Guitarist Tony Iommi says there’s a Black Sabbath documentary planned.

The band, whom played 81 live dates on their The End tour across North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, ended their 49-year career with a sold out show at Birmingham’s Genting Arena in February.

NBC News reports that Iommi is in “the process of mixing the sound from the final Sabbath shows in Birmingham for a possible live album.”

The guitarist adds, “We’ll actually be doing a documentary. My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we’ve done.”

Iommi also speaks about the choral composition he worked on titled How Good It Is, which he wrote for the Birmingham Cathedral.

He says, “It really wasn’t anything to do with religion. I don’t follow any religious path… religiously. It just seemed like a nice thing to do. It was really nice to work with a choir and to do something for our city. I enjoy the challenge of doing something most people wouldn’t expect from me.”

Sabbath bassist Geezer Bulter recently revealed that the band were planning to record a blues album as a follow-up to 2013’s 13 – but their extensive final touring plans “got in the way.”

He said, “It would take something like two or three years to do it properly, and we thought we might not all be here by that time, so it would be better to do the final tour first and then maybe we’ll do a blues record later.”

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Rock Candy Mag is a 100-page, full-colour bi-monthly rock mag available in glorious print – and a little bit grudgingly in digital format to those who buy a print edition. It covers the sights, sounds and smells from the greatest era ever in hard rock music, the ’70s and ’80s. The mag is proudly, flag-wavingly, unapologetically nostalgic. Why? Because we think rock’n’roll was better then.

Rock Candy Mag is put together by respected UK rock journalists Derek Oliver, Howard Johnson and Malcolm Dome. They all worked at Kerrang! in the ’80s, saw everything that went down in this classic period – and lived to tell the tale. The magazine is self-funded and is 100% fuelled by passion for the music. Some of you may know that Derek already runs Rock Candy Records, the world’s greatest rock reissues label.

“We were sick and tired of not being able to read about the bands we love in a real, ‘hold in your hands’ mag,” says Editor HoJo. “I want to touch, feel and even smell rock’n’roll – and you just can’t do that on the Internet.”

The first issue of Rock Candy Mag features an exclusive cover story of Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott giving his personal views on amazing pix from throughout the band’s career.

“Joe couldn’t have been more helpful in supporting Rock Candy Mag,” says HoJo. “Now it’s all about telling the world about our magazine via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and good old-fashioned word of mouth!”

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Ruben Mosqueda of Sleaze Roxx spoke with vocalist Ron Keel. Excerpts from the Q&A appear below.

Sleaze Roxx: When you set out to record the Steeler album, had the vocals, bass and drums been recorded prior to Yngwie [Malmsteen] coming on board?

Ron Keel: Contrary to what people might think, we were all in fact in the studio together through the recording of Steeler. I have heard people say that we had everything recorded prior to Yngwie [Malmsteen] joining the band, but that wasn’t the case. We were all present at Prairie Sun Studios [in Cotati, California] with producer Mike Varney [Shrapnel Records owner].

Sleaze Roxx: Refresh my memory as to how Yngwie got involved.

Ron Keel: Mike [Varney] invited me over to his place and he was adamant that we needed to make a change at guitar [before we recorded the Steeler album]. We were at his apartment listening to a bunch of tapes — no thousands of cassette tapes [laughs]. He had selected a few cassettes with players that he felt were appropriate for Steeler. There was one in particular that he felt was “out of this world” and that was Yngwie Malmsteen. We must have listened to a thousands tapes that day [laughs].

When we put in Yngwie’s tape, there was something different, something special, obviously. Yngwie has something that most guitarists can only dream about. He was special. It was right then and there that we began the process to get him to America to join Steeler. We just needed to wait until he was “legal” to sign the recording contract. By that, I mean we were awaiting Yngwie to obtain his “green card.”

Sleaze Roxx: How did Steeler come to an end? That obviously opened the door for the formation of Keel and the debut album ‘Law Down The Law.’

Ron Keel: [long pause] It was obvious to me once Yngwie left that I wasn’t going to be able to take the next step if I called it “Steeler.” It was a band, my name, my dream and my vision. I saw all my friends, their bands and my contemporaries getting signed to labels and I wasn’t. It was because Steeler’s line-up was “unstable.” It didn’t matter how great the product was after Yngwie left, there was this perception that Steeler was unstable.

I wanted to take my career to the next level and the logical step was to call it “Keel.” I set out to build a band on my dream and my vision of what a commercial hard rock band in the ’80s would be. I wanted to create the band I wanted to see and the band that I wanted to be in. I ruled Keel with an iron fist. We had only been together a couple months and we were packing clubs and then came the record deal [A&M] and working with Gene Simmons. Keel had two albums out in the span of six months [Lay Down the Law and The Right to Rock]. The floodgates opened. We were on MTV, on the cover of magazines and on a national tour.

Sleaze Roxx: Was [Gene] Simmons a “slave driver” in the studio?

Ron Keel: No, not at all [laughs]. You’d think as a producer, you ought to be because you’re in charge [laughs]. I was waiting for him to blow the whistle and crack the whip. “Slave driver” is what I expected because we were producing a major label album. That being said, no one has been a bigger slave driver on Ron Keel than Ron Keel. I’ll whip myself into shape.

What I took from those sessions working with Gene was how to make great sounding records. When you think of Gene, you think of the make-up, the money and the girls… I hate to blow his cover but behind all that is a guy that loves music. Gene loves all music; not just rock ‘n’ roll. He has a deep respect and appreciation for rock n’ roll history. I love his ability to write the perfect anthem and his ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I write and record and Gene Simmons is still on my shoulder helping me and coaching me through the process 30 plus years later.

Keel will be participating with the 2018 Monsters of Rock Cruise. Says Keel, “We’re beyond excited to be part of next year’s Monsters of Rock Cruise. I think people think that Keel has disbanded, but we haven’t. We just haven’t been active.”

Read more at Sleaze Roxx.


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Airbourne have announced that their guitarist David Roads has decided to leave the band. The band writes:

“To all Airbourne fans and friends we’ve got one Hell of an update for you,” says the Australian quartet.

(Guitarist) David Roads has decided to leave the band to work in his family business. As the old saying goes, ‘you can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy’. We say, good on ya mate, well-played and good luck!

Now to the future, and it’s all guns blazing foot to the floor! Introducing you to our new Airbourne Brother, he’s our long time staunch mate Harri “The Riff Doctor” Harrison. Possessing a gifted Rock’n’Roll right hand motor he already ‘fits in like a well-greased piston into a V8’ and we are all pumped to be bringing his powerful locomotive-like rhythm with us to rock the summer festivals!

Cheers and see ya soon rockers! – Joel, Ryan & Streety”

David Roads would like to say “Many thanks to all the fans. It has been an absolute pleasure rocking out with you guys over the years. It was great to be a part of this wild Airbourne ride! Cheers!”

Airbourne will launch a European tour starting May 30th in Warsaw, Poland and presently winding down on July 13th in Aix Les Bains, France.

The band’s latest album, Breakin’ Outta Hell on September 16th through Spinefarm Records. To listen to songs from this release, click the highlighted song titles.

It’s All For Rock ‘N’ Roll
Breakin’ Outta Hell

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Warrant have released a new video covering the Merle Haggard song, I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink. The song was selected as the Professional Bull Riders’ new “party anthem” and will appear on the band’s new record, Louder Harder Faster“, our May 12th on Frontiers Music Srl. Watch it below.

The band is also streaming another song from their forthcoming album, called Devil Dancer. Listen to it below.

Warrant previously streamed, Only Broken Heart, which can be heard here.

With a line-up featuring original members, Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen, and Steven Sweet along with singer Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love), Warrant are now stronger than ever. Mason’s vocals remain a breath of fresh air and his swagger on the songs gives new life and a bright future to the band. With production handled by Foreigner and ex-Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson (Last In Line, Starship, Adler’s Appetite, etc.), Warrant is sounding tighter and playing better than ever before. Louder Harder Faster, true to the band’s roots, is full of rockers with some classic ballads thrown in and will surely send their faithful fans into a frenzy.

Erik Turner says, “You can hear and feel the emotions of the last 25 plus years of being in this band poured into LHF. The fun and the frustrations, the pleasure and the pain… a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and beers went into the making of this album. Love it or hate it, its the real f’ckn deal, 100% pure melodic hard rock. Hand crafted by five musicians who dedicated their lives to music when they were just little kids with big dreams.”

Read more about this release by, clicking here.

Louder Harder Faster tracklisting:

1. Louder Harder Faster
2. Devil Dancer
3. Perfect
4. Only Broken Heart
5. U In My Life
6. Music Man
7. Faded
8. New Rebellion
9. Big Sandy
10. Choose Your Fate
11. Let It Go
12. I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink (Bonus Track available on CD ONLY)

Warrant tour dates:

Mar 10 Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, San Antonio, TX
Mar 16 The Token Lounge, Westland, MI
Mar 17 The Corbin Arena, Corbin, KY
Mar 18 Watseka Theater, Watseka, IL
Mar 24 Akron Civic Theater, Akron, OH
Mar 25 Rock the Arena II @ Savage Arena, Toledo, OH
Mar 31 Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, MN

Apr 1 PBR event / Sioux Falls Arena, Sioux Falls, SD
Thaw Out Days After-Party
Apr 22 Tacoma Dome PBR Event
Apr 27 Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH
Apr 28 Aura, Portland, ME
Apr 29 M3 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD

May 12 PBR event / Rock Bar @ Miracle Mile Shops, Las Vegas, NV
May 19 The Rose, Pasadena, CA
May 20 The Canyon, Agoura Hills, CA

Sep 16 Shrinedom @ Creek Hill Barn, Irasburg, VT

Oct 28 Rock N Skull 2017 @ Avantis Dome – Pekin,IL

Nov 1 PBR Event T-Mobile Arena, Toshiba Plaza Stage, Las Vegas, NV

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit

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The NY Post’s Page Six reports:

…In her new memoir, There is NO F*cking Secret: Letters from a Badass Bitch (via Us Weekly) Kelly [Osbourne], 32, recounts a harrowing tale in which she was forced to care for both [her mother] Sharon, who was battling stage three colon cancer, and [her father] Ozzy, who was hooked on drugs.

“[One day] Mum had a seizure,” Kelly writes about that horrifying day in 2002. “I call for an ambulance and together with her idiot nurse, we got Mum stabilized.”

If the situation wasn’t scary enough, Kelly attempted to bring her father along. “I ran downstairs to get Dad from his room. Dad was there in his boxers, and I watched him scoop his hand into a bowl of pills, swallow a handful of something and wash it down with vodka, like it was water and he was dying of thirst. I didn’t know what to do.”

Kelly managed to get everyone in the ambulance to rush Sharon to the hospital, but things took a wild turn. “He leaned over to put his hand out to see if Mum was breathing,” she recalls. “Then he passed out with his hand over her mouth, and it looked like he was trying to kill her.”

EMTs tried to pull Ozzy off Sharon, but he resisted. “I begged the EMTs not to call the police,” Kelly adds. “I was sobbing and shaking, scared out of my mind, and the EMTs took pity on me and decided not to call the police, but they said they were rushing Dad into detox.”

Finally arriving at the hospital, Kelly — who was without her older sister, Aimee, and younger brother, Jack — found herself running back and forth “from the room where my mother was recovering from a seizure to the room where my father was being treated for a drug overdose and alcohol poisoning.”

Meanwhile, Kelly was facing her own struggles with drug addiction.

“Pills became my way of coping,” she says. “I’d wake up every day in a new kind of hell, one that wouldn’t let me crawl back under the covers and hide.”

“The only way I could face my life was by opening that pill bottle, shaking out a few pills — or a handful — and throwing them down my throat,” the former fashion critic writes.

Today, she’s sober after four trips to rehab.

“I realized only I could save myself,” she says.

There is No F*cking Secret hits bookstores April 25th.

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