I am thrilled to announce I will be touring Mexico in November with Deep Purple! I have been asked to travel with the band and intro them on their shows, do some meet and greets, and be part of the tour. This is a huge honor to say the least as it’s likely this legendary bands last go around. I have been to Mexico a few times and there are always such great rock fans and fans of what I do, so this should be amazing! I don’t have many more details yet. I know opening acts will be announced soon. All I can say as of now to the great rock fans of Mexico is that I will see you this November with Deep Purple! And as of now I will be at every single date of the entire Mexican tour. Can’t wait!

My podcast this Thursday will pay tribute to Vinnie Paul and include recent interviews talking about his passing with Bret Michaels, Morgan Rose, Charlie Benante, Chris Jericho, Mike Portnoy and more. Free on www.PodcastOne.com and iTunes as usual.

A reminder to all to please set the DVRs and watch TrunkFest debuting this Sunday on AXS TV. If you have this channel it’s so important you do this to help me launch this brand new TV series. This is not That Metal Show. It has nothing to do with it. I want TMS back more than you, trust me! But it is a new thing for me I am very proud of and I take you to 8 different music festivals in the debut season. I appreciate you all helping to spread the word and watching every Sunday 9:30P ET. Debut episode is Sturgis, then we go to Voodoo Fest in NOLA, with 6 more after that. Hope you guys enjoy it. To find out how to see AXS TV if you can’t find the channel go to www.AXS.TV . It’s also available on Sling.

I am on vacation the week of 4th of July. My daily SiriusXM show will be in Best Of mode 6/29 as well as 7/2-6.

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Shocked to hear of the death of Pantera/Hellyeah/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul late last night. Vin was a friend and frequent guests on all of my TV and radio shows over the years. Vinnie was what I liked most in guests, they were first and foremost music fans, and never stopped being one. He equally loved Slayer and Poison. I remember how excited he was when we had him on TMS and he shared a show with Styx. Sure an amazing drummer. But a rock fan through and through beyond anything. Which made for great hangs over the years. He loved to knock a few back and watch bands and hang with friends, I did that a few times with him. I last saw Vin in Dallas in December at the holiday show I host at Bomb Factory, waiting to see Ace Frehley play. We had a toast to the holidays. Last time I was in Dallas a couple months ago we had discussed him doing my show from there, but it didn’t work out with schedules. Vinnie was a huge presence and talent in the rock and metal world. He will be missed by many. RIP Vin. Condolences to his family, friends and many fans. I will do a special live tribute today 3-5P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume. We will also remember him on my show Monday in the usual 2-4P slot on 106 and during Trunk Nation on Hair NationĀ  Monday night on 39 from 5-8P ET

The Vinnie Paul special that aired live Saturday afternoon also repeats Saturday and Sunday night 8-10P ET on 106 Volume on SiriusXM!

Due to the timing of this I was unable to include music and a tribute to Vin in my FM show airing this weekend on affiliates, however I will next weekend.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend.

New podcast is now up with Bobby Dall of Poison and George Lynch. Free www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes. This features the recent newsmaking interview with George talking about Ratt.

TrunkNation Best Ofs this weekend 8-10P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume Sat & Sun

Slight change to my appearance schedule on the Hair Nation tour. I will no longer be able to appear at the Dallas stop. However I will now be on the Phoenix date.

Catch me 7/1 in Hollywood FL at Hard Rock hosting Poison and Cheap Trick., Tickets still available.

TrunkFest is coming 7/1 on AXS TV at 9:30P ET. Saw the first two episodes and it looks great! Please spread the word, set the DVRs, and spread the word. Thanks!

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Back from another great weekend of travel doing radio and TV. Hosted a private event in Austin TX last Thursday with Stephen Pearcy, George Lynch and Rick Springfield. If you listen to my Volume show you heard the broadcast and George make news about being offered the Ratt gig. That interview with be my podcast this Thursday and will also include an interview with Bobby Dall from the Poison tour. Very short trip to Austin but a fun one. I really enjoyed talking with Rick Springfield. Amazing career, great guy, and we can all only hope to look that good at 69!

Also shot the 7th episode of my new TV series TrunkFest this past weekend. This time I covered Mountain Jam in upstate NY. Beautiful setting there in the mountains! It has been a blast doing this new TV show. I can’t wait for you to all see it when it debuts July 1st at 9:30P ET on AXS TV! Please help spread the word, set those DVRs, and thank you! One more episode to shoot and that will be in Wyoming for Frontier Days in July. Then the first season of 8 episodes will be complete.

Had Marq Torian on my Hair Nation show last night. Good to talk to him. All shows now on sale. Please note the dates I will be at personally are on the home page.

Hear me talk rock daily live 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume, replay every night 9-11P ET. This show is really growing and we are having some truly great discussions!

Next appearance Hollywood FL at Hard Rock 7/1 hosting Poison and Cheap Trick! Full schedule on the home page.

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Getting closer now to the launch of my brand new TV series Trunk Fest on 7/1 on AXS TV. I am so pumped for you guys to see this new show. It is not in any way a substitute for That Metal Show. It is less a music interview show, moreĀ  a travel music festival show. The debut episode 9:30P ET on 7/1 is from Sturgis. There will be 8 episodes total every Sunday night. Two more to shoot including this weekend at Mountain Jam in NY. This has been such a fun experience and I appreciate everyone watching and helping to spread the word for me about it. Also I have heard from many about getting AXS or wondering if it’s on their service. I obviously have no control over this and do not know about online outlets for AXS. But some cable systems do offer it, you may need to buy up to another tier of service. DirecTV, Dish, Fios and many more all do offer it. Can’t wait for the premiere 7/1!

New podcast tomorrow with Robin Zander and Dennis DeYoung. Free www.podcastone.com and Itunes.

I am doing my show from a private event in Austin tomorrow. Listen daily 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume, replay 9-11P ET to talk rock!

Next appearance 7/1 hosting Poison and Cheap Trick in Hollywood FL at Hard Rock!

Looking forward to hosting the Hair Nation tour. Thanks to Chip Z Nuff for joining me Monday on air. FYI as of now the stops I will be at are LA, Annaheim, Vegas, NJ, Philly, Dallas and Houston only.

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As you may have heard by now earlier this week a tour branded with SiriusXM Hair Nation was announced for the US with Jack Russell’s Great White, Bulletboys & Enuff Z Nuff. Tickets on sale to general public this Friday. I’ve been asked to host this tour (as many know I do one live show a week on 39 most Monday’s 5-8P ET and have for a long time). I’m excited to be a part of this and will be appearing at some of the tour stops. I just want to be clear with everyone of the cities I will be at. They are: LA, Vegas, Anaheim, NJ, Philadelphia, Dallas and Houston. Due to my schedule as of now these are the only dates I will host. If additional ones come open I can make I’ll let you know. Either way I hope you guys get out to the shows and I’ll see you if in those cities at those venues.

New podcast tomorrow features Rob Zombie.

Had a great interview with former Styx member Dennis DeYoung today on my Volume show. As usual all my shows replays every night on 106 9-11P ET and also are On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Also thanks to Steve Brown who joined me yesterday and told me his story on how he found his way filling in in Def Leppard. Tomorrow Bobby Dahl of Poison joins me. All shows live 2-4P ET on 106 daily!

This Saturday I’ll be doing my speaking show at The Venue in Cincinnati. There are bands and music that starts at 6P, I will go on around 10P with speaking, Stump The Trunk, Q&A and more. Come on out! Also don’t forget 7/1 I am in Hollywood FL to host Poison and Cheap Trick, 7/13 in Tulsa to host Dokken, 7/28 Tulsa to host a free show with Beasto Blanco. All appearances as confirmed on the home page.

TrunkFest coming to AXS TV 7/1 9:30P ET. Please spread the word about my brand new TV project! Thanks!!

Tons going on, follow on Twitter for up to the second info @EddieTrunk.

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