Hope everyone had a great Labor Day long weekend. I spent a few days in my favorite city Vegas visiting with friends, doing a little gambling, seeing some shows, and eating and drinking. In other words another great time! I am headed West again on Wednesday night, unexpected trip to LA for a SiriusXM Town Hall radio interview with Stone Temple Pilots. Air dates and times TBA. Speaking of my Town Hall interviews today you can hear my recent ones with Alice Cooper 9P, Deep Purple 10P, and Nickelback 11P ET on channel 106. Back live on Volume tomorrow 2-4P ET.

Speaking of my Town Halls I did ask Purple about a possible Blackmore reunion and they all had a slightly different take, perhaps none more transparent than Ian Gillen’s who said he didn’t feel Blackmore was playing very well these days, but was in touch with him some. Be sure to also hear these On Demand as well on the SiriusXM app, coming soon to my podcast as well.

I do now have re stock of both of my books. So if you ordered signed copies they are on the way. If interested in ordering see Books on my site.

Headed to Dallas this weekend for the Giants opener, can’t wait for NFL, Go Gmen!

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Had a great couple of SiriusXM Town Halls with Alice Cooper and today with Deep Purple. If you missed them hear them on the SiriusXM app. Final live show on Volume tomorrow before taking a long weekend for labor day. After tomorrow (Wednesday w/guest Eric Carmen), TrunkNation is in Best Of mode until 9/5. Headed to Vegas!

New podcast Thursday is with Jerry Cantrell and Sully Erna.

FM radio show this weekend is the double play Labor Day special. 2 in a row from all your favorites. Debuts 11P ET Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston.

Truly insane the news I inadvertently made by talking about Rush RUMORS last week on my remote from Houston. Unfortunately much of the context I said it in was totally misquoted by some and became a story I never said. “Fake News” in rock news? You bet, it is rampant. But glad to know people are listening, and to those that cover and quote what I do accurately (many did), thanks. I in now was said a “Lee/Lifeson” band was a real done deal thing. And apologies to any drama I may have caused to my friends in Rush and their camp. Was NOT the intent or context..

Cool to see Brian Johnson belting out AC/DC tunes with Muse. You think that sends a not so subtle message he can still do it?

Have a great holiday weekend, more soon.

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More tragic news from the Adrenaline Mob accident yesterday when it was announced the bands road manager Janet Rains (AKA Jane Train) passed away due to her injuries. My understanding is she was badly burned and had been fighting for her life ever since the horrific crash. A knew Janet many years ago. She was on the NJ club rock scene and had a band called Little Sister I would often see playing around the area and opening many shows. She was a talented singer and nice person and had a huge passion for rock. I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in a number of years, and wasn’t even aware of the “Jane Train” nick name. But I certainly did know her and remember her band. Another very very sad loss. Janet was just beginning a career working on a rock road crew. She will be missed and my condolences to her family and friends and the Amob crew. RIP Janet.

Alice Cooper is live in studio with me on my Volume show tomorrow 2-4P ET. Hear it on SiriusXM 106 with a live studio audience. Alice joins me at 3P ET. Like all show it will replay 9-11P ET and be On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Tuesday Deep Purple is in for a live studio visit and Town Hall during my show. Same time, same channel! This Monday my good friend Brian Slagel sits in to talk about the 35th anniversary of Metal Blade records. Live 2-4P ET on 106.

My FM show for the weekend debuts tomorrow 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

New podcast now up free at www.podcastone.com and Itunes. Interviews with Stephen Pearcy, Dee Snider and Robert Mason this week!

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Hope everyone takes a moment to wish Dana Rosen a happy birthday today. Dana has handled the music news on this site since it started, and has been a huge help in doing so. Happy birthday Dana! Also happy birthday to my son Raymond who is 10 today! Headed off to a bowling party now!

This Friday on my daily show on SiriusXM Volume 106 Alice Cooper will join me for a live Town Hall with a studio audience. This will air live inside my show Friday at 3P ET. The show is live daily 2-4P ET, replays 9-11P ET.

New podcast posting this Thursday is the recent interviews with Stephen Pearcy, Robert Mason and Dee Snider from HOB in Houston last week. Free www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

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Great trip to Houston last week that included 2 live broadcasts from the House Of Blues, hosting a private event with Don Felder, Robert Mason, Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy and Dee Snider, and hosting Pearcy & Bulletboys at Tumbleweeds on Friday night. I want to thank everyone who came out to the broadcasts, the HOB, John and staff at Tumbleweeds, John Escamilla, Jeff Blando, and mostly all the great fans I met and who came to the remote radio show. One more airing of the show with Dee, Pearcy and Robert today 8-10P ET on SiriusXM 106.

I’ll be back live in 106 Volume tomorrow 2-4P ET with my guest Jerry Cantrell. Also live tomorrow 5-8P ET on channel 39.

Many have asked me about the news of the Vinnie Vincent appearance announced for Atlanta in February. I know nothing more than what you guys have read. I have for years tried to track Vinnie down and interview him. I’m still trying and now that he is doing this maybe he will come on. Many fans seem skeptical if he is really doing this signing. Again, I have no info beyond what is posted. But if he does an interview we will learn more no doubt. Would be great if this is a sign that this talented musician is going to be active again..

Latest podcast up now and free worldwide with Joe Elliot and Rex Brown as guests. www.PodcastOne.com or Itunes.

Check out my Amazon store: www.amazon.com/shop/eddietrunk


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Been a crazy past week. Had a great shoot for a new TBA TV show last Thursday in Sturgis. Interviewed George Thorogood, Jesse James DuPree, shot some guns, rode a motorcycle, visited Buffalo Chip & Full Throttle. Had a blast. Air details TBA. Also had a good time hosting Sierra View Music Festival this past Saturday in Oakdale CA. Thanks to Jim Brunk and Tony Lopez for having me.

Next up I do my SiriusXM Volume show live from House Of Blues in Houston this Thursday and Friday 1-3P Central. This is free and open to the public. Friday I host Stephen Pearcy & Bulletboys at Tumbleweeds in Houston. Hope to see you in Houston!

Shrinedom has just added two more bands in Irasburg VT 9/16. Vince Neil and Slaughter are now on. Hope to see you there.

Just added 10/22 I’ll be in Tulsa hosting Warrant and Firehouse at IDL Ballroom.

New podcast this Thursday with Joe Elliot and Rex Brown. Free www.PodcastOne.com or Itunes.

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