Belleville News Democrat reports:

Plenty of people are pumped to see Ozzy Osbourne “bark at the moon” at a festival in Southern Illinois during the total solar eclipse, but a handful of eclipse purists think the rocker and his fans aren’t giving proper reverence to the astronomical phenomenon.

Osbourne plans to sing his 1983 hit “Bark at the Moon” during eclipse totality at 1:20 p.m. on August 21st at Walker’s Bluff winery in Carterville, Illinois, a small town about 120 miles southeast of St. Louis. Walker’s Bluff is set to hold the four-day Moonstock festival, where the 68-year-old rock star and other bands will perform.

Not only is the Carterville area in the path of this year’s solar eclipse, but it’s in line for another one in 2024. A total eclipse hasn’t been visible in the United States mainland since 1979. The last time the Carterville area saw a total eclipse was in 1442.

“That’s how rare they are,” said Joe McFarland, who runs a small eclipse shop near Carterville. “And to have two pass over the same spot over seven years is just an amazing gift from the heavens…”

…“One of the biggest mistakes being made locally is the winery is having a big music festival prior to the eclipse, and then, at the moment of totality, Ozzy Osbourne is going to take to the stage and play Bark at the Moon,” McFarland said.

But Matthew Hayes, a member of local band called A Stellar Goodbye, sees it differently. He said the concert is going to be “a very memorable event, I am sure.” His band, from a nearby town called Benton, is going to play a set at Moonstock.

“I think it comes down to personal choice,” Hayes said. “I, for one, love that I get to spend it at a historic event like Moonstock.”

McFarland isn’t the only one upset about Osbourne playing during eclipse totality. One amateur astronomy group said Osbourne may “learn that there is something bigger than his ego” in the face of the eclipse.

“I can’t imagine such hubris, that a performer would regard the most amazing spectacle on Planet Earth, God’s greatest wonder in the sky, as a stage prop for his show,” the Classical Astronomy group posted on its Facebook page. “As totality commences, I can only imagine that his fans will (be) more transfixed on the celestial darkness than on the self-styled Prince of Darkness…”

…Osbourne’s publicist and a Moonstock organizer did not return emails seeking comment.

In conjunction with the Moonstock event, the winery is selling bottles of Ozzy Osbourne Solar Red Wine, at $50 each. A collector’s edition bottle of the wine, at $500, includes includes a photo of Osbourne signing the bottle labels. It comes in a tiny, black, coffin “hand-crafted from poplar hardwood and lines with black satin pillows.”

Read more at the Belleville News Democrat.

source: bnd.com

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Before his untimely death in 2012, renowned American rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose began recording an ambitious passion project with bassist Ricky Phillips (Styx, Bad English) and drummer Eric Singer (KISS, Alice Cooper). The idea was to record 10 songs with 10 different singers and call the album 10X10. Sadly, Montrose was unable to see the album through during his lifetime. Instead, Phillips made it his mission to finish the songs by enlisting a small army of Ronnie’s musician friends to record the vocals and the guitar solos for each song, completing the album in recent years.

Phillips says the songs represent some of Montrose’s best work. “His songs still have the fire and angst of a young rebel, but with some added wisdom and foresight voiced in his own unique language of ‘guitar-speak.’ On 10X10, we hear Ronnie at the top of his game, from the opening crunch guitar of Heavy Traffic, all the way to the closing song, I’m Not Lying, which was Ronnie’s tip of the hat to his friend Robin Trower.”

On September 29th, Rhino will release 10X10 on 180-gram vinyl ($21.98), CD ($14.98) and digitally. The album features inspired pairings, like Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen (Still Singin’ With The Band) and singer Sammy Hagar with Toto guitarist Steve Lukather (Color Blind). Legendary blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa also showcases his guitar talents on the track The Kingdom’s Come Undone with Ricky Phillips on vocals. A few artists both sing and play, like Edgar Winter (Love Is An Art) and Tommy Shaw (Strong Enough).

Several artists who appear on 10X10 had recorded with Ronnie during his career, like Edgar Winter, who included the guitarist on his 1972 album, They Only Come Out At Night. Sammy Hagar got his start singing with Montrose. Between 1973-75, he recorded two influential albums – Montrose and Paper Money – with the band and toured the world.

More than 40 years later, Hagar was among the first who agreed to help finish Ronnie’s final album. “It’s valuable to have 10X10 be seen as Ronnie’s last work, rather than going and digging up some stuff from his past. This was something he truly had a vision for,” says Hagar.

Ronnie Montrose 10X10 Track Listing:

1. Heavy Traffic Feat. Eric Martin & Dave Meniketti
2. Love Is An Art Feat. Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer
3. Color Blind Feat. Sammy Hagar & Steve Lukather
4. Still Singin’ With The Band Feat. Glenn Hughes, Phil Collen & Jimmy “Z” Zavala
5. Strong Enough Feat. Tommy Shaw
6. Any Minute Feat. Mark Farner & Ricky Phillips
7. The Kingdom’s Come Undone Feat. Ricky Phillips & Joe Bonamassa
8. One Good Reason Feat. Bruce Turgon & Brad Whitford
9. Head On Straight Feat. Davey Pattison & Marc Bonilla
10. I’m Not Lying Feat. Gregg Rolie, Tom Gimbel & Lawrence Gowan

A few weeks after 10X10 is released, Rhino will introduce Deluxe Editions for Montrose (1973) and Paper Money (1974). Each double-disc set includes a newly remastered version of the original album, plus a bonus disc of unreleased demos, studio recordings, and live performances. Each collection will be available on October 13 for $19.98. On the same day, vinyl ($31.98) and digital versions will be released. These double LPs include the remastered version of the original album along with a selection of bonus recordings.

Montrose and Paper Money feature some of the band’s most enduring music, like Rock Candy, Bad Motor Scooter and Space Station #5. Those two albums would help shape and influence many of the hard rock bands that followed, including Van Halen and Iron Maiden.

All 17 tracks on the Montrose bonus disc are previously unreleased, including demos for Rock Candy and Good Rockin’ Tonight, as well as the unreleased song Shoot Us Down. The remaining bonus tracks feature live performances that were recorded in April 1973 at the Record Plant in California and broadcast on radio station KSAN. Along with hits like Bad Motor Scooter and Rock The Nation, the set list also included a cover of Chuck Berry’s classic Roll Over Beethoven.

All 10 tracks on the Paper Money bonus disc are previously unreleased live tracks recorded in December 1974. Once again, the recording is of the band performing at the Record Plant for another broadcast on KSAN. Along with concert staples, the show highlighted two tracks from Paper Money: I Got The Fire and Spaceage Sacrifice.

Montrose: Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered:

1. Rock The Nation
2. Bad Motor Scooter
3. Space Station #5
4. I Don’t Want It
5. Good Rockin’ Tonight
6. Rock Candy
7. One Thing On My Mind
8. Make It Last

Disc Two: Bonus Tracks:

1. One Thing On My Mind – Demo *
2. Shoot Us Down – Demo *
3. Rock Candy – Demo *
4. Good Rockin’ Tonight – Demo *
5. I Don’t Want It – Demo *
6. Make It Last – Demo *
7. Intro: Tom Donahue – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
8. Good Rockin’ Tonight – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
9. Rock Candy -Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
10. Bad Motor Scooter” -Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
11. Shoot Us Down – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
12. One Thing On My Mind – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
13. Rock The Nation – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
14. Make It Last – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
15. You’re Out Of Time – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
16. Roll Over Beethoven – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *
17. I Don’t Want It – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1973 *

Paper Money: Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered

1. Underground
2. Connection
3. The Dreamer
4. Starliner
5. I Got The Fire
6. Spaceage Sacrifice
7. We’re Going Home
8. Paper Money

Disc Two: Bonus Tracks:

1. Intro: Phil Buchanan – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
2. I Got The Fire – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
3. Rock Candy – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
4. Bad Motor Scooter – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
5. Spaceage Sacrifice – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
6. One And A Half – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
7. Roll Over Beethoven – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
8. Trouble – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *
9. Space Station #5 – Live KSAN Radio Session, 1974 *

* previously unreleased

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You’re unlikely to find a phenomenon like Carmine and Vinny Appice a second time in the history of rock music. For more than forty years, the two brothers have been among the most sought-after and renowned rock drummers worldwide. Carmine and Vinny (each of them on their own) can be heard on numerous legendary albums and have toured countless times with some of the world’s greatest acts. Carmine embarked on his musical path in the 1960s with the unforgotten Vanilla Fudge, manning in the course of his illustrious career the drums for superstars such as Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. His brother Vinny, who is eleven years his junior, looks back on an equally spectacular career, having worked with acts such as Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio, among others. With the exception of the live album Drum Wars – Live! (2014), there has been no direct collaboration between the two so far. That’s about to change. Sinister is the first joint studio album by Carmine and Vinny and was recorded with the support of a number of prestigious guests.

Vinny states, “As Ringo said, with a little help from our friends.”

Sinister consists of a total of 13 tracks, recorded by Carmine and Vinny together with distinguished colleagues. Killing Floor and Future Past feature the wonderful Craig Goldy (together with bassist Tony Franklin), Franklin resurfacing, together with Paul Shortino, on Suddenly and on You Got Me Running. Shortino also lends his awesome vocals to War Cry and the programmatic Monsters And Heroes, the latter also featuring Bulletboys guitarist Mick Sweda, while Shortino teams up with Whitesnake stringsman Joel Hoekstra on War Cry. Talking of vocals, Sinister, Danger (bass: Phil Soussan), In The Night (guitar: Bumblefoot) and Sabbath Mash (guitar: Erik Turner, keyboards: Erik Norlander) are all sung by Jim Crean, while Chas West recorded the vocal parts for Killing Floor, Scotty Bruce featuring on Future Past and Robin McAuley on Riot. The biggest surprise of all, Carmine himself doubles as vocalist on You Got Me Running.

Vine says, “Carmine has been singing lead and background for years. He´s a very good singer and I´m glad he sang one number on this record.”

So fans can look forward to a haunting rock album which the Appice brothers plan to premiere live on stage as soon as possible.

Says Carmine, “We cannot wait to take the album on the road! Heavy drums and heavy songs. It will kill.”

Sinister will be released on October 27th, 2017 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipack, double gatefold vinyl, download and stream.

Sinister Track Listing:

1 Sinister
2 Monsters And Heroes
3 Killing Floor
4 Danger
5 Drum Wars
6 Riot
7 Suddenly
8 In The Night
9 Future Past
10 You Got Me Running
11 Bros In Drums
12 War Cry
13 Sabbath Mash

Line Up & Guests

Carmine Appice (drums & vocals)
Vinny Appice (drums)
Jim Crean (vocals)
Paul Shortino (vocals) (Rough Cutt, Ex-Quiet Riot)
Robin McAuley (vocals) (MSG)
Chas West (vocals) (Ex-Lynch Mob)
Scotty Bruce (vocals)
Craig Goldy (guitar) (Ex-Dio, Ex-Giuffria)
Bumblefoot (guitar) (Ex-Guns N’ Roses)
Joel Hoekstra (guitar) (Whitesnake)
Mike Sweda (guitar) (Bulletboys)
Erik Turner (guitar) (Warrant)
David Michael Phillips (guitar) (King Kobra)
Tony Franklin (bass) (Ex-Blue Murder, Ex-The Firm)
Phil Soussan (bass) (Ex-Ozzy Osbourne)
Johnny Rod (bass) (King Kobra, Ex-WASP)
Jorgen Carlson (bass) (Gov’t Mule)
Erik Norlander (keyboards) (Lana Lane)

Appice online:


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A Texas calf born July 28 bears an uncanny resemblance to KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and tourism officials joked on Facebook that the rock star may be the dad, The Sun reported.

“Gene Simmons, where were you on about November 25, 2016?” Hill Country Visitor cheekily posted Saturday, along with a photo of the newborn cow, who looks like she could break out into Rock and Roll All Nite at any moment.

The calf — aptly named Genie — was born in Kerrville on the ranch of Heather Taccetta, who works at Cowboy Steakhouse.

Taccetta immediately recognized that Genie looks like the tongue-wagging rocker and sent a photo to her local tourism board, telling it that KISS songs were being played when the calf was conceived.

In addition to the black and white markings on the calf’s face, she is sticking out her long tongue — mimicking the trademark appearance of the rocker, who also is known for his “devil horns” hand gesture.

Simmons was once rumored to have had a cow tongue grafted onto his own.

Taccetta said she won’t serve Genie to customers and will keep her as a mascot for the steakhouse.

Simmons noticed his doppelgänger and exclaimed on Twitter: “This is real, folks!!!”

“Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons,” read his post.

additional source: nypost.com

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As previously reported, Black Country Communion, the band featuring vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, drummer Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian and blues-rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa, will be releasing their new album, BCCIV, on September 22nd.

The band has now released a video for the first single, Collide, watch it below.

To read more about BCCIV, and to pre-order the release, please click here.

BCCIV track listing:

1. Collide
2. Over My Head
3. The Last Song For My Resting Place
4. Sway
5. The Cove
6. The Crow
7. Wanderlust
8. Love Remains
9. Awake
10. When The Morning Comes
11. With You I Go (bonus track on vinyl edition only)

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Greg Prato of Bravewords spoke with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen about the 30th anniversary of the band’s multi platinum selling album, Hysteria. Highlights from the interview appear below.

BraveWords: Was there any point during the recording of Hysteria that it got a bit maddening or frustrating working with Mutt Lange?

Phil Collen: No. All the stuff with Mutt was a joy and totally inspirational. It was all the stuff that we did prior to that. Jim Steinman and different kind of engineers and doing all of that stuff – that was the frustrating part. You’ve got to understand – we wrote all the songs with Mutt, and the vision of the album, and the whole concept of it, was his. And when other people were around, they couldn’t do that, because they had no clue. But when he was involved…he had to do a Cars album [1984’s Heartbeat City], he was committed to doing it, and had to disappear for like a year. So, when he came back, that was a joy, I’ve got to say. Because all of a sudden, it all started flowing, and it was so inspiring. And we were doing something we had never done before – or anyone has. It’s almost like creating a new genre of music. It was like a rock band, but it had all these different elements in it. Elements from new wave, punk, funk, rap music – Pour Some Sugar On Me was almost like a rap lead vocal kind of meter…It was a wonderful hybrid. And when Mutt was around, he could be part of that thing. It was enthusiastic, it was totally inspired. Yeah, it was a lot of hard work obviously, and I’d been there the whole time. It was grueling, but like I said, with Mutt at the helm, it was great – because you had this faith in this guy. It was really cool.

BraveWords: After all the tragedy, drama and studio time, when Hysteria was unleashed upon the world, it fell flat – the lead-off single/video, Women, seemed to go over people’s heads. Was the band worried out of the gate?

Phil Collen: What happened was our record company in America wanted to release Animal [as the first single]. But Cliff Burnstein – our manager at the time – was scared that it was such a departure from Pyromania and everything else that we’d done, that we would need a bit of credibility. So, he said, “I think we should release a rock song first.” Hence, Women came out. It was great in that respect – keeping the credibility. But from a commercial point of view, yeah, it wasn’t the best move. It ended up working great, anyway, because obviously, the single that eventually followed, Pour Some Sugar On Me, changed the whole scenery. Completely. So, it wasn’t a worry – it was disappointing for us. Y’know, playing half-empty arenas after we’d just done the Pyromania tour three years prior, and we were jam-packing them out. That was a struggle – we had to claw our way back up. But when the fourth single came out, Sugar, it all changed. And then all of a sudden, everyone is loving us. It’s an interesting portrayal of human behavior and how people react to that. It’s a very interesting thing.

BraveWords: How different would you say the rock scene was, from say, the end of the Pyromania tour to when Def Leppard started touring behind Hysteria?

Phil Collen: Ironically, all the stuff that came out after Pyromania – to me – sounded directly influenced by that album. All of a sudden, you had bands…everything from the Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Ratt – everything was influenced by that. Drum sounds, all the engineers and producers were trying to recreate that. When we started to do Hysteria, Mutt said, “Look. Everybody else is doing Pyromania Part II – we have to do something drastically different. But it’s going to take a lot of hard work. And it means we’re going to have to do more than we normally do, the songs have got to be better, and it’s going to be some different kind of music.” That’s really what we did. And I think you could hear that. You could hear that on other albums – as you did after Hysteria. After it broke, then everyone is trying to do that. There were a million Pour Some Sugar on Mes, there was a million Love Bites, there was a million Hysterias, there was a million Women. The snare sound and the kick – all of that. I even heard my voice sampled on other records. From the “Step inside, walk this way…” – all of that stuff, you could hear it on other records. “Hey!” – all of that stuff. It was like, “Wow, I’m on this album, I’m on that album. This is interesting!”

Read more at Bravewords.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary, Def Leppard will re-release Hysteria on August 4th. It will be come in various formats-Super Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Version, 1 CD Vanilla Version, 2-LP Black Vinyl Version, & limited edition 2-LP Colored Vinyl Version. The reissue boasts B-sides and live tracks, plus the audio for In The Round In Your Face (Live) on CD for the first time.

To read more about this special release, please click here.

source: bravewords.com

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