Playlist 12-12-14

12/12/14 Merry Maiden (all Iron Maiden Special)

All Songs by Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden (’79)
Phantom Of The Opera
Murders In The Rue Morgue
The Prisoner
Where Eagles Dare
The Wicker Man
Coming Home
The Clairvoyant
Wasted Years
Ace’s High
Children Of the Damned
These Colours Don’t Run
The reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Communication Breakdown
Cross Eyed mary
Space Station #5
Doctor Doctor
Hallowed Be Thy Name
To Tame A Land
Fear Of the Dark
2 Minutes To Midnight

Playlist 12-26-14

12/26/14 All Rush “Holiday Rush” special

All Songs By Rush

Finding My Way
Bastille Day
Distant Early Warning
The Big Money
A Passage To Bankock
Cygnus X1
The Analog Kid
What You’re Doing
Closer To The Heart
The Trees
The Camera Eye
By Tor & The Snow Dog
In The End

Playlist 1-2-15

1/2/15 2014 Year In Review Special

AC/DC: Play Ball
Tesla: MP3
Skid Row: We Are The Damned
Accept: Stampede
Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived
Metallica: the Lords Of Summer
Metallica: Ronnie Rising
Mr Big: The Monster In Me
Ace Frehley: Space Invader
Altitudes & Attitude: Booze & Cigarettes
California Breed: Sweet Tea
Devil City Angels: Bad Decision
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Exodus: Sal In The Wound
Overkill: PIG
SixxAM: Gotta Get It Right
Rival Sons: Electric Man
Slipknot: The Devil In I
Slash: Shadow Life
Kix: Wheels In Motion
Sebastian Bach: Temptation
Winger: Rat Race
Fozzy: Do You Wanna Start A War
Kyng: Electric Halo
KXM: Faith Is A Room
Ted Nugent: She’s Gone
BLS: My Dying Time
Mastodon: The Motherload
Jeff LaBar: No Strings
Farmikos: Am I One

Playlist 11-14-14


Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea
Dio: Don’t Talk To Strangers
Ozzy: Breaking All The Rules
Devil City Angels: Bad Decisions
Triumph: Fight The Good Fight
Whitesnake: Love Ain’t No Stranger
Deep Purple: Burn
Overkill: Bitter Pill
Pantera: By Demons Be Driven
Metallica: Ronnie Rising
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Judas Priest: Battle Cry
Icon: Killer Machine
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Kiss: Cold Gin
Manowar: Fighting The World
Loudness: Crazy Nights
Mike LePond: Apocalypse Rider
MSG: Attack Of The Mad Axeman
King Diamond: Welcome Home
Texas Hippie Coalition: Go Pro
Tesla: Hang Tough

Playlist 11-7-14


AC/DC: Play Ball
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
Anthrax: TNT
Motley Crue: Helter Skelter
Sixx AM: Gotta Get It Right
Queen: Now I’m Here
Queensryche: The Lady Wore Black
Rob Halford: Man On The Silver Mountain
Judas Priest: Halls Of Valhalla
Ace Frehley: Space Invader
Kiss: Shock Me (Live)
Megadeth: Hangar 18
Pantera: A New Level
Rob Zombie: Dragula
Slipknot: The Devil In I
Slayer: South Of Heaven
Testament: Powerslave
Kyng: Burn The Serum
Exciter: Pounding Metal
Motorhead: Killed By Death
UFO: Rock Bottom (Live)
Mastodon: The Motherload
Rush: By Tor & The Snow Dog
WASP: Wild Child
White Lion: Hungry
Ozzy: See You On The Other Side

Playlist 10-31-14


Def Leppard: Rock Rock
Anthrax: Neon Knights
Corey Taylor: Rainbow In The Dark
Slipknot: The Devil In I
Tool: Sober
Scorpions: Blackout
Ozzy: You Can’t Kill R&R
Metallica: Sabra Cadabra
Aerosmith: Street Jesus
Aerosmith: Back In the Saddle
Joe Perry Project: Let The Music Do The Talking
Aerosmith: Kings & Queens
Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic
Blue Murder: Cry For Love
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
Van Halen: The Full Bug
Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived
Kix: Can’t Stop the Show
AC/DC: Touch Too Much
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Krokus: Screaming In The Night
Judas Priest: Beginning Of The End

Playlist 10-3-14


Iron Maiden: Ace’s High
Metallica: Battery
Scorpions: Loving You Sunday Morning
Montrose: Rock candy
FFDP: Lift Me Up
Judas Priest: Desert Plains
Slayer: Dead Skin Mask
Stryper: Too Hell With The Devil
Slash: Too Far Gone
GnR: Ain’t It Fun
Dokken: It’s Not Love
David Lee Roth: A Lil Ain’t Enough
California Breed: The Way
Ted Nugent w/Sammy Hagar: She’s Gone
Rose Tattoo: Nice Boys
Ratt: Slip Of The Lip
Loudness: Crazy Nights
Motley Crue: 10 Seconds To Love
Sixx AM: Gotta Get It Right
Accept: Fall Of The Empire
Anthrax: Among The Living
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
Blue Murder: Riot
The Scintilla Project: Scintilla
Saxon: Princess Of the Night
AC/DC: Evil Walks
Fozzy: Do You Wanna Start A War
Ace Frehley: Starship

Playlist 10-24-14


Van Halen: Romeo Delight
Vince Neil: The Bitch Is Back
UFO: Too Hot To Handle
Ratt: Dance
Riot: Swords & Tequilla
Y&T: Keep On Running
Twisted Sister: You Can’t Stop R&R
Thin Lizzy: Cold Sweat
Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl
Farmikos: Scapegoat
Fight: Immortal Sin
Judas Priest: Devils Child
Megadeth: Into The Lungs Of Hell
Metallica: Lepper Mesiah
Overkill: Armorist
WASP: On Your Knees
Yngwie Malmsteen: I’ll See The Light Tonight
The Winery Dogs: Elevate
Kings X: King
Exodus: Salt The Wound
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss
Halestorm: Dissident Aggressor
Rush: The Trees
Slash: Wicked Stone
Rainbow: Gates Of Babylon
Queensrcyhe: Warning
Pantera: This Love
Coney Hatch: To Feel The Feeling Again

Playlist 10-17-14


AC/DC: Shake A Leg
David Lee Roth: A Lil Ain’t Enough
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Kiss: King Of The Nightime World
Rival Sons: Open My Eyes
Black Sabbath: The Writ
Savatage: Hall Of The Mountain King
Skid Row: Slave To The Grind
Accept: Stampede
Adrenaline Mob: Mob Rules
Buckcherry: Lit Up
Bruce Dickinson: Tattooed Millionaire
Iron Maiden: Murders In The Rue Morgue
Alter Bridge: Cry Of Achilles
Mark Tremonti: Leave It Alone
Ace Frehley: Space Invaders
Aerosmith: Lord Of The Thighs
BLS: Stillborn
Motley Crue: Helter Skelter
Alice Cooper: Elected
Anthrax: Smokin
California Breed: The Grey
Corey Taylor: Rainbow In The Dark
Dio: I Speed At Night
Deep Purple: Knockin At Your Back Door
Dokken: Alone Again

Playlist 10-10-14


Scorpions: Blackout
Rainbow: Long Live R&R
Motorhead & Biff Byford: Starstruck
Pat Travers: Snortin Whiskey
Mr Big: The Monster In Me
Rush: YYZ
Tool: Prison Sex
Faith No More: War Pigs
Exodus: Low Rider
Judas Priest: Dragonaut
Iron Maiden: Flight Of Icarus
Iron Maiden: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Red Zone Riders: Hell No
UFO: Dr Dr
Skid Row: We Are The Damned
Skid Row: Monkey Business
Skid Row: I Remember You Too
Devil City Angels: Bad Decision
LA Guns: One More Reason
Cinderella: Gypsy Road
Poison: Look What The Cat Dragged In
Starz: Live Wire
Stryper: No More Hell To Pay
Farmikos: Scapegoat
Gary Moore: Wishing Well
Thin Lizzy: Black Rose
Trixter: Drag Me Down
Def Leppard: High n Dry
Lita Ford: Only Woman Bleed