Want to thank all the guys in Def Leppard for having me at their rehearsal yesterday for their coming tour with Journey. Vivian invited me down to see the full production and I ended up doing my radio show from their rehearsal. Joe and Phil stopped in and joined me on the air from backstage. It’s pretty damn cool to see a giant stage show and world class rock band play in a totally empty arena. As I’ve said many times, regardless of what you think of their music, you have to respect this band. What they’ve been through and endured, the music they make, and how they have come back to being a major act again. It’s a unique thing to be in the inner circle of a band and see them all still use the same dressing room, hang out and talk to each other, and respect each other. And that’s what Leppard do. They also do something truly amazing, play and sing all LIVE! In the era of tons of bands running pre recorded tracks live, Leppard actually SING! And if any band could be excused putting some vocals on tracks it would be Leppard given how their albums were recorded. But they do the work and do it live warts and all. It sounds amazing and they deserve huge props for it. All the guys were looking and sounding great and in great spirits and I appreciate them having me. The tour starts Monday in CT.

Remember to check ET’s Box Office to enter to win tix, especially if in the NYC area!

Congrats to all my Rocklahoma winners. See you in Pryor next weekend!

My weekend TrunkNation replay is 8-10P ET Saturday and Sunday on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Guests include Def Leppard and Jason Hook of FFDP. Remember SiriusXM is free to all right now!

My new TV series TrunkFest starts 7/1 on AXS TV. Check my social media for a teaser video of the first episode!

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Back in the NY groove after a week in LA last week. Radio off to a great start having Mark Tremonti in studio along with Eric Friedman of Tremonti on both shows. Heads up to those that don’t have SiriusXM! Until May 29th the company is offering the service FREE, and that includes my channel 106 Volume! So if you have a Sirius or XM radio in your car that is not active, it is now! Just hit the button, dial channel 106, and hear me live 2-4P ET or on the replay every night 9-11P ET. Also if you don’t have a SiriusXM radio you can still listen for free online. Go to www.SiriusXM.com . Hope everyone gets a chance to sample Trunk Nation and join me to talk rock daily. Free to all now!

Speaking of my TrunkNation show on Volume I officially announced the next Trunk Top 20 today. After doing Kiss and Aerosmith to great response as promised Van Halen is next! My show revealing my Top 20 airs May 23rd. Then Thursday May 24th will be the reaction show from you guys with your lists. So make them now. All eras of VH eligible (Roth, Hagar, Cherone). Top 20 ranked 1 being the all time best. This should be a fun one. Get involved and hold those lists until we do the response show on 5/24, and listen to my list 5/23!

New podcast this Thursday features Bret Michaels and Alice In Chains.

Next appearance is Tulsa for Rocklahoma, then 5/30 in Tulsa for Stryper at IDL!

TrunkFest coming 7/1 9:30P/8:30C to AXS TV!

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Sorry for the late update here, super busy with LA week in progress. It’s been another great visit to S CA for a week of live shows on SiriusXM 106. Thanks to my guests so far Gavin Rossdale, Dizzy Reed, Rob Zombie, Bret Michaels, and Alice In Chains. Tomorrow for the final LA show for this trip I am joined by Vivian Campbell, Andrew Freeman and John 5. Listen live 2-4P ET on 106, replays every night 9-11P ET. And if you missed any past shows catch them now On Demand on the SiriusXM app.

Caught Chris Robinson and As The Crow Fly’s last night at The Wiltern. Amazing band and set of Black Crowes music to a packed house! Chris remains a great singer and frontman and the entire band was killer. Huge fan of Audley Freed from his days in Cry Of Love, so was good to see him ripping, and young gun Marcus King equally amazing. See these guys when you can!

Catch Steven Adler tonight. Opening is Classless Act, featuring Slash’s son on drums! (I feel old!). Report on the radio tomorrow.

Bunch of new shows I am hosting including 3 in S FL at Hard Rock. Next up Tulsa for Rocklahoma and Stryper at IDL 5/30. Be sure to follow on Twitter and see the appearances on the home page.

New podcast up today with Geoff Tate and Jonathan Cain. Free www.podcastone.com and ITunes.

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Great interviews today on my TrunkNation SiriusXM show with Jonathan Cain or Journey and Geoff Tate on the 30th anniversary of Mindcrime. Shows repeat tonight 9-11PM ET on Volume 106 and On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Tomorrow I am live from M3 2-4P ET on 106. All next week TrunkNation is live from L.A. Guests TBA.

Look forward to hosting M3 once again this weekend. Congrats to my ticket winners. This is one of the events like Monsters Cruise (which is almost sold out for next year!) and Rocklahoma, I have a long history with, pretty much hosting every one. Leaving a bit early this year however for a good reason, to get to LA to host the Ride for Ronnie on Sunday. Hope to see you if in MD or CA. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for more. Also my new Trunk Nation T Shirt for sale at merch at M3!

New podcast up now with my new interview with Lenny Kravitz! Free www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

If you are in the NYC area please check ET’s Box Office, a bunch of new giveaways for coming shows added.

My schedule is nuts so more updates when I can here, but Twitter the way to go for last second and on the go stuff.

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Back from another great trip to New Orleans and covering and learning about another massive music fest in it’s 49th year Jazzfest. Can’t wait for you guys to see this new TV show I am hosting covering music fests called TrunkFest when it premieres 7/1 on AXS TV. 2 more to shoot before we wrap season 1!

Had a great chat with Sully Erna today. New Godsmack sounds killer. Look forward to seeing them when i host Rocklahoma in a few weeks. Hear it now On Demand and soon on my podcast. Jonathan Cain is my guest on TrunkNation this Thursday on Volume. Friday I broadcast from M3 in Maryland which I also host this weekend. Sunday I am in Encino CA to host The Ride For Ronnie for the Dio Cancer Fund, then in LA for radio week of 5/7.

My podcast posting Thursday will be my recent interview with Lenny Kravitz.

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Had a great couple interviews yesterday on TrunkNation on SiriusXM. First Robin Zander came in. Always great to see him and I’m convinced he made a deal with the devil to still look and sound as good as he does at 65! One of the greats! Then Lenny Kravitz joined me for an awesome interview! Lenny is a fan of my work and I have always been a fan of his. So it was so cool that he made time to just come and shoot the breeze about music. This interview can be seen/heard free to all now on my fan FB page or the siriusxmvolume FB page as it was shot and on FB Live. After my interview with Lenny out of nowhere Steven Tyler called Lenny’s phone on Facetime and we spoke to him! That happened off air but wish it was on, because Tyler was in rare form as always. So great! Hope to do more with Lenny soon.

Today Wendy Dio, Brann from Mastodon and Les Claypool of Primus were on Trunk Nation. All shows now On Demand on the SiriusXM app. The Kravitz/Zander show also airs on 106 this Saturday and Sunday 8-10P ET.

I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend., Shooting another episode of my new TV show TrunkFest. See it starting 7/1 on AXS TV 9:30P ET!

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