Playlist – 8/23/13

Mike Portnoy and M Shadows were guests:

Iron Maiden: The Wickerman
Cinderella: Night Songs
Megadeth: Wake Up Dead
Winery Dogs: Elevate
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
Manowar: Battle Hymns
Metallica: Of Wolf & Man
UFO: Dr Dr (Live)
Anthrax: Only
The Winery Dogs: Not Hopeless
Dio: Stand Up & Shout
Motley Crue: Too Young To Fall In Love
Alter Bridge: Addicted To Pain
Dream Theater: Enemy Inside
Extreme: Play With Me
Fight: Nailed To The Gun
T&N w/Sebastian Bach: Alone Again

Playlist – 8/9/13

Tesla: Modern Day Cowboy
Dokken: It’s Not Love
Aerosmith: Rats In The Cellar
Skid Row: Slave To The Grind
The Winery Dogs: Not Hopeless
Triumph: Magic Power
Rob Zombie: Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
Type O Negative: Christian Woman
Dio: Welcome To My Nightmare
Rainbow: Long Live R&R
Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe
Queensryche w/Tate: Running Backwards
Queensryche w/LaTorre: Vindication
Bret Michael w/Ace Frehley: Nothin But A Good Time
Accept: The Abyss
Metallica: Am I Evil
Tom Keifer: Solid Ground
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
The Godz: Gotta Keep A Runnin (UC)
Device w/Lzzy Hale: Close My Eyes Forever

8/2/13 – Playlist

Judas Priest: Freewheel Burning
Black Sabbath: Heaven & Hell
Ozzy: Killer Of Giants
Alice In Chains: Stone
Aerosmith: Tell Me
Aerosmith: Chicquita
Metallica: Creeping Death (Live)
Newsted: As The Crow Flies
Ratt: Nobody Rides For Free
VH: Light Up The Sky
The Winery Dogs: Time Machine
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock (Live)
Kiss: Almost Human
Queensryche: Redemption
Rush: Distant Early Warning
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail Tp The King
Prophet: Cycle Of The Moon (UC)
Skid Row: Breaking Down

7/27/13 – Playlist

Metallica: Disposable Heroes
Faith No More: From Out Of Nowhere
Pantera: Drag The Waters
Iron Maiden: Phantom Of The Opera
Kiss: Ladies Room
Zebra: Who’s Behind The Door
Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King
White Zombie: Black Sunshine
Gary Moore/Phil Lynott: Out In The Fields
Anthrax: Jailbreak
The Winery Dogs: The Other Side
Mr Big: Addicted To That Rush
Dream Theater: Caught In A Web
Michael Monroe: Ballad Of The Lower E Side
Hear N Aid: Stars
Black Sabbath: Voodoo
Newsted: Heroic Dose
Quiet Riot: Stay With Me Tonight (UC)
Lita Ford: Mother


6/1/13 PLAYLIST:


Iron Maiden: 7th Son,


Judas Priest: Painkiller,


Queensryche: Fallout,


Twisted Sister: Under The Blade,


UFO: Cherry,


Volbeat: Room 24,


Mercyful Fate: Curse Of The Pharoes,


Scorpions: China White,


Black Star Riders: Kingdom Of The Lost,


TT Quick: Metal Of Honor,


Triumph: Allied Forces,


Flotsam & Jetsam: Ugly Noise,


Metallica: Frayed Ends Of Sanity,


The Winery Dogs: Desire,


Ratt: Lack Of Communication,


Tesla: Flight To Nowhere,


Saxon: Wheels Of Steel,


Pantera: Planet Caravan


Judas Priest: Victim Of Changes (Live)

Iron Maiden: Where Eagles Dare

Van Halen: Hear About It Later

Megadeth: Super Collider

Kings X: Over My Head

Metallica: Whiskey In The Jar

Black Star Riders: Kingdom Of The Lost

Ozzy: Ultimate Sin

UFO: Dr Dr (Live)

Rainbow: Tarot Woman

Black Sabbath: Mob Rules

Dio: Holy Diver

Winery Dogs: Elevate

Dream Theater: As I Am

Anthrax: Medusa

Sammy Hagar: Heavy Metal

Clutch: Crucial Velocity

Motley Crue: Bastard

Burning Rain: My Lust Your Fate

Armored Saint: March Of The Saint

Grim Reaper: See You In Hell

Thin Lizzy: Still In Love With You (Live)


Slayer: South Of Heaven
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss
Judas Priest: Rapid Fire (Live)
Judas Priest: Bloodstone
Rob Zombie: Dead City Radio
Exodus: Toxic Waltz
Iron Maiden: Infinite Dreams
Black Star Riders: Bound For Glory
Winery Dogs: Elevate
Blue Murder: Valley Of The Kings
Black Sabbath: God Is Dead?
Pantera: This Love
Loudness: Heavy Chains
Deep Purple: Out Of Hand
Kiss: God Of Thunder (Live)
AC/DC: Dog Eat Dog
BLS: Can’t Find My Way Home



Iron Maiden: Powerslave

Judas Priest: Bloodstone

Queensryche: Redemption

Saigon Kick: Come Take Me Now

Fozzy: Spider In My Mouth

Kiss: Rise To It

Slash: Halo

Megadeth: Wake Up Dead

Saxon: Sacrifice

Adrenaline Mob: Barracuda

Loudness: Never Change Your Mind


Motorhead: Ace Of Spades

Motley Crue: Live Wire

Ratt: Body Talk

Ace Frehley: Rip It Out

Queen: Sheer Heart Attack

Queensryche: Redemption

UFO: Doctor Doctor (Live)

Zebra: Tell Me What You Want

Anthrax: Big Eyes

Cheap Trick: Hello There/Come On Come On (Live)

Skid Row: Kings Of Demolition

Rush: Jacobs Ladder

Whitesnake: Gambler

Burning Rain: My Lust Your Fate

Iron Maiden: Children Of The Damned

Dio: Straight Thru The Heart

Y&T: This Time


Anthrax: Smokin

Adrenaline Mob: Romeo Delight

AC/DC: Shoot To Thrill

Y&T: Don’t Stop Running

Iron Maiden: Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)

Whitesnake: Need Your Love So Bad

Deep Purple: Hell To Pay

UFO: Rock Bottom (Live)

Saxon: Denim & Leather

Pantera: Cowboys From Hell

Black Star Riders: Bound For Glory

Thin Lizzy: Thunder & Lightning

Buckcherry: Sloth

Scorpions: China White

Queensryche: I Don’t Believe In Love

T&N w/Sebastian Bach: Alone Again