JoeHolmes640 ) Farmikos, the Los Angeles based band consisting of former David Lee Roth and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Joe Holmes and Singer/Songwriter Robbie Locke are excited to announce that they will be releasing their self-titled debut album Farmikos on January 15th, 2015. Farmikos will be available in Digital Download and Compact Disc formats through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby.

The self-titled debut album features ten original songs penned by Holmes and Locke with writing contributions on eight songs by Brent Hoffort. The album features Robert Trujillo on bass and Brooks Wackerman on drums alongside guest appearances by Skindred’s Benji Webbe & Candiria’s Ken Schalk.

The album was co-produced by Joe Holmes and Rich Mouser. Mouser handled the engineering, mixing and mastering of the album at The Mouse House Studios. The album was recorded directly to two-inch tape. Mouser has lent his talents to albums by Weezer, Dream Theater, Transatlantic, and many others. “In making the album we always tried to keep the sounds raw and organic, recording to analog tape and using natural room reverb for the drums. We rode the line between classic and modern” – Rich Mouser

Radio personality and host of VH-1 Classic’s That Metal Show, Eddie Trunk had this to say about Farmikos, “I always get asked about new bands I like, The music Farmikos is making is amazing! Can’t wait for a full CD.”

Farmikos are currently seeking bassist and drummer to round out the band.

Farmikos track listing:

1. Scapegoat
2. Am I One
3. Kings Of Dust
4. The Spoon And Sun
5. Fragile
6. The Sound Of My Gun
7. Ascension
8. I Was Them
9. Exit Stencils
10. Facing East

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Farmikos on the web:



BobDaisley400 Iconic bassist Bob Daisely (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep) has posted the following message at his Facebook page:

“[At] this year’s recent Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, Ozzy Osbourne was presented with the Classic Album Award for our Blizzard of Ozz album. After the ceremony, Randy Rhoads’ brother and sister, Kelle and Kathy, were taken aside and secretly handed a paper bag containing an award for Randy, for his contribution to the album. I find this insulting and disrespectful to the Rhoads family and, in particular, to Randy. I’d like to know why Randy’s award wasn’t presented ‘publicly’ to the Rhoads family members, and why drummer Lee Kerslake and I weren’t even mentioned. That album was not a ‘solo’ Ozzy Osbourne record, as many have been wrongly led to believe, it was a work of art made by four people, the band called The Blizzard of Ozz. I co-wrote the music with Randy, I wrote more than 90% of the lyrics, and the four band members played on and co-produced the album together, so why did “Classic Rock” choose to acknowledge only one member of the band? I do not begrudge Ozzy receiving his award, but I’d like to know why Randy wasn’t acknowledged ceremoniously and why Lee and I weren’t even mentioned, let alone given an award for our significant contributions to that album. ‘Classic Rock’ should know better, and they should be ashamed!”

Bob’s autobiography For Facts Sake was released in July and is available for purchase at and Amazon.


blackstarriders640 Fresh from the critically acclaimed debut album All Hell Breaks Loose in 2013, Black Star Riders are set to release a new studio album, The Killer Instinct, in February 2015. The album will be followed by a full UK and Eire co-headline tour

The band toured 2013’s All Hell Breaks Loose for a year – playing across the globe. October 2014 saw them gather in Nashville, TN and enter the studio with heralded producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, The Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Mastodon) to start recording the follow up. The result is The Killer Instinct.

Ricky Warwick explains, “Life’s not fair, never has been, never will. Sometimes you have to live with a killer instinct just to survive in the ongoing pursuit of happiness. Because nobody can do for you what you should be doing for yourself.”

The Killer Instinct track listing:

1. The Killer Instinct
2. Bullet Blues
3. Finest Hour
4. Soldierstown
5. Charlie I Gotta Go
6. Blindsided
7. Through The Motions
8. Sex, Guns & Gasoline
9. Turn In Your Arms
10. You Little Liar

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The energy in the studio from a year of touring, and Black Star Riders gelling as a creative force has resulted in a truly powerful sophomore effort. From the Irish-tinged rock of Soldierstown to the balls-out twin guitar riffing of Sex Guns & Gasoline. From the dirty groove of You Little Liar to the acoustic Blindsided, this is a band coming of age. The Killer Instinct will see Black Star Riders cement their place as one of the most exciting contemporary rock acts.

Damon Johnson says, “Nick Raskulinecz came riding out of the sunset like a Viking warrior, with his record collection and arsenal of killer guitars and amplifiers and proved to be the world class producer we had heard so much about. Indeed, the rumors are all true. There’s no doubt that Ricky and I had written a sizable number of songs, but Nick patiently walked through the full song list with the entire band and made sure we focused on the material to best represent Black Star Riders in 2015.“

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richiekotzen400 Fans of guitarist/singer/songwriter Richie Kotzen anxious to hear new music before his next solo album (details of which are forthcoming) should head over to iTunes, where he just released two new singles You and Cannibals.

You was co-written by Richie’s daughter, August, who appears in the video posted on Richie’s official Youtube page and can be viewed below.

He explains, “It must have been four years ago and my daughter, who is now 17, was constantly playing this piece of music on the piano. I finally asked her what it was and she said she just made it up. I set up the microphones and recorded her playing for about seven minutes. Years later, I found this on my hard drive and decided to write lyrics to it over this past summer. The end result is what you see and hear in the video. It is one of my favorite things I’ve done and I’m happy to have been able to collaborate on music with my daughter.”

Cannibals made its debut during his recent three-month solo tour, which started in Europe, taking him through Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Chile, and concluding with a month-long trek of the U.S. “I did something I’ve never done before on this tour,” RICHIE explains, “which is performing an original composition that has yet to be released. The only place you could hear the song ‘Cannibals’ was at the show, and it went over quite well with the fans. Rather than wait to release the song as part of the new album next year, I figured it would be cool to share the studio version now while it’s fresh in the people’s minds who attended my shows. I was able to collect live footage that was shot during the tour and compile a live video to go along with the song.” Watch the video below.

Richie has been touring in support of The Essential Richie Kotzen which was released September 2nd on Loud & Proud Records. It’s a two-CD and DVD career retrospective set that encompasses this iconic talent’s entire career of his most essential work: classic material; acoustic performances; bootleg material; and two brand new songs (War Paint and Walk With Me). The DVD features music videos, acoustic performances, and bootleg material. Watch the video for War Paint here.

Stay tuned for new Richie Kozten album news in the coming weeks.


philanselmo Jon Wiederhorn of Yahoo Music reports:

It’s hard to believe that on December 8th, a full decade will have passed since Pantera guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott and three other people were shot and murdered by a former Marine 90 seconds after Damageplan hit the stage at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

Various individuals and organizations across the globe have scheduled events in December to celebrate Dimebag’s life, however, one person who won’t be publicly commemorating, is his former Pantera bandmate, vocalist Phil Anselmo.

“There is no f—-ing way on this planet Earth that I am going to celebrate the death of one of my best friends and my guitar player in Pantera,” Anselmo tells Yahoo. “I won’t do any Pantera songs or anything like that. Like every night, I’ll send out a song to Dimebag. I always send out the song Lifer because if there was ever a lifer in heavy metal music — someone who lived it and breathed it and forged it every single day — it was him. He is the epitome of a lifer whether he is in the tomb or not.”

“Every year gets harder,” Anselmo says in a grave tone. “I look at what’s out there in heavy metal and I think about what could have been. Really, it gets tougher every single f—-ing year. This is an evil time of year for me. It’s rough, man. When you think of the madcap f—-ing way he was taken from us, I don’t think any of us in the band can really come to f—-ing terms with it. The murder made no sense, the reasoning made no sense, and because it was done by a sick f—-ing person that had nothing to do with us except help seal the fate of the story and create this gigantic gulf of so many questions, it’s just confounding and miserable.”

“I often wonder where his alcoholism would have led him and where his health would be if he hadn’t been taken from us,” Anselmo says. “I think if his health was at stake to the extent that it would have taken his guitar playing away from him, that motherf—-er would have gone bone sober tomorrow. Everyone knows him as that crazy, whiskey-drinking guitar player from Pantera, but I think that guitar came first for him. He did not start playing guitar to get to whiskey, just like I didn’t start playing heavy metal music to get to drugs.”

Regarding a Pantera reunion, Anselmo says, “I have very mixed feelings about a Pantera reunion. First and foremost, there’s been no cooperation from Vince [Paul, former Pantera drummer and Dimebag’s brother] to interact with myself or Rex. That’s his decision and something we have to live with, and that’s fine. But I know that there is a whole new audience that has been turned on to Pantera by their parents, older brothers, big sisters, and older friends. Those people never got a chance to see Pantera and would love to have that chance. Rex and I are the type that love to give the people what they want….[but] is it really a Pantera reunion without Dimebag? That’s something that confounds the whole process, aside from Vince. So right now, for me, just getting up there and doing those songs is really something I enjoy for the moment, and something I enjoy in front of an audience. Everyone’s singing along and jamming the songs — those songs we wrote — all the anthems. That’s the public’s stuff. Those are their songs as well as our songs. So, to get up and jam them is always a pleasure, but anyone who might be clamoring for a Pantera might be engaging in wishful thinking.”

Read more at Yahoo Music.



peterCriss400 Peter Criss has reinforced his message that men should take cancer warning signs seriously.

The original KISS drummer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 after noticing a lump on his chest and he had the tumour successfully removed through surgery.

But he says too many men ignore the signs and adds that ignorance is especially rife when it comes to male breast cancer.

He tells Eddie Trunk: “Men get breast cancer. The word breast annoys me because it sounds like a girl’s thing, but it’s not. All I’m trying to say is you’ve gotta get aware. You’ve gotta check yourself. If you feel a bump, it’s not gonna go away.

Most men, as stupid as we are, think, ‘Ah, I lifted weights wrong.’ It can be really devastating. If you’ve got toothache, you go to the dentist. If you feel a lump go to the doctor. You’ll live longer, it’s that simple.”

Last month Criss was inducted into the Cancer Research & Treatment Fund’s Hall Of Fame as this year’s Cancer Survivor Honoree at an event in New York.

On his award, he says: “To get an award like that, it’s not like a golden record. It’s a whole different ballpark. It was an honour, because my doctor got a lifetime achievement award which is a pretty big deal in the world of cancer.”



joeperry400 Coming off the release of his New York Times best-selling memoir, Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith (released October 7th via Simon & Schuster), Joe Perry has just released a four song EP: Joe Perry’s Merry Christmas (Unison Music Group). Perry’s first-ever collection of holiday songs features four Christmas classics: White Christmas, Silent Night, Santa Claus Is Back In Town and Run Run Rudolph. with Johnny Depp on rhythm guitar. The EP is available now at Unison’s website and iTunes.

“I have wanted to do a Christmas CD with Aerosmith for years, but it seems we never have the time to record one,” Joe says. “When my Rocks book tour ended, the timing was right–we were in LA with access to a studio with some really talented friends and it all fell together. I was finally able to record some Christmas classics for the fans.”

Joe Perry talks about the holidays:

With so many holiday songs out there, how did you choose these selections? And, why did you choose to record some as instrumentals and others as vocal tracks?

JP: The two instrumentals are among the 10 most popular Christmas songs. Almost everyone knows the lyrics to Silent Night and White Christmas, so we treated them as songs that people could sing along to, while staying close to the classic versions everyone knows. The two vocal songs, Santa’s Back in Town and Run Run Rudolph are rockers made famous by Elvis and Chuck Berry. They are probably less well known so you would have to hear the lyrics to know they are Christmas songs. They are two of my favorite holiday songs.

What do the holidays mean to you?

JP: It’s a time for the family to get together and try to put the troubles of the world aside for a short while.

Do you have any annual family holiday traditions?

JP: We always open a gift the night before Christmas. Now that the kids are older, we wake up and have brunch in front of the fire while opening the traditional Christmas stockings–that were handmade by their grandmother–and have hung on the mantle for years. We take our time opening gifts and do not rip through them, making the day last as long as possible. We usually eat appetizers Christmas Day because we normally have a big Christmas Eve dinner, although it varies from year to year. We usually end up watching Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story with our family later in the day.

You’ve talked a lot about your upbringing in your new book Rocks, do you have a favorite holiday memory?

JP: There was a time after Aerosmith got back together when we were doing almost yearly New Year’s Eve shows. One of my favorite ones was at the Orpheum right before the New Year rang in–we dragged living room furniture onto the stage and brought our wives out and celebrated with our fans.




randyrhoads300 Come celebrate the late, great Randy Rhoads birthday with his family this week at Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio and her husband Richard D’Argenzio’s wine tasting room in Burbank.

The Randy Rhoads Birthday Tribute weekend starts Thursday, December 4th and ends Saturday, December 6th – open from 3pm to 9pm daily. This will be a weekend to remember for all fans and friends alike. You will get to meet the whole Rhoads family, taste the Randy Rhoads wine, and see personal memorabilia that has not been shown for public viewing.

The D’Argenzio winery, has for several years, produced a special wine in the name of Randy Rhoads with all proceeds of this wine going to fund the Randy Rhoads Foundation to assist kids in learning music.

A special note from the Rhoads family:

“The Rhoads family wishes to thank you all for all the heartfelt support and love for Randy. We also thank you for keeping his memory alive.

Happy Birthday to my loving son and our dear brother~

Delores Rhoads, Kelle Rhoads and Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio~”

Randy Rhoads is best known for his tour of duty with Ozzy Osbourne and his band, then known as The Blizzard of Ozz. Once Rhoads had officially joined, the band headed into the studio to record their debut album, titled Blizzard of Ozz. Propelled by Rhoads’ neo-classical guitar work, the album was an instant hit with rock fans, particularly in the USA. They released two singles from the album: Mr. Crowley and the hit Crazy Train. Rhoads left us March 19th, 1982 in a tragic plane crash leaving us a huge void in music. His legacy of brilliant music will live forever in the hearts of the people – He was a true hero and legend.

Please join us December 4th through December 6th and pay respects to Randy Rhoads and his family for his birthday at the:

D’Argenzio Tasting Room
1204 W. Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506
818 846 8466
3pm to 9pm

For more information on Randy Rhoads click or


georgelynch400 Guitarist George Lynch was recently interviewed by Stuart Bull of Guitar Interactive. The interview appear in fours parts below, but an excerpt appears below as transcribed by

When asked about the breakup of the classic Dokken lineup in 1989, Lynch said, “Here’s the things that happens in a band… especially in our era, in the ’80s, and I don’t know, even now probably… But if you have a record deal, or a master deal, for a certain amount of time, and you have increasing record sales, and then you get to the point where the deal ends, your managers come in and renegotiate and you get paid. Then you’re set for life — possibly. That’s when everything changes. That’s what you worked for those however many years. This is where all your… Everything you’ve invested in time and energy, you get paid back for. And the singer [Don Dokken], at that point, decided that he wanted it all, he didn’t wanna share it with [the rest of] us, and he let us know that. So after this [Monsters Of Rock] tour [in 1988 with Van Halen, Metallica and Scorpions], where we were gonna go out and play in front of hundreds of thousands of people and get paid lots of money, I’m gonna try to take the whole thing and run with it, and you guys are gonna get left in the dust, and if you’re lucky, I might hire you [to play in my band]. And you have to go on stage like that.”

He continued, “The reason that we were on fire before that — we were so dedicated, we kept persevering — was because we were all working for something. It wasn’t even for the money, it was just to get to that point. And success on all levels — musically and financially, so we could be secure, and all these things, for all the right reasons. And we took care of each other, and we were an equal-split band, and I fought for that. And by Monsters Of Rock, when Don announced that he was gonna, basically, try to grab the negotiation brass ring and keep it to himself, that backfired on all of us. Financially, it backfired on all of us, ’cause we didn’t get that massive… At that point, I think, that year Motley Crue got a 25-million-dollar deal, Anthrax got a 12.5-million-dollar deal, we would have been fine. Basically, we had a lot of leverage. We were gonna be a free agent, so it was really a shame. It just didn’t go right for anybody. So I went on to form Lynch Mob, which did pretty well.”

Lynch Mob is set to release their Sun Red Sun EP on December 9th. To read more about the EP, please click here.

George’s other project with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, Sweet & Lynch, will be releasing their debut album, Only To Rise on January 27th, 2015. The band recently released a video for the song, The Wish which can be viewed here.


philrudd400 AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd appeared in a New Zealand court today after breaching his bail conditions, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Rudd is facing charges of threatening to kill and drug possession, and is forbidden to have contact with any of the complainants or witnesses named on the charge sheets, the Herald said. He breached a non-association condition by having contact with a witness in the city of Tauranga earlier today, according to the report.

Rudd reportedly got into a scuffle with the witness in his pending but was released again without facing further charges.

Rudd’s lawyer Paul Mabey said Rudd appeared in court Thursday accused of breaching his bail conditions by associating with a witness. Mabey said it was a “chance meeting” and Rudd was released again on bail with no new charges.

Last month, police charged the 60-year-old drummer with threatening to kill, which comes with a maximum prison sentence of seven years, as well as possessing methamphetamine and marijuana. He has pleaded not guilty.

Columbus Coffee cafe owner Leo Rojas said Thursday that he witnessed Rudd curse and try to punch a larger man on the sidewalk outside the cafe.

Video courtesy of the Associated Press.