Former Ozzy Osbourne collaborator Bob Daisley has denied the suggestion that his latest lawsuit amounts to “harassment” of the Black Sabbath frontman.

Daisley this month launched a claim for $2m in unpaid royalties connected with Ozzy’s first two albums, Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman, recorded in 1980, which featured the bassist’s songwriting and bass playing.

Representatives of the Osbournes responded by saying that previous legal action had failed and that multiple audits of Blizzard Music Limited had resulted in no discoveries of non-payment, adding, “after 36 years, this is tantamount to harassment.”

Daisley has responded that he’d succeeded with legal action on several occasions, until a lawsuit in 1998, when he alleged that Blizzard had been receiving royalties without passing them on.

He tells, “The late 90s was when we found out where those royalties were going, so we took action. There are reasons I believe that case was unsuccessful, but they’re too complex to get into now.”

He says his new action is based on performance royalties rather than songwriting royalties. He believes he’s owed money for sales of tracks featuring his bass playing, and that the amounts he received, are lower than they should be.

“The Osbournes have been taking 25% rather than the 10% I agreed to,” he says. “It’s been mentioned that this case is about Crazy Train – but there are other songs as well. Mr. Crowley, Over The Mountain, Flying High Again.”

Daisley says that tracks recorded by himself and drummer Lee Kerslake were removed from songs in the 1980s in order to avoid paying performance royalties, adding, “It was disgusting. It was such an insult. We were suing them so we expected some backlash. We did not expect the integrity of the music would be compromised.”

When asked what happened when the original tracks were restored in 2011? He replies, “Nothing changed. We didn’t get royalties before and we didn’t get royalties when our tracks were re-instated.”

He says the Osbournes’ press release “isn’t very accurate,” continuing, “Yes, I have had publishing money from the songwriting over the past 35 years. As far as what I’ve received being in the millions – no, it isn’t.

I wouldn’t care if I had $50 trillion. If somebody’s taking advantage of me, I want to put a stop to it. I wish Ozzy every success. I just have a problem with not getting paid properly.”

Daisley’s lawsuit was filed on August 9th in the District Court of Douglas County, Nevada. Explaining the delay in commencing proceedings, he says, “The Osbournes were good at hiding what they were doing, and it was only relatively recently that I found out what was happening to me.”

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Metallica have just announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, on November 18th. They have also released a music video for Hardwired, which can be viewed above.

“Has it really been eight years? Doesn’t feel like it! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink,” said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

“We’re obviously beyond psyched to share new tunes with all our friends out there. We’ve been rockin’ along in the studio with Greg, on and off, for the last 18 months firing up the creative engines again.

Putting new music out there, getting in your faces once again and all that comes with it is what we love to do more than anything else, so strap yourselves in … INCOMING!”

Pre-order options are available at the band’s website, including digital, CD, various vinyl options including a box set and more. At present, only a concert this Saturday (August 20th) at Minneapolis U.S. Bank Stadium and a September 24th appearance at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City are on their schedule, but you can keep up with their touring announcements here.

Hardwired … To Self-Destruct Track Listing

Regular Album (On CD, Vinyl & Digital Formats)

Disc One:

1. Hardwired
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. Now That We’re Dead
4. Moth Into Flame
5. Am I Savage?
6. Halo On Fire

Disc Two:

1. Confusion
2. Dream No More
3. ManUNkind
4. Here Comes Revenge
5. Murder One
6. Spit Out The Bone

Deluxe Version (On CD & Vinyl only):

Disc One:

1. Hardwired
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. Now That We’re Dead
4. Moth Into Flame
5. Am I Savage?
6. Halo On Fire

Disc Two:

1. Confusion
2. Dream No More
3. ManUNkind
4. Here Comes Revenge
5. Murder One
6. Spit Out The Bone

Disc Three:

1. Lords Of Summer
2. Riff Charge (Riff Origins)
3. N.W.O.B.H.M. A.T.M. (Riff Origins)
4. Tin Shot (Riff Origins)
5. Plow (Riff Origins)
6. Sawblade (Riff Origins)
7. RIP (Riff Origins)
8. Lima (Riff Origins)
9. 91 (Riff Origins)
10. MTO (Riff Origins)
11. RL72 (Riff Origins)
12. Frankenstein (Riff Origins)
13. CHI (Riff Origins)
14. X Dust (Riff Origins)


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Wendy Dio, former wife, and the manager, of Ronnie James Dio says that she thinks that the iconic singer would have approved of his hologram appearing with the Dio Disciples at the Waken Festival, on August 6th.

Wendy tells Eddie Trunk Live, “We went down into the pit to watch it. I’ve seen it over and over again in rehearsals – but actually seeing Ronnie on stage with his band, I was brought to tears, as were all the fans near me.

They were all enjoying it, but crying. It was a lot of of love. They really got it and they loved it. I didn’t think I was going to cry, but I did.”

She reports that the response to the hologram was “90% positive,” adding, “You always get the naysayers, but I think people that haven’t seen Ronnie would love to see it, and people that have seen Ronnie would love to see him again, especially with his bandmates.”

On the overall concept she says, “I thought it was a really good idea, especially with Ronnie – he was always into fantasy and theatrics. I thought it was something he probably would want to do, and something to keep his memory and his music alive.”

Guitarist Craig Goldy, a former member of Dio, has said the Dio Disciples will take the hologram show on tour next year.

Wendy says, “We did one song with Ronnie at the end. What we want to do is a whole show, with Ronnie coming in and out, doing maybe six songs.”

Meanwhile, a North American show is under discussion so that fans there can see what European followers saw at Waken.

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As previously reported, former UFO bassist Pete Way was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack last weekend.

The bassist has been released and reports he’s hoping to be feeling better after “some home rest and cooking.”

Way says in a statement, “I must thank the staff at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital who treated me with such kindness – from the porters and paramedics to the nurses and doctors and all the staff at Ward 22.

Nothing was too much trouble and they all had a cheery smile for me. I couldn’t have asked for better care anywhere in the world. I would also like to thank my wife Jenny who has been my rock and, like the cancer, I’m sure I wouldn’t have beaten it without her and, of course, you guys.

I do believe in the power of prayer but, to be honest, I really don’t feel very well. Jenny won’t let me lift a finger so hopefully I will start to feel better after some home rest and cooking.”

According to his wife and manager Jenny, Way will return to hospital in a few weeks to have an electric shock put through his heart to get the organ beating normally. He faces an operation to repair a valve if that proves unsuccessful.

In 2014, Way was given the all-clear after a year-long battle with prostate cancer. At the time, he urged men to get checked, saying, “All men over 50 should go and get tested – it’s a simple procedure and it could save your life.”

Way has been working on his solo album Walking On The Edge, which is scheduled to be released later this year. It’s said to feature 14 new tracks and is being produced in Los Angeles by Mike Clink.

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Guitarist Tony MacAlpine has released the following statement:

“Hello Friends and music family! I hope all is well for everyone reading this.

It’s been a while since I have reached out to you, but now the good fortune of health and timing is allowing me to do so. I have been feeling back to normal and tests indicate that all is well in medical land. Deep and sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support through this very difficult last 12 months.

I will be playing a run of US West Coast shows in October with my trio: Aquiles Priester (drums) and Bjorn Englen (bass). There will be some solo/headline shows, and some very cool shows supporting Steve Vai!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the shows! I will be playing some carefully selected material from my repertoire. The band and I are very anxious to play for even more of you around the world in the next 12 months.

Have a great summer… play loud and listen proud!

Tony MacAlpine”

Tony’s tour dates are as follows:

Oct 7: Studio City, CA – The Baked Potato
Oct 8: Riverside, CA – Fox Performing Arts Center*
Oct 9: Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues*
Oct 11: San Diego, CA – House Of Blues*
Oct 12: Ventura, CA – Ventura Theater*
Oct 13: San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore*
Oct 14: Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades*
Oct 16: Portland, OR – Revolution Hall*
Oct 17: Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
Oct 20: San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
Oct 28: San Pedro, CA – Alvas Showroom

* supporting Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour.

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Singer Don Dokken was a recent guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live. Dokken discussed the band’s forthcoming, classic line-up, reunion shows in Japan. Highlights from the interview appear below, as transcribed by

On money being the main motivating factor in the classic Dokken lineup reuniting for a handful of shows in Japan this fall:

“I’m looking forward to playing with George [Lynch, guitar] and Jeff [Pilson, bass]. Of course, Mick’s [Brown, drums] still in Dokken, the current lineup. It’s not glorious. But when someone sticks an ‘X’ amount of dollars with a lot of zeroes attached, what are you gonna say? ‘No, I’m busy’? I mean, c’mon, man. You think David Lee Roth went back with Van Halen because he just felt like it. I mean, it’s about money. And Guns N’ Roses — do you think they’re doing it ’cause they’re all madly in love with each other? I don’t think so.”

Discussing why now is the right time for this reunion:

“I think it was a lot of accidents involved. The first time we were gonna do it, we were gonna come on your show and talk about it. The morning we were gonna be on your show, Jeff called and said, ‘Don’t say it.’ And I said, ‘What?’ He says, ‘Well, I haven’t talked to the guys in Foreigner yet. Apparently [they’re] gonna book a bunch more shows. I’m not sure I can do it.’ And I said, ‘Well, you should have sorted all that out before George and I look stupid on Eddie’s show.’ And this time, it just turned out that October, Jeff has some downtime. And I said, ‘Well, if you guys commit, I won’t book any shows in America for two weeks.’ We’re gonna go to… Chuck Brennan has a place called [Badlands Pawn] Guns Gold And Rock ‘N’ Roll in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and it’s a beautiful venue with a multimillion-dollar camera system. So we’re gonna go up there, rehearse for five days, then we’re gonna play a show, film the whole thing, put it on tape to see if it comes out down the road. And then we’re gonna come home the next day. We’re gonna be home for one day and we hop on the plane and off we go to Japan.”

Speaking about whether there will be any other live dates outside of the shows in Japan, and the one off, in South Dakota?

“No. I’m really content playing with Jon Levin [guitar]. He’s been in the band 13 years. Mick’s in the band. I’ve got Chris McCarvil on board now, from House Of Lords, on bass. And I’m just really happy with that lineup. You know, George has Lynch Mob. Jeff’s got Foreigner. So, this is it. It’s just a window in time. And I thought, well, we were probably maybe more famous in Japan than we were in America. At one point, it was pretty crazy. I mean, the fans and… It was just intense. So, we thought we would put an exclamation point on what we did, and we’ll play all the classic hits, and it’ll just be six shows. And then it’s back to business as usual. George will be doing his Lynch Mob, and I go back on the road. I get home from Japan, I have four days off, and then right back on the road [with the current lineup of Dokken].”

On whether he has been in a room together with George, Jeff and Mick to discuss the reunion:

“Oh, yeah, when we negotiated. Honestly, I haven’t seen the guys for about six weeks, since we negotiated the deal. Jeff’s been out pretty relentlessly with Foreigner, and George has been on tour, I’ve been on tour, so I haven’t seen anybody. [But when we got together] it was fine. It’s the same old thing. We just talked and negotiated, and I was firm with what I wanted. I just said, ‘If you guys wanna do this, this is what I need to get, and this is what I need to make, and it’s not really negotiable. I don’t wanna argue. I don’t wanna fight. This is what I need. And this is what you guys will get. Let’s all make it fair.’

A lot of bands get back together and the main guy, the lead singer or the lead guitar player, they take half. I mean, I don’t know what the Guns N’ Roses’ deal is, but I doubt it’s a six-way split, let’s put it that way; I doubt it. But in this situation, I said: ‘How about this? How about a four-way split? This is about as fair as I can get.’ I could ask for fifty percent. I said, ‘How about…? We’re all gonna be working. How about we split it all four ways?’ That means I’m giving up 75 percent. I own the franchise. I didn’t take the franchise of Dokken. I built it up. George left the group. He didn’t leave it. He got paid for his share of 25 percent. I paid Jeff, I paid Mick. Everybody got paid.

My analogy is, we have a house. It’s called the House Of Dokken. And we all owned that house. I didn’t take the house. I bought the house back. I bought the house from George and Jeff and Mick. They all got paid when they left the band; they got paid for their share. So it made no sense for me just to go back and say, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna give it all back to you for free,’ even though I kept the franchise alive for seventeen years since George left the second, third and fourth time. You know, I’ve kept the franchise going. I’m pretty sure if we would have broke up in ’88 after Monsters Of Rock and I retired and you never heard of Dokken again for 25 years, I don’t think that we’d be getting this offer.”

Speaking about whether there are any plans for the classic lineup of Dokken to write new music:

“Yes, we’re right in the middle of writing a new song right now. Just one. We don’t have time [to write more]. Jeff and George wrote a riff, a music piece, with a bridge and a chorus and that. I said, ‘Send it to me, and I’ll pen it. I’ll write some lyrics to it.’ But, then I actually sent it down the road to Mick, ’cause Mick’s actually a really good songwriter; I think he had a lot to do with writing [Lynch Mob’s] Wicked Sensation. So Mick wrote a song, he sang it, he sent it to me, and now in the next week or so, I’m gonna try to make it a song. So, I thought it would be kind of cool, if you’re in Japan, to have a surprise and play one brand new song that no one’s ever heard before, from the four of us. I’ve just gotta sing it, and we’re gonna put it all together in rehearsal. And we won’t be recording it. We’ll be doing it live in Japan. We’ll probably do the song live at the live video taping at the [South Dakota] concert; that’ll probably be the first time we do the song. And then we’ll do it in Japan. That way, it’ll be a nice little tidbit when the DVD comes out — if and when it comes out — that they can say, ‘Wow! A brand new Dokken song. How cool is that?'”

What about the possibility of the reunion imploding before the band even makes it to Japan?:

“Oh, that would be a bummer. That’s why we’re doing Dakota, actually. It’s a beautiful venue. It has five separate, beautiful dressing rooms, so if things get tense, we have limited access to each other. I’m not trying to be negative, ’cause it doesn’t serve me to be negative, but if things get tense, and old injuries and old [bad] behavior — which, I think, they’re all pretty famous for doing — re-emerges, I can remove myself from it and stay clear of it.

Honestly, do I barbecue with George on the weekends? No. Or Jeff? No. You know, there’s already a little bit of pushback in this last month of getting ready. I won’t go into it, but, you know, just people wanting this and people wanting that and people wanting this. Honestly, I just delete the e-mails and don’t pay attention.”

Discussing whether he would consider playing shows in other parts of the world with the classic lineup, if the offers are strong enough:

“No. It won’t happen. It’s already happened. Are you kidding me? I can’t say who, but people are calling me for very, very big festivals in Sweden, Germany… like Wacken festival, Bang Your Head!!!, Dynamo, Sweden Rock, and offering us really huge amounts of money to do this at some festival one-offs. And I just asked my manager. I said, ‘Look, this is the answer, and just make it loud and clear: ‘No.’… My loyalty lies with Jon Levin, Mick Brown and Chris McCarvil. That’s my loyalty to this band, and I’m not gonna ruin my franchise. And if I started doing these shows for the money, then that is prostitution, and that is just whoring myself, and I can’t do it. And between you and me — we don’t have to talk about it — but you know my financial situation, so, as you know, money is the last thing that is motivational for me. I don’t need the money. Money is not an issue. To be frank, I would like to see Mick have a really nice nest egg when he gets back. And I look forward to playing with the guys; I think it’s gonna be fun. And I’m gonna make it a vacation, basically. After we’re done, I’m gonna stay in Japan for a week.”

On what he would say to Dokken’s U.S. fans who want to see the classic lineup play again:

“Buy a ticket for Japan, or go to South Dakota, because I’m gonna be very adamant: that is it. I will not ruin my franchise I built up for thirteen years with the current lineup. Mick and I worked very hard to keep the Dokken name out there and be a good band and perform well. And my life is different now. I’m not 30 years old anymore driven to do this or driven to do that, or make money. Those drives are not in my DNA anymore. It’s all about the music. And it sounds shallow, it sounds trite, but it’s the truth. My peace of mind, my lifestyle that I live now is so paramount and more important, I just can’t take the chance that… I don’t wanna be around… And it doesn’t [just have] to do with the Dokken guys — anybody in my life… Anybody who brings negative energy in my life, I don’t wanna be around them. I surround myself with positive people. And if they’re not positive, I disassociate myself from those people, and those are the people that talk s–t about me. But, that’s their problem. Be kind. There’s an old saying: if you don’t wanna bring anything to the party, then don’t come to the party.”


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