My new podcast for the week is up now featuring Rick from Cheap Trick talking about the bands induction into the R&R HOF. I played some of this audio on my radio show and even Howard Stern picked up on it and aired it in his show (a great honor that Howard has done this twice)! Rick mentions either me or Howard should induct them. I would be honored but pretty sure Howard would get the nod if he wants to do it. Hear Rick talk about the induction, Bun E and more. Plus I count down my top 10 of 2015. As usual the podcast is free worldwide. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com

FM “Eddie Trunk Rocks” show is back to the regular mix this week after 4 year end specials. I also salute Lemmy, Cheap Trick and Deep Purple in this weekends show. Usual times and dates on the affiliates.


It’s rare that I post non music related stuff here, but in a way this is kind of music related. I want to take a second to offer a huge congratulations to my dear friend Mike Piazza on his induction into the MLB HOF! For long time listeners of my radio shows you know Mike and I have been close for a long time. Ever since around 1999 when he first dropped by my studio after a Mets game at WNEW in NYC we have been close friends. Back then when Mike was living and playing in NYC he would be a regular in the studio blasting metal with me. I grew up a lifelong Mets fan, but our bond was very much over the music we both loved and still love. I can’t begin to tell you how many great times we have shared over the years. Much of it at concerts. The stories are endless! From Mike leaking new GnR, us getting drunk seeing GnR at MSG in a snow storm, him co-hosting NY Steel with me in 2001, him throwing out shirts at a Slayer show with me, it is just endless. And endless ball busting too! He is so into metal that when he played he would come up to bat to all kinds of great riffs over the Shea PA. Some of those songs I would even suggest. This is a guy that came to see Flotsam & Jetsam with me at a club in NJ with 10 people there! Or jammed with Skid Row and Overkill at my radio events! When I tell you he is the real deal he is the REAL DEAL! Even though Mike now lives in Florida we are still as close as ever and talk all the time. I am incredibly happy and proud of my friend today for his overdue entry into the MLB HOF. It could not happen to a better friend and human being and be more deserved. Congrats Mike!


Well after months of speculation we now have confirmation of a Guns n’ Roses “reunion” of sorts. In one of the worst kept secrets ever it was finally made official the band will headline Coachella in CA in April. Strong rumors suggest there will be a couple warm up dates and then more extensive touring after Coachella if it goes well and the offers are what they expect. But things are far from cut and dry here because there is no confirmation yet on who actually will be in this version of GnR besides Axl, Slash and Duff. Now for many that’s all they need. But for just as many they are hoping for the original 5 still at some point in the show. Since all official releases have only listed Axl, Slash and Duff it’s clear this is really going to be a mix of old and new Guns it would seem. But the reunion aspect and the entire billing is all about the 3 members in the press releases, which also included individual photos of each guy.

My take is that they don’t quite have this all figured out just yet. They had to announce Coachella because it’s a festival with many other bands (very little of interest to hard rock/Guns fans), it was leaking out everywhere, and tickets are going on sale. But I would hope for and expect a press conference and more details, dates, and band members to be released as they get closer and sort through everything. My sources have told me current GnR drummer Frank Ferrer will be retained and play the bulk of the show, with perhaps a guest appearance from Steven Adler if a deal can be worked out. I would suspect the same with Richard Fortus staying, and maybe Izzy popping up. I would also expect Dizzy and Chris Pittman to stay. I have heard the Dave Kushner rumor but don’t know anything about that and don’t see the connection, but anything is possible. Axl always liked 3 guitars in the later era Guns so who knows? So what this really looks like now is the remaining current Guns lineup (except Stinson, can’t have two bass players I guess), with Duff and Slash being plugged in, and maybe guest spots from Izzy and Steven. Is this enough to make long time fans dying for a reunion content? For most yes. For some no. But it will do huge business regardless of the percentage that was holding out hope for an Appetite reunion 100%. That was never going to happen anyway since Guns only really made one album with that band. I have also been told consistently by many that Matt Sorum is not involved. Read into that what you will. Have not heard Gilby’s name attached either at this point.

I think that all of this is subject to change, but I feel this is where things are at now based on the people I have spoken to. The band members themselves have yet to talk since this went down. Axl cancelled tonight’s appearance on Kimmel. Likely because there are still questions to be answered and it was too early to answer them. I’m hoping that there is a proper press conference at some point with all the key players taking questions (I am offering to host it! haha) and laying out the plan. But with the Coachella deadline looming they had to get it out and this is where we are now. When I know more and there is more news I will post. I am happy that at least the mystery around this is put to rest and Axl and Slash have made the peace enough to reconnect and work together. For how long and how extensively time will tell. But no matter how you feel about where this is at, if you are a rock fan you have to be happy. Because this is good for rock music. To put it in the spotlight and have people talking and focused on rock is always a good thing in my book. And judging by most of what’s listed on the Coachella bill (again, never a hard rock event), Guns, if they are in good form, should annihilate everyone with real ROCK music! And that’s always a good thing!! We need these mega bands to keep our music at the top of these massive festival bills and in the conversation.   Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk


Thanks to all who came to our first live show of 2016 in Rochester Saturday night at Montage Music Hall. Was a great first show of the new year and thanks to Randy Peck for having us. Don’t think I was ever in Rochester but thought it was a cool town. Visited two great record stores that are legendary in that area; Record Archive and House Of Guitars. As someone who grew up working in a record store and still loves the physical formats it was great to see these stores doing well selling CDs and LPs. Great to meet staff at both stores and I hope to be back in the area soon.

Next up is my first my first of 3 cruises of 2016. The Def Leppard Cruise which I am hosting from FL 1/20! Can’t wait.

Lemmy memorial is all day 2P-2A at The Rainbow in LA this Saturday. If you are in the area stop by and raise a glass in honor of Lem. I will be home in NJ. It’s my daughters birthday so can’t make it out. But I will remember Lem on my radio show tonight and my podcast this week.

Back live on SiriusXM 39 tonight 6-10P ET. We will cover the latest news on Skid Row, GnR, Lemmy and much more and take a ton of calls. TrunkNation is back for another year of live music and talk that rocks tonight!

All the GnR stuff should finally come out tomorrow with a press release on Coachella and Axl on Kimmel. I for one will be thrilled when everything is finally revealed to end the insane cycle of rumors! We will discuss when all news is finally revealed.


Back from a few days and an extremely busy run of rock news. This is the first time I’ve been able to get online here to express my thoughts on Lemmy’s passing, but if you follow on Twitter I was very active there where I pretty much broke the sad news Monday afternoon. How that happened was I was contacted by a few people in Lemmy’s camp and confidentially told of his cancer and that he had only about a month to live. This was Monday just as I was boarding a flight to Vegas. I was asked about the possibility of some radio specials to celebrate Lem while he was still with us. Having just attended his birthday party, of course the news he was this ill this quickly was shocking. Everyone knew he was struggling, but 30 days and cancer? I was asked to hold off saying anything until Tuesday when I press release went out, which I of course agreed to. Literally 10 minutes later texts came in from Scott Ian and others that he passed away! I then contacted Lemmy’s manager Todd Singerman. A great guy and old friend and asked what was up. He informed me Lemmy had literally just died that quickly. It almost seemed once he learned he was terminal he just checked out. Todd told me the plan was to announce it the next day. I told Todd in this day and age it might be hard to sit on it and it was already kind of out there. He agreed and told me to go ahead and announce it which I did on Twitter. In all my years using Twitter I never had a response like I did from that tweet. My phone actually locked up from the data surge. My phone blew up with texts and calls. Mick Mars, Joe Perry, Rob Halford were just a few that reached out to me asking to please tell them it wasn’t true. Sadly it was.

I have interviewed Lemmy countless times in my decades on TV and Radio. The best word I can use to describe him is real. The genuine article. A fun guy, supremely underrated talent and writer, and one of a kind to say the least. Lemmy lived 70 years but the way he lived it might as well have been 140. He was a guy that loved to play loud rock n roll. And make no mistake, Lemmy did NOT consider himself metal. He always said Motorhead was a rock n roll band. Look no further than how the band introduced themselves each night. Of course his influence on metal is massive, but he rock n roll was his game and he did it so well. I doubt we will ever see the likes of someone like Lemmy again. An icon to say the least. Proven by the outpouring from the fans and artists he touched. I’ll talk more about Lem when I’m back on the radio Monday and take your calls. There have already been tributes over the last week but I have reached out to Fast Eddie and hopefully we can talk with him if he’s up for it. RIP Lemmy. Condolences to the many fans and his family and friends. He will be missed!

The other big news is the GnR stuff which by all accounts will be announced Tuesday. It really seems to be not if, bit where, when, how many dates, who’s in, etc. Coachella in April seems like where it’s all pointing and now even Billboard has reported it. Between the movie trailers and Kimmel appearance it looks like a full go. We will talk about it when it is official more. In the meantime lets wait and see who is and isn’t a part of it before reaching conclusions. I know some stuff but I will wait until we see what’s announced officially and go from there.

Finally in a shocking turn after less than a year Tony Harnell leaves Skid Row. I know Tony, have known the Skids forever. Honestly this was not a huge shock to me. This also is NOT related to speculation that it was done for Skids to reunite with Bach and open for Guns. Is that possible? Anything is. But it is not what led to Tony leaving and a reunion with Bach is far from a done deal. Anything can happen here and when I have news to share I will. Busy show Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation…

Happy new year to all. Thanks for your support. Be healthy and safe. My Year In Review show is this weekend with all 2015 music on the FM show. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Then back to regular format next week. Thanks to all my affiliates, enjoy the final year end show. Headed to Rochester now. I’ll be at Montage Music Hall with Don & Jim tomorrow (Saturday) night. Books and merch for sale too. Hope to see you. Tix and VIP tix at the door.


A very Happy New Year to all. As usual it’s time to post my annual Top 10 of the year list for music. It was VERY hard to limit it to 10! So many great new albums this year. Sadly many went virtually unnoticed and were gone and off the radar in a week. It’s a really awful trend that seems to get worse every year. Lack of true support for new rock music, especially new music from classic bands. I pride myself on always supporting new music on both of my radio shows and feel it is very important. This coming weekend for New Years my annual FM Best of 2015 radio special airs on all affiliate stations (as usual this is free to stream as well). All of my Top 10 will be heard and much more. So please have a listen. Maybe there is something you missed and can go rediscover. If you want the bands you love to still make new music you must seek it out and support it and buy it! If you don’t it will all come to an end and we are in serious risk in my view of that happening. That being said a ton of great new stuff was released and here are a few of my favorites of 2015. Please feel free to post a comment with yours!

1: Black Star Riders- The Killer Instinct
TRAGIC this album was essentially ignored by rock radio in the US! The second album from the band born from what was Thin Lizzy. But in reality this band now has only one member who was in classic Lizzy (Scott Gorham) and has very much evolved into it’s own original entity with the best qualities of Lizzy. 10 tracks, meat and potatoes hard rock, great songs and playing. Not a bad track on the album. They’ve spent much of their time working Europe. I hope America wakes up and they can do more here soon. Favorites tracks: “The Killer Instinct”, “Charlie I Gotta Go”, “Bullet Blues”, “Finest Hour”, but really top to bottom great, which is why it earns top honors.

2: The Winery Dogs- Hot Streak
The band took some turns on album two, and honestly some of it took a little time to grow on me. The first 4 tracks slam you just like album 1, then the fun begins with various twists and turns. But once it fully sinks in it’s easy to appreciate the growth and evolution they are exhibiting. Many thought these guys would never truly be a “band” and make a second album. Not the case, and they made a hell of a statement with Hot Streak. The talent and playing ability is obvious, but it’s SONGS that make this band special, and Kotzen remains in my view one of the singles greatest all around talents in rock. Favorite tracks: “Oblivion”, “How Long”, “Captain Love”, “Think It Over”, “Empire”, “Hot Streak”, “The Devil You Know”.

3: Europe- War Of Kings
In a year where Europe was on every TV in the US non stop with an insurance commercial, they also released new music that was maybe the best album they ever made, and sadly also went ignored here for the most part. I always liked the band but this was a huge growth to me for them. Great performances and songs! Europe grew up with UFO, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, and those influences are fully on display. If anything it is more inline with classic Purple than anything. Just a rich, well written, classic sounding album. Great vocals from Joey Tempest and of course John Norum on guitar is killer as always. Love where this band has gone 30 plus years after they formed, and they were great live. Favorite tracks: “Second Day”, “War Of Kings”, “Praise You”, “Nothin To Ya”, “Angels With Broken Hearts”.

4: Farmikos- Farmikos
Former Ozzy guitarist Joe Holmes finally returns and has a killer new band. Loaded with massive riffs and amazing solos and playing. I’ve always felt Joe was very overlooked in Ozzy history and couldn’t be happier that he is playing like a monster again. Singer Robbie Locke has a howl like Chris Cornell. Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo helps out on bass and now A7X drummer Brooks Wackerman crushes on drums on most tracks. Joe needs to find a permanent bass player and drummer and get this band out live. The music begs to be heard like that. He’s already working on a second album. Love the guys playing and this was an awesome first step with a diverse mix of hard rock and tremendous guitar playing and tone. Favorite tracks: “Scapegoat”, “Sound Of My Gun”, “Am I One”, “Exit Stencils”,

5: Marilyn Manson- The Pale Emperor
Lifelong Manson fan and he continues a creative comeback with another strong album. I love Manson less industrial and more Bowie, and that’s where this album sits. But it still has the signature heaviness at times as well and the always amazing production that is a trademark of his albums. On this album Manson worked with writer, producer, guitarist Tyler Bates for the first time, and the results illustrated a perfect pairing. Favorite Tracks: “Deep Six”, “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge”, “Warship My Wreck”, “Killing Strangers”

6: Michael Monroe- Blackout States
Make it 3 in a row for Monroe as far as great in your face raw rock albums that just kick ass! It’s easy to just call Michael a glam pioneer, and he is, but there is so much more going on. Not many glam artists are loved by Lemmy and GnR equally like Michael is and Hanoi was. Attitude, aggression, catchy songs, and in your face playing make this another great solo release. Nod to Michael’s killer band, which includes playing and writing contributions from Steve Conte, Sami Yaffa and Rich Jones, who write some great hooks! Can’t wait to see them live on Monsters Cruise. “This Ain’t No Love Song”, “Old Kings Road”, “Blackout States”, “Good Old Bad Days”, “Goin Down With The Ship”.

7: WASP- Golgotha
Blackie has made one of his finest albums. Loaded with great songs and super tasty guitar playing. The band has been largely off the radar in the US focusing more on Europe where they get more traction, but I hope that changes soon. Trust me, take the time to seek this album out. Chock full of epic hard rock/metal, well written songs, great performances! Favorite tracks: “Miss You”, “Last Runaway”, “Scream”, “Golgotha”.

8: Iron Maiden- The Book Of Souls
Epic would be an understatement! There’s a side of me that kind of wishes Maiden would give us a 45 minute 10 songs fast heavy metal album. But this is 2015 and they have evolved really into a progressive metal band in recent years. If you take the time to absorb this massive undertaking it’s truly amazing what they have accomplished at this stage in their career. And Bruce’s performance considering what he was dealing with is just incredible!
Favorite Tracks: “Speed Of Light”, “If Eternity Should Fail”, “The Red & The Black”, Tears Of A Clown”.

9: Tremonti- Cauterize
Album number 2 from this project is another beast! Mark’s playing is top notch and his voice gets better and better. Wolfgang VH on bass and an incredible performance from drummer Garret Whitlock. Elements of rock, metal and thrash and massive riffs and grooves throughout. During downtime from AB this is an awesome band to have new music from!
Favorite Tracks: “Another Heart”, “Radical Change”, “Flying Monkeys”, “Cauterize”, “”Fall Again”.

10: Motor Sister- Ride
Like most people I was exposed to the songs of Jim Wilson through this passion project by Scott Ian and Pearl. If you grew up loving classic 70’s feeling hard rock than Ride had that in spades. I’m curious if this band continues what all new songs would sound like. But kudos to Scott and the band for shining a light on this overlooked artist and his songs. Favorite Tracks: “This Song Reminds Me Of You”, “Fool Around”, “A Hole”, “Beg Borrow Steal”.

I know, I know, what about __________! Like I said there were a TON of great albums and way more that I liked and played. But this is what I came up with for 2015 and only picked 10. So post your lists in comments and thanks for reading, listening, following, watching, etc! It is appreciated. Happy, healthy, safe 2016!


Just a quick note to wish everyone that celebrates a very Merry Christmas! I truly appreciate all the support and hope you have a great holiday with your families wherever in the world you may be.

There will be a new podcast tomorrow with Eric Martin. Free on Itunes and www.podcastone.com as always.

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Great final live TrunkNation of 2015 (next Monday will be recorded). First up Jon Mikl Thor called in. Thor is an old friend and one of the guys I first ever interviewed and connected with when I started in radio doing a metal show back in ’83. A true survivor and he has a great doc about his life out now called “I Am Thor”. Check it out coming next month.

Then Rick from Cheap Trick called in to discuss their induction into the R&R HOF as did Glenn Hughes to talk Deep Purple. Neither know exactly how things will play out when the ceremony happens in April. Both have said they plan to attend and hope to play. Rick said the band would be totally fine playing again with Bun E for the induction. Glenn said he plans to attend with David Coverdale and did not know if they would be asked to play with Purple. There will no doubt be drama to figure out the many dynamics of Purple and who goes on stage or even shows up. Obviously Blackmore if the wildcard and nobody knows if he will even attend. It really would suck if Ritchie didn’t do this. He has said in the past he wouldn’t but who knows? They also have no idea who will induct them but Rick actually said he me or Howard Stern would be good choices! Both Glenn and Rick thanked me for my lobbying and vote for them which was very kind, but I think Howard will get the nod if he wants to do it haha. The HOF and the band jointly agree who does the induction and always look for the biggest celeb fan available. For CT expect the original band to play and it to be pretty smooth. For DP? Anyone’s guess..

Finally Alex Skolnick dropped by to talk Metal Allegiance, Testament and all his other projects. Great to have all these old friends on the show!

This Thursday’s new podcast will feature Mr Big singer Eric Martin.

This weekend on my syndicated show it’s year 23 of the all Kiss Merry KISSmas special. I will be posting my year end top 10 here very soon as well.

Merry Christmas to all!


Just back from Ft Wayne IN and a great visit and appearance with my affiliate station 98.9 The Bear Saturday night at their Electric Christmas event at Piere’s. Met many great fans of both the radio shows and TMS and saw 3 bands I had never seen before; Saint Asonia (with my bud Mike Mushock of Staind), Starset and Wilson. Good to see some of the newer blood out there and it was a great crowd and cool venue. Huge thanks to Gasman and all at The Bear for airing Eddie Trunk Rocks and having me out.

Final live SiriusXM show of 2015 is tonight 6-10P ET from the HQ in NYC. Jammed with guests including Jon Mikl Thor, Alex Skolnick, Rick from Cheap Trick and Glenn Hughes. We will cover the R&R HOF stuff with Rick and Glenn of course. Join me tonight live nationwide on channel 39 TRUNKNation.

Guest on this podcast this week is Eric Martin of Mr Big. Posts this Thursday free as always on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

Don’t forget our annual TMS Christmas party is this Saturday at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Tons of bands playing all night. Me, Don & Jim will be there from around 10P till closing. Tickets at the door and in advance at www.dingbatznj.com

Don’t miss me, Don & Jim live in Rochester NY 1/2 at Montage Music Hall. It’s our first group stand up show of 2016 and my first visit to Rochester. Hope to see you. Tickets and VIP tix on sale now.


Back from an incredible 5 days in Los Angeles., I’ll talk more in detail about everything on my podcast next week and SiriusXM show on Monday, but lots of good stuff!

The Tony Macalpine benefit was one of the top concert experiences I have seen in a long time. Just an incredible array of talent assembled in once in a lifetime pairings. Was an honor to host this event for such a great cause. Some good funds raised for Tony. Be sure to check out the auction items at www.tonymacalpine.com and help out if you can. This was a really special night as I’m sure you can see if you checked out the many Youtube clips or watched my Periscope.

Had a blast at the Lemmy 70th. So many legends at The Whiskey Sunday night to celebrate and great performances there as well.

My SiriusXM show Monday from LA was another jam packed guest show. All different guests from the previous LA show stopping by and for the first time in 33 years in radio I did 4 hours non stop! No breaks, no music. Was incredible! Great conversations and way too many guests to mention at the moment. But thanks to all who came by. Major news was made in this show when Rikki Rockett announce his battle with cancer and broke the news at the start of the show. Rikki contacted me about this around a month ago and planned to go public on this show. I thank him for trusting me with the announcement and most importantly wish for a speedy recovery which he seems on the way to. He did say Poison would celebrate 30 years next year one way or the other and was unsure of Bret’s status with the band for it. Get well Rikki!

Brad Whitford of Aerosmith is my guest on my new podcast for the week posting tomorrow free at www.podcastone.com and Itunes. Brad talks about the future of Aerosmith and the return of Whitford/St Holmes.

On the FM show (Eddie Trunk Rocks) week 2 of the year end theme shows. This weekend for the first time ever an all Dio special, including Rainbow, Sabbath, Dio and more. Premieres this Friday 11P ET Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

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Off to Ft Wayne IN tomorrow. I’ll be hanging at my radio affiliate 98.9 The Bear’s Electric Christmas this Saturday. Maybe even do some Stump The Trunk. I’ll have books and T Shirts for sale also. And don’t forget the annual TMS Christmas party is 12/26 at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ as usual!