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scorpions640 Scorpions drummer James Kottak has released the following statement regarding his arrest and jail sentence in Dubai this past April.

“After years of drinking alcohol, on April 3rd, 2014 my addiction finally caught up with me,” states Scorpions drummer James Kottak. “During a 5-hour flight from Ekaterinburg, Russia to Bahrain via Dubai, during which I consumed 5 or 6 glasses of wine. While at the airport in Dubai I approached an airline representative to check on status of my flight. The representative informed me that I was in the wrong place and I replied ‘WTF?!.’ The representative then called the police and reported that I was intoxicated (which I was) and that I made a lewd jester.”

One of the police officers recognized me as drummer of ‘The Scorpions’. When the police asked me to show my ID., I showed them the ‘Rock & Roll Forever’ tattoo on my back, instead of my actual ID, which was in my back pack my friend was carrying for me. Apparently, the police did not find this funny and I was charged with ‘Drinking Without a License’, for which I pleaded guilty and received a one-month sentence and a 2,000 Dirham (300 USD) fine. I was also charged with insulting Islam/Muslims by making a lewd jester for which I pleaded not guilty and did not actually do.

Upon returning to the United States on May 6th, I immediately reached out to Bob Forrest, an addiction specialist known for his work with musicians and Celebrity Rehab. I have been meeting with Bob on a regular basis. He has guided me to the MusiCares Organization, which provides musicians with help for mental health and addiction issues.

I am determined to come to grips with my alcoholism and am doing everything on a daily basis to beat this relentless disease. This entire incident caused me to realize that it is time to stop drinking once and for all so that I can become the father, musician, and friend that I know I can be.

I am glad to put this unfortunate incident behind me and move onward and upward with my life. I would like to send out a HUGE thank-you to my family, friends and fans around the world for their incredible loving support… you kick ass! I would also like to send a sincere apology from the bottom of my heart to everyone I have affected and look forward to seeing you all!!

With love, James Kottak – Tomorrow is a brand new day!”

In May, the Scorpions released their own statement part of which said “Whatever happened is totally out of our control and we don’t know any details about it at this point. Please understand, we will keep you posted.”

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  1. For anyone who watched The Ex Wives of Rock on Fuse, this came as no surprise.

    While I know that shows can edit people to look a certain way for the camera, this was obvious not matter how it was filmed and/or edited for content. Kottak appeared to be a mess. Hopefully, if not for himself, but for his children, he will get the proper help.

    Dana from 🙂

  2. Agreed, this was obvious to everyone but him. He’s taken the initial steps, but is far from out of the woods. I support anyone who’s trying to better themselves, and sincerely hope he beats this. Although under very different circumstances, Zakk Wylde is a great example of someone who quit the sauce, and is doing better than ever. There’s a million great drummers who would kill to be in the Scorpions, and I hope James realizes how blessed he is.

  3. A drunk rockstar at an airport says “WTF” and gets arrested and jailed for 30 days?! He didn’t punch a cop did he? He didn’t threaten anyone, did he? ATTENTION UNIVERSE – can we focus on jailing the REAL FUCKING criminals and just fine the bad boys of rock and roll? I think Bonzo and Moon are having a good laugh over this.

    1. No Mike M, he is a real criminal. A foul mouthed idiot at an airport holding up a line is a piece of shit and should be arrested. Children don’t need to be subjected to drunken bastards. Who are real criminals? That is the stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard. The guy is admitting a problem and this arrest may affect his future in a very positive way and you still want to defend his antics. You people make me sick and disgusted. I’m done, done, done with this site. I’ve tried to help you people and it is clear that you all are going to whatever you want. It is too bad. Guys are threatening me and calling me sick. I can hold my head up knowing that I’ve tried but this isn’t working out. No more Milkmoney to push around. This is my last ever post. KISS rules regardless of personnel.

      1. But MILKMONEY. I promise not to quote ALL HELL’S BREAKING LOOSE anymore. Check this out:
        That is a song by NY METS outfielder and country singer Garth Brooks called HARD LUCK WOMAN.

          1. Garth covered it on KISS MY ASS which is an awful tribute album. Garth’s HLM is the highlight.

      1. James is far from a wealthy “rock star”. He is a successful member of a big global band but not exactly Mick Jagger. I know him, good guy and love his playing in Scorps. Hope he gets it together.

    2. Bonzo and Moon’s deaths were both preventable so what is there to laugh about. Rock N’ Roll is about quality music, not partying and all these stupid books glamorizing drugs and alcohol are dead wrong. The bad boys of R N R roster: Vince Neil ( killed someone) , Paul Di’Anno (woman beater), Robin Crosby (overdose), who else: Axl Rose, Mike Starr,Bon Scott, Jimmy Hendrick, Gary Moore……..Give it up. You sound so stupid.

      1. Thank you Richman for injecting some common sense into this thread. Paying attention to symptoms is how you prevent unnecessary deaths in the first place.

      2. How does Gary Moore fit in here ? I know he’s deceaesed but, was is a drinking or drug related death? Is he guilty of crimes do to an addiction? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I’m just wondering about the co-relation.

  4. Again when you are in a different country you respect the countries laws And abide by them…period. Obviously they are very strict over there and they have that right to rule that land how they wish. Yes here we have more freedoms, etc but we are just another country (great one ) out of the rest so who are we to criticize.
    Now on another note : Go Kings Go! Beat those stinky Rangers!

  5. To Richman,
    I don’t see how “wife beating” and “killing someone” can be mentioned on the same level as being drunk at an airport, but maybe that’s just me. A few glasses of wine is hardly worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as an “overdose”. My reference to Moon and Bonzo was simply to point that I think they would consider 30 days in jail as being rediculous for what James from the Scorpions did And by the way, who is Jimmy Hendrick? We’ve all heard of Jimi Hendrix. You need to take care before calling anyone else “stupid”.

    1. The Hendrix thing was spell check. Oh well. What’s REDICULOUS? You are a phony patriot who never served in the military. You want to denegrate a Muslim culture ’cause it makes you feel like a man. What do you know about “real criminals?” Are you a cop? The guy was messed up, he didn’t have a few anything. Move along little boy, actual men are posting.

    2. While we all should get on our knees everyday and thank the Lord above that we live in the great county that we do and enjoy the freedoms that we have, we need to remember that it is not the same everywhere and that other cultures need to be respected and appreciated in the same manner that we want our country respected and appreciated. Dubai has many fantastic attributes as a country overall. Alcohol consumption however is something you need to be careful about over there. If the Scorps management team knew they had an alcoholic on their hands, someone should have been babysitting him the whole time he was there. One more thing, lets remember that we have people in this country who serve less jail time than this drummer did for Vehicular Manslaughter/DUI – which is an extremely sad commentary on us socially. We are far from a perfect country and have just as many issues as other countries do. We rape, murder, kidnap, steel, cheat, are racist,eat too much, drink too much, and are viewed by many countries as the problem in the world. Doesn’t make us a bad group of people as a whole. But sometimes I think we’re a little blinded by the ‘Merica in us and can’t realize that we have work to do as a country as well. If you don’t like the laws or cultures in a certain country – don’t go to those countries.

  6. James is a blazing drunk, and probably deserved to be fined. But he should have known what would happen if he pushed his luck. This milkmoney puke must stand in front of the mirror everyday telling himself, that he needs to straighten all of us misguided people out. Well milkmoney, go tell mommy the bad guys are saying bad words
    again. Ask her to yell at us and make us all listen to you, okay? I HATE this tribute band they call KISS, love Ace and Peter. Rock on everyone, keep on keepin’ on Eddie! Up the irons metalheads \m/

    1. Actually the first half of MILKMONEY’S rant is pretty good and MIKE M. is not very smart. It is just hard to take moral advice from a guy calling himself MILKMONEY.

  7. What are some of you arguing about, being drunk at an airport in another is dumb. I guess when someone in a rock band does something bad it goes public. If its gangster rap and hip hopthey do something bad there looked at as heroes and young ones idolize that. My thought that’s what is popular nowadays.

    1. This is not a race issue either. It is not about rappers vs. Metalheads. If this guy has problems and he gets help then his arrest is a good thing. If he himself is acknowledging his issues then why are people minimzing his crime. He may live 25 years longer ’cause of those “horrible Muslims”. Check out LONE SURVIVOR and your opinion of “those people” may change.

  8. To Richman,
    Relax man. I think you are jumping to a lot of conclusions based on a simple point that I tried to make; that 30 days in jail for being drunk at an airport is excessive. And hey, that’s my opinion so I posted it here on Eddie’s site. I seriously doubt I’m completely alone in having that opinion. What makes you infer that I’m a “phony patriot” or that I want to “denegrate the Muslim custure…” What the hell are you even talking about? I didn’t mention anything about those things, you did. So maybe these attacks you send make you feel like an “actual man”, good for you.

    1. You’ re right. I do need to relax. I apologize for my adjectives. God be with you. Let’s move along. Try to get back to funny stuff. Rock music is about quality and fun as well. There is a very kind Muslim in LONE SURVIVOR. All men are my brothers.

      1. No problem, all is well. I agree that rock should be about fun and celebrating life. Sometimes our fave rock stars do stupid things, that’s true. We gotta remember they’re just people like me and you, and we ALL occasionally do (or have done) stupid things that we’re not proud of. I know I have. I’m mean who else could get arrested for being drunk and peeing on the wall of the Alamo while wearing his wife’s dress, but Ozzy Osbourne?! I’m sure he’s not proud of that one, right?

    2. Maybe it’s excessive to a North American. It’s not excessive to a Muslim in the Middle East. I agree many others agree with you, but that doesn’t make it right. This guy got what he deserved based on where he was. To Richman’s point maybe this will be the start if something positive for him. Saw him with Kingdom Come years ago when they opened for the Scorps. His solo was the highlight of their set.

  9. …..And yet almost every time another country is in some kind of trouble, who is the first country they call for support? We feed, shelter, heal, and help everybody & anybody in need. We’re always there. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  10. Regardless of being a rock star in a major band like the Scorpions. If you are traveling to a foreign country you damn well better know what the laws are for drinking or drugs. Especially if the management of the band knows it has a member with an issue, such as this case. It doesn’t matter what we think here in the good ole USA. He was on foreign soil and needs to know their laws. He was thrown in a jail for 30 days, its their law and really doesn’t matter who it offends or what we think. He is lucky that is all he got. He has to take responsibility for his actions. It could have been much worse if they were traveling to say Saudi or some other foreign country. I lived in Singapore a few years back and there is no tolerance for drugs or firearms. Penalty is death and that is it, no questions asked. maybe a caning of 15 to 20 lashes if your lucky. So you need to know the laws of where your going. the Scorpions play all over the world, both Muslim and Islamic laws apply to some of the those countries. The band and management need to do their homework if they are going to play in these countries. James definitely needs to get his life in order so he can continue to provide his incredible skills playing the drums for whoever he plays for. He is a very talented drummer and has done some excellent work with the Scorpions and Kingdom Come. But don’t blame the countries and their laws, no matter what we think…..they had their laws well in place before James showed up drunk and bantering about in the airport halls. I do hope the Scorpions give him a second chance, providing he cleans up his act, as I said, he is a very talented musician !

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