Playlist 3-20-15

Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers
Def Leppard: Another Hit & Run
Ace Frehley: The Joker
Black Star Riders: Charlie I Gotta Go
Thin Lizzy: Thunder & Lightning
Triumph: I Live For The Weekend
Van Halen: In A Simple Rhyme
Van Halen: Panama
Zebra: Tell Me What You Want
The Winery Dogs: Elevate
Vinnie Vincent Invasion: Boyz Gonna Rock
Kiss: War Machine
Guns n Roses: Civil War
Great White: Rock Me
Exciter: Pounding Metal
UFO: The Killing Kind
Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour
Metallica: Broken, Beat & Scarred
Michael Schenker: Live & Let Live
Motorhead: Killed By Death
Queensryche: Empire
The Answer: Long Live The Renegade
Skid Row: Little Wing

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Playlist 3-13-15

Twisted Sister: You Can’t Stop R&R
Winger: Can’t Get Enough
UFO: Too Hot To Handle
Triumph: Magic Power
Van Halen: Panama
White Lion: Hungry
Yngwie Malmsteen: Heaven Tonight
WASP: Wild Child
Crobot: Nowhere To Hide
DAD: Sleeping My Day Away
Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away
Doro: Egypt
Frank Hannon: Electric Chair
Def Leppard: Rock Brigade
Def Leppard: Die Hard The Hunter
Izzy Stradlin: Shuffle It All
John 5: This Is My Rifle
Joe Satriani: Crushing Day
Overkill: Frankenstein
Iron Maiden: The Wickerman
Queensryche: Eyes Of A Stranger
Judas Priest: Love Bites
Black Star Riders: Blindsided
BLS: In This River

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Playlist 3-6-15

Deep Purple: Stormbringer
Whitesnake: Slide It In
Cinderella: Shake Me
The Cult: Lil Devil
Fastway: Say What You Will
Slash: Shadow Life
VH: The Full Bug
VH: Summer Nights
Montrose: Rock The Nation
Y&T: Don’t Stop Runin
UFO: Run Boy Run
Skid Row: Youth Gone Wild
Rob Zombie: Dragula
Pantera: I’m Broken
Motley Crue: Primal Scream
Rush: Bastille Day
Rush: The Camera Eye
Love/Hate: Rock Queen
Kix: No Ring Around Rosie
Kiss: Makin Love
Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight
Judas Priest: Freewheel Burning
Black Star Riders: The Killer Instinct
Black Sabbath w/Dio: NIB
Anthrax: Indians
Alice In Chains: Them Bones
Blue Murder: Jellyroll

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Playlist 1-30-15

Dio: We Rock
Dream Theater: Pull Me Under
Rush: Distant Early Warning
AC/DC: Rock Or Bust
Def Leppard: Let It Go
Dokken: Into The Fire
Testament: Dragon Attack
Ace Frehley: The Joker
Marilyn Manson: Deep Six
Slayer: In A Gadda Da Vida
Tool: Sober
Stryper: Soldiers Under Command
Tesla: Mamas Fool
Tom Keifer: It’s Not Enough
Twisted Sister: Burn In Hell
UFO: Rock Bottom
Farmikos: The Sound Of My Gun
Heaven & Hell: Bible Black
Iron Maiden: The Clairvoyant
King Diamond: Welcome Home
Sweet & Lynch: Dying Rose
Motley Crue: 10 Seconds To Love
Scorpions: Arizona
Pride & Glory: Losin Your Mind
The Winery Dogs: Damaged

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Playlist 1-23-15


Faith No More: War Pigs
Metallica: Sabra Cadabra
Anthrax: Neon Knights
Adrenaline Mob: Mob Rules
Slash: Bent To Fly
AC/DC: Sin City
Metal Church: Highway Star
Farmikos: Exit Stencils
Ozzy: Perry Mason
Judas Priest: Heading Out To The Highway
Kiss: Makin Love
Van Halen: Atomic Punk
Frank Hannon: Electric Chair
Tesla: Song & Emotion
Queensryche: Queen Of The Ryche
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell
Machine Head: Killers & Kings (Bloodstone & Diamonds)
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss
Motorhead: The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Overkill: Frankenstein
Uli Jon Roth: Virgin Killer
UFO: Lights Out
Savatage: Strange Wings
Rainbow: Death Ally Driver
Rated X: This Is Who I Am
Skid Row: Breakin Down

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Playlist 1-16-15


Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe
Iron Maiden: Wasted Years
Bruce Dickinson: Tattooed Millionaire
Black Star Riders: The Killer Instinct
Thin Lizzy: Cowboy Song
Triumph: Magic Power
Whitesnake: Love Ain’t No Stranger
Vinnie Vincent Invasion: Back On The Streets
Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived
Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon
Badlands: High Wire
Bang Tango: Someone Like You
Stephen Pearcy: I Can’t Take It
Ratt: Nobody Rides For Free
Riot: Swords & Tequilla
Saxon: Sailing To America
Scorpions: The Zoo
AC/DC: Baptism By Fire
Angel: The Tower
Dio: Don’t Talk To Strangers
Hear N Aid: Stars
Helix: Heavy Metal Love
Five Finger Death Punch: Lift Me Up
Fight: Immortal Sin
Halestorm: Dissident Aggressor
Extreme: Decedance Dance
Jeff LaBar: No Strings
Dokken: Alone Again

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