AnthraxSpreadingthedisease640 Anthrax have released a live stream of their classic tack Madhouse. It was recorded at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza in 1987 and features on their Spreading The Disease: 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition, out now. Listen to it below.

Drummer Charlie Benante said, “We wanted to do something special for our fans to celebrate the anniversary of Spreading the Disease. We took the idea to Universal a couple of years ago and have been very hands-on with them, creating this special, deluxe edition that we think our fans will really like.”

Anthrax will release their 11th studio album entitled For All Kings on February 26th. The band will also be hitting the road briefly in October, and will then tour the States with Lamb of God, beginning in January. Click here to view band’s itinerary.

Spreading The Disease: 30th Anniversary Remasted Edition tracklist:

Disc 1:

1. A.I.R.
2. Lone Justice
3. Madhouse
4. S.S.D./Stand Or Fall
5. The Enemy
6. Aftershock
7. Armed And Dangerous
8. Medusa
9. Gung-Ho
10. Medusa (Joey Belladonna demo)

Disc 2:

1. A.I.R. (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
2. Metal Thrashing Mad (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
3. The Enemy (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
4. Madhouse (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
5. Howling Furies (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
6. Armed And Dangerous (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
7. Gung-Ho (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
8. Soldiers of Metal (Live at Tokyo’s Sun Plaza, 1987)
9. Lone Justice (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
10. Gung-Ho (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
11. Metal Thrashing Mad (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
12. Raise Hell (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
13. Stand Or Fall (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
14. Aftershock (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
15. Armed And Dangerous (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
16. Madhouse (Rhythm track tape, 1984)
17. The Enemy (Rhythm track tape, 1984)



kirkhammett640 Brad Angle of Guitar World spoke with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett about the 31st anniversary of the band’s second album, Ride the Lightning. Excerpts from the interview appear below.

Guitar World: Today, Ride the Lightning ranks as a classic album in the metal genre. Looking back through the lens of the past 31 years, how has your view of the Ride the Lightning era changed?

Kirk Hammett: It’s interesting. Just this morning I was telling my kids what I was going to do today. I’m like, “These people are taking a picture of me in an electric chair!” They’re both young, so of course they said, “Why?” I explained it’s because we have a song called Ride the Lightning and that’s another way of saying, “You’re getting electrocuted in an electric chair!” Then I had to play them the song and sing them the lyrics. They’re sitting there looking at me, like, “Wow.” [laughs]

So I’m sitting with them, listening to that Ride the Lightning guitar solo, and I was like, I have absolutely no recollection of putting all those harmonies on there! [laughs] When we were putting that song together, we had the intro riff, the verse, the chorus, and a part of the instrumental bridge. When the whole thing slows down and there’s that solo section, I remember I pretty much played that solo as it is off the bat.

When I recorded that in 1984, I was 21 years old. That’s crazy. In 1984, a guitar solo like that was something. If you put it into context of what was going on back then, it was very modern sounding. Of course, if you put it into today’s context, it sounds like classic rock. [laughs] It’s not like today’s norm, with sweeping arpeggios and 32nd notes everywhere. I also have to say that when I listened to it this morning, I realized that the actual sound of the album is still good. After all these f–king years, it still holds up sonically.

Guitar World: ..Were you writing the stuff in El Cerrito around the same time you were taking lessons from Joe Satriani?

Kirk Hammett: Yeah, absolutely.

Guitar World: Do you remember any specific techniques that he showed you that ended up on Ride the Lightning?

Kirk Hammett: All the stuff I learned from Joe impacted my playing a lot on Ride the Lightning. He taught me stuff like figuring out what scale was most appropriate for what chord progressions. We were doing all sorts of crazy things, like modes, three-octave major and minor scales, three-octave modes, major, minor and diminished arpeggios, and tons of exercises. He taught me how to pick the notes I wanted for guitar solos as opposed to just going for a scale that covered it all. He taught me how to hone in on certain sounds and when to go major or minor. He also helped me map out that whole chromatic-arpeggio thing and taught me the importance of positioning and minimizing finger movement. That was a really important lesson.

Guitar World: You guys made a pretty serious jump in songwriting and style between Kill ’Em All and Ride the Lightning. Lars has said that Cliff Burton was an important force in pushing Metallica in this new progressive direction. What was your experience like working with Cliff during this time?

Kirk Hammett: Cliff was a total anomaly. To this day, I’m still trying to figure out everything I experienced with him. He was a bass player and played like a bassist. But, f–king hell, a lot of guitar sounds came out of it. He wrote a lot of guitar-centric runs. He always carried around a small acoustic guitar that was down tuned. I remember one time I picked it up and was like, “What is this thing even tuned to, like C?” He explained that he liked it like that because he could really bend the strings. He would always come up with harmonies on that acoustic guitar. I would be sitting there playing my guitar and he’d pick up his bass and immediately start playing a harmony part. And he would also sing harmonies. I remember the Eagles would come on the radio and he would sing all the harmony parts, never the root.

Guitar World: Ride the Lightning was the first record you had writing credits on. [Hammett replaced original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine in 1983 prior to the recording of Kill ’Em All.] At that point were you feeling a lot more comfortable about bringing your ideas to the band?

Absolutely. Actually, the title Ride the Lightning was my idea. I had taken it from a passage in a Stephen King novel, The Stand. There’s this prisoner, and the line’s something like, “He was stuck on death row and ready to ride the lighting.” Anyway, when I joined the band, those guys went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. It wasn’t like when Jason [Newsted] joined the band [after the death of founding bassist Cliff Burton], and we weren’t as far established as we were when [bassist] Rob [Trujillo] joined.

We hung out all the time back then. I remember right after recording Kill ’Em All, James was like, “Check this out,” and played me the riff to Creeping Death. But it was played really slow, like half time. It just naturally sped up over the course of time.

Guitar World I heard a rumor that the instruments on For Whom the Bell Tolls were tuned slightly sharp to match the opening bell that chimes.

Kirk Hammett: Nope. The chimes are slightly flatter. [laughs] Nah, it’s not us…it’s the chimes! Again, that bass intro was something Cliff had. He would play it all the time at soundcheck. I remember the first time he played it thinking, Wow. That’s a weird f–king riff. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard.

Guitar World: Ride the Lightning was released on Megaforce in July 1984. But soon after, Metallica were signed by Elektra, which rereleased the album later that year. Did getting picked up by a major label drastically change your lifestyle?

KirK Hammett: Well, it felt good knowing that we finally got on a major, because that’s what we wanted to be on the whole time. But none of the majors were interested at first. The amazing thing is that it all happened in one night. We were playing Roseland Ballroom in New York City after we had recorded Ride the Lightning. That night, we got signed to Elektra, Q-Prime [management] and ATI, which was a booking agency back in the day. All three of those things happened that one night, and we didn’t even play that well! We went onstage and played, but we weren’t vibing like we usually did, and we were a little sloppy. So we came offstage and we were a little bummed out, saying, “F–king hell, they’re not going to sign us. Are they even still here?” [laughs] Then Elektra came backstage and said, “Great f–king show, you guys were amazing!” [laughs] And Q-Prime said, “We are definitely working with you guys. Congratulations!” And we’re all looking at each other, like, Really?

After it all sunk in, we were really excited. Being signed to Elektra meant that our record would make it to a lot of places that wouldn’t be possible with an independent label. We knew we’d be able to tour a little better, like in a real tour bus and with better promotion. And, most importantly, we knew we’d be better off financially, so we could make a better-sounding record, which of course ended up being Master of Puppets.

Read more at Guitar World.



randyblythe Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the bomb threats in Germany, Lamb of God has canceled the remainder of their European tour.

The band has issued the following statement:

“Due to concerns brought to our attention by the venue security team yesterday in Tilburg — and continued general concerns across Europe — we have decided against putting our fans, our crew and ourselves in this position night after night and will be canceling the remainder of our performances in Europe. This is a decision we are making on behalf of the fans, our crew, and our band, as well as the well-being of everyone’s family, friends and loved ones at home. Stay safe, and we will see you very soon.”


GuitarGods2016-640 Malmsteen Management is proud to announce the next Guitar Gods Festival, which is to take place in Miami on February 19th, 2016.

The Guitar Gods Festival will be held at the North Beach Bandshell and will feature performances by Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, with more performers to be announced. The centerpiece of the Guitar Gods Festival is the online competition, where budding artists will duke it out to determine the next Guitar God.

The contest is open to all acoustic and electric guitar players of any age, whether they be soloists, duos, or full bands – anything goes as long as there’s a guitarist. The submissions will be voted on by fans and an all-star panel of judges, with eight performers being selected to perform at the event on February 19th!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Guitar God, please visit to enter.


joesatriani Following his successful European tour, Joe Satriani is looking ahead to the North American Surfing to Shockwave 2016 tour. This much-anticipated tour launches February 25th in Seattle continuing through April 24th in Vancouver, BC, with a new date announced in the Philadelphia Area (see below for the full tour itinerary). The 45-date tour will celebrate Satriani’s 30-year career including music from his first solo album, Not of this Earth through his latest release, his 15th solo album, Shockwave Supernova.

The tour promises to be a highlight for any long time Satriani fan. Of course, the set list will contain fan favorites, but the legendary guitarist also promises to include some gems, pulled from the “Satriani Songbook” which may not have ever been performed live, or in some cases, for a very long time. Songs such as: Big Bad Moon, Friends, Crystal Planet, Not Of This Earth, Luminous Flesh Giants and If I Could Fly have been confirmed as part of the set list.

The European tour was a critical success with Graffiti.Punctuated praising the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre show, saying, “Joe Satriani is a magician…he’s the real deal, performing seemingly impossible feats right before your eyes. No smoke. No mirrors. Just magic.” While the Birmingham Mail declared, “Guitarist Joe Satriani performed a mesmerizing and thrilling set” and Classic Rock Magazine said of the Cardiff stop, “…the new material from Shockwave Supernova hits home – the soaring On Peregrine Wings, the fun Crazy Joe … and sweetly lyrical Butterfly And Zebra, but as ever it’s the old staples that elicit the most love – Always With Me Always With You … the sole vocal piece, Blue Dream’s Big Bad Moon … and must-have Surfing With The Alien has us all up on our feet at the close.”

Last week, Joe attended the 11th Annual Classic Rock Roll of Honor Award ceremony in London where Joe took home the award for “The Maestro” and was honored to present Brian May of Queen with the “Living Legends” award as well!

Joe’s touring band remains Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson/Aristocrats) on drums, Bryan Beller (Dethklok/Aristocrats) on bass and Mike Keneally (Steve Vai/Dethklok) on keys & guitar.

Tickets and exclusive Joe Satriani meet & greet and VIP packages available, for details please visit

Surfing to Shockwave tour itinerary:


25 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA
26 Historic Elsinore Theatre Salem, OR
27 Grand Sierra Theatre Reno, NV
28 Fox Theater Oakland, CA


1 Balboa Theatre San Diego, CA
2 Fox Tucson Theatre Tuscon, AZ
3 Fox Performing Arts Center Riverside, CA
4 Pearl Concert Theater @ Palms Casino Las Vegas, NV
5 Talking Stick Resort Ballroom Scottsdale, AZ
7 Historic Paramount Theatre Denver, CO
8 Abraham Chavez Theatre El Paso, TX
9 The Majestic Theatre Dallas, TX
10 House of Blues Houston, TX
11 Laurie Auditorium San Antonio, TX
12 Orpheum Theater New Orleans, LA
14 Iron City Birmingham, AL
15 Saenger Theatre Pensacola, FL
16 Parker Playhouse Ft. Lauderdale, FL
17 Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater, FL
18 Hard Rock Live Orlando, FL
19 Florida Theatre Jacksonville, FL
21 Carolina Theatre Durham, NC
22 Knight Theater Charlotte, NC
23 Symphony Hall Atlanta, GA
24 The National Richmond, VA
25 Sandler Center Virginia Beach, VA
26 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA
29 College Street Music Hall New Haven, CT
30 Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY
31 The Vets Providence, RI


1 Tilles Center Brookville, LI
2 Lincoln Theatre Washington, DC
4 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ
6 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA *
8 Danforth Music Hall Toronto, Ontario
9 UAB Center for the Arts Buffalo, NY
10 Hard Rock Cleveland, OH
12 Carnegie Music Hall Pittsburgh, PA
13 Fillmore Detroit Detroit, MI
14 Pabst Theatre Milwaukee, WI
15 Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL
16 The Fitzgerald Theatre St. Paul, MN
21 Grey Eagle Event Centre Calgary
22 River Cree Casino Enoch, AB
24 Venue to be announced Vancouver, BC

*New date confirmed – on-sale November 24th



hookers&blow400 Hookers & Blow, the band featuring Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi have announced an east coast run of dates kicking off on January 2nd in Queens, NY. Rounding out the HN’B line-up will be W.A.S.P. & Hotel Diablo bassist Mike Duda and Type O Negative/Danzig drummer Johnny Kelly along with an array of special guests including That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson.

In addition, the band will be performing at The Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood on December 26th

Hookers & Blow hosted two residencies at the landmark Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood in 2013 with guest musicians that included members of Marilyn Manson, The Cult, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P., Ignite, Alice Cooper, T.S.O.L, Ace Frehley and more.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

12/26/15 – Whisky A Go-Go – Hollywood, CA
1/02/16 – Blackthorne 51 – Queens , NY
1/03/16 – TBA – PA
1/05/16 – TBA – NH
1/06/16 – 1150 Oak Bar & Grill – Cranston, RI
1/07/16 – The Webster Theater – Hartford, CT
1/08/16 – The Revolution – Amityville, NY
1/09/16 – The Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
1/10/16 – Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
2/10/16 – Phat Headz – Green Bay, WI
2/11/16 – The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
2/12/16 – Tailgater’s – Bolingbrook, IL
2/13/16 – Southport Music Hall – Indianapolis, IN
2/14/16 – The Firehouse – Richmond, IN

For more information, please click here.



metallicaprojectmanager640 Metallica shared some sad news with the world early this morning. During the November 13th attacks on Paris, Metallica project manager and friend of the band, Thomas Ayad, lost his life at Le Bataclan.

In total, 89 people were killed at Le Bataclan during an attack claimed to be perpetrated by the terrorist organization ISIS. Others were killed in several other locations throughout Paris, but the highest body count occurred during the Eagles of Death Metal gig at Le Bataclan. Among those lost was EODM merch manager Nick Alexander, while the Eagles of Death Metal members were able to escape shortly after gunfire began. Members of Deftones were also at Le Bataclan that night, but left the venue minutes before the massacre.

Metallica shared the loss of their project manager and good friend via Facebook:

“We had great fortune to work with Thomas Ayad at Universal Music France for the past eight years and while Thomas had the official title of being our “project manager,” we knew him as a member of our Metallica family, a fan, a friend . . . and a warm, helpful, supportive familiar face each time we visited France. Friday we lost Thomas, at the Bataclan theatre, in a way that none of us can begin to comprehend. Our thoughts are with Thomas’ friends, family, co-workers and all Parisians during these very difficult times.” (above photo taken from November 9, 2011 at Taratata TV show)

additional source:



On November 12th, Tool posted the following message on their official website:

“For those of you who only like NEWS about TOOL, here’s something that should be of great interest. The impenetrable veil of my dark scrying mirror FINALLY CLEARED today – enough so, in fact – that I could perceive a large heptagram on a complexly lit stage where four performers were dwarfed by dramatic video projections. Evidently the sonic and visual extravaganza that I was receiving is a rare glimpse of future TOOL U.S.A. TOUR DATES in the month of JANUARY, 2016 e.v. However, with some of the images in the depths of the black glass not being clearly distinct… YET, fans will have to keep checking back (SOON) on the Tool websites and Tool facebook page for an official announcement containing a list of the SHOW DATES, CITIES and VENUES, as well as for info about a tour support act(s). Regarding an opening band(s), what I was able to discern through the ever-shifting veil will in all likeliness be exciting to many Tool enthusiasts. STAY TUNED, FOLKS… as my trusty SCRYING MIRROR CONTINUES TO CLEAR…”

Well, the band has announced some tour dates, and here they are:


9 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
13 – San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
16 – Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center
17 – Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) @ Verizon Theatre
19 – Southaven, MS (Memphis) @ Landers Center
23 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
25 – Atlanta, GA @ Infinite Energy Center
26 – Charlotte, NC @ Bojangles Coliseum

To keep up on the latest news about the band, and to check on added tour dates, please visit Tool’s official website.


King Diamond King Diamond invites fans to be a part of heavy metal history for the filming of the band’s first ever live DVD/Blu-Ray.

Fans in Philadelphia and Detroit will bear witness to Abigail in Concert 2015 on November 25th and 28th, respectively. Those two shows will be filmed by acclaimed director Denise Korycki with an array of approximately 18 cameras, including GoPros positioned all over the stage. This will be the best looking and sounding live video, ever, from King Diamond, and the band needs each and every diehard fan in those cities to be a part of the experience! Tickets are available for Philadelphia at The Fillmore here and Detroit, also at The Fillmore, here.

The feature length live video will also include clips from various shows throughout the tour. Tickets are still available for many of the remaining shows, which are linked below. Two of the three New York shows for this week are SOLD OUT! Click on the highlighted cities to purchase tickets.

King Diamond Abigail in Concert 2015 With special guests Exodus:

Nov. 19 – New York, NY – PlayStation Theater
Nov. 20 – New York, NY – PlayStation Theater – SOLD OUT
Nov. 21 – New York, NY – PlayStation Theater – SOLD OUT
Nov. 23 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE (Electric Citizen supporting)
Nov. 24 – Boston, MA – Orpheum
Nov. 25 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore (DVD Filming Show!)
Nov. 27 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
Nov. 28 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (DVD Filming Show!)
Nov. 30 – Minneapolis, MN – Myth

Dec. 2 – Tulsa, OK – Brady Theater (Club Brady)
Dec. 4 – Houston, TX – House of Blues
Dec. 5 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues

Photo credit: of Andrew Bansal/


lastinline640 On Friday February 19th, Frontiers Music SRL will release one of the most highly anticipated Hard Rock releases of 2016: the debut album from Last In Line, Heavy Crown.

Formed by three original members of Dio including Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell (guitar) Vinny Appice (drums) and Jimmy Bain (bass) and named after Dio’s 1984 studio album The Last In Line, the new band are on a mission to bring classic Hard Rock to fans who can’t get enough of the real thing. The album will be released on CD, CD/DVD (including a bonus track) and Digital formats. Pre-orders can be made here

First single, Devil In Me was premiered on Planet Rock (UK) and SiriusXM (U.S.) on Eddie’s show on November 16th and today, November 17th, the official music video for the track is now available for viewing below.

Says guitarist Vivian Campbell, “When we started this project a few years ago, the initial idea was to reunite the original Dio band to play the songs we wrote and recorded with Ronnie in the early 1980’s. Joined by Andrew Freeman on vocals, we played a handful of shows in southern California, the UK, and Japan. It was a limited ambition, but it brought us great joy in reconnecting to this great music, to each other, and to our collective history.”

The new songs featured on the debut Last In Line album are all co-written by the four band members.

“When we first got together as the Last In Line line-up, our ambition at that time didn’t extend to writing and recording any new music, says Campbell, “but when we were offered the opportunity to do so by Frontiers, we decided to enter the studio to write this new album in the very same spirit as we did the Holy Diver album; Back in 1982 Ronnie, Vinny, Jimmy and I went into Sound City studios to kick around ideas and riffs, and about six weeks later we started laying down the tracks for what was to become the Holy Diver album.”

The new material was written after the band toured the classic Dio songs. During the tour, when the band started really connecting with each other musically, that’s when they decided the time was right to start writing new material for what was to become the Last In Line debut album.

Vivian Campbell will also be putting time aside to go on tour with Last In Line when not touring with Def Leppard. Expect 2016 tour dates and festival appearances to be announced in the coming weeks.

Last In Line keyboardist Claude Schnell recently left the band.

Heavy Crown track listing:

1. Devil In Me
2. Martyr
3. Starmaker
4. Burn This House Down
5. I Am Revolution
6. Blame It On Me
7. In Flames (Bonus Track Deluxe Edition)
8. Already Dead
9. Curse The Day
10. Orange Glow
11. Heavy Crown
12. The Sickness

DVD track listing:

1. Devil In Me (Videoclip)
2. Starmaker (Videoclip)
3. Making of Heavy Crown