Busy first half of the week. Had a great SiriusXM show Monday with guests George Lynch and Gilby Clarke. George has a new band with Dug Pinnick and Ray Luzier called KXM that just came out that sounds killer.


Shot this Saturday’s new TMS yesterday with Dee Snider, Glenn Hughes via Skype (his new band California Breed also sounds great!), and Chris Caffery on guitar. See it this Saturday 11P ET on VH1C. 3 more new TMS to come in the new season. Really have loved doing the shows weekly and the response has been so great, so thanks. Peter Criss is up next! Response to the Mick Mars show has been great also!

No change in the Kiss HOF plan. NO performance at all from anyone planned. It does however look as if original four will stand up there and accept the honor, so that’s kind of a reunion or as close as we will ever get…

Getting many questions about the status of the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City this weekend. I am still being told it will happen however info on my end has been sketchy and conflicting. If it happens I’ll be there! Waiting for details like everyone else. I am schedule to fly Friday so need to know soon. Hearing all details will be revealed by tomorrow.


I am really bad with computers and accidentally deleted drivers on my PC that allow my burner to recognize and copy CDs and DVDs. Now nothing happens when I put a disc in. No options or reading at all. Any good suggestions for a computer dummy to get it back? if so email eddie@eddietrunk.com I am an idiot with this stuff! Thanks.


MOR Cruise is near, can’t wait to see you all on board. My appearance schedule really filling up. Be sure to check the listings on the home page often and come out if near you. More to be added. PLEASE NOTE NO APPEARANCES BY ME, DON OR JIM IN CLUBS OR VENUES ARE TMS TAPINGS! THEY ARE LIVE STAND UP SHOWS, NOT THAT METAL SHOW. VERY IMPORTANT AS WE DON’T WANT ANY CONFUSION. TMS ONLY HAPPENS ON THE SET IN NYC AT THE STUDIO. WE ALL DO SHOWS, APPEARANCES, HOSTING, ETC, BUT IT IS NOT TMS AND SHOULD NOT BE BILLED AS SUCH. THANKS.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the awesome response to the Mick Mars TMS episode. Great to have guys you don’t hear from often on. Also great response to my in depth radio interview making the rounds. Appreciate that. Was fun to spend a couple days with Mick and get to know him better after all these years. Episode 9 of our current 12 episode season tapes tomorrow with Dee Snider as our guest and Chris Caffery playing guitar. Some other surprises possible as well. More from the set via Twitter tomorrow as we start to roll. As usual see it this Saturday premiere on VH1C. This weeks Mick Mars show replays all week, just check your grids for days and times.


MANY reports about this weekends Hell & Heaven Festival’s status in Mexico City. Latest I am hearing is it is on but at a new location outside Mexico City. Please understand I am a VERY small part of this event and I am only getting my info from the agent that booked me on it. If you are in Mexico you likely know more than me. Assuming it does happen I will be there as planned. I’ll keep you posted on what I hear but much I am learning from you and some of the bands playing I have friends in. Hope it all works out.


Many reports and rumors out there about Kiss and the R&R HOF. All I can tell you is at this time there are NO plans for any version of Kiss to play at it at all and no tribute act either. All four members will make a speech and there would likely be a video montage and that’s about it. Of course anything can change but that is where things are at now I am being told and it does not look likely to be different come 4/10.


LIVE tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. George Lynch among the guests. Music and talk that rocks live tonight! Join me and get involved.


LIVE show tonight on Q104.3 NYC from 11P-2A ET. Guests will include Geoff Tate and Dug Pinnick. Dug has a new band called KXM with Ray Luzier and George Lynch that is some slamming new stuff! Will play sone of that and catch up with him and also get the latest from Geoff on his Ryche. Also plenty of new and classic hard rock and metal. Listen live in NYC area over 104.3 FM or the free stream anywhere in the US using the free iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com


ALL NEW TMS tomorrow night with Mick Mars!


Many have asked me the status of the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City next week. I am being told it is still on however if I get new information I will post ASAP.


Hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far. Some interesting comments about my last blog on remasters. Cool to see everyone’s opinions. Yes there are plenty of good ones that artists were not involved in. It’s all subjective and depends what your ears like. I forgot to mention UFO’s catalog which is awesome. Especially Strangers In The Night which has added tracks and is back in the actual sequence in the reissue. Good reading in comments others that people like.


Just amazing the amount of Kiss related comments here since the HOF news broke on my show almost two weeks ago. We are a little over a month out now so I suspect no shortage of new developments coming as we get closer. Really funny seeing all the guesses on who does the induction. I can tell you of all the guesses in comments not one person has been right so far! It is someone not openly associated with Kiss that much and someone the HOF loves. I can also tell you this person did very much campaign to get them in the HOF as well. I’ll post who it is when I can, then watch the comments come in I’m sure.


Live Q104.3 show tomorrow with Geoff Tate calling in.


Audio from my recent 2 hour in depth interview with Mick Mars is now making the rounds online and on YouTube. Appreciate all the positive comments about this interview. You don’t hear much from Mick and it was cool to get into real detail with him about his life and Motley. He will be on TMS this Saturday.


I’m often asked by fans are digitally remastered CDs worth purchasing if you have the original CD of the album in question. As you know labels started making a big deal over remastered CDs over ten years ago in an attempt to spike catalog sales that were dwindling and also to upgrade the sound levels to fit the then emerging Ipod listening. The answer to the question though is complicated and really case by case. Most fans don’t even know what “mastering” is. In the recording of a new album it is the final step in the process before the record is complete. The producer often sits in a mastering studio and makes final tweaks to compression, space between songs, EQ, etc. Kind of the final coat of paint before the album (in the old school days) was pressed. Many early CDs were not properly mastered for the digital medium when first converted to CD. Over time many were remastered to meet today’s technology. But remastering is VERY different than remixing. A remix you can make radical changes to the sound and all the levels. Mastering is more EQ and how punchy it will sound. I have heard many remastered CDs that are better than the originals, others not as good, some pretty much the same. Sometimes the artists (in many cases) or the albums producers have nothing to do with the reissues or remastering. Generally a good rule of thumb is to see if the reissues are done with the artists involvement or at least the albums original engineer if possible. Some remasters are so cranked up you lose the original dynamics of the recording. Others enhance what was already there and make it sound a bit cleaner and more alive digitally. So it really comes down to doing a little homework and finding out if the band was really involved in making the re release better, or the label just slapped a sticker on the CD to make you think it’s better. Led Zeppelin is about to remaster their catalog for the 3rd time. Jimmy Page does this personally and with each technology advance he feels he can bring more from the original recordings. The AC/DC catalog was also done three times and I think the latest versions do sound great. The Rush albums also sound better as do the VH Roth era remasters. If you are a hardcore Kiss fan The Elder and Hotter Than Hell are among the best to get. The Elder was finally sequenced properly and HTH is a little better than the original super muddy sound. Later albums don’t seem to benefit much. Outside of the bonus tracks the recent Pantera reissues don’t sound all that much better. The one catalog I can’t believe has not yet been addressed is Metallica. The early CDs have a lower sound level that is easy to hear if your ipod is in shuffle and you ripped it from CD. Hope they one day get on that. Of course many remasters have some bonus content and if you are like me, that might get you to buy right there if it’s cool stuff. Also listened to early T Rex remastered today and the tape noise from early CD versions was greatly reduced. So most I say are pretty cool, but some, if later original recordings, don’t benefit much. I’m still a CD junkie and it’s my favorite way to get music still by far. I rip them into my Itunes but still enjoy a real physical package as well. A great reissue label that remasters all of their stuff is out of the UK called Rock Candy Records. Have a look for some real well done reissues and lots of rare stuff too. www.rockcandyrecords.com Enjoy and crank it up!


Just home from NYC and the taping of the latest TMS episode. Mick Mars did the entire hour and was great. Kurdt from Metal Church joins us on set for a Top 5 of Motley songs, and Tom Keifer played some great bluesy licks as our guest musician. Another good one for the current TMS season. See it premiere this Saturday night 11/10C on VH1C.

Also huge thanks to Eddie Van Halen who gave us an EVH rig for the set! Eddie has yet to appear on the show but honored just to know he watches and that he gave us some great gear for our players. OF COURSE our door is wide open to him if/when he wants to join us for TMS! Truly hope one day he does. Our throwdown was Too Fast vs Shout. Great audience tonight as well. Tons of energy. Very cool of Mick and Tom to also stick around and meet & greet with us with the fans after. Kurdt couldn’t because he had a gig in Brooklyn tonight.  Also many asking to hear audio of my two hour interview with Mick on SiriusXM show last night. It should be on the SiriusXM app soon and hopefully online soon as well. Thanks.


Huge thanks to Mick Mars for spending 2 straight hours on the radio with me last night talking Motley and so much more. I have never heard some of the stuff Mick and I discussed and it was cool to get so in depth with a highly underrated player and someone who is fairly private. WAY too many stories to recap here. Hope you can find the audio online (email or tweet me a link if you do). Or I will try and post when i get some time. Thanks for all the amazing response. That’s what I love most about radio. Digging in and getting the stories and history with these great artists, especially the ones not heard from often. After we wrapped on the air I continued the conversation with Mick back at his hotel lounge for a couple more hours. Great guy, amazing stories as you would imagine.


Today we tape TMS with Mick for the full hour. Can’t get as in depth as two commercial free hours on radio but it will still be great. Tom Keifer plays guitar in the show today. See it premiere this Saturday might 11P ET on VH1 Classic. Photos and news from the set on twitter @EddieTrunk


Loving all the speculation about who will induct Kiss in the HOF. Not one person has guessed right so far in my comments section. I think it will take fans by surprise when they hear and I’ll announce as soon as it’s cool to. I can also tell you there are still hopes behind the scenes that somehow Kiss will decide to perform with just the original band for at least a song. But no idea if all parties will agree on what are a variety of issues. However this is one instance it is not about money at all. As of now still no performance of any kind at all. But the HOF and many others hoping for a change of heart. It can’t really be last minute since rehearsal will be needed so would need to be sorted fairly quickly. We shall see. Real news when I get it and can share it.


Be sure to keep an eye on all the appearances I am booking for a variety of shows and events on the home page of my site. More always being added. Was just confirmed to once again host Rocklahoma, an honor I have had every year since it started in ’07. See you all soon! More to come.



Thankfully for once in this brutal Winter this weeks storm missed me here in NJ. So I will be live tonight 6-10P ET for TRUNKNation with Mick Mars in studio! Mick will also be taping TMS with us this week. What I love about radio is the chance to get much more in depth with artists and I’ll do that tonight with Mick for 2 hours! He is expected in around 8P ET for the rest of the show. Listen LIVE tonight on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation) for music and talk that rocks! Call in and speak with Mick as well. The unsung hero or Motley Crue live in studio tonight, hope you can join us!


Hope you guys all enjoyed the all new That Metal Show last night. It’s been great to be able to feature such a wide variety of rock, hard rock and metal in the shows evolution. Guys like Mick Jones and Leslie West have so much history it’s hard to even scratch the surface on TV with the time we have. Was cool seeing Marty Friedman geek out over Mick Jones “Hot Blooded” solo! Huge thanks to Leslie West for the amazing guitar. Had no idea that was coming! One day I MUST learn to play! Was also cool to have Lita jam. She is a big part of our shows history as the first ever guest, and now the first ever woman to perform for us. I did talk with Leslie about the loss of his leg and I did talk with Mick about Lou Gramm and the recent performance at the songwriters HOF but it was cut for time. Some will likely end up as online extras. I’ll post links when I can or visit www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com for more. Show replays all week. Next taping is this Tuesday in NYC with Mick Mars! So cool to have the unsung hero of Motley on our show for the hour. Truly underrated player too! Mick will also be in studio with me tomorrow for a LIVE TRUNKNation 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39. Don’t miss it! More soon.


Quick update on the Kiss R&R HOF drama. My sources telling me that as of now, unless Gene and Paul change their mind and decide to play with the original band, there will be no performance of any kind for the bands induction. Common thought was that perhaps an all star band would be assembled to tribute Kiss since there is no performance from them now with any version of the band. But there will be no tribute either. Likely just a video package on the screens. So where we stand now is no performance at all of any kind related to Kiss, or the original band does a song or two in or out of makeup. And we all no as of now that ain’t happening. Still time for things to change but very reliable sources telling me that’s the HOF position as of now. Also each of the four original members get 3 minutes each for their speeches during the induction and only those inducted are at the podium for those speeches.


ALL NEW That Metal Show tonight! Tonight we go classic rock with Leslie West of Mountain, Mick Jones of Foreigner, Lita Ford on guitar and Marty Friedman from Japan via “Metal Modem”. Hope you guys like our latest all new episode from our current season tonight 11/10C on VH1 CLASSIC. I should be able to live tweet during the premier so follow @EddieTrunk and schedule permitting I’ll hang with you later. Thanks for watching!