I am extremely excited to announce that I will be a daily host on a brand new SiriusXM channel called Volume (channel 106) that was announced today! My show “Trunk Nation” will air Monday-Friday LIVE from 2-4PM ET, with replays later in the day (times TBA). As many of you know I have been doing a rock talk and music show on SiriusXM for years now on channel 39 on Monday’s from 6-10PM ET. That show will also continue on Monday’s but at a slightly revised time to be announced. Trunk Nation on Volume will be all talk and interview and calls, and also cover a wider range of rock. I also look forward to making it a platform for you guys, the voice of the fans, much like my current Monday show is. So expect plenty of calls around the interviews as well! I’d like to thank Roger Coletti for his belief in me and having me a part of this exciting new channel. As you guys also know I travel often and am attached to events all over the US. One of the really cool things about this show is it will travel with me. So expect to hear me doing it from all different places and with all different people no doubt! Volume launches 10/17 on channel 106 on Sirius and XM radios. I am so thrilled to now have a daily outlet for artists and fans to talk rock and interact live! I look forward to making Trunk Nation the place for all the news, releases, tours and interviews in the world of rock daily! Thank you to my existing base of fans that listen to me each and every Monday on SiriusXM. I appreciate everyone’s support! Can’t wait to start this new and exciting chapter in my broadcast world!

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Had the chance to see Metallica last night in a small private show in NYC at Webster Hall (formerly The Ritz back in the old days). I saw so many great shows at this venue over the decades including GnR in the legendary MTV ’87 show. Always great memories and it hasn’t changed at all expect for the addition of a killer new PA. Metallica took the stage at 8:30 or so and opened with Breadfan for the invited guests and fan club winners. The band sounded amazing and were in a great mood as they continue to celebrate the coming release of their long awaited new album. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see this band in a place this size. I also saw them at The Apollo a couple years ago and that was incredible, but this was even more intimate. The set also included Holier Than Thou, Battery, Harvester of Sorrow, Orion (in memory of Cliff and a late set addition), One, Whiskey In The Jar, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and set closer Seek & Destroy. They also did both of the new tracks currently released. Needless to say the crowd was bonkers! Very cool and special to have been there and I appreciate the band inviting me. As I said before, Metallica always does stuff first class and never forgot where they came from and the people who supported them early on. It so cool to see that and even cooler to see a band 30 plus years on still this great. Very inspiring as a music/metal fan! By the way, speaking of the Guns show I saw there in ’87, I couldn’t help myself and texted Slash during the show. Telling him how cool it would be if GnR did a show there next year 30 years after that legendary concert! You can always dream right..haha, i think it would be killer!

After the show the band had a private rooftop party in NYC I was lucky enough to attend. The only member of the band I didn’t see hanging out was James, but Lars, Rob and Kirk were all there and it was good catching up with all of them. Great food and drink as well. I left at 2A and it was still going strong! Lars said on stage to expect Metallica to be playing “across the river outdoors next year”, which would likely mean a Metlife Stadium show. I’d say it’s likely you’ll see a full Metallica run of dates on and off most of the next couple years.

By the way to all the Tool fans out there Danny Carey was at the party and show and I spent some time speaking with him. I offered from him to come on my shows anytime..

Big radio announcement tomorrow!

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Had a busy day in NYC yesterday. Spent some time with the guys in Metallica who were in to appear on Howard Stern and various other SiriusXM shows. It was good to see them all. Spent a good amount of time talking UFO with Kirk (he’s a fellow super fan!) and interviewed Lars. You’ll hear when and where to catch this interview very soon. Metallica’s new stuff sounds amazing. It’s so great to see all of the Big 4 bands still making such great metal 30 plus years on! And when it comes to Metallica it has always been so cool to me that as huge as they are they never forgot the people that were there when they started, and are still fans above and beyond anything. They were nice enough to invite me to their private show in NYC tonight at Webster Hall. Look forward to it! More on the Metallica front coming soon.

I’ve been teasing you all a bit about a major announcement on the radio side of things for me. That will come out via a press release this Thursday! Can’t wait to share this news!

The series I am hosting on AXS TV “Reel To Real” debuts the doc on Jason Becker called Not Dead Yet tonight 9P ET. This is a great moving film on Jason’s story. Do not miss it if you get AXS.

Monsters Of Rock Cruise West is near! We set sail this Saturday from LA. I’ll be flying out Thursday for pre cruise parties. Should be a blast! Hope to see you all on board if sailing on this one.

Had a great visit on my radio show last night with Alex Skolnick. He’s doing everything from metal to jazz and it’s always fun to talk with him about his musical adventures.

Coming this week to my podcast Jeff Pilson talks Foreigner and Dokken reunion. Free as usual on Itunes and www.PodcastOne.com

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Some of you may be familiar with an 80’s concert festival series the last few years known as “Farm Rock”. The last few years these events have taken place in Chicago, and more recently there have been Farm Rock’s in Nashville, Atlanta and several other locations. Farm Rock was run and owned by a promoter named Freddy Stahmer and his company Frederick Entertainment. I’ve hosted a few of his events over the last few years. None were very well attended that I was at, but they all went off okay in the end, and although shaky at times, people were paid. Par for the course with the smaller festivals it featured many of the usual suspects of 80’s acts. Freddy was on the surface a good guy. I got to know him a bit and he reached out recently asking me to host 4 Farm Rocks for him. The first of which was two weeks ago in Tulsa, subtitled “Streets Gone Wild”. The next was supposed to be this weekend in IL. Then Atlanta and Iowa. I trusted Freddy because we worked together in the past and he never screwed me over. I even backed him when asked by others that he was a good guy as far as my experience had gone. I hosted the press event for him for Streets Gone Wild as well.

I knew trouble was in store when Freddy called a few months before the event looking for people to invest money with him in Farm Rock. It’s never a good sign when a promoter has bands and shows booked but is still looking for money to cover his costs. But again, he never screwed me so it was what it was. 4 times leading up to Tulsa he told me he would pay me a deposit for my appearance fee. The deposits never came. Now usually I would use an agent or manager on this stuff, and not do anything until money comes in (like bands do). But when I have positive history with people I have a tendency to trust people and take them at their word. My word is better than any contract, and I like to think that goes both ways. Silly me thinking like that after 30 + years in music! The day before I left for Tulsa I reminded him no deposits came and he assured me I would be paid in full on arrival Thursday. But it was one delay after another when I got there. I hosted his pre party, did press in the market day of, and did my hosting duties all weekend in Tulsa, all the time being assured I would be paid. When Saturday rolled around Freddy had disappeared. Yes that’s right, gone on the biggest day of the festival! Most bands will not take the stage before being paid in full for most events. So Saturday of Streets Gone Wild almost didn’t happen. But the show was bailed out by some of his partners who he enlisted to work for him. They gathered enough money up to make sure the bands played and people had a show. Freddy claimed he was in the hospital with a heart issue. To this day I have no idea if that’s true.

Saturday in Tulsa was tension filled. Who did or didn’t get paid, who was or wasn’t going to play. Freddy MIA, leaving people working for him to sweat and scramble. After all was said and done I was paid by check, a check I knew would be like hitting the lottery if it cleared. Freddy was in touch with me 3 times over the last 2 weeks with different ways he would get me paid. He told me the check would be good this past Wednesday. The check is not good. Many vendors and people that worked this event were also ripped off and not paid. Sponsors, vendors, artists. For me and many others these events are a major part of how we make a living. Sadly the business has always been filled with people like Freddy. Very little experience and reality on how shows work, what bands are worth, and how to properly book, market and promote events. While not inherently bad people, they are more just fans who are blinded by the attention they get around artists they were a fan of. And that’s never a good recipe for success. Freddy fucked over a whole bunch of people, me included, and now is on the run, hiding from everyone looking for him. He has gone off the grid..

It’s very important to note that Streets Gone Wild may very well continue. If it does it will be with good people that helped save the day the best they could 2 weeks ago. Tom Green, Doug Burgess and others were awesome and bailed many out, me included, and I thank them. My hope is they take this over and keep it going. But BEWARE of anything branded Farm Rock or Frederick Entertainment or Freddy Stahmer. His damage continues because the show that was supposed to be this weekend in Schaumberg IL is not happening. He posted it would happen and move to December. He assured me that was the case a few days ago when I asked him what to do about my plane ticket to IL I was already losing $200 on to change. Well it’s not happening in December or any other time, and if you purchased tickets for this show he told you hold them for the new date. Well guess what? You were just screwed too, because he’s split with that money I am told. Real sad, really shitty, but many were burned here one way or the other. I wanted to put this out there to all because since my name was on these shows as a host you have a right to know what’s going on. There is nothing more I can tell you at this time. If the guy ever surfaces there will be many looking for him, but he has literally dropped out and is running from everyone. I hear there are issues way bigger than this he is running from as well but don’t know for sure. So stay away from anything associated with this guy and his events, although I doubt he will be heard from again. And if you were burned like many, sorry. And if Streets continues with the right people involved I’ll let you know.

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Back from LA and the first ever Hair Nation Festival that I was honored to host. This one was a slam dunk! Great weather, and a great turnout of fans young and old. Like most festivals that I am working I don’t get to watch everyone, but truly of the many bands I did see all really did a great job. The music was literally non stop with a revolving stage. And there was even a side stage that unfortunately overlapped with some of the bands on the main stage. But it was a great celebration of 80’s hard rock for sure and everyone seemed to have a blast. It was also the last rock show at Irvine Meadows which is closing soon. Live Nation who produced the show tells me they will do another next year at a new S CA location TBA. Huge thanks to all the fans and bands and to Live Nation LA for having me. Also special thanks to those who purchased my VIP and played some backstage Stump The Trunk!

Had some great interviews last night with Jeff Pilson and Jesse James DuPree. Coming soon to my podcast. This Thursday my guest is Jim Breuer in a podcast exclusive!

The Farm Rock show this weekend in IL is postponed.

Doing something cool with Don & Jim 11/18-20 in Woodstock NY at Hunter Mountain. A 3 night rock hang at a lodge! To join us and learn more go to www.musicfarms.com

No news on TMS. When I know you’ll know, thanks.

Ace Frehley this Friday in NYC at Playstation. See you there!

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Back from a long weekend in Tulsa and Dallas. The Tulsa end of the trip was expected, and I hosted an event downtown called Streets Gone Wild that was lots of fun. The fans of OK have been so cool to me for so long and this weekend was no exception. Thanks to all the fans and bands I met and hung with. FYI the Chicago Farm Rock show is being moved to December, info soon.

I unexpectedly went to the Giants Cowboys game on Sunday. Thanks to Doug Burgess for the hook up and amazing seats. My first time at Jerry World. As much as I tolerate Dallas fans in my stadium it was fun to return the favor, and most importantly fly home with a WIN! Had a blast and it was worth all the last minute rerouting, because the Giants won! If they lost I would have been miserable! After the Giants win I celebrated at The Rail Club in Ft Worth by going to see my buds Don Jamieson and Faster Pussycat. Fun time in Dallas!

Last night I had all 4 members of Alter Bridge on my radio show. Great to see the guys. Their great new album The Last Hero is out 10/7. Audio coming soon to my podcast. Myles did confirm that around 8 songs were in the works for a new Slash album before the GnR relaunch and he does feel there is still a future for that band in a year or so.

Sad news on the passing of Y&T drummer Leonard Haze at just 61 on Monday. I played a set of Y&T last night and had Dave Meniketti on from Germany to discuss. Leonard was battling some health ailments but played right up to his last days. Although not a marquee name, Haze was a huge influence on many and known for his massive kick drum prowess. He played on all the classic Y&T stuff and will be missed. RIP Leonard.

Podcast this Thursday is with Dio hologram creator Jeff Pezzuti and Wendy Dio. It’s a fascinating talk about the future of deceased rock stars touring as holograms. Posts this Thursday free as always.

I head to LA on Thursday. I’ll be hosting the first ever Hair Nation Fest this Saturday at Irvine Meadows. This should be a blast and $5 GA tickets were just made available. Hope you can come join us!

Big news coming soon on the radio front…..


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