Greetings from 3 Forks Montana everyone. Just a quick note to say thank you all for the 50th birthday wishes. It has been overwhelming. Sucks being away from home and the family at the moment but I am lucky to be doing what I love. Hosting a rock festival here tonight anf tomorrow so among friends for sure! Kind of hard to believe I am 50 today. I sure don’t feel it so maybe rock does keep you young! The amount of emails, tweets, posts today has been overwhleming and I truly appreciate every single one. Having been a fan of it and working in it since my teens rock music has literally been my life, and to have all the amazing support from all of you is something I am etrenally grateful for. So thank you ALL for reaching out and supporting what I do. It really does mean a lot to me and I am grateful.


Honored to have Brian May of Queen as my guest on this weeks podcast. This all new exclusive interview was recorded a couple weeks ago prior to the bands NJ gig. Thanks to Brian for the time and to his assistant Sharon as well as Paul Crook in getting this great score for the podcast! Listen now free worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com Also this week I answer fan email and much more. Subscribe so you never miss an episode and enjoy Dr May! My only regret is we didn’t have more time. But he had this show to do in front of 15,000 so I get it, haha!


An early thank you to all those who have sent me happy birthday tweets, emails and posts. I turn 50 on Friday 8/8 which is totally MINDBLOWING to me! Where the hell did the time go? But I truly believe rock keeps you young because I sure as hell don’t feel that old. I am fortunate to have made a life and career out of my love of this music and I am incredibly grateful to all of you for the amazing support you have given me to make it all happen. When I started right out of high school working at a record store and being a gopher at my local NJ radio station (WDHA) with the dream of being on air playing the music I love I could have never imagined to be where I am at 50. Two national radio shows, two books, a TV show, and now a top podcast? Crazy! So THANK YOU for not only the birthday wishes but for supporting me on all this stuff. SO much more I still want to do! Love to do more on radio and actively looking for new opportunities on the TV side, especially during the long down time between TMS seasons (we won’t do new shows until January as per VH1). I’ve worked for it, but I’ve also been blessed to have a following of people that have supported me along the way. No farewell tours for me! Hoping even bigger and better things are ahead. So thank you again for the support and the birthday wishes. Could not have done it without you!

I leave for Montana tomorrow. I am on the road non stop this Summer. Never been to Montana so look forward to it. I’ll be at Rockin The Rivers this Fri (where I will celebrate the big 5-0) and Saturday. Then my first trip to Bogota the following weekend.

All new podcast goes up tonight just after midnight. Honored to have Brian May from Queen this week in an all new exclusive interview! Plus I answer your emails. Subscribe with Itunes and listen on www.podcastone.com The Eddie Trunk Podcast is FREE and available WORLDWIDE!

Eddie Trunk Rocks FM syndicated show is all new this weekend and features some of my King Diamond interview. That full interview up now in the podcast.


Just back from a great weekend in Boston. Started out Friday hosting the Winery Dogs show at The Wilbur. Was great to see the guys one last time since now their tour is complete. The plan is for them to start writing album number 2 toward the end of the year and begin again in 2015. They already did one new song live called “Oblivion”. Between then Kotzen will release and tour for a solo anthology and album, Portnoy will do some Flying Colors dates, and Billy will do an album and brief tour with Mr Big.  Also spent some time Friday at my Boston affiliate WAAF where my show is heard Friday nights at 11P. Great to be back on that station!

Saturday I performed at The Wilbur with Don and Jim and had a blast. Thanks to all who came out and special thanks to Gary Cherone of Extreme who joined us on stage for a few. Great time!

Next up for me; Montana! I’ll be headed there for the first time this Thursday to host a festival called Rockin The Rivers (and celebrate my 50th birthday on Friday!).

ALL NEW podcast with Brian May goes up this Thursday! Ran some teaser audio in my FM show this past weekend. Thanks to all for the kind words about the podcast! Subscribe now for free on Itunes or listen on www.podcastone.com

Live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation.


Here’s my schedule for Boston this weekend:
FRIDAY: I’ll be live on WAAF at around 6P on the air with Mistress Carrie. Then to the Wilbur Theater to host The Winery Dogs who go on at 8P. Hope to maybe be able to sell my book post show at this gig.

SATURDAY: Me, Don & Jim live on stage at The Wilbur for our live stand up show. Books for sale here also. Meet & Greet if you purchased the VIP package from the venue.

Also this weekend on my FM show hear exclusive interview segments from my new interview with Brian May! Full interview in my podcast next week! King Diamond latest to be posted and up now.

Live on SiriusXM this Monday 6-10PM ET. Follow on Twitter for updates and changes as they happen @EddieTrunk

Have a good one!


Excited to announce I will have just added to my schedule a trip to Bogota Colombia to be a special guest 8/15 at Rock al Parque. Really appreciate all the support from Colombian rock fans over the years and I look forward to my first visit. I will only be there 8/15 and can not stay for the music festival that weekend due to another commitment, but look forward to seeing you all!

My ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE podcast with King Diamond has just posted a day early. Check it out free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Even if you are not a huge KD fan I think you will find the conversation interesting for sure. Be sure to subscribe to The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes so you don’t miss an episode. It is always FREE! Thanks for making this latest venture such a huge success already!

This weeks FM radio show features excerpts of an all new interview with Brian May of Queen. Then hear the c0mplete interview via my podcast next week. List of affiliate stations under Live & On The Air.

Headed to Boston on Friday. Listen for me live on my Boston affiliate WAAF with Mistress Carrie at 6P. Then I will host The Winery Dogs show at The Wilbur Theater. Then me, Don & Jim perform our live stand up show Saturday at The Wilbur. Hope to see you this weekend Boston, come on out!


Back home in NJ and headed to NYC shortly for a live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channek 39 TRUNKNation. Tom Keifer will be dropping by during the first hour. He plays NYC at BBs tomorrow night. Music and Talk That Rocks LIVE tonight nationwide. Lot’s to play and say. Hope you join me.

Response to my podcasts has been phenomenal from around the world. Thank you! 3 up now and new one posts this Thursday. It’s an exclusive with King Diamond! Really interesting discussion about music, religion and more. If you haven’t grabbed the podcast yet you can listen and subscribe via iTunes and also listen at www.PodcastOne.com Coming soon another exclusive with Brian May! Portions of some of these interviews may also air in either radio show however the podcasts will be full length unedited interviews and most of the time 100% exclusive to that platform. I am also considering at times running some old interviews from my archives in the podcast. There will also be weeks where they may be no guests. Still trying things and will continue to evolve as we go, but the support has been awesome so thanks!

The Winery Dogs in LI tonight at Revolution. I’ll be hosting a show with them in Boston this Friday at The Wilbur for my AAF listeners. Remember I’m back on AAF Friday nights at 11P. Then me, Don & Jim do The Wilbur with our live show this Saturday. Tix on sale now. More soon.


Greetings from Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln CA just outside Sacramento. Got here last night, really nice place. TMS sponsored concert tonight and will be hanging all weekend with some meet & greets and book signings too. I’ll be doing a free meet & greet today 3-5P prior to the concert at the “Main Stage” right on the casino floor. Both of my books will also be available for purchase and happy to sign anything you already have. Concert later tonight and then various activities around the casino Saturday. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to second updates as always. Should be a fun weekend and never been to this area before. Also FYI if interested I will have Eddie Trunk/Trunk Nation shirts and more available at the concert tonight at the band merch booths.

All new FM radio show tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston, as well as all the great affiliates over the weekend. Listen to it streaming off Q104 via iHeartradio app or off AAF at www.waaf.com Full listing of all stations under Live & On The Air/Eddie Trunk Rocks.

Great response to latest podcast with Night Ranger. The guys told some great stories about the film Boogie Nights, the song Sister Christian, Ted Nugent and Damn Yankees, their early years and Brad joining Ozzy. Don’t miss the Eddie Trunk Podcast free and worldwide! Subscribe and listen via iTunes or www.podcastone.com New every Thursday! Currently posted are Judas Priest, Bobby Blitz and Night Ranger. Next Thursday King Diamond debuts!

Have a great weekend all!


Getting ready to fly to Sacramento for the first time ever in a few hours with Don & Jim. Thunder Valley Casino is putting on a concert tomorrow night we are hosting with Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burn Halo. I’ll also be selling and signing both books on site and will have merch available at the band merch booths. We will also be there hanging Saturday. If you are in the area and coming out or would like to meet and grab a book just follow on Twitter and I’ll post specific places and times I’ll be available. I would assume during most of the concert there may be time as well while the bands are playing. Should be a fun weekend.

Saw Ted Nugent in NJ on Tuesday night. I realize Ted is a polarizing figure to many. When we had him on TMS had a massive amount of equal love and hate for him being on. My position on Ted is that I love his music and his guitar playing. That’s all it’s about for me. On some of his other stuff I have mixed feelings, but the guy is still a machine on stage and his band kicked ass. Derek St Holmes still sings amazing and Mick Brown and Greg Smith were locked in strong. Really fun show. I appreciate Ted’s very vocal support of TMS as well which he expressed from the stage. That support from the fans and the artists is so cool and important to what we do. Me, Don & Jim hung with him some pre show (pics on my Twitter and Instagram) and he was as entertaining as always. There were a few protesters in front of the gig. One interviewed Don. He told them he was also protesting….that Rob Grange wasn’t in the band. Seeing this guy try to figure out what Don was talking about was hysterical. Like I said, for us it’s about MUSIC above all and Ted rocked!

Caught Queen with Adam Lambert last night in NJ. Pretty remarkable that for the most part Queen are filling arenas (sold out MSG and The Forum in LA) with no opening act against all the competition out there this Summer. Speaks to the power and timelessness of their music. I have seen the band with Freddie, Paul Rodgers and now Adam Lambert. Stating the obvious, nobody is Freddie. But I liked Paul very much in the gig and Lambert was totally different, but also very strong. Lambert is way more flamboyant and really gets into the Freddie pageantry of the frontman role. His voice is pretty remarkable and he was clearly moved to be able to sing Freddie’s songs (as he stated) and play in a band that was important to him and so many around the globe. Queen are MASSIVE outside of the US. Here they are an arena act, everywhere else stadiums. As a matter of fact they recently did a gig in front of 500,000! Queen in 2014 is more a celebration of the music and a tribute to Freddie. Lambert is very much his own guy in the role, careful not to impersonate (no half mic stand or similar clothes, etc), but also very much about doing the material as close to Mercury as possible. Different from Rodgers who put more of a bluesy spin on it. I interviewed Brian May before the show and he told me they wanted to get back to being a little heavier and more classic Queen. The show had a little bit of a too long middle of ballads and solos, but with the two key guys being in their mid 60′s, and playing over two hours, it gave others a break. Highlights for me were “Now I’m Here”, “Stone Cold Crazy”, “Fat Bottom Girls”, and many others. Just amazing songs! Brian is one of a kind in his playing and sound and Roger sings and plays very well, especially for his age. He had an assist from his son at a few points in the show as well. Brian told me he is unsure how long he and Roger can keep doing it and where it goes from here, but loves Adam and said he thinks Freddie would have also. The demand is there for more shows and maybe even an album but seems nothing is set yet. Had a great hang after with Roger and Brian and they are just class gentlemen as well as rock icons. You will hear the complete Brian May interview in my podcast very soon as well as clips of it in both radio shows. In the short time I had with him we got into some great stuff.

Speaking of my podcast episode 3 is up now on Itunes and at www.podcastone.com with Brad, Kelly and Jack from Night Ranger. This is all new and has not aired elsewhere. We discuss lots of stuff including Brad’s time in Ozzy. It is free worldwide so download it now and be sure to subscribe to hear it each week. Thanks.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. Live show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. It will be a busy one featuring live interviews with Chris Jericho, Gilby Clarke and Jeff LaBar who has debut solo music to play. Plenty of your calls and new and classic music as well.

Thanks to all for the great response to this weeks podcast with Blitz. New Overkill out tomorrow. New podcast with guest TBA posted this Thursday, be sure to sign up!

Getting a tremendous amount of email from people asking me about new episodes of That Metal Show. I can tell you VH1C has picked up the option to do more shows. That’s the good news. The bad is that they are likely not going to be shooting them for a while. Possibly not before early next year. You must understand this is as frustrating for me as it is for you. Almost EVERY request I get from fans about TMS is the same thing I want. But I do not own the channel and make those decisions. It is hard for many to comprehend but all I can tell you is VH1 CLASSIC is not VH1 or MTV. They have tiny operating budgets by comparison. It is why in 2014 it is still not an HD channel. It is why our episodes are so sparse as far as new shows. I have been a proud part of this channel’s history as a host since 2002. It has grown but in baby steps for sure. I would LOVE to be doing new shows weekly, daily even. And would love to make happen all the things you guys ask for and bring out all the opportunity I am presented with. But I do not own the show or the network. I’m being as honest as I can about all of this. The great news is the show is continuing. The bad news is not quite at the pace many would like. I am so appreciative of the support around the world for this show that was very much my baby, but we all have a boss and I can’t force them to spend more money and do more episodes until they are ready. So when VH1C decides it’s time to do more shows of course I will do them and let you guys know where and when. Like I said, it IS happening and the show WILL continue. Just going to be seeing repeats for a while longer until the network has the funds and ability to do the new ones. In the meantime I will continue to do my best to connect with all of you weekly through my two radio shows, my podcast, and some other new projects I will soon pursue to keep the music and artists we love alive best I can. Thanks for your support and when I have word when and where we tape TMS next I’ll let you all know.

PS: Me, Don & Jim are hosting a show this Friday in Lincoln CA at Thunder Valley with Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burned Halo. This is NOT a TMS taping. NO upcoming events and appearances are TMS tapings that we do on the road. Thanks.