sold out MSG and The Forum in LA) with no opening act against all the competition out there this Summer. Speaks to the power and timelessness of their music. I have seen the band with Freddie, Paul Rodgers and now Adam Lambert. Stating the obvious, nobody is Freddie. But I liked Paul very much in the gig and Lambert was totally different, but also very strong. Lambert is way more flamboyant and really gets into the Freddie pageantry of the frontman role. His voice is pretty remarkable and he was clearly moved to be able to sing Freddie’s songs (as he stated) and play in a band that was important to him and so many around the globe. Queen are MASSIVE outside of the US. Here they are an arena act, everywhere else stadiums. As a matter of fact they recently did a gig in front of 500,000! Queen in 2014 is more a celebration of the music and a tribute to Freddie. Lambert is very much his own guy in the role, careful not to impersonate (no half mic stand or similar clothes, etc), but also very much about doing the material as close to Mercury as possible. Different from Rodgers who put more of a bluesy spin on it. I interviewed Brian May before the show and he told me they wanted to get back to being a little heavier and more classic Queen. The show had a little bit of a too long middle of ballads and solos, but with the two key guys being in their mid 60’s, and playing over two hours, it gave others a break. Highlights for me were “Now I’m Here”, “Stone Cold Crazy”, “Fat Bottom Girls”, and many others. Just amazing songs! Brian is one of a kind in his playing and sound and Roger sings and plays very well, especially for his age. He had an assist from his son at a few points in the show as well. Brian told me he is unsure how long he and Roger can keep doing it and where it goes from here, but loves Adam and said he thinks Freddie would have also. The demand is there for more shows and maybe even an album but seems nothing is set yet. Had a great hang after with Roger and Brian and they are just class gentlemen as well as rock icons. You will hear the complete Brian May interview in my podcast very soon as well as clips of it in both radio shows. In the short time I had with him we got into some great stuff.

Speaking of my podcast episode 3 is up now on Itunes and at www.podcastone.com with Brad, Kelly and Jack from Night Ranger. This is all new and has not aired elsewhere. We discuss lots of stuff including Brad’s time in Ozzy. It is free worldwide so download it now and be sure to subscribe to hear it each week. Thanks.


  1. Eddie, your review of Queen here on the Trunk Report is great. Have fun in Sac. If you’re staying at Thunder Valley in Lincoln take a short hop over to Roseville and go to Johnny Garlic’s (Guy Fieri’s place) for some good food and drink.

  2. While it’s true, no one is Freddy… I’m a much bigger Paul Rodgers fan. It was an interesting experiment that many Queen fans hated, but it took a lot of guts for the guys to try.

    Lambert is the real deal. No doubt he fits in Queen better than Rodgers for pure Queen. Personally, I’d rather listen to the “Voice” (the man not the show) anytime. Rock on #TMS

  3. Hi Eddie, I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about Airbourne! I usually ignore newer bands because IMO most suck, but thanks to Dana, I decided to check them out, and I’m so F’N glad I did! Airbourne gets it, and gives it, just straight-up in your face ass-kicking Rock ‘N’ Roll! Their all about partying, drinking, and having a good time, no wonder why I like these guys so much! Songs like “Back In The Game”, and “Live It Up”, which I think should be played on radio everyday! I just can’t believe they haven’t exploded over here in the states. If they got a chance to open for JP or AC/DC, someday, I think they might be as big as them. I know it might sound unreal, but I haven’t heard a newer band that sounded this F’N awesome in a LONG time! AC/DC must be so proud, and with good reason. I’m on a mission, an AIRBOURNE crusade! Come on Eddie, we got to get these guys over here! Yes, they sound like AC/DC, but that’s a good thing, who better to sound like? Airbourne keeps the Rock ‘N’ Roll party rolling! The sound remains the same, after all, Rock ‘N’ Roll is the name of the game!

      1. Yes, and I can hear why, I myself am a big fan now as well. I just can’t believe a band this good has never played here in the states, I wonder why? I know they got some dates coming up in Canada, but nothing here, that sucks! Airbourne fans, let’s get these guys over here, OR let’s all take a road trip to Canada! 🙂

          1. My opinion: the Runnin’ Wild album is a classic album that just hasn’t been acknowledged as a classic, not yet. All great songs on that album, like Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women, Diamond In The Rough, the title track…that album hooked me from the beginning. Great bar room, drinking music.

          2. Agreed James. I also love the fact that they have no ballads. Runnin’ Wild is amazing album. Fat City is a good one 😉

            D 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for Queen + Adam mention. .they are phenomenal. Audiences love them, they just announced New Zealand shows recently, tickets went on sale & was sold out in minutes like every other shows did..yes demand is very high. They are perfection together.

  5. Wow Eddie you really saw the Freddie Mercury led Queen! Was that the magic tour 85 or 86? I’m not a fan of the singing contest style tv shows that continue to be big on tv. However, for Queen, if they were looking for a more high octave theatrical style similar to the Mercury style, Lambert does the songs justice. Its respectable that he pays homage to Mercury and is totally honest that his style is similar but he is putting his own spin on the songs. The Paul Rogers thing for me was just too bluesy to mesh well with the Queen harmonies. He’s a great singer as well but if you were looking to be in the same harmonic ball park as the classic Queen then Lambert does that better. I saw the show recently too and was amazed at the vocal range and how well he did with the catalog. As Eddie said at this point it’s a celebratory tour. A celebration of the songs, the anthems, and Freddie Mercury as well. They aren’t a band with a ten year vision where getting your singer from a TV show would be hard to stomach. It’s a nostalgia tour of epic proportions and I for one hope additional dates are added. I don’t need an album. Long live Queen…

    1. Nice comments Bruce. Eddie mentioned on his Monday night Sirius show that he saw Queen in 1982 at Madison Sq Garden on the Hot Space tour. I wish I was there.

  6. It amazes me that everyone who is so mad at Ted for voicing his opinions do the exact same thing, voicing their opinions, about Ted. Yes, it’s their right, just as it is his. Love his new CD. He doesn’t change, but that is a good thing.

  7. Eddie, I am very happy you went to see Queen+Adam Lambert last night. I saw the MSG show last week and thought it was phenomenal. Every part of the show was perfect from the cool staging, the great musicianship, the crisp sound, and of course the great songs. Freddie would no doubt be proud of his old mates and would have certainly gave Adam his blessing.

  8. Excellent report, as a fan of Queen, for some time I wondered what it would be the Queen show with Adam Lambert. Well, now I have a very reliable update about it.

    Thanks, and Greetings from Costa Rica

  9. The reason they sold out the Forum and MSG is that those are much bigger, more populated cities. They wouldn’t sell out in regular markets like Kansas City or Ohio. And as far as them selling out “stadiums” , whatever. 500,000? Doesn’t matter as overseas stuff is bizarre. Toto can’t sell out a casino in the states but do stadiums overseas. Kiss currently do stadiums. And after the Bat City Rollers bombed in the states they did stadiums overseas for a long time. Adam Lambert and no John Deacon? Give me a break.

  10. ed,
    I went to ted Tuesday, also and had the pleasure of meeting him before the show. he’s a real nice, personable guy. I’m only in it for the music, too. the man is 65 and he rocks like he’s 25! kudos to his band, too. ed, you’re a class act as well. please make the check out to Elliot. thank you.

  11. Podcast is awesome! On the first one with Judas Priest, it was amazing to me how much Richie Faulkner sounds like Steve Harris! Then, as soon as I realized it, he started talking about living at Harris’ place.

  12. Hey, Ed, Just want to say a quick Thankyou! for being so nice to me and my wife Chris. We met you at the Queen show. You just got your food with your wife and you took the time to talk and take pictures with us. Thanks I have been a fan of yours forever since I think 82. Thanks again for being so nice and your wife was very understanding too.

  13. What Don did was funny. I can’t remember who it was, because I read about it over 25 years ago in either Hit Parader or maybe Circus, but a band was being protested and one of the band members made a protest sign that had “Have A Nice Day” on it and walked around with the protesters and they didn’t pay him any attention. I do clearly remember an interview with Billy Milano ages ago where he said he joined a protest line outside at his show, I just don’t remember if he was the one that carried the Have A Nice Day sign. I don’t think it was Billy, although, being the cut up he is, it sounds like something he’d do. Come to think of it, it may have been Ozzy. I don’t remember who it was. Damn, old age memory!

  14. Seen Queen in Houston(Sold Out) Adam was Great as well as others. Not fare to compare Adam with Freddy as a whole. In concert You can and both are really good vocally(great range) and put on great shows. But Freddy was a Musician/song writer/song arranger before Queen, Adam was mostly a Musical/Stage Guy performed in a few bands and wrote with Monty Pittman on a couple of occasions. Seen people lambasting Ed because he liked Adam and people tried to compare it to the KISS Issue. Again not fair Adam is NOT pretending to be Freddy. Would be interesting to see what they do with new recordings. Down Side Ticket prices were high because of Snubhub crap they bought up good seats and resold them for 300-500.00.

    1. Tommy and Eric are not “pretending” to be Ace and Peter either! They have taken over the characters, that’s all! I’m sensing a double standard here–amazing. Call it whatever you want–I know you will–but there is nothing wrong with what Kiss is doing with the characters.

  15. Ed,

    Thank you so much for the podcasts. All three have been great. I wasn’t all that familiar with Overkill, but the interview with Blitz was outstanding. There’s no doubt that will continue to dominate the ITunes podcast rankings for many, many years. I fully excpet an exclusive one-one-one with interview with Eddie Van Halen. I know it probably won’t happen, but I can dream. Whatever medium- please keep up the fantastic work.

    I know we’re both excited for the upcoming NFL season, but I have bad news. This is Romo’s year to shine. It is our time. My ‘Boys & Romo will finally win it all. Good luck to your G-men.


  16. Eddie, YOUR RIGHT!!! at the beginning of your podcast you talk about new rock music not being played or promoted pass the first week and that today’s music can’t be classic at a later time if its not played now. What you were referring to was exactly what country music does as is why it is so successful today. They play new music constantly and they play 4-5 tracks deep from each album throughout the year, it works! Country artists promote their brand and they support each other, that’s what rock music used to do. Thanks for doing your part, I just hope people in the rock business copy this formula soon!

  17. Hey Eddie I saw Uncle Ted at the Newport Music Hall (America’s longest continually running concert hall) in Columbus, Ohio this past Thursday. Ted was awesome as usual and it was a treat to see Derek St. Holmes for the first time in my life! Derek is one of the most under-rated singers in rock history! I am wondering what your thoughts are about the opening act Pistol Day Parade? I found them impressive overall however being 40 years old now I found it hard to relate to them considering several of their song lyrics seem to be whining about some woman. There’s too many bands that sing about that stuff already and besides Uncle Ted wrote the greatest love song decades ago entitled “Stranglehold!”

  18. Queen plus Adam, I guess you missed all of his fans in the audience ? No opening act ? If that’s the case , instead of just playing just 21 songs(sans solos) , they should do what Rush have done the last few years and play 2 sets.

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