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Thatmetalshowlogo VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming That Metal Show returns this week with the fourth episode of Season 13 on Saturday, February 8th at 11:00PM ET/PT. T

he acclaimed hard rock/heavy metal talk show, hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine invites American rock legend Ted Nugent to take center stage with an in-depth interview discussing Ted’s influences, musical history, and how he avoided the usual pitfalls of the music industry all these years. This week’s musical guest is Surfer-Rock guitar riff master, Gary Hoey. The usual fan-favorite segments return in this week’s episode including the TMS Top 5 Ted Nugent songs, Put It On The Table, and a Stump The Trunk that has Eddie reeling from this week’s questions. The episode also features a Metal Modem segment with TMS alum, Biff Byford of the metal band Saxon, who checks-in to update the guys on Saxon’s upcoming plans. This week’s Throw Down is pre-empted and replaced by a surprise guitar performance by none other then the legend Nugent himself. Ted jumps up and showcases his signature playing style that made him famous for over 40 years.

Since the January 18th premiere of Season 13, That Metal Show continues to bring their audience the biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal. A number of guests have been confirmed for the upcoming episodes including Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, Randy Blythe and Chris Adler of Lamb of God, and The Winery Dogs. Also confirmed to appear during Season 13 are Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, original Kiss members Ace Frehley & Peter Criss, guitar genius Joe Satriani, Mick Jones of Foreigner, Leslie West of Mountain, and Vinnie Paul formerly of Pantera. Other guests are still being confirmed at this time with more to be named at a later date.

Known for having the best musicians in music perform each week on That Metal Show, Season 13 continues the trend with the likes of these TMS alums: metal master Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy, female guitar legend Lita Ford, Cinderella front man Tom Keifer, and the guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen. Each and every one will make the new season the most musically diverse collection of shows in That Metal Show history.

This season marks some monumental changes for the show as it returns to New York City for Season 13. Previously, the show was taped over several days of one week out at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The new season is shot at Metropolis Studios on Tuesday nights for broadcast that Saturday. Season 13 also consists of 12 new episodes making it the longest season in the show’s history. Fans can also catch the complete season 12 and brand new exclusive bonus clips at ThatMetalShow.VH1.com and in the new VH1 app. New episodes of season 13 launch on the web and in the app every Sunday morning following the show’s on-air premiere.



  1. I love Ted! He was the reason I got into hard rock back in the 70’s and grew into loving metal and thrash in the 80’s. Can’t wait to see “Sweaty Teddy” on TMS.

  2. Hi Eddie. Great job, every season seems to get better. So glad you got rid of that table and kept the Metal Modem bit. \M/ Looking forward to seeing Charlie & Richard on the drums. Would love to see more Testament members like Chuck Billy and Gene Hoglan in if, schedule should provide.

    Thanks for your efforts and cheers to you, Jim & Don. Thanks for carrying the Metal torch for those who breath & bleed Metal. Metal Up Your Ass!

  3. “Avoided the pitfalls”?. Who is he kidding he filed for bankruptcy years ago. He got creamed by all the pitfalls. As he told a Creem Magazine writer 35 years ago: Don’t photograph my house. The writer was astounded what it looked like. Gun this & that,hunting,shattin’ on liberals usually become the talk. I’d ask him if Mitch Ryder blew Seger off the stages of Michigan in ’65.

  4. They should send Justin Bieber to uncle Teds ranch for a month that’ll straighten his cheesy little out. Nothing wrong with a little taste of Ted on that metal show. Plus once again people don’t get it’s VH1 classic which mean Ted is a classic but you can’t make anyone understand that.

  5. Curious if Ace and Peter will be appearing on TMS together – that would be interesting to say the least. And will it be before the RRHOF ceremony? Over recent months, it seems to me that Paul Stanley has a genuine dislike for past Kiss talk and bandmates Ace and Peter. It seems any memory of them only irks him. It would kill him to say that Ace and Peter are good people today and helped mightily with making Kiss as successful as they were. I sense a lot of tension going on behind the scenes. I cannot picture him agreeing to all playing live together. Hope I’m wrong about my assessment of PS.

  6. Hope Ed gets a straight answer out of Ted on the future of Damn Yankees.
    I recall that when he asked Tommy Shaw, the answer was lost in some weird edit vortex.
    Looking forward to the Motor City Madman

  7. Remember that episode waaaaaaay back, when Don said he didn’t like any of Ted’s new music and it was “time for him to hang it up”? Yeah, I didn’t think so…….

  8. I find Ted entertaining. He was on top of the rock world from 1976 to 1978. Crazy guy. He probably played to more people in his career than just about any hard rock/metal band going today, maybe more than most of them combined. Show after show in front of upwards of 80,000 people a gig. California Jam II with over 300,000 people in the audience. Lots of festivals going back to the Amboy Duke days. Always gave 100% onstage. Women dug him too.

    Influential guitarist too. Listen to Van Halen’s “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” – I’d argue it’s one of VH’s best tunes. I’d also argue that the lick is pure Ted Nugent. Double Live Gonzo is absolutely one of the greatest hard rock live albums of all time. Ted played like Chuck Berry on acid (supposedly Hendrix said that about Ted.) Before we had the well-rehearsed, completely “freeze dried” sterile, soundalike solos of today’s players, we had Ted for better or for worse. He just let rip and got off on the volume and feedback. There’s some great playing on California Jam 2 if you listen to Ted’s set. He’s better than most people think and that live stuff from that festival proves it.

  9. Prepping for another chapter 7 without touring his ass off. I saw him play in a big bar in Aspen Colorado, it broke my heart. He got looted by ’80, mostly by himself. Sony had the contracts that were hilarious.

  10. I like how people still think Eddie is the one who books the Guests. VH1 dose this not him. He gets paid to work for VH1 classic so why do people get mad at him for the people on the show. VH1 books Ted not Jim, not Don VH1 . If your bothered by who’s on you have to write VH1 classic a letter. Eddie keeps saying this over and over and know one seems to listen. Teds a classic rock star on classic rock show. Don still most likely can’t stand him still but he’s getting a pay check and that’s all he cares about. Lol just in joy the music life to short.

  11. The comment he made about Philip Seymour Hoffman was beyond rude and inappropriate. Once again he proved that he’s an a–hole. And why didn’t anyone ask him about HIS addiction – sleeping with underage girls?

  12. When his ex brother-in-law was about to hit the stand in a divorce armed with the tales, he settled. He’s been blown out on paternity cases,lawsuits,screw contracts,tax,divorces,lawyers,bad management,horrific investments, it is a wonder he still has his guitars. He’s right about Detroit,2nd amendment,Hilary,Obama,Texas and many things.

  13. So good to see Uncle Ted Nugent on the show Eddie! Ted is an honest, right wing conservative, (and that in itself pisses off the socialists and LIEberals) even if he doesn’t say a word. If you ha a guest on that was some LIEberal musician, strolling onto your set wearing a torn Che’ Guavara T-Shirt (probably a fashion statement, as opposed to a political one, because if they REALLY knew that Guavara was a communist, they might not ever wear that shirt again) nobody would say a thing. But I digress…
    Ted Nugent wrote some of the best hard rock songs ever. His live performances are always passionate and 100% soul and sweat. You want to hear a guitar talk? Listen to the albums ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ and ‘Weekend Warriors’. Those two alone are brilliant. But there are so many great ones. Listen to the instrumental ‘Renegade’ on the ‘Call Of The Wild’ album. It’s one of the most ferocious ones you’ll ever hear, and it came out in 1974! It’s blistering!
    Ted’s a legend. And there is no way on Earth that he’s ever getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Can you honestly see an ageing hippie on the panel of the induction committee marking an ‘X’ beside the name Ted Nugent? Not on your life! And you think it was hard for KISS to get in?!

  14. Ted hit the deck at Cobo Hall in Detroit in ’63…..guy has been there onstage since JFK was in office. RnR Hall for Ted? Wenner yields the power…he’s a flaming liberal. Not a chance. Che shirts are fashion….he and the Castro brothers were buds….and Havana is a nice place under their words.

  15. I thought the show was fun! Yeah Ted is out there, but as a pure guitarist, he ranks right up there. I loved his lineup of his best albums (a hidden gem is “Spirit of the Wild” – fantastic album). Would love to see him as a guest guitarist (probably too small of a role though). BTW, Uncle Ted, never get rid of Derek St. Holmes, he totally makes your band great!

  16. Hey, I just find it refreshing to see a level headed guitarist who does not sleep in his parent’s basement and actually has a personality and is not a primadona. And he can play….and hunt….and can speak intelligently. The icing on the cake is he has conservative leanings….Hell, he’s not perfect…but he is damn close. Love ya Uncle Ted.

    Yea. Deep down you know ya love him. Oh, and he’s right!!

  17. I am so sorry. I omitted an f from Biff Byford. The guy is really great. He is an all-time metal vocalist and wrote some great songs. SAXON can do epic songs and shorter anthems as well as anybody.

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