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KissRock640 The boss of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has hit back at Paul Stanley, describing the KISS frontman as a “borderline racist.”

CEO Joel Peresman had come under fire from Stanley over the handling of his band’s induction at this year’s ceremony. He and bandmate Gene Simmons wanted the current lineup to play at last month’s gala night while organizers only wanted the original members to perform. The argument ended in a stalemate, with the band not performing at the ceremony.

Stanley – who took a pot shot at judges from their own stage – this week reignited the argument by calling the Rock Hall “elitist” and claiming it lacked credibility.

Now Peresman has broken his silence, hailing Simmons’ acceptance speech, but slamming his bandmate. He tells, “It was a lovely speech; it was actually kind of classy – as opposed to Paul’s. He’s been almost borderline racist. Not in that speech, but in other interviews talking about how hip-hop artists shouldn’t be inducted because they don’t play instruments. It’s like, ‘what are you, kidding?’

And he talks about the nominating committee, and how those guys don’t buy records. Those guys buy records. They’re fucking fans. Those guys are writers and critics and musicians. Those are the people who buy records and got into the business because they love music.”

But Peresman may have gotten his facts wrong. In a recent interview it was Simmons, not Stanley, who slated hip-hop. The bassist said in March: “A few people decide what’s in and what’s not and the masses just scratch their heads. You’ve got Grandmaster Flash in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Run DMC in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You’re killing me! That doesn’t mean those aren’t good artists. But they don’t play guitar. They sample and they talk – not even sing.”

Stanley made his own race-hate allegations when he referred to former bandmates Ace Frehly and Peter Criss as people who resented being “unfairly manipulated by money-grubbing Jews.” In March he said he stood by his allegations.

At the ceremony in Brooklyn on April 10, KISS were inducted alongside Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, The E Street Band and others.



  1. Really? He’s racist because he said hip hop doesn’t belong in the rrhof? This PC garbage has got to stop! That is not even remotely racist. The rock and roll hall of fame is such a joke! Not trying to get political but this liberal race baiting crap is out of control.

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          2. Yes, perhaps we should arm all the school children. That would solve all the problems. Ughhhhh

        2. Idiot. Use your own brain to think and not the party who’s line you tow while on your knees. The people who do the killing are the mental whackjobs (all leftists) and the minorities your side pretends to care about.

          1. DR you are just another example of a low information voter who has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Liberals and their policies such as gun free zones, Medicaid, obumacare, food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing, cash assistance & numerous other bizarre illogical theories such as global warming/climate change (seriously????) & organizations & people that create reverse discrimination & biased favoritism for homosexuals such as the ACLU & people like Obuma, Biden, Dianne Not So Feinstein, Al Not So Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and many more have done absolutely nothing but enable bad people to take advantage of good honest hard working people to pay taxes so they can pop out 5 babies to 5 different dads by age 22 & have their medical bills paid for and all of their meals, putting the country into extremely severe debt to fund programs for bizarre theories like global warming (wowza) & cost thousands of Americans their lives every year thanks to gun free zones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should also be noted that Obuma’s hometown has one of the strictest gun regulations in America and some of the highest crime rates committed by repeat felons over and over again with you guessed it, guns & us good guys can’t defend ourselves because gun laws “make us safer.” So DR if someone ever is threatening your life do you want one of us good guys with guns to save you or will the gun free zone save you or 911 & waiting 5-10 minutes for someone with a gun to get there before it’s too late? Liberalism is by far the downfall of America and a sign of pure evil without a doubt.

  2. For all the grief he catches, Paul Stanley is so far above these HOF worms, that it’s not even debatable. Which is why I think KISS, should have gone the John Lydon route and told them to screw.

  3. Everyone just needs to stop talking and play music…even if it sucks. I don’t care about the RRHOF, nor do I care much about this last reincarnation of Kiss, or as I call it, Kiss-lite.

    1. I’ve really had it with any publicity anyone from KISS. I know the media are just doing their jobs. But the endless headlines and gossip/bickering is all just so negative. I even dont want to hear any KISS music for awhile. Just go away!

  4. Paul is correct on that fact. HIP HOP is not ROCK it’s a RRHOF not a modern music hall of fame. Hip Hop doesn’t belong there many more than country music does. Rock and Roll by it’s definition since the 50s has been Guitars, Bass, Drums ,Keyboards and vocals primarily. Not turntables and bad poetry.

    Eddie , you could fix all this with the Official Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Hall of Fame. Metal fans are the most loyal fans in the world, I’m sure if you pushed for something like this you’d get plenty of support from fans and bands.

  5. The RRHOF has zero credibility. Kiss should have given them the middle finger…. I don’t need so-called “validation” for the bands I enjoy…..

  6. I can’t believe I am actually defending Paul or Gene but to be honest, hip hop is not rock n roll. They shouldn’t be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

    How long before Maya Angelou is on the ballot? I am sure there will be some sort of special “poetry” wing added to the RRHOF before long. Obviously I am kidding.

    They induct too many bands/artists each year. They are going to be running out of legitimate people to induct.

    It isn’t racist to suggest that Hip Hop should not be in the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME. What part of Rock n Roll is in hip hop? The sampling part?

    The fact that Deep Purple is not in yet and Public Enemy is, that is insanity.

    Ok, stepping down off my high horse.

  7. I am siding with Paul on this one 100%! This Hall chief is clueless. I can see why the Rock Hall is such a joke, now! We need a REAL rock and roll/metal Hall of Fame. Maybe a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Hall with a different name other than “Hall”.

  8. Paul is right. It is the ROCK and ROLL hall of fame. Let rappers and DJs form their own. However, KISS has been a punch line for a joke for 30 years now. Their albums are a joke (“how many anthems about raising our fists and glasses for the love of RnR can we try and write on THIS album, boys?”). Their set lists are a complete joke and embarrassingly predictable. Hey Paul and Gene, can we just please omit Shout it out Loud, Rock and Roll All Nite, Love Gun, and all the other songs that you’ve played every night, every show, ad nauseum for 40 years and put some deep cuts in the set list that the REAL KISS fans – the ones stopped coming to your shows because it’s turned into a joke – want to hear?!? How about Watchin’ You or Exciter? Or Magic Touch or I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You? Stop being so boring and predictable, and reward the TRUE fans for once! #tarnishingYOURlegacy

    1. Lardzy, quite honestly, if they changed the set list, you still wouldn’t be able to hear the difference, because of Paul butchering the songs with his “Great” vocals.

      But you’re right, they’re a joke, especially this incarnation of the band.

  9. I agree. Hip hop is rap . It is a genre of its on but the rnrhof should have been called something else if they knew rap artist n other pop artist were to be considered . Clearly the CEO and others are placing these artist in based on an art format and whats popular because we all know theirs nothing about rock r rill In artist like abba . Ll cooj and madonna. They should have made an addition. To the whole process and I think most people would have respected it more in terms of its validity. As far as paul stanley all I can say is as a longtime very huge kiss fan since I was 6 now 42 I have never questioned his direction of music or take on kiss . Up until what he and I state he had done to kiss .in last 13yrs. I have been seeing a difference in paul and as I read his new book I think its clear why he makes the kind of decisions he does especially in last 12 yrs . With this whole new kiss lineup which I am 100% not supportive of.I think its shame and disrespectful to the history of kiss to the fans and to ace and peter . I think its more of a selfish person like paul thats its always about what he wants more then maybe whats more wrong then right

  10. Slash said the exact same thing about hip hop artists in the RRHOF on the Stern show, doubt Peresman would call him “boderline racist” or anything close to that. Haven’t been a fan of Stanley running his mouth, but this Peresman guy is reaching here just because his feelings were hurt by Stanley’s speech. Truthfully, the only thing out of Paul’s mouth in a while that is refreshing was his RRHOF speech.

    1. I believe when Paul called Ace & Peter out on that idiotic Jewish statement that gad ALOT to do with Pressman calling Paul a “borderline racist”. A very bad & unfortunate statement on Paul’s part for making a statement clearly out of anger that wasn’t true BUT even a bigger blunder by Pressman……clearly both men have some issues going on within themselves in regards to this topic…..Joe in The Cuse

  11. Oh wow, I have fucking had it with the race card already, ENOUGH!! Just because you speak out against rap & say you don’t like hip-hop, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE OR MAKE YOU A RACIST! My respect for Paul & Gene just went way back UP! Most opinions are of the truth, rappers are NOT musicians, they don’t play instruments, they don’t sing, and they are NOT creative! What makes an “artist” today? sampling? stealing other peoples music? yeah, real creative. Before the bullshit stars let me say I like ALOT of R&B, funk, and even some jazz FROM the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. I’m a rocker first & foremost, but I can admit I do like bands like Kool & the gang, Earth wind & fire, because they SING & PLAY instruments, that’s what you call musicians & artist. Why is it when somebody says they don’t like rock ‘n’ roll or heavy metal, they’re not called a “racist”?? but say you don’t like rap and right away you get labeled with bullshit. I’ve heard in a lot of interviews a lot of black people themselves say they don’t like rap/hip-hop, so what would you call them? I don’t care if it was Ozzy, Springsteen, Nugent, Hagar, even Halford, if any of them just to name a few “rapped” I would not listen to it. Paul & Gene are 100% right as far as this goes, if you don’t SING, PLAY instruments, or at least write your own music/lyrics, something, you should NOT be in the R&R HOF!

  12. That dude is reaching for anything he can to recover from Paul’s burn. The rap and hip hop acts don’t deserve to be in the Hall because they are not Rock and Roll and it is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  13. Hmm..pauls a racist? peresman may want to listen to some rap lyrics sometime…what a bunch of garbage rap has become…I never had a reason to go to the hof until kiss got in…I still may give them the middle finger as I walk in…btw, anyone know how much they r soaking the public for a tix?

  14. Who is this guy anyways? What exactly has he done to justify being the head of the RROF? What the hell does he know about Rock & Roll?

    Obviously nothing.

      1. Hey Eddie, YOU should be in charge of the R&R HOF! Then real “musicians & artists” like deep purple & others would have been in a LONG time ago, and NOT non-musicians like rappers!

          1. Hey MR. Peresman, people try to take my soul away, but I don’t hear the RAP that they all say. Is that “offensive” too MR. Peresman? Hey Joel, do you want to know what’s really “offensive”? Especially to music fans? RUN DMC is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame & Deep Purple isn’t, NOW THAT’S OFFENSIVE!!

  15. I normally can’t stand Paul but in this case the hall of shame is showing it’s true shameful colors!! Rock&roll is not hip hop!! That’s like coming out with the hall of hip hop and inducting motor head in! Want to rant but the hall of shame just is not worth it!

  16. A totally valid view point. Hip hop, whatever its merit, has ZERO place in a rock and roll hall of fame. Why these clowns think they can talk any trash to Gene or Paul after the 20 year slight they fed them is just further proof how delusional they are. So many legitimate, accomplished, true rock and roll bands remain on the wrong side of their fence. They are just space cadets that have, as a result of a perverse corporate feeding frenzy, been given control of something they only pretend to understand. I condemn them to hell (or to kissing my/our ass), whichever is more realistic….haha

    James Perkins
    Houston, Texas


  18. Joel Pressman is bitter……Paul Stanley is bitter……who cares. They should both get a room. The only one who showed ANY CLASS throughout this whole shut bird mess was ACE FREHLEY period. Joe in The Cuse

  19. Lets see hip hop and rap have taken over all of mainstream culture. Does regular good rock music get much populairity nowa days not at all. So Paul Stanley is right about the hall of fame. You can thank the feminist from the 80’s that said metal music was causeing kids to kill themselves. You listen to Hip Hop, they degrade women, rap about shoting up in the hood and no parental outrage. If its rock and metal oh that’s evil music.

  20. We all take the name “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” too literally. It is clearly just the Pop Music Hall. We all know who the bands in OUR Hall are. When they pull their collective heads from their asses and put in a Rush or KISS, that’s great. When they don’t, I don’t sweat it, as it has absolutely no impact good or bad. KISS won’t sell any better now than before, unless they manage to write some good songs again. Highly unlikely.

  21. All music has merit excerpt deliberately vulgar stuff. I want to share a story of hope with everybody. I have a friend who is African-American named Nelson. He was very depressed years ago and I needed to help him out. He was a Miles Davis fan but I asked him to listen to something. That something helped him get it back together. That something allowed for him to marry a lovely African-American girl and now they have 4 beautiful children together and Nelson is very happy. That something is of course CRAZY NIGHTS by KISS. The song: REASON TO LIVE gave Nelson a reason to live. It was Paul Stanley and his message that gave my friend a new lease on life. Does that sound racist? God bless you Paul Stanley and your beautiful message.
    Love, the RICHMAN (rich in spirit not money ’cause I’m doing the overnight shift on Saturday/Sunday).

  22. Bottom line, if it was Rock n Roll it wouldn’t be called Hip Hop. Put ’em in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame if there is such a thing. Oh, and the last I check there are white hip hop artists. There are also African-American rock and roll artists such as Chuck Berry that ARE in the RRHOF and deserve to be. This guy is just a plain dick.

    1. Exactly, every “white” person I know including myself loves B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Vic Johnson, just to name a few. But I guess that don’t matter to some people because to them if you don’t like rap/hip-hop, you’re a “racist”. It’s people like Pressman that keep dividing this country, hey Joel, I don’t like grunge or country music either, so now what do you want to call me?

  23. What in the blue hell is a “borderline racist?” Seriously? You either are or you aren’t. These illogical moronic ruining America and all it stands for liberals are pure 100% evil. They must be stopped! Borderline racist lmao! What, you are only racist against some blacks, Asians, etc but not all of them? You listen to Madonna’s “borderline” while stating rap doesn’t belong in the extremely liberal biased country club known as the so called RRHOF? When will it end???

          1. You see Merv, being educated is kinda like being Anti Liberal. You either are or you aren’t.

  24. Recently rewatched the TMS episode listing out many of the bands yet to make it into the RRHOF from Deep Purple on. Hip-hop/ rap is not rock whether you like it or not, just as jazz or classical symphony are not. They don’t belong in the RRHOF either. The fact is they are more than a decade behind in inducting ROCK BANDS into the ROCK AND ROLL hall of fame. Joe Peresman can spew whatever crap he wants, but until they place ROCK groups into the ROCK hall of fame, anything he says is as worthless as this statement was.

  25. The Rock Hall excludes entire genres of music, but complaining about hip-hop is racist? Paul Stanley also said Laura Nyro shouldn’t have been inducted as a performer, and he’s a big fan of hers, but they have a non-performer category. Why not expand the non-performer category and induct 10 performers a year?

    If Wenner wanted to call it the Rolling Stone Hall of Fame, that would have been fine, but he didn’t. He wanted a committee so the record companies wouldn’t buy votes, so it’s by committee. They should be consistent with their rules, which Eddie has called them out on many times on. 10 artists, 2 public opinion votes, 10 non-performers, and everyone has a fun night.

  26. I’m not the biggest Stanley fan but Pressman’s comments are a little unfair. There have been many many Rock bands, music critics, and regular fans that take their name literally “the rock n roll hall of fame”. There is no racism whatsoever to that. They simply see the other artists as not performing that type of music (rap, pop, r and b). I totally agree with that thinking and music in general can’t be caught under one big heading, “the rock n roll hall of fame”. If this were the case KISS would have just been inducted into the Music Hall of Fame. I really believe that’s the only distinction Stanley is making. If there was a pop hall of fame I wouldn’t think KISS would belong in it. There are categories in life people and there are things that make everyone different. Its ok and doesn’t have to be automatically racist. I really think it’s that simple and Stanley’s comments or Gene’s comments come from that point of view and not a racist one. I agree with them and I’m not racist…

  27. Did half the people commenting here not read the above article???? It clearly states that Paul DID NOT make those “rappers shouldn’t be in the RRHoF” comments – GENE did! So why are some of you attributing the comments to Paul in your comments???? (if you’re going to slam the incredibly clueless Joel Peresman, at least read the whole story!)

  28. Why are we talking about guns and mowing people down? Were talking about Paul and the hall of fame. We have to listen to this crap on the news. This site is to help us shy away from that horrible stuff for a minute just like the music dose.

  29. I’m siding with Gene and Paul. Joel Peresman is a buffoon for making such comments. Not everything is racist. Hip hop artists in the RRHOF is baloney.

  30. ANTI-LIBERAL, DOUG R. and the extremely annoying RICHMAN all need to go home. You’re all very sick people that need help. The only insight you guys have is into how ridiculous all of you are. DOUG, all you are is a butt kisser. ANTI-LIBERAL, this is not fox news and RICHMAN, the ALL HELL’S BREAKING LOOSE thing was funny the first time but now 250 times later it like you has run it’s course.


    2. Hey milkmoney, (speaking of sick people who need help) when the f did you become the POST POLICE? We all have a right to our opinions and to speak our minds around here. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Oh yeah, I don’t know anything about being a butt kisser, but if that’s what you’re looking for, a butt kisser, try Chris Matthews, I hear he’s pretty good at it, MR. thrill up his leg. Now go home, grab a cigar, and stick it up your ass & smoke it! Have a nice day.

      1. Yeah, bravo, how many more times are you 2 losers going to change your names? Why don’t the both of you man up and be yourselves. Maybe you should ask Tommy & Eric to help you both find your true identities, oh wait, nevermind, their still looking for theirs themselves. Goodnight.

  31. I read the entire article thanks. My only point was that the artists and other music industry people and fans take the term “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame” literally. The point was Gene or Paul or Joe blow that feels this way is looking at it from that perspective and for Pressman to make such a statement is Ludacris especially when it comes from this literal vantage point that rock n roll means rock n roll. It’s that simple. Poodles wouldn’t be in the hound dog hall of fame. If the organization feels Rock n Roll is a broader term then fine. Maybe it’s time to define it better or change the name or add to it. Gene’s comments or anyone else that makes similar statements are not automatically racist. They are looking at it as they are excluding music that doesn’t fit the umbrella for which you refer to yourself as. For Pressman to bring racism into the conversation just makes everything more divisive. Not exactly what’s needed right about now…

  32. I agree rap should not be in the hof…after all, its sampling /stealing others music and changing lyrics to make it their own…sounds vaguely familiar..oh yea,

  33. If we spent as much time talking about the music as we do arguing over opinions on here then the music would actually be heard. Opinions are just that! Throwing hatred around does nothing at all for anyone. We are all metal heads that love the music and should be sharing our love for it and not calling each other names kind of childish! My posts offend no one. If you like politics go on CNN and post on there. What does gun laws have anything to do with metal music? If you want to assault people become a comic do not treat people poorly that you have never meet makes zero sense to me what so ever. I love metal music and if you can’t share the same love for that I do then whats the point of this sight and comment box? Now watch someones going to through a bunch of F-bombs at me. Just to make them self feel better but threat people like crap only makes me feel like dirt!! I’d much rather treat people with respect any day but that’s just me. Being nice in my eye’s is a good thing. Hope everyone just in joy the music like we should bee doing on here. Lol

    1. Yeah Brian, you have to be careful about what you say & how you say it around here, trust me. Certain people, ( I won’t name any names but they know who they are ) just love to put words in your mouth, and then twist it, and make it sound like you said something you didn’t say, and make it sound like you meant something you didn’t mean. One minute you’re talking about music & the next thing you know you’re in the middle of a political battle, and/or you got certain people insulting you just because either you disagree with them, or they just don’t like something you said. But despite all that, this really is a great site for music, most people around here are really cool, for the most part. We don’t all have to agree on everything, the same bands, or all or some of their members, but I think we’re all in agreement that we all love music right? isn’t that why we’re all here? Have a good one.

      1. I totally agree!! Some people just love to hate and it is kinda sad! I hate no one. I have so much respect for others too bad it does not go both ways! I feel sorry for Dana sometimes! She works hard to inform us and help us to learn about the music we all love. Then a few angry people who have nothing better to do but start trouble because for I’ll never understand nor do I ever want to. If anyone is bothered by anything I’ve said then I’m just as wrong as any of the haters on here and I at least have the heart to apologize for it. Most of the people don’t admit it and that where the issues come through. I appreciate your words because you said it in proper manner and I thank you for it and I’m sure Dana wishes all of us would do that. Just didn’t under stand what talking about gun laws had to do with Paul and the hall of fame that’s all half the comments had nothing to do with Paul. It bad enough the media pounds the horrible stuff in this world down our throats. Music is meant to ease our minds of all the horrible stuff in the world so why bring such depressing sad stuff into the one thing we use to escape it. Have a great night all!!

        1. Thank you Brian, you have summed up how I feel at times very well.

          I am all for mature and intelligent debates, I think that’s great. What I don’t care for is name calling, mudslinging and snarky, degrading comments between posters. It’s easy to insult. It takes finesse to get one’s point across in a constructive manner.

          Dana 🙂

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