Just heard the awful news a couple hours ago about the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Jeff had been battling an infection from a spider bite but it was announced liver failure took his life today. I interviewed and hung with Jeff several times and it was always a blast. I last saw him in Indio CA during the Big 4 show there when he jumped up with Slayer for a few songs. I then ran into him at a hotel bar we were both staying at and said a quick hello. That was the last time I saw him. We just interviewed Dave Lombardo in TMS the other day and talked about how important it is for both he and Jeff to get back in Slayer. Sad that will now never happen and needless to say we will do our best to edit that interview in some way to show it was shot a couple days before this tragic news. Condolences to the Slayer fans, band and family of Jeff. RIP.

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  • Dave Smith on

    Very sad. Condolences to the family. RIP Jeff, rock and roll forever.

  • Dennis on

    Back in 1995 I got bit by a Prairie Rattlesnake ( don’t ask ) the surgeons said the hemotoxin can affect my liver. So the conclusion that liver failure is related entirely to drinking………………in Jeff’s case the bite may have done him in more so then any amount of alcohol. At 49? Sucks…………..was looking forward to seeing him get back into the loop with Slayer. Very sad to hear indeed. Just goes to show that life is a gift and you can’t take it for granted. When death comes knocking…………….you go! Whether your Jeff Hanneman or Susan McNulty!!!!!!

  • jimmie on


  • Christine on

    I was never a Slayer fan, but I hate that. RIP

  • Ted on

    I was shocked when I read this news very early this morning. This really sucks. My prayers go to Jeff and his family.

    Eddie, the last time you saw Jeff, how did he appear to be doing?
    Tonight on your radio show you have to at least play South of Heaven, and Season in the Abyss.

    Jeff, R.I.P., brother! You’re the man!

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