New interview I did with radio trade paper All Access about my FM radio show and radio in general:




Hope everyone had a great weekend. Despite my Giants dropping to 0-2 it was okay on my end. Did a signing at a tattoo expo in NJ Friday and Saturday attended my buddy Jim Florentine’s comedy special taping also in NJ. Jim did a great job and look forward to seeing the final product when done. As is my ritual on Sunday when my schedule permits watched NFL from 1P-1A. Brutal Giants loss. Have to get this fixed NOW! I think they can, but the season goes by so fast.

I’ll be a guest on my old friend Brian Koppelman’s podcast. Recording that with him today. Brian used to work in the music business and left it for a successful career in film as a writer and director. He wrote Rounders which is one of my favorites. I’ll then be live on SiriusXM 6-10P ET with music and talk that rocks. New music to play, plenty of calls to take, and Cinderella drummer Fred Coury sits in with me during the last hour. Sadly can’t make the NYC Accept show tonight since I’ll be on air during it.

Speaking of podcasts thanks for all the huge response to my latest with Ace Frehley. Many still buzzing about the Michael Anthony episode as well. All new Eddie Trunk Podcast this Thursday that will feature Mark Tornillo of Accept/TTQuick and Doro together! I think you guys will like this one. Kind of a cool pairing talking music and the ups and downs. As usual free and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

I’ll be in S Florida again this Friday night to host Experience Hendrix at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood with Zakk Wylde and more. Meet me after the show inside the casino at the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ll have both of my books available for purchase as well.


Really honored and excited that Joe Perry has asked me to host and interview him for his book launch in NYC! And now we have decided to also make it the recording of my first ever live podcast with an audience! We will start at 7P at the Barnes & Noble Union Sq NYC with my interview with Joe and then some questions from the audience. The entire interview will then be posted as my podcast for the following week. After we talk for about an hour Joe will sit and sign copies of his book Rocks which is released that day (Joe is only signing his books, no photos allowed for time). This should be a great event and really pumped to make it a live podcast recording as well. It is free to attend but admission is first come first served. Both of my books will also be in stock at the store for purchase. Hope to see you to kick off Joe’s book release and to be a part of the podcast that night!

I’ll be at Inked Out tattoo expo tonight 7-9P with Don and Ms Box Of Junk Jen. It is at the Meadowlands Expo Center Seacaucus NJ. Admission free for fire fighters, cops, EMS workers. Both of my books will be available for sale. And no, I’m not getting inked! haha

All new radio show tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 and WAAF and all usual affiliates over the weekend listed on the site.

Don’t forget I’ll be at The Seminole Hard Rock again next Friday for Experience Hendrix. Signing after the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in the venue. Both books available.

New TMS in Jan 2015.


Still great response rolling in from my podcast with Michael Anthony last week. Amazing early VH stories and his take on the Cherone years real interesting. Can’t not love how real Michael is. Great guy and great conversation. A must for any VH fan!

ALL NEW podcast with Ace Frehley went up today. This has not been heard anywhere else and is only on the podcast. Ace talks Space Invade, R&R Hall induction and of course Kiss. As usual all podcasts are 100% free and available worldwide via www.podcastone.com or subscribe and download on Itunes. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Just hung up the phone with Joe Perry. Insanely honored that Joe has asked me to host a Q&A for his book launch signing event 10/7 at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC. It will start at 7PM with more details to come. So surreal for me when the guys I grew up with having posters of on my wall ask me to be a part of major events in their career. Have some other cool stuff in the works around this event. More when I can post!

Thoughts to all those who lost loved ones on this tragic day in our history 13 years ago and thanks to all who have worked and continue to work to keep us safe. I was in Las Vegas scheduled to fly home on 9/11 and was stuck there eight extra days before I could get back. Thankful I didn’t lose anyone on that day but so many were not so lucky. Never forget 9/11 and thank you to all who work to make sure it doesn’t happen again in this crazy world we live in.


Much made of Gene Simmons recent assessment that in his view “rock is dead”. Not the first time we’ve heard this and likely not the last. But is it true? My take on what Gene was trying to say is it’s dead for new music and new artists. Not entirely true, but again, I get where he is coming from. The truth is rock, hard rock, and metal are far from dead, but also far from the mainstream in many cases. There are some real good signs for rock out there as far as a live entity. Festivals are bigger than ever and there are more of them of all sizes than ever (maybe too many). U2, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Bon Jovi AC/DC. etc will always fill arenas and stadiums around the world. The mega bands will always draw. Motley is currently doing great business on their final tour. The road has also become a bit over crowded with too many bands touring too often. Competition is fierce out there at all levels for the concert dollar because money is not being made on album sales like the good ole days. The next tier from the pure out and out headliners are the co-headline shed bands. Think Kiss/Def Leppard. Bands teaming up and splitting set times equally to assure a good crowd. Of course this also means shorter set times and expensive tickets many times. There are very few bands not bringing name support or co-headlining these days. Most need the help selling tickets. And this is a huge problem for breaking new rock. There are so few opportunities now for a new young band to get in front of big audiences because the headliners need a name to help sell. Sure some of these packages have a new young band third billed but lets be honest, nobody is in the building that early to see them and in some cases they are buy ons, paying the headliner to play. This all ties in to the issue of the growth of rock.

Another huge problem is lack of development from what is left of record labels. It’s all about the first week now. And then albums are quickly forgotten. Sometimes not even a live show. Too many people in too many bands. Very little focus. Make a splash week one, off the charts by week four. Artist development and consistently working an album for a few singles is almost done now. Many labels hire outside “indies” to do promotion. They work hard for the weeks they are paid but when the label pulls the retainer fee they are on to the next. Tons of hired guns out there. Good people don’t get me wrong, but the real interest in the project is far from long term. Label cuts are so severe few pick up the ball after the outside help ends. Radio is also an issue. Way too many stations don’t truly support new music, or play it first week when the artist is there and never touch it again. The simple truth is mainstream radio will always do what the MOST people want. And the majority would rather hear Free Bird again than a new artist or song. Sad but true.

Delivery of music is also a problem. Everyone knows I am no fan of downloads. But to me it also kills the business. With labels less and less likely to send physical product along with some packaging and information it makes it easier to ignore. If a CD is on my desk I’m likely to have a listen at some point. If i get one of a million emails with a song attached that needs to be downloaded and transferred in any number of formats and services it is so easy to just click delete and not take the time unless it’s really something you want. I also have very little interest in the streaming services. Granted I get my music for free, but I’ve heard none of it that excites me and I think it grows the singles mentality instead of people truly getting into a band and an album. Call me old fashion but I hate when I go see a band an the entire crowd is only there for one song and is lost the rest of the time. Pure sales are so sparse now it’s hard to think who the next artist will be to score a gold record (500K). Used to be a little airplay and video play and you could make that happen. I think the RIAA is going to have to rethink sales awards.

Here’s the upside. There are a TON of artists new and classic making great new music! The bad? So little of it has a chance to break through for the reasons above and many more. But I have never been more excited than I am now for new/newer bands. Alter Bridge is growing and doing great and an arena act in Europe. Kyng, Mastodon, Scorpion Child,  Rival Sons, Monster Truck, Farmikos and many more are among my favorite new things and I play them on a regular basis. So I think from that end things are healthy. But what is truly concerning is how few people I find truly care about this stuff now. And how few have no idea Iron Maiden are still around! (dead serious, listen to calls in my satellite show). Everyone is too distracted now. We are over saturated and over stimulated with too many other things. That huge release day moment doesn’t seem to exist for rock anymore. And that sucks. I don’t mean YOU. If you are reading my site and connected to my outlets you are clearly a fan who wants to be in the loop and still very much tied in. But so many who used to be have lost that passion. As a lifer for me that’s hard to understand. I know peoples lives change, but if you love rock how can you not always? Is it dead in this respect for good? No, I don’t think so. Again the mega bands will always do well. Watch what happens when a new Foo Fighters track comes out. But they have become the token mainstream rock act for every show that needs one. We need some new blood for sure getting a shot. The mega 70’s guys only have so much left and some already have stayed too long at the party. We need that one great band with great SONGS above all to come and charge the whole scene. Let’s hope they are out there in a garage somewhere right now. We’ve had those moments where everything was given a kick in the ass; the birth of thrash, the Nu Metal movement (like it or not), the release of Appetite and the impact GnR had, the grunge movement and all the good and not so good from that. We need that band and moment again and it will come. Rock is far from dead. I don’t believe it will ever die. It’s a bit underground and in some cases over saturated but is going nowhere. I have lived it my entire life. I am out there all over the world experiencing the passion so many still have for it. And after 31 years I will continue to fight to get more platforms to help grow it and expose it. It is not easy. People would be stunned to know how hard it is for me to keep all the things I have going even after more than three decades and the success I have been able to carve out with a loyal following. But it has always been for me from day one about keeping it alive. Every day I meet someone that says to me the same thing; “Eddie thanks for keeping this alive”. John 5 just said it to me yesterday on the radio. I appreciate that like you can’t believe because it has always been the primary reason I do what I do. I know rock is not dead because I see and feel the support from all of YOU in all that I do. So thanks for that! We just need a few more to join the party and that one great new band to make it cool again in the mainstream. It will happen, just a matter of time. Keep rocking my friends and keep the faith!



Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the football. I’ll be live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation for music and talk that rocks. John 5 will call in live. I’m recording the Giants game so please NO scores since I won’t be watching until I get home! Lots to play and say and your calls so join me tonight if you can.

Amazing response to the Michael Anthony podcast. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet! Coming this Thursday to the podcast all new exclusive interview with Ace Frehley!


Hope everyone checks out this weeks new podcast. It is an exclusive interview with one of the truly good guys in the business Michael Anthony. We get into VH and so much more. It is free via Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks for all the great early response!

Saw Aerosmith and Slash in NJ this past Wednesday. I’ve said it a million times and will say it again, Aerosmith is truly amazing! After more than 40 years still the original guys and more importantly as good as ever. Steven Tyler remains the greatest American frontman and rock singer we have even at this age. It is inspirational to see a guy who is in his mid 60’s still move and sing like this. It is amazing how many hits the band does NOT play and still they play many! But they also work in some deep tracks for the hard core like “Kings & Queens” that had me in full freak out mode! Two hour set and it was amazing. I savor every show I can still see from a band so important to me as a kid and still so important and so great in 2014. Amazing!

Also saw Slash’s band twice in the last few days and these guys are carrying that Aerosmith torch for no frills all real rock greatness for sure. The entire band just on fire! New album out very soon. Slash jammed Mama Kin with his heroes Aerosmith in NJ!

All new show tonight on all syndicated stations including WAAF Boston and Q104.3 NYC tonight 11P ET. Michael Anthony interview in the show and new and classic hard rock and metal!

Back live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation.

Hearing from reliable sources AC/DC tour next year and a new album that is just about done. Malcolm will not be involved sadly.

This is my first weekend home in 9 weeks! Perfect timing for football to be back! Enjoy all.


This is a letter going out to my email data base today. In case you aren’t on the mailing list posting here as well:

Hope everyone had a great Summer! For me it was by far the busiest I have ever had with nine straight weekends on the road and all over the world. Did a combination of appearances, book signings, hosting gigs, and live shows with Don & Jim. Even went to Bogota to visit the amazing South American fans and speak at a conference. So many great moments that are impossible to recap here. If you follow on Twitter or read the Trunk Report blog on the site or check my FB page I’m sure you saw the photos and stories as it unfolded. Just a blast and not done yet! I have upcoming appearances in NJ, Houston, Louisiana and more TBA. Everything confirmed is on the home page of the site as usual.

I also launched my first podcast a couple months ago and it has been a great success thanks to you guys! Appreciate all the artists that made time for interviews such as King Diamond, Judas Priest, Brian May, Night Ranger, Blitz from Overkill and many more. The Eddie Trunk Podcast is new every Thursday, totally free, and available worldwide via Itunes or at www.podcastone.com New this week will be Michael Anthony! Coming soon Ace Frehley, Slash, Steve Morse, Doro, Mark Tornillo and more. Be sure to subscribe on Itunes and get every new episode automatically.

My radio shows continue on. Year 31 for the FM syndicated show (Eddie Trunk Rocks) which is now back on in Boston on WAAF. This show now airs the same weekend on all stations, so no more delays. It debuts on Q104.3 NYC and AAF same time every week. A note to my NYC area listeners; all ticket giveaways are now done on my site in “ET’s Box Office”. Please be sure to register to win by following that tab. You will be notified a few days before each show if you are a winner and on the list. Eddie Trunk Live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation has had some major guests lately and that will continue into the Fall as I bring you live music and talk that rocks 6-10P ET.

Was great seeing all the Eddie Trunk / Trunk Nation shirts out there this Summer. Thanks to all who have checked out the merch in my store on the site. Also both of my books are available signed directly from me. Just hit the Books tab on the site.

Finally, I am getting tons of email asking about new episodes of That Metal Show. This was addressed in the Trunk Report but if you missed it the show will be back. We will shoot in January and new episodes will air in Feb 2015. Where we shoot, when exactly and who the guests will be all still TBD and I’ll let you know when I know. As always please follow on Twitter, FB and Instagram (eddietrunkofficial) for more up to the second news and info. Football is here! Psyched!

Eddie Trunk
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Back from a great weekend in S Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood which is quickly becoming my home away from home. Thanks to everyone who came to my post show meet and greets as well and picked up a book or a shirt. Met so many great rock fans and it was a blast! I hosted two shows over the weekend. Friday was a headline set from Slash and his killer band The Conspirators. As you know he is opening for Aerosmith (catching them in NJ tomorrow) but is doing headline sets on nights off. This was a killer 2 hour show loaded with GnR, recent solo tracks, 3 new songs from the upcoming new album, and a VR tunes as well (sadly no Snakepit this time). It was so great to just watch a killer band come out and do two straight hours of kick ass hard rock with amazing vocals (all real!) and playing. No frills, just a wall of amps and great hard rock! I really love the music from Slash’s last few albums and to me hearing Halo, Starlight, You’re A Lie, World On Fire, Ghost, By The Sword, etc are the real highlights. It’s rare an artists new music is so strong I feel that way but that’s the case with the quality of new music on display with this band. The new album is out in 2 weeks.

Sunday night was Deep Purple. I hadn’t seen Purple live since 2008 so wasn’t sure how well they are holding up. Didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away! They were always world class players and this lineup is no exception. At this stage of the game Ian Gillan isn’t going to get every note and scream, but he was a hell of a lot better than I thought he would be. After 18 years Steve Morse has really made his mark on the band and is a huge part of the show and out front with his brilliant playing. Ian Paice remains one of rocks all time greats, locked in with the legendary Roger Glover. And Don Airey does a great job for the late Jon Lord. His solo even had a touch of Mr Crowley! The set was nearly two hours. A couple new tunes (killer riff in Vincent Price) and tons of classics including Lazy, Highway Star, Space Truckin, Hush, and of course Smoke On The Water. Prior to the show I did an hour long podcast with Morse. I’ll let you know when that posts in a few weeks. Hung with all the guys after the show except Gillan who split early. Roger even wanted to Stump The Trunk, too funny! OF COURSE I want to get them on TMS, but Purple tours all over the world and is not based in the US, so we will see what we can do. Total legends and great guys as well. Nicko McBrain was at both shows and I surprised the crowd by bringing him on stage with me to intro Purple. Nicko told the crowd the Maiden mascot was named after me. He is a trip! Such a fun weekend and thanks to all! Many photos on my Twitter and FB pages from both events. Two great bands playing at the top of their game for sure! I’ll be back at the Seminole HR 9/19 to host Experience Hendrix with Zakk Wylde and more! Hope to see you then.


Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

I’ll be at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL until Monday. Hosting Slash there Friday (headline show) and Deep Purple there Sunday. Always a fun time at this venue. I’ll be in the casino just outside the Hard Rock Cafe after both shows selling and signing my books and hanging out. Come by if you are in the area. No charge of any kind for the after show. Slash on at 8, Purple at 7, no opener either show.

My FM syndicated radio show this weekend is a double shot special with two songs at least in a row from all your favorite artists. Kicks off this Friday 11P on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston and on all affiliates usual day and time (listed on this site under Live & On The Air). Remember you can catch all the streams as well.

No TrunkNation Lobor Day Monday. SiriusXM is running a Motley Crue radio special. Back live a week from Monday 6P ET.

ALL NEW Eddie Trunk Podcast available now! It’s a TMS special with Don & Jim sitting in with me. We give you our top albums of 2014 so far. Listen at www.podcastone.com or  be sure to download and subscribe with Itunes. As always it is free and available worldwide!

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Have a good one!