Had a great time with Joe Perry last night in my radio studio. Was also cool to meet Yoshiki from X Japan who was a last minute surprise guest. And thanks to Mark Tremonti for calling in. Off to NYC now to host Joe’s book launch and record my first ever podcast with a live audience! You will hear it when it posts Thursday. If in NYC we start at 7P at Barnes & Noble Union Sq. Attendance first come first served. More via Twitter @EddieTrunk


Super psyched to spend the next couple days with one of my all time rock heroes from one of my all time favorite bands Joe Perry. Joe will be live in studio with me tonight 6P ET on TRUNKNation (SiriusXM channel 39 Hair Nation) talking about his great new book and maybe even taking some calls from you guys. Then tomorrow I host Joe’s book launch and Barnes & Noble Union Sq NYC at 7P! My interview and Q&A with Joe at this event will be recorded for my podcast that will then be posted this Thursday! Admission is free first come first served. So if in NYC be a part of this great event and also the first ever Eddie Trunk Podcast done live with an audience and Joe Perry! Remember everyone can hear what went down free and worldwide when we post the podcast on the usual outlets this Thursday.

Also tonight on the SiriusXM show Mark Tremonti calls in live from the road with Alter Bridge.

Hosted Stryper at BB Kings this past Saturday night. Regardless of what you think of this band or their beliefs you can not not be amazing at how great they are live. The dual guitar playing and four part harmony vocals are just stunning and Michael Sweet is just incredible playing and singing locked in with Oz Fox. I have rarely heard a band sound this good at BBs. In this day and age with so many bands putting vocals (and more!) on pre recorded tracks it is even more incredible to witness how Stryper sounds live! Good seeing the guys and also my bud Richard Christy from the Howard Stern show who was hanging and watching his favorite band. Was a fun night!

Looking forward to this weekend at the Paragon Casino in Marksville LA hosting the rock fest Friday and Saturday. Both of my books will be for sale at the show as well as T-shirts and other merch. I’ll do my best to get out and sign all as well. Follow on Twitter or will announce from the stage when and where I will be during the event.


Hope everyone has a great weekend. As usual my radio show for the week debuts tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston at 11PM ET until 2AM with new and classic hard rock and metal. You can hear it outside these areas via the stations streams. Q104 using Iheartradio app or www.q1043.com or off AAF at www.waaf.com All other stations air dates and times listed under Live & On Air on this site.

I will be live this Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Huge show! Aerosmith legend Joe Perry will be in studio directly from the Jimmy Fallon show. Later Mark Tremonti calls in live. Tuesday I host Joe’s book launch in NYC at Barnes & Noble Union Sq at 7P. The evening starts with me interviewing Joe and taking audience questions. All of this will be recorded for my first ever live podcast recording. The podcast will post this Thursday. Admission on Tuesday is free but first come first served on capacity. After the interview Joe will sign his great new book. (if interested the store will also have stock on both of my books as well). Should be a great couple days with Joe! Honored he asked me to do this.

Don’t forget the benefit for my friend guitarist Karl Cochran who is recovering from a stroke. It is at Iridium 10/12. More info at www.rocknrecovery.net I am not sure if I can make it with my travel schedule as I will be headed back from Louisiana but will try. Auction items, live music and more. Get well Karl!

Speaking of Louisiana my next appearance is at The Paragon casino in Marksville next weekend hosting the 2 day rockfest Friday & Saturday. I will have T-shirts and both of my books for sale both days. Waiting on info on meet & greets but will do my best to hang with you guys and sign books when I have time. More soon and follow on Twitter for up to the second info @Eddie Trunk

New That Metal Show episodes premiere 2/14/15 on VH1 Classic.

Go Giants!


This weeks all new Eddie Trunk Podcast is now up with an hour interview with Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, Kansas and more. Steve talks about all of his bands, his love of aviation and much more. I recorded this one a few weeks ago when I hosted Deep Purple in S Florida in Steve’s hotel room. Really appreciate him taking the time to sit and talk. One of the coolest things about the podcast so far is how many I hear from that listen to some of these artists and never heard much of their music but are inspired to check some out after hearing them. So if you are a Morse fan, or not, I think you will really enjoy the conversation. By the way, also cool that some of the older podcasts are really spiking. The Michael Anthony episode has taken off and is now the most listened to of the dozen or so available so far, followed by Brian May. Cool to see what people respond to and how word of mouth impacts the growth of the various episodes. Remember if you subscribe via Itunes you get the new ones sent to your Itunes every Thursday when posted. They are always free worldwide and on Itunes or via www.podcastone.com So far almost every week it has been top 10 on the music charts on Itunes. The only thing that high rock/metal in a sea of EDM podcasts, so thank YOU for the support and helping represent rock with my podcast on the Itunes charts!


Just finished Joe Perry’s book which comes out this Tuesday called “Rocks”. As many know Aerosmith was one of my very first ever favorite bands. I grew up with the Live Bootleg poster on my wall as a kid. To me they are still the best of the bands from that era by far because they all play as well as ever, they are all original, and their music is timeless. I have said many times it is remarkable what this band does still at this age on stage more than 40n years after they formed. But the Aerosmith story is loaded with drama (like many bands), some known well, some not. Joe’s book takes us on that journey brilliantly through the bands, as well as his own personal ups and downs. The book is so well written and it really has a way of putting you right in the room with whatever is happening. Credit to Joe and his writer David Ritz on that. While many will no doubt focus in on the very complex relationship between Joe and Steven (which is a good part of the book), and the years of drug abuse, there is so much more to take in. The reviews will no doubt focus on the barbs that Joe tosses Steven’s way because everyone loves drama, but there is just as much of a common bond and brotherhood between these guys as you will find out if you read it. Joe also voices his respect for Brad, Joey and Tom many times, very much the unsung heroes of this iconic band. I also loved reading about Joe’s time out of the band and the Joe Perry Project years. I am a huge fan of that bands 1980 debut album. Joe also talks about his love of the blues greats as well as bands he came up in the 70’s with like Kiss, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top and more. It truly is a great rock n roll read! Joe will be live in studio with me this Monday on my SiriusXM show after he appears on Jimmy Fallon. I am super honored that he has asked me to host his book launch this Tuesday at Barnes & Noble in Union Sq NYC. So much I can’t wait to discuss! The B&N event is open to the public but first come first served as far as capacity (the store will also have stock of both of my books on hand if you are interested). The conversation will also be recorded and posted next Thursday as my first ever podcast with a live audience. Audience questions will be welcome. After the interview Joe will sit and sign his book which is available for the first time that day. As usual I suggest the physical format for the book. It is loaded with great photos and a nice hard cover design. Can’t wait for next week to spend a couple of days with a true icon from one of my all time favorite bands!


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Live tonight 6-10P ET on  SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation with music and talk that rocks. Snake Sabo from Skid Row sits in and Brian from Helix calls in.

I am aware that Paul Stanley’s official Twitter tweeted @thatmetalshow last night. My phone blew up about it. I have no idea why he did that. Maybe he meant to tweet “Wayne’s World” and made a mistake? Haha! He then said he put his phone down at a party and somebody did it? However it happened nice to know that he or whoever he was with had us on their mind. Our door as always remains open should he ever want to do TMS.

Speaking of TMS just hung up with VH1 and looks like we will be shooting once again weekly in NYC with shows premiering mid Feb 2015. No more info and nothing booked yet but that’s the plan. Thanks all for your patience and support, new shows coming I assure you, just a bit more of a wait.


Very happy for my old friend Steve Brown guitarist for NJ band Trixter. Steve has landed the gig filling in for Vivian Campbell in Def Leppard while Viv continues his treatments for cancer. Steve is a talented guy that had success in the early 90’s with Trixter and has been playing in a variety of bands ever since, including a reformed Trixter as of a few years ago. Steve is just one of MANY great players from that era that unfortunately were limited in the opportunities they get regardless of their talent because they are part of that “80’s scene”. If you recall even Jake E Lee said on That Metal Show he was passed over for many gigs because people associated him with “hair metal” (another reason I hate that term). It still carries a stigma for many and is so unfair because so much talent was around at that time. Steve is one of those examples of a talented guy from that time period that now thankfully is getting a great shot on a huge stage as a member of a huge band even if just temporary. Hopefully it will bode well for other artists with talent from that era to be given  a fair shot at bigger and better things. I love stories like this. Guys who stuck it out, played bars, never stopped believing when the industry looked past them, and then to get a huge shot. Similar story for Mark Tornillo who has now made 3 great albums as the lead singer in Accept. Went from playing clubs in NJ and working as an electrician, to overnight opening for AC/DC in a stadium as lead singer of Accept. So good luck to Steve and kudos to Leppard for giving him a shot (not to mention having an American in the band!). Most importantly get well soon to Vivian. Yes I am happy for Steve to have this temporary gig, but let’s all pull for Viv to get healthy and return to his gig as soon as he is up for it.

Great response to my all new interview with Slash on this weeks podcast. Grab it free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

All new radio show tonight on Q104.3 & WAAF 11P ET. Remember both stations also stream. Q104.3 via iHeartradio app and WAAF at www.waaf.com As usual the show airs on all affiliates over the weekend listed on this site.

All new live SiriusXM show Monday 6-10P ET on channel 39. Skid Row guitarist and co-founder Snake Sabo will be sitting in.

New TMS scheduled to start taping in Jan. Shows to air in Feb. Details when I have them from VH1C.

See you at Overkill at Starland this Saturday if in the area.

Have a good weekend. My Giants 2-2 and 1-0 in the division, I’ll take it!


AC/DC have officially announced their new album Rock Or Bust out 12/2 with a single titled “Play Ball” hitting as soon as this weekend. The song will debut in clips during the MLB playoffs. It is also now confirmed that Stevie Young has replaced Malcolm in the band. Nothing about a tour has been announced but my sources tell me that will be next year. Sucks that Malcolm is that ill and not a part of it, but good to know there is new music and at least one more run left in this iconic band.

Ace Frehley has announced the first run of dates for his Space Invader tour. Hearing from many upset about how few dates there are and how limited the initial run is. I’m sure if things go well Ace will add dates. However what many don’t realize is that very few bands at Ace’s age and current draw level actually tour in the traditional sense. This is due mainly to the cost of touring. I’m not talking about AC/DC or Aerosmith who can afford to fly private and have every amenity. Talking about the acts at a different draw level. The days of getting a bus and big crew to do clubs or theaters and knock out 200 shows are pretty much over. Especially for artists in their 50’s and 60’s. Most do weekend fly dates. Leave on a Thursday, do a couple weekend shows, home on a Sunday. Rented gear, low overhead. TONS of bands “tour” like this now. And like any live shows they are mainly based on two things; money and how much the artist wants to do. A promoter in the area must be willing to make an offer that the artist feels makes sense for them to come there. It’s as simple as that really. It isn’t some bias against a certain part of the country or world. It is simply a case of money talks and are there promoters willing to meet the price any artist is asking to play. It has to make financial sense for artist and promoter to happen. Lastly when artists get older they also aren’t as ambitious in how extensive they want to commit to touring. Some have spent 40 years on the road and unless they feel up for a large amount of dates or are assured a certain level of comforts they stay home. So many times I hear from people on my radio shows “why doesn’t ____ tour?”. It all has to make sense for all parties and that word Music BUSINESS looms large as always.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thankfully my Giants won and saved their season yesterday! Had a great time in FL on Friday at The Seminole Hard Rock hosting Experience Hendrix. Never saw the Experience tour before and it is really very cool and well done with an amazing array of revolving guitar players all playing Hendrix tunes. Hung with Zakk Wylde for a couple days and had some laughs as always. Hanging with Zakk now is so different than during his drinking days but equally fun. He just came out and went OFF on several Hendrix classics blowing away the crowd. Was also cool to see Eric Gales, another great player who I actually used to work with in his early days on the management side. Hadn’t seen Eric since he was around 16 when he was first signed. He and Zakk jamming together was awesome! Was also cool to see the legend Buddy Guy. I last interviewed him during my first tour of duty at VH1C in 2006. Buddy is 78 and still rocking on the road, amazing! Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd also sounded amazing from the artists I caught. Hung some with Tony Franklin who was also part of the tour and plays in the KWS band. Mike Piazza went to the show with me (Mike lives in S FL) and of course we talked Blue Murder with Tony! He did tell me he does play on several tracks on John Sykes’ long awaited new album, but it is not a BM album. Thanks to all the great fans I met and all the killer musicians as well. I’ll be back at Seminole Hard Rock to host Judas Priest & Steel Panther 10/30 with a signing/meet & greet after the show in the cafe. Photos and more from this past weekend on my FB and Twitter pages.

Live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET tonight for music and talk that rocks!


Off to Hollywood FL tomorrow for another quick trip to the Seminole Hard Rock. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to host several rock shows and this great venue and it’s always a blast. I’ll be hosting Experience Hendrix this Friday night at 8PM at the venue. Never saw this tour before but really looking forward to hearing great players like Eric Gales, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Johnny Lang, Zakk Wylde and many more play Hendrix classics. Tickets available right up until showtime. If in the area hope to see you there. After the show this Friday I’ll be at the Hard Rock merch store inside the casino selling and signing both of my books and more. So come by after the show ends and say hello and grab a book if you’d like. Please note the location for the post show has moved and it is NOT at the Hard Rock Cafe but now the main merch store just down the walkway from the cafe.

Broke the new last night about Ace Frehley’s touring band. Dates will be announced next week. Great to see Scot Coogan and Richie Scarlet back in the band. Scot is not only a great drummer but sings extremely well and can sing lead. Really happy to see Richie back. He was an original member of Ace’s band and always liked his voice, playing and attitude. I don’t know Chris but his resume is solid and he also sings. So it’s a band with four lead singers which should allow them to play almost anything. More news on dates when I get it. Hope to see you out at a bunch of them if my schedule permits.

All new Eddie Trunk Podcast up Thursday. This week two guests in the show at the same time! Mark Tornillo of Accept and TT Quick and Doro sit in on the podcast together. Mark’s story is amazing and he now has sung on three Accept albums to date. And Doro has been a long time pioneer of female metal. I think you guys will really like hearing from both of them and what they have to say. As usual all of my podcasts are available free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Have a nice weekend, more soon and on Twitter and FB.