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Wanted to post earlier today but we had to actually upgrade our server because of all the activity on the site this weekend (thanks webmaster David for your help!). Now that Gene and Paul have weighed in on the HOF drama of the weekend we have a pretty clear picture on the eve of tickets going on sale that Kiss is not playing at all now in any form. Clearly they had to make some statement here after all the fallout from Ace on my radio show Friday night and Peter’s statement yesterday. So now that all sides have weighed in here is MY analysis of all of this for those interested as far as what has gone on.

Gene and Paul were never going to play with Ace and Peter at this event. Just wasn’t ever going to happen. Look no further than Paul’s official Twitter a few weeks ago when he essentially said as much. Ace, Peter, and MANY members of the HOF I spoke to over the last few weeks confirmed they wanted to play with the current band and had no intention of an originals reunion. The Kiss statement saying “we don’t believe the memory will be enhanced” in playing with Ace and Peter really translates to Gene and Paul not wanting to open a can of worms, and honestly likely not thinking they can cut it with them anymore. They know this can’t be a jump up and jam thing. They need to rehearse and prepare to do it right. That would require them reconnecting for a few days. That opens cans of worms so to speak. So they were never going to go down those roads with the original band. In their view too complicated and just like at MTV unplugged, it would make it very hard to continue to sell what they are now doing afterwards. Ace, Peter and the HOF didn’t just make it up that they didn’t want to play with them. Perhaps they would have allowed Ace and Peter to come up at the group jam at the end, but Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace alone on stage playing a song was something Gene and Paul were never going to allow or have happen. To them it’s complicated on way too many levels. So once Ace and Peter released their statements Gene & Paul’s only way out of the backlash was to check out of playing all together which they did today. And you know what? No matter how this was arrived at it is the best available scenario given they won’t play with the original band. Since the original four are being inducted out of respect no performance is better than Ace and Peter having to watch the current band. I think this also makes it likely (but far from 100%) that everyone at least shows up and speaks. So what we hopefully end up with is a photo op of the original guys, a few words from each, then some sort of all star Kiss tribute band or video package. The HOF will now have to figure that out. But I can tell you this is a victory of sorts for Ace and Peter who now may attend and will not feel dissed having to see personas they created playing at their induction. But it is clear, and I have confirmed with many over the last month involved with the HOF, that Gene and Paul would not play with only the original band at this event. The HOF wanted that, Ace and Peter were up for it (as Ace said on my show when first announced as going in) but Gene and Paul would not have it and wanted to play with the current band. Again, Paul said “very unlikely” over a month ago on Twitter when asked about a reunion and “no way” to them wearing makeup. So where this is all coming from should not be a surprise. It’s pretty clear and honestly it is Gene & Paul’s right at this point, even if you disagree strongly with it. They own Kiss like it or not. To me anything else is spin and damage control at this point. But again, to me, this is the second best scenario given only the originals are being inducted. At least it gets them all there hopefully!

A few other things; do Gene and Paul attend? They say in their statement they will “celebrate” the induction but that doesn’t always mean show up. I would assume they would, but none of the original four have clear cut said yet “we will be there”.

Clearly Gene and Paul are annoyed (and you can make the case rightfully so) that only the original four are being inducted. However their statement left out Vinnie Vincent (a HUGE contributor to Kiss comeback of the 80’s) and the late Mark St John. We all know Kiss and Vinnie had their issues, but if they truly wanted to celebrate KISStory completely Vinnie would certainly at least deserve an invite and mention? I have said all along I think it had to be only the original guys or EVERYONE who was in Kiss to do this right. Kind of hard to pick and choose. The HOF decided only originals. So when they said in their statement “the entire history”, they are still leaving out some gaps.

And that’s another issue. Kiss in their statement continue to allude to all the success they have had without Ace and Peter. Relatively speaking that is true. But you can not discount the fact that the bands biggest periods by far were with the original band. The 70’s were most iconic, then the 90’s reunion was equally huge. Who knows if Ace and Peter didn’t do the reunion tour in ’96 if there would even still be a Kiss today? Reunions happen because bands need them and they are much bigger than whatever that band is doing at the time. Nobody does a reunion tour because it means less people or interest. Current Kiss does very well in festivals and some parts of the world. But to say in America the band is as big as ever (as I have heard stated) is just false. The last full US tour was a CO HEADLINE. You don’t go 50/50 with another band unless you need the help. On the flipside it is without question true that Gene and Paul have kept this alive for 40 years and steered the ship (with good and bad decisions in my view), so without that commitment who knows what would have happened? There were several versions of Kiss. I was a fan of many. But the simple truth is nothing was or will be bigger than the original four guys. That is just fact if you really take in the history.

If the HOF had decided to induct all the members then for sure the case could be made that everyone plays. But they decided to induct the four that started it all only. It sucks for us fans that the powers that be here wouldn’t make that work for at least a song or two, but I think where we arrived at today with no performance is the second best scenario. Now let’s see if they all show, who does the induction (I know but can’t say!) and what the HOF does as a tribute. It’s been a wild weekend since Ace started this with his announcement on my radio show late this past Friday night (audio on the home page) and where we go from here should be interesting as well. I’ll be live on SiriusXM channel 39 6-10P ET tomorrow and will take your calls. That’s MY take, look forward to yours here on the site or on the radio.

Oh, one last thing. Much has been made about the impact all of this will have on sales to the event tomorrow. The timing here was key since MANY were going to come from around the world assuming a performance by the original band one last time. So clearly it’s great those people now know the deal. I think it will for sure change the dynamic of the crowd makeup in the building that night. But as long as the original four show up I’d say a good showing from Kiss fans will be there. But nothing like if it was a reunion performance. Also remember there are many other bands being honored that night. Nirvana and Springsteen also have pretty big bases. So I suspect ticket sales will be just fine when that is all factored in. I’m sure there will be much more to discuss. Never dull being a Kiss fan!


    1. They don’t deserve to be inducted. If I want a stage show I go see the man who invented it. Alice Cooper. Gene Simmons is a horrible bass player and a below average singer. He has enough money to take bass and singing lessons. Maybe the show polish he puts in his thinning hair has effected his brain. Paul Stanley (Pumpkin Head) is not a real singer and nothing more than a puppet for Gene Simmons and his massive ego. Why are real hard rock bands like Deep Purple sitting on the side lines and not being inducted? I could not care about Kiss.

      1. Whether or not you liked Kiss’ music, it can’t be denied that they were hugely influential. The real question is why are bands like Deep Purple, Yes, King Crimson, etc. sitting on the sidelines while bands of the 90s like Nirvana are getting in already?

      2. that is a wig that gene wears outside of his kiss character. There is a TMZ picture posted of Gene bald as a penis head. and although at this point I hate everything about Kiss I have to disagree on the Paul not a good singer. He is a good singer but not from anything played after the Revenge album. But Paul live is awful. He can’t sing for crap..

        1. The TMZ pictures were fakes. Regardless Gene is extremely follicly challenged…with a mix of dye and transplanted hair and who knows what else. Onstage he wears a wig and has all the way back since Animalize tour. For Paul…same as Gene in the hair dept. although offstage he wears a combo of wig and transplants for his frontal hairline. On stage…wig. Paul has worn a stage wig for many tours…started with extensions on the HITS tour to full blown wig. I don’t even think he cares anymore…saw him backstage on the Farewell tour without his stage wig…just very short thinning hair.
          As for Pauls voice…yes, it’s gone now but in the day…one of the best in Rock n Roll. On the Creatures tour…best i ever heard it. Paul lost his voice after the solo tour…not been the same since even after surgery.

      3. Tommy, you’re ridiculous. I agree that Alice Cooper and Deep Purple are great, but its difficult to make a list of bands that have had the influence on hard rock that KISS has had. Gene and Paul know they are middle of the road musicians, and that is not their point. They want to be great ENTERTAINERS, and that’s exactly what they are.

      4. Gee “tommy” I saw Alice in a club a couple years ago, wasnt even sold out. When was the last time he had a successful album? Your opinions are troll-like, angry and just that, opinions. Get off the site please.

    2. whatever is going on oh!!! well!!! kiss deserves to be here!!!! they played to over a billion people with or without the originals!!! and eddie trunk you say in this article and i quote lol!!! “There were several versions of Kiss. I was a fan of many” a true kiss fan will be a fan of it all hey when i heard the peter criss solo album i sucked it up and said it was good and the dynasty album!!! you calling it a kisco album was just very annoying to hear from you!!! a true kiss fan will love all there work!!!! learn a instrument and get a band going eddie and see it’s not as easy playing with other members of a band all the time!!!! bottom line is this!!! if this was IRON MAIDEN there wouldn’t be any problems unless sharon osbourne was running the show lol!!! well that’s another story!!!! and dude when are you going to get overkill on your show i mean your studio is pretty close to slayerville to get bobby blitz on that show i mean there’s no way he would turn that down!!! who was the guy on the show just recently some musician that doesn’t even play metal but he had on a that metal show shirt on from another show common’ very week season so far minus zakk and nugent!!! i mean trixter on guitar what the fuck lol!!! well that’s my 10 cents to this and everything else!!! music should always be fun not turn into he said she said bullshit!!!! that’s what girlfriends are for lol!!!

  1. Eddie, why are certain groups only inducted with original members and with cases like Fleetwood Mac, they induct their 5th incarnation (they include Peter Green but dis Bob Welch and Larry Kirwin), not to mention only the original members of Sabbath and giving the finger to Dio and Vinny Appice. No rhyme or reasoning. In KISS, Vinny Vincent and Eric Carr must also be honored.

  2. I was pissed on Friday, but I tend to see Paul and Gene’s point. They wanted all members in, in which case they might have preformed with everyone and it would have been a big party.

    Instead the hall treated KISS like crap, and not like they treated other bands where they let in multiple members. Therefore, KISS told them to shove it. I can’t blame them for that.

  3. I hold the RRHOF just as much at fault for this debacle as I do ALL four of the original members of KISS. Your 4 senior citizens acting like assholes. ALL of you. You were, for a brief moment in time, the biggest band in the world. That is not the case anymore. You had one last shot at reliving that, and you all shoved it straight up the ass of the people that made you millionaires. Good job.

  4. Nobody would ever make the argument that Vinnie Vincent is more important in KISS than Gene Simmons. Or that Mark St. John’s contributions equal what Paul Stanley has brought to the table. The RRHOF needs to just accept that most major bands have undergone some kind of lineup change during their careers. Grateful Dead, Metallica, Heart, KISS, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on and on. The RRHOF could do us all a favor and induct every performer that’s ever recorded with the band that’s being inducted.

    If you deem KISS worthy of induction, you need to induct Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric Carr, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. That’s the entire KISS family for better or worse. Even if the current KISS lineup performed live, the remaining members could all be there to celebrate what got them to this moment.

    1. RRHOF is at fault NOT kiss NOT paul NOT gene NOT ace NOT peter
      This is what should have happened nothing more NOTHING less
      If you deem KISS worthy of induction, you need to induct Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric Carr, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. That’s the entire KISS family for better or worse.
      AS for you kiss haters , Gene haters Paul haters go f*k yourself and stop writting sh*t no one wants to read and go back to playing video games in your moms basement.

  5. I think KISS not playing at all is the right decision at this point. Gene was on twitter re-tweeting quotes from people saying the exact thing. He also re-tweeted people mentioning all the former guys, Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, even Vinnie Vincent. Remember when G’N’R were being inducted it was the same talk. Will the original band reunite for a set? Will Axl play with Slash. Didn’t think it would happen, didn’t think this would happen either. It’s not the end of the world. I agree with Eddie, all 4 will show up take some pics and move on. Dave Grohl will probaly do a KISS set and it will be back to normal with these guys hating each other.

  6. Say what everyone will, but Ace and Peter are a cancer and will ultimately destroy everything they touch. I love original Kiss and know I’ll get flamed here, but I’ve dealt with people like that in my life. As much as I want to believe them, and as great of guys as they are in a “personal” sense, they will destroy anything business related. I’m sorry, Gene and Paul are assholes, but they are capable of putting business first. if that’s wrong then I’m wrong too. I’d like to see the original Kiss just one time, but if you open Pandora’s box then Ace and Peter will think they have a right to ride the coattails of the ones who have kept the vision going (and this is coming from someone who has dealt with Ace for the past 20 years…great guy personally, but an absolute trainwreck when it comes to business).

    1. Nonsense! Ace and Peter want to give the fans a final wave and Thank You!
      they want nothing to do with Paul or Gene, just to close the chapter and revel in the accomplishments of the past. KISS like many bands that hang onto long is a shell of itself. Without all the people in front and behind KISS they are a retro-band/nostalgia/cover band tour at best. Much like Journey, Styx, GNR, Quiet Riot and many others. Motely Crue has it right go out with the originals on top of your game and get out. Ace wants nothing to do with KISS because of Gene and Paul so not threat there, Peter is ready to retire no threat there either.

    2. Sadly I agree as in more or less I think thats how they feel but I do think it wouldn’t hurt for all surviving members to play together without the makeup then the current members play a song or 2 with make up and have Tommy and Eric give a dedication to Ace and Peter since they are stealing their personas even though I enjoyed them playing with Gene and Paul I did very much like ace and peter better. But honestly they need to make sure it doesn’t lead to anything else because everyone knows Ace has stated himself he and Peter put them through hell and were complete fuck ups and even when they tried to come back and do it right they did it all over again. And Gene has posted having lunch with Ace but now he is not coming back to the band. They do care about Ace and Peter but care more about the band and of course money and as friends they work but as partners they know from trying twice that they don’t. Even though last I heard they were completely done with Peter.

    3. I don’t think Ace or Peter are interested in ‘riding coattails. Their are no ‘coattails’. They are founding members and were looking forward to one last jam session. That’s it.

    1. Me too I so upset right now I FEEL LIKE THOSE TWO MEN HAVE STOLEN MY YOUTH AND TEEN YEARS MEMORIES AWAY. I might stop buying the remastered stuff for good now, To me KISS is Paul, Peter, Ace and Gene they are my super heroes but this is just SUPER MEAN to the many LOYAL FANS over the 40 years. I AM PISSED PASS THE POINT OF UNDERSTANDING THEIR CONTROL GAMES I help make them the rock gods they say they are.

  7. I consider myself a huge KISS fan, but I’m beginning to think this entire debacle shows just why it’s taken the band so long to be inducted into the HOF in the first place. Gene and Paul’s logic behind all of this is NOT very rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a big honor. It happens once in a life time. Why on earth can’t they just put the past behind them (business purposes or not) and play a song? It’s ridiculous. It’s a shame. And, again, it’s NOT rock ‘n’ roll.

  8. Hi Eddie! Good job covering the Kiss Hall of Fame story, but you really took the long way around the barn with this Trunk Report. You keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. You might wanna get somebody in to do a major edit to this Trunk report and all the others since Friday. Sharpen your pencil, the mainstream media might be reading it. You don’t want to come off bush league. Thanks!

    1. Not only that; Eddie can´t put aside the beef he has with Gene Simmons because the “unfair treatment” his two compadres have allegedly suffered since they left the band. Pathetic!

  9. Now that the dust has cleared and I have calmed down. I think the only thing that I agree with Gene and Paul on is that every member past and present should be honored. Maybe with extra attention on the original four. But their is no excuse for lying which I feel they did. First saying they would play with Ace & Peter then not. Now in this new statement they say they didn’t say they wouldn’t play with them but explains that they won’t. Hypocritical if you ask me. What type of people lie to there fans and expect them to stay fans? Ask Gene and Paul. I WAS a huge KISS fan in the 70’s and early 80’s and considered myself to still be a fan. But I have strong reservation about that in light of recent decitions.

    1. Paul said right after announcement he did not see them playing together, his mind was made up then. What ever reasoning he had valid or not it was the course. What is clear Paul is very insecure, Petty and reluctant to let others be in control(his call). Ace and Peter in there original designed make up causes a schism for the band, I get it, so perform out of make up. Put on a happy face, humble, gracious and remember all those who contributed over the years in front and behind the band.

  10. Well the bright side of this the bands inducted get to vote on next yr’s class. Deep Purple will finally prob get their due next yr and watch this same scenario play out again. This is another one of the problems the HOF has waiting for yrs to induct classic bands bands with member changes. We’re going to see this play out again and again. Imagine the drama if Styx, Journey, REO Speedwagon and even now Cheap Trick(This to me is a serious snub seeing how nirvana is in before them) get inducted.

    1. With Deep Purple, it’ll be the Mark I & Mark II lineups, and that’s it. Coverdale, Hughes, and Bolin won’t get it, the albums they played on just weren’t significant enough.

    1. not mark I but I am not sure all I know is I love Glen Hughes and like Ian Gillan and David Coverdale and of course Ritchie Blackmore is the man!!!!! But I think Ian Gillan is musically better but as a person I like Glen Hughes more so that clouds my judgement and that’s all I have to say about that.

  11. I was opening for a reunion and will be there either way (there was a pre-sale for members of the rock hall on Friday and I scored a pair of tix).

    From past experience, when the band themselves doesn’t play they get a pretty big band to do a tribute set (Phish did Genesis and whether you like them or not they are a big draw and of course last year was the great set by the Foo Fighters for Rush – dressed as 1970’s Rush no less). So I hope there’s something cool like that.

    My guess for inductor is Steven Tyler. A peer and already in the Hall and he seems to be showing up everywhere with his moustache lately. Another likely possibility though is Alice Cooper…also one of the other few 70’s hard rock peers in the hall already.

    I still honestly can’t wait and do hope something cool can be put together and all 4 guys show. Anyway thanks for the constant updates this weekend Eddie…you going to be there?

    1. Not sure about Steven Tyler given he called them ‘clowns’ and was somewhat dissing them last year.

      If KISS says its about the fans they could have let a fan do it – let the KISS Army induct KISS.

      If not then maybe Lenny Kravitz?

  12. Eddie,
    Let’s move on from this. Clearly the RRHOF guys seem to be listening to what you have to say 1st Rush, now KISS. Let’s get Priest, Maiden and Purple in next!! Does KISS deserve to go in? Of course. Let’s start working on bands who have had as much influence on hard rock, and get them inducted! EDDIE TRUNK ROCKS!

  13. It doesn’t make sense. Gene& Paul said the week it was announced rollingstone He said he would play with Peter and Ace then he was asked about your show?
    Then Paul face booked Peter congratulating him.
    Ace came on your show last month saying like it was all planned out already that the hof stated that it’s only the originals being inducted and they want them to play in makeup Ace then stated there is no way he would play in makeup if Tommy wears it the same night.
    So what happened ? Was it Ace opening his mouth to fast?
    Or was it just Paul’s arrogance because Gene was hung Ho in RS magazine last month, what changed his mind?

  14. I posted something to the effect on FB about this, and I will stand behind it by posting here what I posted over there about this. Let me also add that I also voted for Deep Purple on top of Kiss and Yes, and was hoping for either Yes or Deep Purple to make it.

    This is to the guys, even though I’m not a huge fan:

    What is more important, your egos or the fans? Who voted you in? The fans did. You should feel LUCKY that they gave you this honor, and you OWE the fans that due. They are the ones who went out and bought the comic books, the albums, the dolls, the pez dispensers, and whatever else they could get their hands on.

    If your egos are more important, then don’t show up. We’ll know you are spiting the fans over your need to feel superior or the greed that surrounds you. BUT, if the fans are more important, then show up, shake hands for one night, agree to disagree, thank your fans, give them a tune, and then be on your way. It isn’t like you’re committing to a record or a tour or even a personal relationship.

    The fans, be it casual, die hard, or just in general music fans, are asking for some professionalism here. Take the damn high road. Prove that you were worth those damn votes. And personally, I had you picked as one of the five, but I was hoping more for Yes to get in before you.

  15. I think KISS should perform a newer song (newer members)
    Then ACE & Peter Chris could play an older
    song with Gene & Paul (like they have a million times anyway)
    Not gonna change anything KISS will do in the
    -Metallic let Mustaine play and they kicked ass!!

  16. It’s really the Hall of Shame that lead to this. KISS has been eligible since 1999. Only now they got in through fan demand, NOT because the secretive voters (Jann Wenner, Bruce Springsteen, etc) wanted them. To stick it to KISS and the fans, they said only the original 4 would be inducted. Gene and Paul wanted everyone that’s played in the band going in. The Hall balked. So KISS said only the current lineup would play. The live performance was the only leverage they had over the RRHOF. Ace and Peter got caught out in the cold and feel cheated and release statements and go on the air. Gene and Paul back down and won’t perform anything now. It may be the best decision. The issue seems to have been forced by Paul, in particular, because of his disgust with the Hall for blowing them off for years. I think Paul’s hate for the RRHOF and their secretive process trumps any dislike of Ace and Peter by miles.

    Also, an educated guess is that the Hall wanted credit for any sort of reunion of the original lineup. They wanted the publicity. Similar situation with the Van Halen and Guns N Roses inductions, which failed to bring the Hall the glory due to similar problems. Axl knew what the RRHOF was up to and didn’t play ball with them. I can’t really find fault with Gene and Paul on this. Yes, Ace and Peter’s feelings were hurt, but Carr, Kulick, Vincent…all of them should be going in. The RRHOF refusing to acknowledge the other members is wrong.

    Now what do you think is going to happen with Deep Purple and all their lineups if they go in? Blackmore says he wants no part of the RRHOF. They should include everyone that has played on a studio album. But they probably won’t. My guess is it’ll be a repeat of the KISS/Van Halen/Guns fiascoes.

  17. This debacle started the day Gene and Paul put Eric and Tommy in Peter and Aces makeup! They still want to rip us off with this cover band, make money off Ace and Peters creation and call this a business decision? WTF! I agree id rather see no performance if the original 4 dont perform. As much as I love Eric Carr any lineup after the original 4 enjoyed success because of the original 4. While I enjoyed songs.from the other lineups, none of that music was HOF material. The early material and live performances changed rock concerts to this day. Sadly after 1980 they just became another rock/pop/disco/metal band with no identity. I will forever be greatful for the early music and watch the youtube concerts that i was too young to go to. I quit supporting Gene and Paul the day I found out they thought the guys in makeup could be replaced and Kiss.could live on. Sorry but Im not that stupid any anyone who supports this is clueless. They should have retired after the reunion tour. Eddie thanks for keeping us informed as you always do with all things metal! Cant wait for TMS with Ace and Peter!

  18. If anyone knows their Kiss history, they should know that there were only 4 members of a Kiss and Peter was voted out in 1980 by Ace, Gene and Paul leaving Kiss to 3 members. Eric Carr was ” hired” as a drummer to replace Peter Criss. Eric Carr had no voting power and made no money from merchandising. Only the original 4 still did. He was paid a salary to play on the albums and tour. Ace quit in 1982 but continued to do appearances with the band until early 1983. Vinnie Vincent was brought in under the same deal as Eric Carr. Now Kiss was Gene and Paul with Eric and Vinnie “Working” for them. Mark St. John then became an employee of Gene and Paul followed by Bruce Kulick. Eric Carr got cancer and died and Eric Singer was hired by Gene and Paul. Now Kiss does Unplugged and decides to do a reunion tour. Ace and Peter are “Hired ” by Gene and Paul to do the tour and are paid a salary. They do the farewell tour and at the end Peter quits over money. Eric Singer is hired to be the Catman. Ace quits after the your and Tommy Thayer is brought in to be the Spaceman. Peter Criss is rehired for a tour but Eric Singer again replaces him.
    Kiss is owned and has been owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley since 1986.
    Ace and Peter were still under contract until then and each received 25% of the royalties from album sales and merchandising until then.
    None of the other. “Members” receive any royalties . Just Gene and Paul. All the other musicians that played in Kiss except the original 4 are not members of Kiss. Yes, they played in Kiss but are not really part of the band. If Eric, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric and Tommy can be inducted than shouldn’t Anton Fig, who played drums on 3 Kiss albums, Bob Kulick who played guitar on some stuff, Dick Wagner also did guitar work and Jean Beauvoir who played bass on a lot of the 80’s stuff. Shouldn’t they be inducted? No. Kiss is Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. Gene and Paul kept the band going. They made many bad decisions driven by greed. Toys, disco, pop, hair metal and concept albums which sucked compared to what the original 4 did. Ace and Peter made bad decisions by choosing to party and drink and do drugs which ruined their playing.
    Ace and Peter can’t play too well now but neither can Gene and Paul Stanley’s voice is shot.
    Time to replace him or call it quits.
    You can only induct members of the band, not necessarily original members, but actual members. Not hired guns.

  19. After hearing of the latest development of this induction night…im a bit bemused that the Gene and Paul fans have been dumping on Ace Frehley so much…..yes we all know about the drinking drugs and no shows……but the line about him being dumped from the band are just pure bullshit….Ace Frehley left KISS on his own accord twice…HIS DECISION !!!…..was it a right decision is questionable…but his decision…..also….i have followed Ace over the years and dont really recall him slamming Gene or Paul and the current KISS for that matter…….on the other hand Ace himself has been criticised and slammed by Gene and Paul every opportunity they get…… KISS deserve to be in the RRHOF…no question……i dont want to see a reunion…a couple of songs on the night, makeup or not would have made me a very happy man…….RRHOF started this problem when they decided the the original 4 were the ones being inducted……i hope to see them attend and at least say a few words……..i hope to god Ace Frehley attends because no matter what you think of him or what spin Gene and Paul puts on it…this man deserves the recognition

  20. I agree but people need to let go of the “Ace and Pete shouldnt
    have to see Tommy and Eric perform in their make up”. For this
    particular event I could agree, but you have to remember that A/P
    SOLD the rights to their make up so im not buying the sob stories
    and the “tribute band” mentality.

    As I said, I would rather there be no performance if A/P didnt perform
    (Make up or not). I think they all need to grow up and get over it for a
    night but I will be square with Paul and Gene of they all 4 show up,
    give a nice speach, shake hands and go their seperate ways afterward.

  21. VINNIE VINCENT, Please everyone stop saying that Gene and Paul wanted all members of Kiss to play and the RRHOF just wanted the original 4. In the statement they left out Vinnie and Mark, Mark is dead so if they want to omit him in the statement ok. He really didn’t contribute to the band at all and was only there for a second. Vinnie Vincent saved this band from being a dinosaur 70 rock band on fumes and made them relevant again. Gene hired him because he wanted his songs! His playing style and writing crossed them over to 80s metal and sustained their careers. Creatures is one of their best albums to date. That was a band with something to prove and musically Vinnie led the way. You might have no respect for him as a human being but as a musician and for his contribution to Kiss he deserves respect. Self destruction, keys to the kingdom, ego. I have heard it all from Gene. The fact is he wanted to get paid, he wanted a share and at that point he deserved it, Actually he still does. Try as Gene and Paul may to erase his contribution and legacy, those of us that get it know that Vinnie Vincent needs to be a huge part of this conversation. With respect.

  22. I think a lot of bad blood could have been avoided if Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer had their own make up personas like Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr did. A lot of animosity was created when KISS just put the cat and space man make up on other people. It was almost as if they were trying to trick people.

  23. This is the RRHOF turning KISS against themselves and turning fans against each other. It’s just another name for the music industry. They’re a bunch of elitist gatekeepers that are there because of nepotism, sexism, racism…pick your ism. After being snubbed 15 times, Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter, should have stuck to their guns and said, “No thanks. We’re gonna do our own thing.” But, the temptation of this being a cheap commercial for, whatever it is they’re doing, was too much. They never needed anyone’s validation and they don’t need it now. KISS are a polarizing band. You love them or hate them. The RRHOF use artists to benefit themselves. They bait those, that have yet to be inducted, with the legacies of the ones who have. It’s up to the artists, how much vanity they will allow themselves. All surviving KISS members should be inducted and I don’t object to Mark St. John, but ERIC CARR deserves this, more than anybody.

  24. Gene and Paul’s decision strictly from a business point of view has a reality, only when they are in it for the profit. Thus any statement G&P make about it being for the fans is catagorically a lie, it is only for profit. They absolutely can’t say they do it for the fans or that the fans matter in the least or they would have done a song or two. It certainly would help the cause of the current cover band more than hurt it. To those that may still attend enjoy Hall & Oats, Linda Rondstadt covers and Nirvana coversand of course G&P’s KISS condom and “action figures” sales pitch.

  25. I have a great idea. Why don’t Ace and Peter put on makeup and then get two other guys to put Gene and Pauls makeup on and perform, now that would be hilarious.

  26. Everyone is all like…kiss…kiss..kiss..and I’m over here like..what about new bands like Scorpion Child? Ha Ha,,seriously though I think Eddie said it best. Those ticket sales will be high regardless of whether kiss is performing or not. Take it for what it is. Go home and get your kiss records out. roll on the couch. Life goes on. So many more important things to face in life. Would a reunion be something we would all love to see?…sure..they did that once already. dig up that footage and binge and purge. Hopefully we see all four on stage accept the award for the fans and then get back to making music…collectively or solo..it’s all good.

  27. I’ve been a Kiss fan since 1978, and to witness everything that’s going on right now, just make me think that after the induction, it might be a good idea to retire and leave us, the fans, with a better taste of mouth. Kiss deserve better than this. The winner by far is the Hall of Shame, the must be enjoying reading how so many ‘fans’ turn their backs on Gene and Paul.

  28. Maybe this whole story is out there to drum up album sales?? We all know that they’ve sold over 80 million albums. Yeah right. The count tends to get higher every year.

  29. Gene & Paul don’t want a reunion with the original members for the following reason; It will draw too much attention to the fact that the group of guys currently touring AREN’T the original members. The hardcore fans know the history, but there are plenty of ticket buyers who have no clue who is currently wearing the makeup and probably don’t even care. A reunion of the original band would eventually put a dent in their wallets when tickets go on sale for kiss shows this summer.

  30. Eddie,
    You are going to regret the anti-Gene and Paul campaign You’re on. It may not feel that way right now but you’ve aligned yourself with the problem and not the solution. Gene and Paul took a huge gamble and wrote your buddy ace and peter a large check for the right to keep on working. Ace and Peter spent a lifetime threatening to quit a band you and I love–Nobody made ace and peter quit. They ran to the bank…Its been very frustrating for Gene and Paul to continue to provide entertainment and do good work while folks like you berate the two hardest working people Rock and Roll has ever seen. It all seems fun right now–but soon things for this band will end. And you (and people like you) have left a bad taste in peoples mouth that may last a lifetime for Gene and Paul. You may not realize that Gene and Paul are people just like your buddies ace and Peter. They have worked their asses off. And they deserve treatment as equal and certainly more respect than the two guys who gave up–quit–and now are crying wolf–Quit being their tool. When its all said and done–no one lives forever–you’re going to feel like such an ass when the rock and roll world losses two of its most gifted entertainers….wake the fuck up dude…

  31. Ace and Peter will be on the stage at the end during the “jam” with all the inductees. Gene and Paul will most likely be on their private jet going home by that point. Sad : (

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