Playlist – 8/9/13

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Tesla: Modern Day Cowboy
Dokken: It’s Not Love
Aerosmith: Rats In The Cellar
Skid Row: Slave To The Grind
The Winery Dogs: Not Hopeless
Triumph: Magic Power
Rob Zombie: Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
Type O Negative: Christian Woman
Dio: Welcome To My Nightmare
Rainbow: Long Live R&R
Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe
Queensryche w/Tate: Running Backwards
Queensryche w/LaTorre: Vindication
Bret Michael w/Ace Frehley: Nothin But A Good Time
Accept: The Abyss
Metallica: Am I Evil
Tom Keifer: Solid Ground
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
The Godz: Gotta Keep A Runnin (UC)
Device w/Lzzy Hale: Close My Eyes Forever

8 thoughts on “Playlist – 8/9/13

      1. I really enjoyed the show. He sounded great and seems like a really great guy with all of the charity he does. Poison is one of the only bands that I was a big fan of back in the day that I never had a chance to see. Now I just have to see C.C., Bobby, and Rikki to complete it.

        And Rubix Kube opened. What a trip that was!

  1. well, again, David Coverdale and Whitesnake get played, but no shout out to the in my opinion very underated Coverdale/Page cd released 20 years ago now in 1993

  2. Hey Eddie i know that i have not come online to see your new web site it look very coll but your play list
    is started to get better but you should put more in to it i understand you web site is mess up hey things happen . By the way i see that you lost weight you look great .

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