It’s been a long cold Winter here in the NJ area, so I am thrilled to be heading to Florida tomorrow for a few days. I’ll be getting into Tampa tomorrow night (where I don’t think I have ever spent time), driving to Largo, and then hosting Jake E Lee at the Cultural Center this Friday night. I will be doing a meet & greet and book signing in the lobby prior to the show, starting around 6:30. Both my first and new book will be available for purchase as well. Hope to see you guys if in this part of FL.

Then Saturday it’s a drive to Miami to board the Monsters Of Rock Cruise! I have had the honor of hosting this every year and it is amazing how many great fans I get to hang out with and how many great bands everyone gets to see. This is a total blast and floating party for 3 full days. I do my best to see as much as I can but so much going on it’s hard to take it all in. I also need to get around the ship to various stages which can be a feat in itself, but all fun for sure. If you are on board look forward to seeing you. I will once again be doing a Q&A and book signing. Check your daily schedules to find out when and where. I will also have both of my books available for purchase at the signing on board. Also the band merch stands on the ship will have some TrunkNation shirts and more available the entire cruise.

Thanks for the support and hope to see you all. This weekend kicks off a super busy run of travel so keep an eye on this sites home page and my Twitter and FB for news and updates. Radio shows recorded this weekend since I am away. Please note I will have no online access while on the cruise so updates on this blog and uploading of comments may be more delayed than usual.

And don’t forget ALL NEW TMS this Saturday and next!


That Metal Show season 13 is wrapped! We filmed two shows yesterday in NYC. The first will premiere this Saturday night and feature all three members of The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, and Michael from Volbeat from Denmark via Skype. The season finale that premieres a week from Saturday will feature Joe Satriami and then some laughs with Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This was a fun show and a hell of a way to wrap our 13th season and longest with 12 total new shows. Yngwie SHREDS on both shows as our guest player. What an honor to have him play for us, still a total beast as you will see. Yngwie is a huge TMS fan and we were grateful he flew up from FL to blow away the crowd. It was great doing our latest season back home in the NYC area. Loved doing a show a week format (only did two this week because I am away next week) and we had a huge variety of guests from Nugent, to Mick Mars, to Peter Criss, to Lamb Of God, to Mick Jones. SO many great artists in a wide variety of rock and metal, many appearing for the first time on TMS. No small feat when you consider we have now done over 110 shows! Want to thank all the guests and all the fans for the support and hope you enjoy these last two weeks of new episodes. Where and when we do more new ones 100% up to VH1 Classic. Hearing likely in the Fall. More news when I know. But enjoy these final two new ones coming of Season 13!


Never thought I’d see the day Kiss would be on the cover of RS. Cool classic photo too! Haven’t read the story yet but have heard all about the quotes from various members. I have said my part about how I feel countless times. No need to keep rehashing here. Enjoying seeing all of your comments posted on this site.The complete story is now online and linked in the news section here on this site. ALL are welcome as long as it is respectfully done. In a matter of a couple weeks this event will be over and likely quickly forgotten. Kiss will go on with what they are doing, Ace and Peter will do what they do. Us as fans will decide what we do and don’t want to support and what we do and don’t like. This has been a crazy process for sure, and it sucks we won’t get one last original performance for a song or two, but at least as fans we will know that one of the HOF’s MANY injustices will be corrected and Kiss will be in the Hall after 15 years of snubs!


Speaking of the HOF, I was interviewed by the NY Post yesterday about it. Apparently there are about 4000 tickets still available for sale. Apparently there are larger issues to deal with than just no Kiss performance. Remember this event is NOT just about Kiss. Several bands are being honored. I suspect since Kiss isn’t playing they may just do their induction early on, but not sure yet on the schedule. I do plan on being there as a guest of Ace and Peter so will let you know more when I do.


Headed to Tampa FL tomorrow. Will be in Largo Friday night hosting the Jake E Lee show, then hosting the MOR Cruise Saturday thru Wednesday next week. Look forward to seeing everyone and please keep an eye on my twitter and the appearances page on this sites home page for info and updates. More dates and cities to come in what will be a busy Spring / Summer on the road!


Busy week coming. I’ll be live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Jammed show with Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani in studio. Then Tuesday we shoot the final two shows of the new season of TMS with Joe, Vinnie, Yngwie, The Winery Dogs, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Then Wednesday a prep day for hitting the road and hopefully if time catch Winery Dogs at BBs. Thursday fly to Tampa. Friday host Red Dragon Cartel and do a book signing/selling at the show at the Largo Cultural Center. Saturday drive to Miami and board the ship to host the annual sold out Monsters Of Rock Cruise! Then home the following Wednesday for 24 hours before heading to Seattle and Portland for live club show with Don & Jim (all events will have books available for sale and signings). Going to be pretty nutty few months coming up but grateful for all the opportunity. And some more major cool stuff to announce hopefully very soon. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and I’ll keep you posted up to the minute. Outside of the time i’m on the MOR Cruise where there is no cell service. Actually one of my favorite things about cruises, the one chance to disconnect for a bit!


Check out the brand new THAT EDDIE TRUNK T Shirt in my merch store just relesded. People seem to like it so thanks. Says “Stump This” small on the back. Appreciate everyone buying the shirts and showing their support out there for what I do. Really cool, thanks!


Air schedule for final two new TMS of the season is Winery Dogs & Vinnie Paul this Saturday, Joe Satriani, Artie & Breuer next Saturday. Yngwie plays in both shows!


Amazing response to last nights premiere of the Peter Criss episode of That Metal Show. I was live tweeting last night with many while it was on. The end was real emotional it seemed not only for Peter but also for many fans. Peter is a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and I always respected him for that. He always just lays it out there as he feels and that is so rare in today’s world. I love giving people that you don’t usually hear from on TV and radio a voice and platform. It is so great to get differing views and stories. Mick Mars this season also comes to mind as falling in this category and also had tremendous response. The episode with Peter ran very long, so due to time constraints of TV we cut some things, but they are now available online. Links in the News section of this site. The episode replays all week on VH1 Classic and online as well. Just check your grids for days and times. Look forward to seeing all your comments to the episode here. Many have posted here and on Twitter already. Thanks to Peter and also drummer Richard Christy for doing a great job in our latest episode. Was a great one!

PS: Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. There is a shot of me and Peter when we first met from around ’82 at the very end of the show. Great memories!


Peter Criss on That Metal Show tonight! Don’t miss this full hour with soon to be R&R Hall Of Famer and a founding member of Kiss. We covered so much with him and actually way over shot the episode, so I am curious myself what makes the cut after the editors got their hands on it. It was all good stuff and amazing stories, so hopefully what doesn’t make the show tonight will be extras posted online. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll also provide more insights during the show by live tweeting during the premiere at 11P ET. Join me on Twitter @EddieTrunk and we will chat during the commercials. Episode 10 of our current 12 episode season is tonight with Peter Criss, enjoy and thanks for watching!


Hope you guys are all doing well. Been busy on several fronts. We tape the two final episodes of the current TMS season this Tuesday in NYC. The guests will include The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, Joe Satriani, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. Plus on guitar in both shows will be Yngwie Malmsteen! And of course don’t forget this Saturday at 11P ET the latest new episode premiers featuring an hour with Peter Criss and Richard Christy on drums.

Peter talks about the first 6 Kiss studio albums and gives us his Rank of them, does our Put It On The Table segment, and of course talks about the RRHOF. For those expecting some sort of slam fest from him you will be disappointed. Obviously he wishes he would have been allowed to play one song with the original band, but now that nobody is playing he seems real happy to go up and accept the award and just thank the fans.

I’ll be in Largo this Friday hosting the Jake E Lee show. Meet & Greet and signing in the lobby before the show and books for sale. Then to MOR Cruise the next day. Honored to host MOR every year, can’t wait to see you if going!

Thanks to M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for rocking a TMS shirt on stage at festivals in Brazil and Australia! Saw the photos and tweeted one. I have a brand new That Eddie Trunk / Stump This T Shirt just released! Check it out in the merch store on this site (please note I can not sell TMS shirts in my store, but check out the other designs).


Live on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow 11P-2A ET. Listen via free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Live also Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Vinnie Paul and Joe Satriani will be in studio!


There has been SO much debate and discussion on Kiss on this site, and as usual all respectful opinions are welcome. As it stands now the original 4 will go up, each say a few words, and that’s it. Doubtful anything will change as it is now too late likely with production of the show and so many other acts involved. I also heard from everyone that Paul Stanley called TMS Wayne’s World on his Twitter. I myself have called it that jokingly in interviews. That was a super popular movie, and TMS a very popular show, so all good by me. But what Paul doesn’t realize is he is only insulting his fans trying to take a shot at a show THEY watch and most of them love. Maybe more Kiss shirts in our audience on a regular basis than anything else! So if we are Wayne’s World, or whatever else he thinks is a knock at the show, we are certainly proud to be good enough for most Kiss fans, not to mention legendary acts like Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, Axl Rose, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and many more who all appear and appreciate what we do. Paul can continue to be very comfortable going on channels like CNN where maybe 2% of the viewers care about rock and his band and he can get the usual cookie cutter liners from the anchor that just read the one sheet. Or maybe go on Howard Stern again, who just called Kiss the most irrelevant band ever on his radio show? We have plenty of artists that get and appreciate what we do, have a sense of humor, enjoy the debate, and acknowledge as fans we have opinions. Unfortunate that in Kiss land many times the decades of positives are never acknowledged and the few things you don’t like are blown up. But it’s all good by me. I thank all the amazing artists we have and will have on and most of all the fans around the world that support TMS and have made it VH1′s longest running show. Guess we are doing something right…Party on!


Had a great hour episode of TMS with Peter Criss yesterday that will premiere this Saturday on VH1 Classic. We discussed many things and of course got Peter’s take on the HOF. Always good to see Peter who is still clearly excited about being inducted with the band he was a founding member of in a few weeks. When I asked him about not playing his response was; “it’s a shame we couldn’t give the fans 10 minutes on stage together for the 40 years they gave us”. See it all this Saturday night on Wayne’s World… I mean That Metal Show. VH1 Classic’s longest running program and a show so many Kiss fans love and watch! Thank you all for your support and hope you like this one. Also thanks to Richard Christy for playing in the episode. He is a huge Peter Criss fan and was pumped! More soon.


PS: Ace Frehley will be on the show again soon. He had to reschedule since he is now on the W Coast and could not break free from a deadline on his new album.




Off to NYC to tape this weeks new That Metal Show. Peter Criss will be our guest for the hour. Clearly much to cover with Peter and he hasn’t been on with us in a long time since the show was just 30 minutes. Ace Frehley was supposed to join us for this show but is stuck on the W Coast on a deadline for his new album. We will catch up with him at a later date. For the record ALL members of Kiss are invited through their management every season of TMS. We can only talk with and get the opinions of those that accept the invitation. Should be a fun show and you will see it premiere this Saturday 11P ET on VH1 Classic.


Thanks to all who watched this weeks new That Metal Show last night. The show will repeat all week as usual on VH1 Classic. Dee is always a great guest. Always outspoken and never one to pull punches, which makes for great guests always in my opinion, regardless if you agree or disagree. At 59 he remains an incredibly strong singer and frontman and TS is an example of a band that has benefited greatly from not over touring. Ever since they first reunited for my NY Steel 9/11 benefit in 2001 they have only played an average of 10 shows a year, making it more special to see them, making them more money per show, and giving them higher billing than a band of their status would usually have on a festival. Interesting look at another approach compared to the many bands that tour constantly and also have members with many side bands. I am not judging either way, everyone needs to pay the bills, just interesting approach. Was also great to have Chris Caffery on. I am often asked about Savatage by radio listeners. The simple truth is TSO is way too big for the guys to focus on Savatage these days. But they do give a nod to that band often in the TSO shows. Chris played his Ace Frehley model Les Paul (Ace’s face on the head) and sounded great. Also nice to have Glenn Hughes check in. Stunning how great Glenn still sounds now in his mid 60′s! His new band California Breed and their debut album is an early contender for album of 2014 for me. It’s out in May.


This Tuesday we tape this Saturday’s new episode. Peter Criss will join us on set! Peter has not been on with us since the very early half hour days of TMS. Needless to say much to cover with him and we will do the full hour with the Catman. Ace Frehley may or may not join us for this show via Skype. Ace is in the middle of deadlines to finish his new album on the W Coast and likely won’t be able to get to NYC for our taping. But we hope to include him via Skype if our schedules match up. Either way should be a great show and our guest musician on drums with be Richard Christy. Most know Richard from the Howard Stern show but he is also a killer drummer who has played in several bands. 3 more new shows to come in our current new season of TMS. Final two episodes will feature Joe Satriani, Vinnie Paul, The Winery Dogs, Volbeat, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This has been our most diverse guest season yet and thank you all for the amazing response! Once we tape our last two shows 3/25 I’ll be hitting the road extensively, so please see the home page with my appearances and events and come say hello. More to be added!


The Kiss/Def Leppard tour officially announced tomorrow. Looks like Soundgarden & NIN are also teaming up. As discussed in the last Trunk Report bands co-headlining is becoming a huge trend more than ever to compete for the concert dollar and justify what are becoming very expensive events even beyond the cost of the tickets. It is far and few now of rock bands that can actually truly headline shows in the US with no name support playing large venues. Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, U2, Stones, McCartney, VH, Rush, AC/DC ones that come to mind. I get the co-headline is needed for business, but it does hurt in that young bands no longer have these chances for exposure. I know some bills put an unknown on 3rd billed, but the truth is these acts sometimes go on before 7P and off by 7:30 and few actually are in to see them. SO much great new music out there these days and it’s just another reason it is getting harder to expose.


Live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39. Join me for live music and talk that rocks!


Off to NYC for a live radio show tonight. Originally the show was going to be pre recorded but since the H&H Festival in Mexico was cancelled I’m headed in to do it live. Join me 11P-2A ET tonight on Q104.3 NYC, free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free Iheartradio app. Mark Slaughter will call in to debut a new solo song for charity, Glenn Hughes will call in to debut new music from his new band California Breed as well. SO much new stuff out there or coming that is SO good. Was just sent new music from Joe Holmes new band that is killer! Will play a bunch tonight. This is truly one of the best periods for new music and bands I like in a long time. Truly hope some of it breaks through but it seems harder and harder these days to get it across.


NEW TMS tomorrow with Dee Snider, Glenn Hughes on Skype and Chris Caffery on guitar. 11p ET on VH1C.


Don’t forget I’ll be in Largo FL 3/28 to host Jake E Lee. I’ll also be doing a pre show meet and greet and selling and signing both books. Hope to see you at Cultural Events Center. Then the MOR Cruise!


Kiss & Def Leppard will announce a tour together this Summer on Monday. Look no further for how competitive the touring circuit has become for your dollars when you see bands that once were headliners on their own teaming up like this. Good for fans to get the double bill but the good seats won’t be cheap and any “VIP” stuff very pricey. But the entire music business now revolves around the road and touring, so everything is for sale and all will work to make their package more attractive than others. Plenty of choices this Summer it’s looking like with many more announcements to come. Seems in the rock world there are very few bands left that can truly headline anymore and take out unknown acts to break them as support. Which kind of sucks for new developing artists who once found new fans from these tours. But bands just can’t risk the lack of ticket sales with a lesser known support act and not more of a co headline more and more it seems.