Caught AC/DC last night in NJ at Metlife Stadium (which as a lifelong Giants fan will always be GIANTS Stadium to me and many others). Was real curious how they would hold up at this stage of their career. Brian is in his late 60’s, stadium size stage, and music that needs to be played with a ton of energy. Amazingly the band delivered on all fronts and add Brian to the very short list of aging frontmen that can still perform and sing incredibly well (Steven Tyler still being the king for me in this category). Angus was Angus, incredible guitar tone, non stop energy, every bit the icon that he is. Cliff rock solid as usual. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss Malcolm and Phil. That’s not to say for a minute Stevie Young and Chris Slade didn’t do a great job, because they did, but there will always be a void felt whenever legendary bands lose iconic members along the way. Stevie totally channeled Malcolm, looked and acted very much like him, played great. And Slade has been there before and delivered on all fronts. But it’s not only the sound and performance that changes when you see legendary bands replace members, it’s also a reminder the end for the band itself is likely near. Every group has one or two guys that they can’t exist without. And the cold reality is as long as they are there the draw and interest won’t suffer. Outside of the hardcore last night nobody knew or cared who was on second guitar and drums last night. They saw Angus, they saw Brian, they heard the hits, they loved it. And that is the dynamic for most bands (except maybe Rush!). It is incredible how huge AC/DC are. A global stadium act that sold out a stadium in NJ last night on a Wednesday with no name support act (Vintage Trouble opened but got there too late to see them, heard mostly good though). They appeal to everyone. I was in a box with EDM superstar Tiesto, a bunch of young models, and guys that were around 70, all loving it and bopping around. Few hard rock bands have ever had a more mass appeal. The stage was massive, lighting very cool, and there was a huge ramp out into the crowd which wasn’t used all that much. The set featured all the key hits from the last 4 decades, 5 songs from Back In Black, and a few deeper cuts. R&R Train from the last album and a few from Rock Or Bust including the title track and Play Ball. The only negative was they opened with the song Rock Or Bust which I found a strange decision. There was this huge build up on the screens to the band coming out that lasted like 10 minutes, then when they finally hit the stage it was with a song that almost nobody in the crowd knew. With the amount of powerhouse classics they have I found that a strange choice to open with and to lose most of the crowd after a dramatic intro. But it was quickly forgotten when they kicked into Shoot To Thrill next. Goes without saying this is one of rocks all time great, and certainly biggest bands. I worry about bands staying too long at the party when they reach this age, and honestly some have. But outside of being down two key members AC/DC showed no signs at all of losing anything in delivering an incredible catalog of songs still on the biggest stages out there. I am generally not a fan of stadium shows. Too big, too many distractions, too much sound moving around and getting lost. But AC/DC always pulls it off. No fake tracks, no gimmicks, just raw real rock like it should be!  I am happy to report that I hear an arena tour for early next year in the U.S. is likely. So it looks like plenty of gas left in their tank and that’s good to hear!


Thanks to all I met Sunday in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fair. It was  a great honor to host the closing event of the entire fair featuring sets from Dee Snider, Warrant, Dokken and Firehouse. I had never been to Iowa before and it was cool to meet so many great fans. I appreciate your support! Hope to come back again sometime soon and spend more time.

By the end of today we will have notified all our winners who are getting into my special live interview event with Bruce Dickinson one week from tonight in NYC at the Hard Rock. We had a ton of entries but this will be a seated event and there is a limit on how many we can let in.So to the 200 or so lucky enough to win congrats. Everyone else around the world can hear what goes on that night two days later on Thursday 9/3 as my podcast! This is kind of a cool new thing I’m trying and I appreciate the Hard Rock for hosting it. I will include questions for Bruce from the live audience and some from social media. If you’d like email me (eddie@eddietrunk.com) with your name and where you are from and your question for Bruce and I’ll try and work it in. I am also having this filmed and what I do with that is TBD. I’ll also take questions that night via Twitter @EddieTrunk . Hope to see you at the Hard Rock 9/1 with Bruce Dickinson if you won. And be sure to catch the free podcast worldwide 9/3 on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Speaking of podcasts this Thursday is an interview with former UFO and Waysted guitarist Paul Chapman!

TONS of appearances and travel for me the next couple  months with some new things about to be announced. Keep a close eye on the home page as always. Next up Farm Rock in Wauconda IL.

Fun radio show last night. I had the radio premiere of new Winery Dogs and Keith from Buckcherry checked in live. Thanks to all in “TrunkNation” for listening on Monday’s.

Did my first ever Periscope of some of the bands playing live from Iowa on Sunday. Still learning about this cool latest social media but follow @eddietrunk and I’ll be sure to pump out cool video when I can.


Pleased to announce a very special recording of The Eddie Trunk Podcast with a live audience September 1st in NYC at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square! This special event for my audience starts 6:30 sharp and will feature very special guest Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden! Join us as I interview Bruce about his history with Maiden and the new album Book Of Souls and maybe ask Bruce a question as well. Admission is free but you must win to get in. So please enter now and you will get a confirmation for a pair of tickets if you win. Hope to see you for this very special event, more TBA. Enter here: http://eddietrunk.com/the-book-of-souls-album-launch/


Just came back from a couple days in DC with my family doing the tourist thing with my kids. I live about 4 hours from DC but never took the time to really check it out. Amazing place. Had a private VIP tour of the Capitol and FBI which was awesome. Want to give huge thanks to Doug Davenport & Elliot Berke for all the hook ups and hospitality. If you’ve never been seeing this city is something I would really suggest if you find the time. Lot’s to see for sure and we only scratched the surface in a day and a half.

I am hours away from announcing a very cool event for my NYC audience in NYC 9/1 regarding Iron Maiden! Save the date! The event will be free and details to be posted here very very soon!

TONS of new music out or coming out soon. I hope you guys take the time to seek out what you like and support it. Way too much to even mention it all here now. As always I will play (as I have for 33 years!) a great variety of it in both of my radio shows including on my syndicated FM weekly show. That premieres tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. My current favorites are the new Winery Dogs and Last In Line. Neither are out yet but loving them. Just got the full new Maiden and will listen soon. Remember my radio shows also stream live free using iheartradio app or for AAF at www.waaf.com Full list of all stations under Live & On The Air on my site.

My next live appearance is this Sunday hosting the rock show at the Iowa State Fair. I fly into Iowa tomorrow night. Look forward to seeing you if attending. I’ll try and get over to the merch both to say hi when I can. Merch will have my shirts for sale as well. All confirmed appearances on the home page.

Huge response to my new podcast with Bill Ward! Hear it now free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Finally Happy Birthday to my son Raymond, and also Dana Rosen who does the news on this site. Both celebrate 8/22! Dana has been a HUGE help for years bringing you all the music news and donating her efforts to this site. Please take a moment to wish her a happy birthday in comments tomorrow if you can.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Live SiriusXM show tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Join me for music and talk that rocks live. Guests include Lamb Of God & Megadeth drummer Chris Adler and Phil Collen of Def Leppard. Plenty of time for your calls as well as new and classic hard rock and metal.

Big new podcast coming this week! It’s an all new podcast exclusive interview for original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward! Bill gives his latest on the Sabbath situation in this revealing, honest, raw interview. He also talks about his role in Heaven & Hell, a favorite period of mine for Sabbath (but not a great time for Bill). Like all of my podcasts this will debut free worldwide this Thursday on itunes or www.podcastone.com . It’s amazing how many I hear from around the world that enjoy my podcast and I appreciate everyone listening to my latest platform. Many have asked about more than one a week but at the moment my schedule only has time for that. Who knows down the line however.

Tons of people asking me about new episodes of TMS. I simply don’t have an answer for you guys. As soon as I hear from the powers that be on the next phase of shows I will post. In the meantime many repeats on VH1 Classic. Just set those DVRs to record ALL episodes. 4 aired yesterday. Nobody wants to be doing this show more often than me! Just out of my hands.

I will be in Iowa at the state fair next Sunday (and I’m not running for President!). First time coming to Iowa. I will be hosting the rock show with Dee Snider and more on Sunday. I will have shirts for sale at the band merch booth and I’ll try and get over there and say hi when my schedule permits to sign. And don’t forget Labor Day weekend I’m in Wauconda IL for Farm Rock once again. See all appearances on my home page including new ones on OK, Dallas, Orange County & Ramona CA and more TBA soon.

Get ready for an all new redesigned eddietrunk.com launching soon! The new site will be more modern, streamlined and user friendly and be optimized for smartphones and tablets.


Excited to be hosting the video premiere for the new Scorpions video “We Built This House” right here on this site! The video from the bands new album will be free for all to see on the home page starting 11AM EST tomorrow! Thanks to Scorps and their team for the exclusive!

Thanks to Mike LePond and Michael Romeo of Symphony X for visiting my SiriusXM show tonight. New album sounds killer and a tour coming with Overkill.

Headed back to Hollywood FL tomorrow. Join me tomorrow night (Tuesday) as I host Alice In Chains at the Seminole Hard Rock. Right after the show meet me in front of the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino. I’ll have books and shirts for sale as well. Come say hi if in S FL.

This Thursdays new podcast will feature Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God talking about his great new book Darkest Days.


Sorry I haven’t updated here in a few days. Busy with travel and some family stuff this weekend for my 51st birthday (51?? How they hell did that happen???). Just want to take a second to thank the many fans and artists who have wished me a happy birthday here, on Twitter, FB and Instagram. I can not thank you all enough for the amazing kind words, support and love. Really grateful. Had dinner with some friends last night and some family over today. Tomorrow I’m in Queens all day for my sons first Kung Foo tournament. Monday live on SiriusXM TrunkNation 6-10P ET on channel 39. Guests in studio include Symphony X. Tuesday I head back to S Florida to the Hard Rock in Hollywood for one night to host Alice In Chains. I’ll be doing a signing and selling merch right after the show in the casino outside of the Hard Rock Cafe right after the show. Come say hi.

Had a great time hosting Whitesnake there this past Wednesday. Hung with all the guys and the vibe is great with lots more touring around the world to come. Was good to see everyone as well as my old friend baseball great Mike Piazza (who took me to Mets Marlins in S FL last Tuesday and came to Whitesnake) and Nicko McBrain who not only came to our live show in Ft Lauderdale last week, but also hung at Whitesnake. Nicko wanted to play me some of the new Maiden but I couldn’t get free from my duties to get to his car to hear it! I will have music soon and info on some Bruce Dickinson stuff he will be doing with me as well. Keep an eye on this space and my social media.

Have a great weekend all and thanks again for the birthday love!


Greetings from S Florida. Had a great live show here this past Friday with Don & Jim at Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale. The venue was a real cool spot and packed with TMS fans! Was also very cool to have special guests Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden and former Overkill guitarist Bobby Gustafson in the house! Both old friends and we appreciate them both coming down and jamming with the band Made Of Metal who played some great covers. I even talked Nicko into playing the drum open to “Where Eagles Dare” for me! Nicko is excited about the new Maiden album and is going to do a listening party for it at his restaurant here in FL the day before release. I didn’t get to hear any of it yet but hope to soon. Really was one of our best live shows and thanks to all who came out and Culture Room for having us. Photos on my Twitter and Instagram pages.

Hanging here in S FL for a few extra days so tonight’s SiriusXM show is pre recorded. I am hosting Whitesnake this Wednesday at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. This show is near sold out so get tickets now if you want to go. Winners from this site on ET’s box office will be notified very soon. If you are attending you can meet me after the show in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in the casino. Books and merch for sale as well. I’ll be doing the same thing for Alice In Chains here 8/11. Hope to see you if in S FL.


Went out the The Sands in Bethlehem PA last night to catch Cheap Trick. I’ve been seeing this band since around 1981 when I used to go see them co headline with UFO. CT is another band that defies father time. They still sound amazing and look pretty much the same. Robin Zander another one of those total freaks that looks like he stepped off the cover of Budokan and more importantly still sings that well! Rick is one of the most unique players out there. Watching him and his array of guitars is truly amazing. Tom is as cool as ever with that innovative 12 string bass he developed. And Dax does a phenomenal job on drums for Bun E who no longer tours. Cheap Trick tour constantly and are currently on a co headline with Peter Frampton (who also sounded great the little I got to see of his set). It’s baffling why they aren’t a way bigger band than they are now. Especially when you consider the hits they have and the fact they are still so damn great. They also appeal to a very wide range of rock fans, metal, hard rock, rock, pop. In many ways they are the ultimate power pop band. Really good guys who just love to play and can play their entire catalog at any second. I know this because for the second time they let me pick the bulk of their set list last night! Imagine how cool that is? If you could ask a band you love to play 10 songs from their history and they actually do it?! Cheap Trick did that last night for the second time for me. Of course I picked a ton of deep tracks and they know them all. You see they don’t rehearse. They always plays and just get up and go for it. It’s remarkable really and so rare. Raw, live and real. You can see photos of the set and from the show on my Instagram or Twitter feeds. Long live Cheap Trick, another band that is a HUGE oversight for the HOF! Thanks to the guys and the crew for letting me take over the show haha. Rick once again introduced me to the crowd and said if they didn’t like the set to blame me.. priceless!

Headed to FL tomorrow. I’ll be in S FL for a week. This Friday I am at the Culture Room with Don & Jim in Ft Lauderdale for our live show. Live music as well and some special guests. Tickets and VIP tickets on sale now and at the door. Then I’ll be hosting Whitesnake 8/5 at Hard Rock in Hollywood and Alice In Chains there 8/11. After Whitesnake meet me in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in the casino. Books and merch for sale.

New podcast tomorrow with Corey Taylor. Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com


Have a limited amount of free tickets for Smashing Pumpkins & Marilyn Manson tomorrow at PNC in NJ and Friday for Jones Beach NY. Enter to win by emailing me eddie@eddietrunk.com . Put “pumpkins/manson” in the subject line and include your full legal name. You are ONLY a winner if you get an email back saying you won with instructions on how to get the tickets! You will get an auto response as soon as you send the email. This does NOT mean you won! Only if you get another email saying you are a winner with the ticket pickup info did you win. Thanks and good luck!