Lots of stuff going on and many new appearances just added for a variety of things around the US. Please check the appearances on the home page for more info. Just added Pittsburgh with Don & Jim as well as Rock On The Range where we will do a That Metal Show style performance. This will happen in the comedy tent on the Saturday. Exact time that day TBA. We will have guests performing that day joining us. Should be fun! Please note NO appearances are TV tapings. When we have a new TMS home I’ll let you know. Hope you can come see me/us and keep an eye on the dates on the home page for changes, additions, etc. Thanks.

New podcast this Thursday will be with Joe Elliott. This is the complete version of the interview that aired recently on some radio outlets. Free as usual on www.podcastone.com and Itunes. Upcoming guests on the podcast include producer Max Norman, Todd Kerns, Bob Kulick, John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess. New every Thursday!

Headed to Vegas tomorrow for the week. I’m attending a radio convention and also plan to catch some great shows including Sabbath/Rival Sons, Michael Monroe and Anthrax’LOG.

More updates here when I can. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second info.


Hope everyone takes a second to listen to my podcast this week that was just posted today. It’s 3 recent interviews I did with Andrew Freeman (singer in Last In Line) as well as Vivian Campbell and Vinnie Appice, the two remaining members of the original Dio band. The guys discuss the life of Jimmy Bain and share some great stories about Jimmy, who passed away a couple of weeks ago due to lung cancer. I hope you enjoy the insights and stories about a guy that may have not been a marquee name in the mainstream, but was a hugely important figure in Dio, Rainbow and more including Last In Line his final band. The podcast is free worldwide now at www.PodcastOne.com or on Itunes free worldwide. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

New FM show debuts tomorrow night 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend. Joe Elliott is my guest. Joe won’t be able to sing for a few months while his voice heels but he should be good to go for Moonstone Music Festival in Orlando which I am appearing at 4/30 and 5/1! MANY other major band on this event as well.

I’m headed to Vegas next week to attend and  speak at a radio conference. While there I plan to catch some great shows including Lamb Of God/Anthrax, Michael Monore, and Black Sabbath/Rival Sons. Should be a rockin week!

ALL avenues being explored for a new TMS home. Thanks for all your emails. News when I have it.

Get ready for an all new EddieTrunk.com launching soon!


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Hard not having any real NFL but one more game to come at least.

I’ll be back live on SiriusXM tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 for TRUNKNation. I’ll be paying tribute to Jimmy Bain and getting live calls from Vivian Campbell, Andrew Freeman and Vinnie Appice throughout the show. Plenty of your live calls with much to discuss and of course new and classic hard rock and metal!


Hope everyone has a great weekend. Always a tough first weekend without football if you are a fellow NFL fan.

Be sure to check out my latest podcast that posted yesterday with Dave Mustaine talking about the new Megadeth album and lineup. Plus I talk Jimmy Bain and Def Lep cruise and more. Free as always www.podcastone.com or Itunes. Just search my name!

Tonight’s syndicated show debuts as always on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11P-2A ET. Both stations stream free and it’s on all affiliates over the weekend. I’m not sure what show will air tonight because it will be a replay of a show from late last year. This is due to the fact that I was stuck in FL earlier this week due to the blizzard in NYC and couldn’t get home to produce a new show. But I’m sure you will like it and maybe even missed it first time around. It’s not like the stuff I play is on the radio all the time!

Very close to launching an all new designed site! Should be up by next week. Thanks to webmaster David Souza for his efforts for the redesign.

Next live appearance is my own man speaking show in Poughkeepsie NY 2/13 at The Chance in The Loft. Hope to see you if in that area. All appearances on the home page.

I will be back live this Monday 6-10P ET for TrunkNation on SiriusXM 39. I will have some guests TBA, talk Def Leppard cruise, and remember Jimmy Bain. Apparently Jimmy’s cause of death was lung cancer. Condolences to his family, fans and friends. We will celebrate his music and life on Monday and likely have members of Last In Line call in.


Just back from hosting the Def Leppard cruise after being stuck in S FL for a couple days after due to snow in NJ. This is the first time I’ve been able to log in here. Have much to catch up on but a few quick things:

The cruise was not the “Cruise from hell” as it was dubbed by TMZ when they ran a clip of me announcing Jimmy Bain’s death this morning on their site. Yes Jimmy’s passing was tragic and sad. But it happened quietly in his cabin alone on the ship. There was no sign of any foul play and nobody on board saw it. An autopsy is still to come. I saw Jimmy last Wednesday night at the pre party and he did tell me he was not feeling well, but played the show and did fine. By all accounts he had been sober over a year. I know he had a history but tales of things surrounding his death have been greatly sensationalized to say the least. The ship and staff handled it well and Last In Line did the best they could. We did a nice memorial on board and the band played a short set with Eric Brittingham sitting in. RIP Jimmy and condolences to his friends and family.

Joe Elliott did have an issue with his voice. It even resulted in the band postponing a show on their current tour. Joe and I both filled the crowd in on what was going on. Leppard played a short set with lead vocals (very good ones I may add!) by Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell, Eric Martin, Kip Winger and Andrew Freeman. What hasn’t been reported much is that Leppard are giving EVERY fan on the ship a free ticket to see them again anywhere in the world they want to go. This was far from an ideal situation but again handled well and most fans were appreciative and saw a unique Lep set to say the least.

The weather. It wasn’t great. It also wasn’t awful the whole time at all. You can’t do anything about weather. I took a vacation cruise last year that went to Canada in the Winter instead of Caribbean. It happens. It’s mother nature. I’m home now in NJ. You want to see bad weather? Come here!

I’m not trying to make excuses here. Just some reality because of course much is being reported by people not on the ship! I was, and most had a great time and many other great bands played. And with the concessions from the band for Joe not singing I think they are being as fair as possible. I’ll discuss more when I am back live on air this Monday. Thanks to all I hung with on board. Bring on MORC next month!

THANK YOU to all asking about TMS. We are and will try ALL outlets for a new home. But it isn’t as easy as just calling out a network. I will keep you posted when we have news. But appreciate ALL the support!

New podcast tomorrow with Dave Mustaine. More soon.


It’s been a crazy day indeed since I posted the news on VH1’s decision to discontinue new episodes of That Metal Show. So much so this site crashed from the traffic!  I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind words of support. I heard from a tremendous amount of fans and many artists. It really means a lot so thanks! Many fans are tossing out network suggestions. I get it. I’d love to be on any of them. But it’s not that easy. The network has to want a show like this and feel it fits. It is not as easy as just saying “lets just go to____”. Any and all options are being explored. Your support and letting these networks know you want the show doesn’t hurt either. This was all not a surprise to me and we have been trying to make a new home for TMS for a little while now. It was important to let you guys know what was up because it was the right thing to do at this time. As loyal fans you needed to know the deal. I have no idea what the plans are for VH1 Classic as a channel. I have been a part of that channel as a host since 2002. But many of the execs that I worked with are now gone. So I am out of the loop at the moment on what they are doing. But they gave me a TV home for 13 + years and for that I am grateful! As soon as there is news to share I’ll let you know. Thank you all!

I leave tomorrow for the Def Leppard cruise. Honored to be hosting this event with many great artists. It should be a great time and a great disconnect for a few days for sure. Tomorrow I host the pre party which is open to all at Magic City Casino with Tom Keifer, Last In Line and more. Then the ship sails Thursday until Monday AM. During that time I will be totally disconnected from all email, online, phone, text, etc. But assuming my flight gets back on time Monday I will go from the airport direct to NYC for a live TrunkNation on SiriusXM at 6P ET. Even if I’m a bit late I will cut into the recorded show. I’ll keep you posted on Twitter.

New podcast this Thursday is with Robert Trujillo of Metallica. And I do discuss TMS in the episode as well. Free on www.podcastone.com and Itunes.


A message to the loyal fans of That Metal Show from Eddie, Jim & Don:

We are sorry to report that VH1 Classic will not continue to make any new episodes of That Metal Show. It has been an incredible run of eight years, roughly 125 episodes and some really cool specials. The global response to TMS has been simply amazing, and we will be eternally grateful for the support from the rock and metal fans that have showed us so much love. We truly would have never made it as long as we did without you! A huge thanks also to the great crews we had over the years both in NYC and Los Angeles, to our producer Jeff Baumgardner, and to all the executives at VH1. And finally, thanks to the hundreds of artists that joined us on our set, had fun with us, shared their stories and many, many laughs. From the biggest names in rock history, to the up-and-comers: we thank you all for being a part of it.

Of course we very much want to keep That Metal Show alive, and with the blessing of VH1 Classic, we’ve got the keys to the show and are currently searching for a new home. We’re not sure where we’ll land, but we hope to be back in our studio and your living rooms as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep an eye out for us on the road and come say, “Hello.”

Thank you for watching all these years, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have news to share.


Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you are an NFL freak like me this is a great weekend and I’ll be home watching all the games with friends. Can’t wait!

My FM radio show is new this weekend. Glenn Hughes talks Deep Purple R&R HOF and more. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. And on all affiliates this weekend as usual. Most stations stream free.

I’ll post some news on where things are at with TMS early next week after the holiday.

I’ll be doing my speaking show in Poughkeepsie NY at The Chance 2/13. Tickets on sale tomorrow. Plenty of more shows on the road TBA soon. I will also be hosting Rocklahoma as usual for it’s 10th year! Great lineup and see you in Pryor. More cool stuff TBA soon.

Huge response to my latest podcast with Glenn Hughes and Craig Gass. We also talk lots of GnR. Check it out free on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

I will be live MLK Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM TRUNKNation channel 39 with guests John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater in studio.

The Def Leppard cruise is next week! Hope to see you on board.

Don’t miss Experience Hendrix at The Hard Rock Hollywood FL. Great show! Win tix on this site and buy them now. Link on my home page listings.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. Spent most of mine in bed with a stomach flu. But better now and headed into NYC shortly for a live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Guests include Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Todd Kerns from Slash’s band, and comic Craig Gass (aka fake Gene Simmons!). Hope you join me tonight for music and talk that rocks live. Plenty of your calls as well.

Sorry to hear of the passing of another rock icon David Bowie today. No need to even begin to try and encapsulate Bowie’s influence here. It is massive musically and visually on so many including the metal world. Like many I had no idea he was ill. Sadly never met the man but it is needless to say another massive loss for rock in this new year.

Caught some of the Lemmy memorial online. Was very well done. Motorhead’s manager Todd Singerman is a class act and Lem’s legacy is in good hands. Was sorry I couldn’t get to the W coast for it but was a great turnout as a farewell to a legend.

There is no other news on GnR until the members decide to talk and do interviews. It is strange the silence from them about this since it was announced and of course I have asked for interviews when ready. Right now nobody is talking and as you know Axl cancelled his one TV appearance. Guitar Player confirmed the lineup as it stands now and it’s exactly as I thought (story in news). If you consider that Duff was playing shows with the last lineup of GnR, in essence this is really Slash coming in to that band with DJ and Bumble having left. Obviously still big news, but when you think of it like that you can see why they aren’t using the word “reunion”, fans are. It is in the sense of Slash at this point. I’m sure much more to come and really hoping someone talks to let everyone know what this all really is. Maybe they don’t know themselves yet?

Just confirmed I’ll be doing my speaking show Feb 13th at The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY Feb 13th in The Loft. Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets on sale this Saturday! Join me for stories, Q&A and Stump The Trunk!


My new podcast for the week is up now featuring Rick from Cheap Trick talking about the bands induction into the R&R HOF. I played some of this audio on my radio show and even Howard Stern picked up on it and aired it in his show (a great honor that Howard has done this twice)! Rick mentions either me or Howard should induct them. I would be honored but pretty sure Howard would get the nod if he wants to do it. Hear Rick talk about the induction, Bun E and more. Plus I count down my top 10 of 2015. As usual the podcast is free worldwide. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com

FM “Eddie Trunk Rocks” show is back to the regular mix this week after 4 year end specials. I also salute Lemmy, Cheap Trick and Deep Purple in this weekends show. Usual times and dates on the affiliates.