No Speak No Slave , some of it at least, from @theblackcrowes last night in NJ. First time I saw them do this one since the reunion.
Great hanging some with Chris Robinson @theblackcrowes after another incredible show last night in NJ. Among the things we talked about ? @kissonline song Great Expectations! Haha. For real! He’s still one of the best singers and frontmen out there. Don’t miss the Crowes if coming your way. I hope to catch a few more shows when I can.
A little bit of Wiser Time from @theblackcrowes from last night Asbury Pk NJ. All real, all live, incredible sound, Chris still sings his ass off. Amazing.
Great time watching a great show from @theblackcrowes tonight with old friends @pjfarley & @stevebrownrocks . Fun time at the Jersey shore seeing a truly great rock show.
One more from @theblackcrowes . Final song of the night covering @therollingstones !
Another amazing show from @theblackcrowes tonight in Asbury Pk NJ. Just incredible! Here’s a little of Seeing Things. As real as rock gets. So great!