As we get closer to the new season of That Metal Show starting to get more news I can share with everyone. The season debut will be 2/21. The guest will be announced soon. The major change I just learned is that we will now premiere at 9PM ET instead of the usual 11PM on Saturday nights. The show will now debut at 9 and then also replay at 11 each Saturday. Needless to say many replays throughout the week also. And the link for audience tickets has now been made available. Please remember the show now tapes in NYC every Tuesday starting 2/17. You need to be in the NYC area to get tickets. Everyone is not assured a spot in the audience even if you get tickets so they do not encourage people to fly in just for a taping. If you live in the area or will be in the area anyway then they will likely consider you for a spot. Please note I have NOTHING to do with audience tickets. So please follow the application. I also have no idea why they ask for a photo. Again this is not my area to work on. Good luck scoring tickets and hope to see you at one of the tapings. More info soon. Here’s the link: http://gothamcasting.com/gothamrsvp/



Thanks to my guests Stephen Pearcy, Frank Hannon and Joe Holmes who called into my radio show last night. All have killer new music out you should check out. The Farmikos album I have been playing (Joe Holmes) is finally out this Thursday via Amazon and CDbaby.com.

Spoke last night about the effects of Tinnitus. A condition that creates a constant ringing in your ears that is non treatable. I had a hearing test yesterday because ever since I went to see Ace Frehley at BB Kings over 6 weeks ago I have had a slight ringing noticeable when I try and sleep and it’s quiet. My doctor said my hearing is within normal range still (how I do not know but I’ll take it!), but there were some very early signs of this being an issue. Now what I have is right now very mild, but this at more severe levels as you could imagine could drive you insane. So many times as a kid I’d come home from a loud show, ears ring for a day, then back to normal. When I was real young I worked at a car wash by the blower. Same deal. After 32 years in radio with headphones, countless concerts, in ears for TV, etc, and turning 50, well lets just say the recovery isn’t what it once was. Thankfully my situation right now is very manageable and still in normal limits, but I can’t imagine it really bad as it is for some especially musicians and concert goers. I write this as a heads up because it was pretty revealing to learn about this from an ear doctor yesterday. There is literally nothing they can do for it. So as us metal heads get older don’t be afraid to use plugs or some protection at shows. I’m as guilty as anyone of wanting to hear my favorite band cranked and everyone uses ear buds and headphones now. But I only pass along this friendly word of caution because this really is a huge problem for many exposed often to loud volume and it can be a total bitch of you don’t pay attention to it. Ever since I brought it up on my radio show last night I have heard from many about it so thought I’d pass along the new to all here for what it’s worth.

All new podcast this Thursday. New exclusive interview with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. Free and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Hope to see you in Cincinnati at MVPs this Friday and in Oshkosh WI at The Dockside Tavern this Saturday.

TMS returns 2/21! Audience and guest info coming very soon!


This weekend is the start of the 32nd year of my FM/syndicated radio show. After 4 weeks of year end specials my usual format of new and classic hard rock and metal resumes on all affiliate stations and streams. It debuts as usual tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. It is amazing to me that this show that is at the core of everything I have ever done if entering year 32. Seems like just yesterday I was playing this unknown band called Metallica and having this new band called WASP in my radio studio (see my 2nd book for that story!). Over the decades so much has changed in the world of radio, but thanks to you guys and your support this show continues on as one of the first ever programs to focus on this music we love. When I started it in 1983 it was not easy to get on the air. Thanks to big albums that year by Metallica, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, etc I was able to convince my local NJ station WDHA to give me a shot doing something called a “metal show”. Then 1994 came and I was able to make the huge move from NJ to market #1 NYC when I was hired by then Pure Rock Q104.3. Then 1998 and the legendary WNEW through it’s last years of rock and short period as a talk station (some great times there!). When NEW was blown up due to the Opie & Anthony stunt Q104.3 brought me back and there the show has been flagshipped since. The show is now heard on about 25 radio stations and various streams. Many have no idea how syndication works. It is not about how many stations you have but the size of the markets, what time your show runs, etc. You can easily have a show that has WAY more audience on 5 stations than one on 50 if the show with 5 is on in major cities. So I am extremely fortunate to have the support of Q104.3 as my anchor in NYC and other great cities like Boston and Milwaukee running my show. I am truly grateful for every outlet I have because those stations have the stones to break from the norm for a few hours a week and give their hard rock fans something different. You would not believe after 32 years how tough it still is to find believers to run a 3 hour weekly hard rock/metal show. Many will have me as a guest on their AM show and rave about TMS, but few will actually give me 3 hours (at zero cash cost) to play some of this music. In a day and age where I think it is vital to do something different in radio you would be amazed at how hard this still is after 32 years. But I am grateful and honored to still do it. The 25th year of the show was celebrated with a private Judas Priest concert, the 30th year with a reunion of Ace Frehley & Peter Criss (maybe the last time they ever play together?). So on to year 32! Thanks to every station that gives me 3 hours a week to do my thing and the great audiences that listen. Here’s hoping in this new year some new stations also can find some time to lend their signal to our kind of music. You can find a list of all stations and streams that air the show every weekend under Live & On The Air tab, just hit “Eddie Trunk Rocks-FM”. Remember Q104 and WAAF both stream free as do many of the other stations, so if you don’t live in these markets you can still listen that way. Happy new year all!


Hope everyone is having a good first week of 2015. I’ve been head and shoulders into all kinds of stuff including both radio shows, my podcast and lining up guests for the new season of TMS. As usual that is a tricky balancing act between who’s available when we tape (everyone lives on the W coast, we are back in NYC, so many on tour, etc), who I want, who the network wants, who wants to do the show, etc. But some cool stuff cooking and it should really start to take shape in the next couple weeks. We tape for 12 weeks in NYC starting 2/17 with the season debut 2/21 on VH1C. The network tells me I should have audience ticket info to post in a week or so. I have no doubt when all is said and done we will have a great mix of new, classic, first time and returning rock, hard rock and metal guests. It’s been almost a year lay off and I’m psyched we are finally back! Thanks for all your amazing support and patience. If it was up to me I’d do the show every day! More news here when I can share.

All new exclusive Eddie Trunk Podcast posts tomorrow (new every Thursday). This week’s guests are Carmine Appice and Joe Lynn Turner talking about their new band Rated X and much more. As usual free and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com You can also stream it by hitting the banner on the site.

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Very weird to see AC/DC’s first announced US show at Coachella which is far from a hard rock event. But AC/DC are so huge they transcend all music formats these days. Still would have been cool to see them maybe do a big hard rock oriented event. It always strikes me as strange when huge bands do major events outside of their world and that most of their fan base doesn’t care about. Reminds me of when Kiss did their first reunion show for the KROQ Wienie Roast in LA. An alternative radio station that would never play Kiss. But for older bands many get off on seeing younger hip bands show their affection. It makes them feel more contemporary. I’m not saying that’s why AC/DC decided to play this, but I have seen that as the catalyst for decisions like this first hand before. No doubt more AC/DC dates to come for those that aren’t as musical diverse as Coachella.

I’ll be at MVPs in Cincinnati 1/16 and Dockside Tavern in Oshkosh WI 1/17. Tickets on sale now for both. Links on my home page. Come on out and hang! All appearances including a just announced date in DE (3/21 World Cafe Live At The Queen) with Don and Jim on the home page.


Well now the holidays are officially over and back to reality for many. Hope everyone caught some down time. I am back live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) for music and talk that rocks. Plenty of your calls, requests and maybe even a couple last minute guests.

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TMS is back 2/21 on VH1C. more details when I have them.

Honored to be hosting the M3 Festival once again on MD. More details and chances to win tickets posted on this site soon.

For those asking for updates to the playlists for the year end specials they are up now. Just hit Playlists under Live & On The Air and have a look. Shows available On Demand for site members!


Hope everyone had a great new year! Huge thanks to everyone at Rockbar in San Jose CA. I celebrated 2015 there hosting a show with Y&T and special guests Spiral Arms and Pushing The Sun. Great crowd and all the bands sounded really good. Y&T are simply amazing. 40 years on the band with it’s current lineup is still just incredible. Dave Meniketti is remarkable. Now in his 60’s he still plays and sings brilliantly. Y&T worked in some stuff in the set I have never seen them play, and I have been seeing them since ’82! This Time. Lucy, LA Rocks, All American Boy just a few of the very deep tracks they played. I was on stage with the guys to help ring in 2015 and count in the new year. I made a request for Straight Thru The Heart and Go For The Throat (they played Straight) and we all toasted the new year at what was 3A on my body clock on the W coast. Just a really fun night. Gary Holt from Exodus & Slayer was hanging and watching Y&T and it was good to catch up with him for a bit. I think Zetro was there as well but I didn’t see him. Rockbar is a new venue in the San Jose area. Really cool place. Very large club, great food and drink, really first class place. I hope they do great going forward and sincere thanks to all at Rockbar and Y&T for having me host this great night. A memorable start to the new year for sure.

My final year end special edition show is airing this weekend on all affiliates. It’s my annual 2014 year in review show with all music from last year. Please check it out and be sure to support new music from new and classic artists! Regular format for my FM radio show resumes next weekend. I’ll post playlist updates for the Kiss, Rush, Maiden and 2014 shows on this site in the next few days. I will be back live this Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation to kick off another year of music and talk that rocks.

Latest podcast up now is my 2014 year in review. This Thursday all new exclusive with Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice. As usual free and worldwide on iTunes or www.podcastone.com

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TMS starts shooting 2/17 in NYC and premieres 2/21 11P on VH1C. When I have audience and guest info I’ll post here.

Happy 2015 all


Headed out the door to catch a flight to San Fransisco. Only my second time ever going to the Bay Area. I’ll be hosting a truly great band Y&T at Rock Bar in San Jose for NYE. Should be a fun time. Very short trip as I fly back New Years day. So just a quick note to all to say happy healthy 2015 and thanks for all your support in 2014. I’ll post a much more extensive year end recap here toward the end of the week. My podcast this Thursday is also a year in review special and my final special edition year end FM/syndicated radio show this weekend is a look at hard rock and metal from 2014. Happy New Year to all, follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and photos direct from me. Thanks!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Usual drill here in NJ with my family as it should be. Kids driving me crazy with their games on their new Ipods but that’s the fun of Christmas and having little ones I guess. I leave for San Fransisco on Tuesday to host Y&T at Rock Bar in San Jose on Wed, then fly back to NJ New Years day. Outside of that mostly some downtime hopefully with family and friends until things start up again 1/5. From there it will be intense pretty quick since we start taping TMS 2/17 and there is much to do before hand. Happy 2015 to all! More on the year end posted here soon and please see my top 10 of 2014 in a previous Trunk Report. Info on TMS guests and taping tickets when I have it posted here.

The all Kiss and all Iron Maiden radio specials are in the books (available On Demand for site members still) but one more band related special as voted on by you kicks off tonight at 11PM ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. “The Holiday Rush” returns with 3 hours of Rush! I’ve included many of the bands epics in this special including 2112 start to finish. It premieres tonight in NYC and Boston and will be on all affiliates (listed under Live & On The Air, Eddie Trunk Rocks on this site) over the weekend at the days and times listed. Remember most stations also stream free, including Q104.3 with the free Iheartradio app and WAAF at www.waaf.com . Many ways to listen! One week from tonight the final year end special as I look back at all 2014 music played on the show.

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All new podcast up now with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. Free worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . The latest episodes also stream free on this site. Next up posting New Years Day will be my 2014 year in review podcast. More soon, enjoy the time all.


Just a quick note to wish everyone that celebrates a very Merry Christmas. It’s a great time of year and I hope you all get a little downtime to celebrate and relax with family and friends. My all new podcast will post this Thursday Christmas day and will feature a brand new exclusive interview with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. Because really, what says Christmas more than Slayer talk! Ha! By the way, huge thanks for all the great feedback on the Punky Meadows podcast. Fun to track down guys like that and find out their story. Also posting New Years Day will be my first ever guest free podcast as I look back on some of my favorite releases from 2014. My FM radio features my 3rd year end special this weekend; The Holiday Rush. 3 hours of all Rush music! It premieres this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston (both stations stream free as well) and on all affiliates usual date and time. We have an all new interface for hearing my radio shows for site members by the way. Thanks to all who have signed up. The FM show that premieres 1/2 is the final special edition and that will be all music from 2014. The SiriusXM show is back live 1/5. TMS returns 2/21. Once I have guest and ticket info I will post it here.

When you have a chance check out my merch store on this site. Just added some very cool new T shirt designs. Thanks for your support. Also if you ordered signed copies of my 1st book I am out of stock. Apologies for that. New copies coming after 1/12 and they will ship immediately after I get them and sign them. You can order VOL 1 or 2 right now still signed, just a delay if waiting on VOL 1. VOL 2 ships immediately.

I’ll be in San Jose to host Y&T NYE. Look forward to this! Also appearances in md January in Oshkosh WI and Cincinnati. Please see the home page for all confirmed appearances and performances. Come on out! Enjoy the holidays everyone. I’ll check back in here after Christmas. As usual up to the second updates on Twitter @EddieTrunk . Have a Merry Christmas!


Year end special #2 and one I have been doing for decades debuts tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston at 11P ET. The Original Merry KISSmas special in on! 3 hours of all Kiss. ALL eras, ALL lineups, as it has ALWAYS been. This year I did a special set of all Kiss ballads to close the show. Over the years we have had guests on and also done wall to wall music. Always a hard decisions since in specials like these I find people want as many tunes as they can get around the holidays. So it’s wall to wall Kiss songs this year. As I have always said, regardless of whatever real or perceived drama is out there with me and Kiss, I will always be a fan first and foremost. Even if I’m not down with everything they have done (and who truly loves everything any band has done?)  it doesn’t change the fact that this bands music was a huge part of my life and my gateway into hard rock. I’ve said many times if certain members of Kiss refuse to do my shows that is their prerogative and life goes on. But that has never clouded my support of playing ALL eras of their music since I started in radio in 1983, and dedicating complete radio shows to them around Christmas. So tonight it’s KISSmas again with the shows debut in NYC and Boston markets and then heard on all other affiliates over this weekend on the usual stations at the usual dates and times. Please remember most stations also stream so you can tap into the show that way also. Q104.3 streams free via www.q1043.com or with the iHeartradio app. WAAF streams free at www.waaf.com . From the 1974 all the way through Monster, enjoy my KISSmas special this weekend and Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Next weekend is the Holiday Rush all Rush special!

If in NJ myself, Don & Jim will be hosting our annual Christmas party at Dingbatz in Clifton tonight. Live music and more. Come celebrate with us! We will be there around 9, music starts at 7. This is always a blast!

Incredible response to the Punky Meadows podcast! Grab it now free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Want to thank Frank from Angel for sending some cool Angel swag as well. Both are working on some cool stuff..