Just back from appearances this weekend in Austin and Houston TX. First time I had been to Austin in ages. Great party city for sure. The venue I did my gig at was moved again the day of the event which led to come confusion but that was out of my control and had to do with the other venues inability to get a liquor license. So I did the Dirty Dog with Broken Teeth and many more bands. Thanks to all who came out. Saturday I was back in Houston at Concert Pub. Had some people come to both gigs! In Houston two great tributes played; Lights Out (UFO) and Think Lizzy (Thin Lizzy). Really good! Huge thanks to JD, John, Zebra and all at Concert Pub for the great hospitality as always. Next up is the annual TMS Christmas hang this Friday at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Me, Don & Jim will be hanging 9P-Midnight. Live music and more. This is always a blast so come on out! All appearances on the home page.

Great response to the all Maiden special this past weekend. The all Kiss KISSmas show I have been doing since 1990 airs this weekend on all affiliates.

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Headed to Texas this weekend. I’ll be at Original Emo’s this Friday with Broken Teeth and more in Austin, and back at Concert Pub North this Saturday in Houston. Both shows feature live music and my speaking show telling some stories, doing Q&A, and giving away prizes. Hope to see you guys if in these areas this weekend.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast exclusive with legendary producer Bob Rock! It posts tomorrow free and worldwide as usual. Get it with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com . Bob talks Metallica, Blue Murder, Motley, Bon Jovi and more. You guys will love this one. Coming one week from tomorrow? Another podcast exclusive with the legendary Angel guitarist Punky Meadows! Hear from the man himself where he’s been and what he’s doing next! I know many around the world will be psyched for this one. Just recorded it!

The first of the year end special editions of my FM syndicated radio show Eddie Trunk Rocks is this weekend. It’s the Merry Maiden special! 3 hours of all Maiden music the entire show! Listen on all affiliates and online streams under Live & On The Air. Debuts this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston. Stream on Q via iHeartradio app, stream on AAF at www.waaf.com free!

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Just want to say thanks to all who placed orders for signed copies of either of my books through the Books tab under Media on my site. Many order for holiday gifts and I am signing and sending them as quickly as possible. Please note however that my publisher has informed me that my first book is now out of stock and reprints won’t be in until 12/24. So if you are ordering book 1 as a holiday gift that won’t ship until just after Christmas. I will send them ASAP once they get to me. There is stock on Volume 2 so if you are ordering that volume of Essential Hard Rock & Metal and send your order in the next week or so you should have that on time. Feel free to order either volume however just note 1 won’t ship now until just after Christmas. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks so much for the support and making both books such a success. Also FYI if you want Volume 1 and don’t want it signed you can likely get that before the holidays anywhere books are sold or at Amazon. It’s just the the warehouse is temporarily out of sending more at the moment.


Today is the 10th anniversary of one of rocks greatest tragedies, the murder of the late Dimebag Darrell. I’m not going to lie and say I was super close with Dime. I didn’t spend much hang time with him as so many others in metal circles had. Outside of seeing Pantera live a bunch of times (including in a tiny club in Asbury Park NJ way before they broke) I only had limited experiences spending time with him. However one time I did was in 2003 when the Damageplan album had just been completed. I was on the air in NYC doing my metal show and the guys had just mastered their debut with that band a few blocks down the street. They came by and wanted to debut a track since they were dying to hear how it sounded on the radio. So the entire band walked up to my studio with their label rep with the understanding we would premiere one song and then they would split. Well that turned into the band spending the entire show in my studio and playing about 5 tracks from the album! This was well in advance of the release and the label was not thrilled. But we all had a blast drinking , sharing stories, and cranking the music. Dime was a guy that made you feel like you knew him forever if you spoke the same language. And since he had a tattoo of Ace Frehley on his chest we spoke the same language! Dime polished off a bottle of Jack that Zakk Wylde had left for me the week before. He wrote on the bottle “thanks for the Jack Eddie & Zakk”. I kept it and still have it. So glad I did because nobody could have ever dreamed in their worst nightmare what would happen to him a short time later. Something I truly loved about Dime and still love about Vinnie is that they are through and through rock fans. They would get up and jam with Poison just as easily as Slayer. They never cared about perceptions. They liked all kids of rock. When Vinnie was on TMS he was thrilled to sit with Styx. Many metal guys likely would shy away even if they like the band.

One thing sadly that hasn’t changed at all since Dime was murdered is security at shows, especially in a club setting similar to where he was killed. There was this big outcry when Dime was assassinated that this would signal the start to better security in clubs and venues in general. I have not seen that to be the case at all. Now granted it’s impossible to stop everything and we live in a world with many sick people, but today, 10 years later, I work in clubs all the time that have virtually no security or checkpoints. That still must change I think.

It’s cliche to say an artist will never be forgotten, but in the case of a few that truly is the case because of the impression they left on people and of course the stellar music they created. Dime is still everywhere. Guitar magazines, the annual events in his name, and of course his music, which has been embraced in more mainstream settings years later. It truly is remarkable and deserved how his name and legend has grown. RIP Dime, gone way too soon but far from forgotten.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. My Giants actually won a game! Good because I want Coughlin to stay, not so good for our draft next year. Hosted Jake E Lee and Red Dragon Cartel in NJ Friday night. As someone who hosted this bands first ever show in LA (which was a well documented disaster) it’s great to see how far they have come. I am sad to see Ron Mancuso out of the band but Greg Chaison does a great job and obviously has some history with Jake going back to the Badlands days. Mancuso played a huge role in bringing Jake back and getting an album out (and connecting me with him for radio and TMS) so his role in the existence of this band can not be overlooked. But shit happens in every band and Jake seems very engaged with Greg back as a band member. If you didn’t hear my recent interview with Jake we get into a TON of stuff. Podcast is coming soon too. A lot of things are explained about RDC as well as Badlands, Ozzy and more. The thing I really want to point out of singer Darren Smith. This guy was CRUCIFIED on social media after his debut with the band with everyone screaming for him to be canned. Granted it was not a good moment by any stretch as he will be the first to tell you. But I was vocal about not letting him go. The guy could always sing, but was never a front man (he’s a drummer in his past band). So the performance stuff could be fixed and the nerves were understandable. And it has been fixed big time. Darren has really grown into his role fronting this band and does a great job covering so many singers live. I’m glad for him. Nice to see someone hang in there and turn it around. Funny how quiet it is when someone is doing a great job huh? That’s social media for you and the world we are in today. We’ll see where this all goes but there were some cool song additions to the set (Dreams In the Dark, Now You See Me No You Don’t) and Jake is playing way better with the rust knocked off. Positive signs for this band going forward, we’ll see what the next moves are after these final few live dates for 2014.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Dingbatz Saturday night in NJ for the Karl Cochran benefit. Was great to see Karl who is making progress after a very serious stroke. Joe Lynn Turner, Pat Travers, Carmine Appice, Steve Brown and many more rocked for over 3 hours and it was a blast for a great cause. JLT can still sing and Carmine even at this age is one of the most powerful drummers you will ever see. Steve and Travers ripped as well. Ears still very much ringing!

Austin & Houston TX I am coming to you this Friday and Saturday! Friday I’m at The Original Emo’s (new location) in Austin. Broken Teeth with Jason McMaster and more are playing. Saturday I’m at Concert Pub North in Houston. A UFO and Thin Lizzy tribute will play. Had a blast with these guys about a year ago! Come out for some drinks, music, Q&A, rock stories and more.

First of the year end special edition shows this coming weekend. The all Iron Maiden special!

Many more appearances about to be announced. Keep an eye on the home page for the dates and info as always.


Happy Friday everyone! Excited to announce the first guest of the upcoming new 12 episodes of That Metal Show is booked. One of the two guys has never been on before and is from a major metal band! Hate to be a tease but until the network is ready to release the info I can’t give details yet. We have tons more to do but it’s great to finally be working on a new season of TMS which will debut 2/21! Audience tickets and more info when I have it.

Hosting Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel tonight in NJ at Mexicali Live in Teaneck. Then hosting the benefit for guitarist Karl Cochran at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ tomorrow night. Both shows start around 9P. The benefit will include guests Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Steve Brown and more. Hope to see you there if in the NJ area.

Latest podcast up now with David Coverdale talking John Sykes, Cozy Powell, Blackmore, Page and more. Don’t want to miss this one! As always it’s free and worldwide to stream or download with Itunes or www.podcastone.com or hit the banner on this site.

All new Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show this weekend. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Final regular format show before the year end specials kick in. Joe Satriani is the guest talking about the future of Chickenfoot. On all affiliate stations this weekend!


Thanks to the over 10,000 who voted in the poll for my year end radio specials. I thought this year I would do something different and spotlight music of the 3 most requested bands by you guys during 3 shows in December. I’ll do the annual Year In Review show with all music released in 2014 as usual as well. This show is so important in this day and age when so much good new rock and metal is out and so little gets sold and supported. So you will hopefully discover stuff you missed. Obviously I can’t play it all but I get in what I can and what I dealt with in the year in 3 hours. Remember my FM radio show debuts every Friday night 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free as well. Q104.3 via the iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com and WAAF at www.waaf.com . Full list of stations to hear the show on this site over the weekend as well as online outlets. The top 3 vote getting bands were Kiss, Rush and Iron Maiden, so those will be the special editions. Van Halen was close but just missed. Kiss was trailing but made a late surge to get the #1 amount of votes so the Kissmas Special I have been doing since 1990 lives on! The schedule for the shows will be 12/12 weekend all Maiden, 12/19 all Kiss, 12/26 all Rush, 1/2 Year In Review.

Had a truly interesting and in depth interview with Jake E Lee yesterday. Jake is back on the road with Red Dragon Cartel and has his former Badlands bassist Greg Chaison now in the band. Was sorry to see Ron Mancuso go. He is a friend and was my link to connecting with Jake. he also played a huge role in bringing Jake back and making the album. But Jake seems very happy with the band now and also seems to be a bit more engaged and committed to it. I asked him some real tough questions and he was totally honest. It is really rare to be able to get as in depth with an artist as I did yesterday and get such honest answers. I’ve known him for a while now and it was interesting to learn some new stuff in our over two hour chat about his time in Ozzy, what really happened to Badlands and Ray Gillen, and of course where he is at now. I’ll share the interview with those that didn’t hear it via my podcast in a few weeks. I’ll be hosting RDC in NJ this Friday at Mexicali in Teaneck. Thanks to Jake and Greg for coming in.

Thanks to all who placed orders for signed copies of my books. I will ship them ASAP so you have them for the holidays. Be sure to order now if you’d like to have one or give one as a gift. Just hit the Books tab on this site under Media for order info. Both VOL 1 & 2 also in stores if you don’t want them signed. And please check out my merch store for shirts and more gift ideas. Appreciate all the support!

Podcast this Thursday is my conversation with David Coverdale who is always entertaining talking about the new Whitesnake ’84 DVD and CD.  The podcasts are free worldwide on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

TMS is back 2/21/15


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Back live tonight on SiriusXM channel 39 (Hair Nation) 6-10PM ET. Jake E Lee and bassist Greg Chaisson will be live in studio talking Red Dragon Cartel and more. I’ll be hosting Jake’s show in NJ this Friday at Mexicali. He also plays NYC tomorrow. More soon. Please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second updates.

The benefit for Karl Cochran was rescheduled due to bad weather and will now take place at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ this Saturday!


Due to bad weather here in Northern NJ the benefit scheduled for tonight for Karl Cochran has been rescheduled for 12/6. Hope to see you at Dingbatz then.

Bummed to hear the news about both Sean Drover and Chris Broderick leaving Megadeth. I don’t think there is really much more behind it than both musicians wanting to move on. Lets be honest, Megadeth IS Dave Mustaine. And whenever you have an arrangement where one person is the dominant writer and runs the show most bands don’t have decades together. Megadeth has had many many players in its history. I’m sure Dave will find more great guys to fill the void and I wish Sean and Chris the best. More when I know.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast goes up tomorrow for your Thanksgiving enjoyment with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho together. Coming soon Carmine Appice & Joe Lynn Turner, David Coverdale, Dave Lombardo and Bob Rock. New every Thursday on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

My FM/syndicated radio show this weekend is all new with an extra helping of your favorite artists for the holiday weekend. Long sets from some of your favorite artists. Debuts Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Don’t forget to vote now for the theme shows on the home page!

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Please check the new dates added and changed on the home page for my appearances. Just added Austin TX (Original Emo’s), Cincinnati (MVPs) and Pittsburgh (Rex Theater). I’ll be in Oaks PA outside of Philly this Friday for All Things That Rock 1-4P. Both of my books signed and sold.

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here in the U.S.A. Best to all! New TMS coming 2/21/15!



Hosted Ace Frehley last night in NYC. It was his second night at BB Kings and the place was jam packed sold out. Very holiday vibe in the room with it being Thanksgiving week and many of the NYC fans were in great spirits to see one of their own rock again! As you would expect the band got much tighter since when I last saw them a couple weeks ago on the tours first night. There were also a few changes to the set list that I think were positive including adding Rip It Out as the opener and dropping Lost In Limbo. Otherwise the same balance of classic Kiss songs and Ace solo songs. Ace was clearly having fun on stage and decided to fire back a little at his former band mates. When you consider the sniping in the press this isn’t a surprise. After a set of Kiss/Paul songs (Love Gun, Strutter, King Of The Nightime World) sung so well and in the original key by drummer Scot Coogan, Ace said to the crowd; “there’s some Kiss sung better than Paul can sing it, the way it supposed to be, what the hell happened to him”, followed by a cackle and an “ouch” from the crowd. Before “Deuce” Ace said to the crowd; “Gene thinks rock is dead? What the hell is wrong with him? he’s out of his fuckin mind”, again followed by the cackle. Ace played many key Kiss songs he wrote and sang (Parasite, Cold Gin, Shock Me, Rocket Ride, Strange Ways) and then ones he just played on like the Paul and Gene stuff. I for one am glad he is doing that. He was a part of all of the material he plays and his solos and guitar sound are a HUGE part of what made the material great, regardless of who wrote it or was the singer. If he suddenly started playing Lick It Up or Heaven’s On Fire I would agree it is weird, but the 70’s stuff was played on and made great by the original 4 and they have every right to perform it of course. After the show I encouraged him to work up “Into The Night” and also told him of the hard core fans desire to hear Dark Light live. He said he’s consider both and found it amusing people would want Dark Light, a deep song from an album most hated. But he didn’t rule out giving it a shot. New songs included Space Invader, Toys, Change, and Gimme A Feelin. Interesting to note I met a couple members of the Kiss crew who were in the crowd watching. Apparently they are here because Kiss is playing (to a track) on a float tomorrow. It was a fun, loud, raw, rock show and the band is really coming together well. They play a few more dates here in the US, then European festivals, then more shows being discussed for the US next year including rumors of a possible package tour I can’t yet reveal. I was only at last nights show but during the 1st night in NYC Anton Fig jumped up with Ace and played Breakout which would have been cool to see. You never know how much the older legends are going to keep going so catch them when you can!