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acefrehley400 Guitar World has posted an excerpt online from their July 2014 issue which features an interview with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Read the clip in its entirety below.

Jeff Kitts reports:

This year started off innocently enough for Ace Frehley. Just one week prior to Christmas 2013, the former KISS lead guitarist learned that he and his comrades in the original lineup—Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss—were finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after 15 years of eligibility (and 15 years of outcry from the Kiss Army).

A cause for celebration, no doubt—and a golden opportunity for the four founding members of the legendary rock band to perform onstage together again for the first time since October 7th, 2000, the final North American date of their Farewell Tour.

And then, somehow, it all imploded. In the weeks preceding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on April 10th in Brooklyn, New York, KISS became the primary focus of every public and private discussion surrounding the event after they announced that there would be no performance—let alone a reunion—that night.

To make matters worse, the band members seized every opportunity to lambast one another in the press on a seemingly daily basis, effectively rendering what was supposed to be a triumphant reunion performance loaded with all the blood-spitting, fire-breathing, makeup-running pageantry that fans had been clamoring for all these years into a pitiful non-event.

“I was like, Jesus Christ, after 40 years of support you can’t give the fans 10 minutes?” says a still worked-up Frehley over a cup of black tea at Guitar World headquarters in New York. “The fans wanted it, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wanted it. But Gene and Paul didn’t. It’s sad. They definitely lost some fans because of this decision.

I think the reason they didn’t want to get together with the original members was because they’re afraid of history repeating itself. When we did Unplugged in 1995, you saw what happened: because the fans were so excited about me and Peter playing with those guys, they had to scrap their last record [with then-current members Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer] and do a reunion tour [with Frehley and Criss in 1996]. Although at this point I don’t think Peter could do a two-hour show and a full tour. But I still got the chops. I definitely blow [current Kiss guitarist] Tommy Thayer off the stage.”

It’s obvious that Frehley is fired up, and with good reason. With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fiasco behind him, the clean-and-sober Spaceman is able to focus on the things in life that make him happy, like living in San Diego with his pretty blond 47-year-old fiancé Rachael Gordon, writing books, working with Gibson on various signature guitars and recording new music. Space Invader, his first record since 2009’s top-notch Anomaly, is due out in a few weeks, and Ace couldn’t be more excited.

“I haven’t had a drink in more than seven and a half years, and I feel great now,” says the 63-year-old guitarist. “I’m writing great songs and I’m singing great, and I’m super excited about this new album. It’s gonna be even better than Anomaly. I played some tracks for a couple of guys I was considering using for mixing, and the first thing out of their mouths was, ‘God, your voice sounds like it did on your 1978 solo record.’ Unlike some other people, whose voices aren’t maybe what they used to be. Not to name names, or anything.”

Guitar World: Your love affair with alcohol during KISS’ heyday—and, well, all through the Eighties and Nineties—is well documented. Do you miss it? Are there days when you want a drink?

Ace Frehley: No. I haven’t had the urge to drink in a long time. And I don’t miss the hangovers, I don’t miss the smells, the late nights at the bars, or the people. I was hanging out with some pretty shady people in my heavy-drinking-and-coke years. I was in some situations that really could have gone sideways. I was just lucky. And you have to realize that my fans used to emulate my behavior when I was a crazy man—“Ace is a party animal, let’s go get loaded!” Then they’d go crash their car, and I’d feel terrible.

Now it’s turned around. And when someone comes up to me and says that they haven’t had a drink in six months and that they’re doing well because I am, that makes my day. Maybe that’s one reason why God has kept me alive. By all rights I should have died a half dozen times already, so every day above ground I’m thrilled.

Guitar World: Did you think KISS would ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Ace Frehley: I knew that [the Hall] had to buckle to popular opinion. It was only a matter of time. We were first eligible 15 years ago, so I knew it would happen eventually. I mean, how can you exclude KISS, one of the biggest American rock groups in history? Even though we didn’t perform, I’m still thrilled to be in it.

Guitar World: Where were you when you found out that you were being inducted?

Ace Frehley: I was at home in San Diego and got a call from my manager. Then, about a week later, I got the “congratulatory” call from Paul and Gene. And I could tell that there was some hesitancy on their part about the whole thing. I was asking them if we were gonna play, and Gene avoided the question by saying, “Well, we’re just looking forward to getting the four of us up there together and celebrating…whatever.” It was a noncommittal congratulatory call.

Then, about a week later, I was told that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame absolutely wants the four original members to reunite, and I said, “Great, I’ll do it.” And there was silence from Gene and Paul. And finally it was shot down. The next thing I heard is that Paul and Gene wanted to perform with the current KISS lineup [with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer]. And I said, Well, that’s kind of a slap in the face. I mean, they’re not even being inducted. I have to sit through a KISS cover band when I’m receiving an award? I don’t think so.

I also heard at one point that they wanted me to perform in makeup with Tommy at the same time. I really didn’t want to be onstage with Tommy, but I said I would do it, as long as I got to play the bulk of the songs and that I could wear the Destroyer costume. Then a few days later [it was], “No, we’re not gonna play at all.” It was almost like they were trying to bait me, so that if I said no to anything they would just blame me for there being no performance. I was almost going to boycott the whole thing.

For the rest of this story, check out the June 2014 issue at the Guitar World Online Store.

source: guitarworld.com


  1. Paul and Gene really do suck! It would have taken 15 minutes out of what’s left of their shitty kiss careers. Ace was right he would blow Tommy off the stage. Glad Ace is continually moving on . I love Anamoly. Space Invader sounds even better. Go Ace!!!

    1. True. I would not want 2 see 2 wanna be Ace&Peter Clones. Gene &Paul should just call it A “DAY”!!! Personality I see it as an insult 2 Ace;Peter&Every Kiss Fan. Hell if it wasn’t For Ace & Peter u would have no Kiss!! They are The Backbone Of Kiss. Hey Remember who’s Solo Album did best well it wasn’t Gene or Paul. It was Ace! Gene Paul Stop thinking about $;think about those 2 Guys that helped u get were u are”TODAY”!!!!

  2. I recorded American ldol just watched it not only was paul struggling gene wasn’t even playing, on love gun his right arm was up and you could hear the bass now that is weak paul wants to dog ace at least he plays live

    1. Your post reminds of me of me often asking myself, why I do hear some background rhythm guitar going on (YT live videos!) though Paul is bouncing around doing whatever he does like e.g. waving his hands etc., this would not be the fiorst case that there is a bit of guitar running from a disc underneath to potntially make up for somebody’s loss on stage.

  3. Well what was WAS. Ace really showed a incredible amount of respect & integrity through the ups & downs of that. I will make a point that one day Gene or Paul….or maybe both will wake up one morning and look back at how really FOOLISH they looked at how they handled this whole RRHoF situation. It obviously is no secret now how their antics made them look really bad, and that is very evident. The best news is Ace is healthy & is with us. Peter is healthy & is with us. Paul & Gene are both healthy and are with us. I always have believed in The Power of the Universe. Who knows maybe one day the four of them can reunite at a Starbucks and talk about all THE POSITIVE about what “KISS” served to us instead of all the negative….Joe in The Cuse

  4. Yea if he only had the spectacular voice that Paul does now. At least it will be some new material for Tommy to copy. Was that KISS on American Idol last night or was it Cold Gin? From Paul’s vocal it sure sounded like the tribute band it has become. Maybe Paulie should try out for American Idol. He wouldn’t even make it to Hollywood week.

    What a joke KISS has become.

    1. A “joke” that is still very lucrative. Meanwhile, Ace’s only concern right now is whether or not the photographer properly air-brushed his beer gut out of the promo shots for the new album. And don’t forget, dark colors are very slimming.

      1. Dana, I’m curious why you are allowing this Flaming Yute character to be included in this forum calling people here “douchebags”? Give him the boot. This is no place for losers like him. And Yute…keep your derogatory remarks to yourself. Your the only person of the kind of this site.

        1. Are you concerned about derogatory remarks about everyone, or just Ace? Because there are plenty of derogatory remarks. Its discouraging to see some of these posts because this is no longer a debate, but a mudslinging contest. Who can make the most derogatory remarks on this site?
          On another note, I am looking forward to Space Invader, but I still like the current lineup in KISS. If Ace was in KISS, he would not be putting Space Invader out. I think people should be glad there is TWO great artists putting out new material these days instead of nothing from either side.

        2. Rich,

          I don’t remember approving them, but I will get rid of them now.

          Why can’t people act juts like mature adults who can engage in healthy debate instead of diaper wearing cry babies who have to resort to mudslinging? I think Eddie needs to start selling ad space for Huggies and pacifiers on the site-LOL!

          Dana 🙂

          1. Be careful dana…P/G may already have a license for kiss diapers and pacifiers…u may be sued…lol

          2. Dana……I believe the first comment I ever made here was something along the lines that hopefully this comments section makes it more than a year or two before Eddie and yourself have had enough, or you guys make the move to only allow paying members to comment.

          3. Ryan,

            I have to compliment Eddie, he has displayed much more patience for the snarky comments that he receives, than I have. I think when you are a public figure, you should expect a certain amount of constructive criticism and one should be able to handle it with grace like a mature adult. However, some of the comments that I have read addressed to Eddie are just downright rude, nasty, redundant to the point of incredible annoyance, and simply hateful. God knows, what he did to receive such vitriol. I could understand if he committed murder, rape, etc. He has a difference of opinion about KISS. Wow, look out folks-LOL! It’s ludicrous.

            As for the denigrating comments between posters, I don’t care for that one bit either. It is completely unnecessary, mean spirited and a waste of board space as far as I am concerned. Internet trolls are nothing but a bunch of cowards.

            D 🙂

          4. Dana…..you and Eddie keep up the good fight! I won’t be surprised one bit, though, and wouldn’t blame you one bit if you guys have to go the pay route if people want to comment. I’ve seen it happen on other sites and it 99% of the time it weeds out the trolls real quickly and they will move back over to another free metal/rock site or find an old AOL chatroom to hang out in like they did in their youth where they would scroll “name your band” sucks a million times…lol…. You can only moderate so much before enough is enough.

          5. It’s good to see that Thesaurus you got for your birthday is being put to use.

          6. Hey Puke, uh sorry, I mean Yute,

            Does it make you feel like a big man picking on a woman? Guess I struck a nerve with you, which is ironic, considering the nerve you have with all of your insolent comments on this site.

            While we are the on the subject of a Thesaurus, I have a word that describes you perfectly , care to guess what it is and then look up the proper synonyms?

            Have a good one,
            Dana from ET.com 🙂

            PS-Thank you for stalking this site on a regular basis.

          7. You aggravate the heck out of me, but that cracked me up, I just had to post it. Hysterical.

            D 🙂

          8. “Huggies and pacifiers on the site-“……. Uhhhhhh…..hmmmmm…..well….I could get some of those baby wipes….to add in…..Joe in The Cuse

  5. Enough said. Ace is awesome I just met him earlier this month as a fan of his for about 37 yrs it was a kick to say the least. He is right he would blow tommy off the stage . I am glad he finally spoke out and said it. It validates the whole thing. Ace created something so awesome and special even tommy thayer wants it. U can’t blame him but it does not mean he’s better then ace cause he’s not. He is nothing more than a fan who played a kiss tribute act after his own band black n blue fell off the map and the dude was offered a job working behind the scenes for kiss .. u probably know the rest its all documented but even as paul and gene say this lineup is best its only because they can control earn and not have to as what they would say pu up with behavior of ace and peter. That doesnt translate into better music it just makes them feel better n more in control. I dont support kiss in this lineup. As a lifetime supporter of all eras of kiss except this current lineup I do this out of respect for ace and peter because as a longtime I see this more about what paul n gene want more then the fans looking back fuckin can see all kinds of things they slid by but not this one. Congrats to ace and peter for induction last month and can’t wait to buy ace new album as I just know it will meet all my expectations. Ace rules

  6. I think the delusional douchebag is you who cannot get it in your thick skull that Kiss is a cover band and Tommy Thayer sucks. And Paul’s voice is shot to hell.
    Funny for all the bitching and moaning Paul and Gene have done lately about Ace (and Peter) they still play the same basic setlist of CLASSIC Kiss songs the originals made famous decades ago.
    Have fun shelling out $$$$ to see that train wreck and buying your Tommy Thayer t-shirt.

    In my opinion, Anomaly was a good record from Ace. I liked the variety of songs on it.
    I hope Space Invader does as well or better for him.
    Main thing for Ace is he is healthy and doing the kind of music he wants to do.

  7. I’m still waiting for someone to call Ace out on his Hall of Fame contradictions. On Eddie’s show, just 48 hours before Paul and Gene announced they weren’t playing the RARHOF at all, Ace insinuated there was no talk of performing together in makeup, out of makeup, etc. He was just told they were playing with Tommy and Eric. Prior to that, in his first Trunk appearance, he said he wouldn’t go up there if there were two Spacemen. Suddenly, after the ceremony, he starts saying Paul and Gene wanted both him and Tommy up there in full costume and he agreed to it with certain rules. So which one is it?

    And here’s something for you Ace. Paul Stanley’s voice has deteriorated because he gave KISS fans 40 years of himself. You didn’t. It’s lunacy for Ace to even compare their vocal stylings in the first place. I love Ace’s vocals but he never truly sang like Paul sang. Paul pretty much sounds like what a 62 year old guy that has sang like he did for 40 years is going to sound like.

    Gotta love how Ace still got the subtle dig in at Peter Criss with the “Peter can’t do it anymore but I still got the chops.” I don’t think the Trunk Birthday bash really resolved the animosity there.

    Gene retweeted a pic of the Space Invader album cover artwork. Thought that was interesting. I’d still like to see Ace back in KISS before they call it quits. I’d love to get one last record with Ace, Paul, Gene, and Singer. I do hate it when he talks smack on Tommy because Tommy took a job any of us would’ve taken and pretty much pays tribute to one his influences every night. I can understand biting back at Paul but Tommy doesn’t sling anything at Ace and generally always takes the high road.

    1. I don’t think Paul and Gene wanted Ace in makeup and costume while Tommy wears it had they performed at the HoF. He would perform with Tommy and Eric if it was only him in makeup and costume, not the other way around. There’s no way you can have two Space Aces in one stage.

    2. Cozmosis……Tommy takes the high road because he knows where his bread is getting buttered. Methinks the reason why he doesn’t sling any mud at Ace is because he been commanded by the Lord Siths Gene and Paul to never, ever bad mouth Ace because that could piss off a lot of Kiss fans, and I don’t know how many more times it needs to be stated that Gene and Paul are about $$$$$$, and no amount of money is ever enough. I just crack up at anyone thinking Singer or Thayer takes the “high road”, lol. Have you ever heard Singer bad mouth Peter? Nah, what a surprise. Gene and Paul understand they will take the bullet on the Ace and Peter bashing. The fans accept the bickering between the four originals, but no way in hell are they going let two imposters start ripping on them.

      1. Anybody remember both Ace and Peter played with the so-called “imposters” and hell Peter did a freakin album with Tommy (Symphony)…why doesn’t anyone ever bring that up…Ace and Peter only care now because of the RRHOF,otherwise neither would be getting press,period…

        1. Somehow George that fact always gets lost in the agenda of the Gene and Paul haters.

          Further Ace quit…so why bash Tommy as he does, when he himself quit? Somebody had to replace Ace…so what that it was the former tour manager that just so happened to be in an 80’s band with some success and the guy that had to help Ace himself relearn his own parts. It’s simple really Ace…don’t freaking quit. Hell…I hate taking up for Tommy because I really don’t like the guy or his playing but Ace has no grounds to stand on here. Again…don’t freaking quit…and if you do don’t whine about the guy that replaced you because you freaking quit. Sorry to redundant there lol.

          Excellent point…no RRHOF, no press for Ace and Peter at this point in their lives.

          1. JB,
            I agree. Furthermore, if Ace had not quit, and stayed in KISS, he would have had maybe one or two songs at most on a new KISS album. As a solo artist, we can listen to a complete Ace Frehley album (Space Invader). I have a good feeling about this one!
            People also forget that the real issue was Paul and Gene not letting the so called RRHOF call the shots and dictate what KISS can or can’t do. It wasn’t about putting Ace and Peter down–those two can be proud of their accomplishments, but the press keeps feeding the fire with the debate about Tommy and Eric vs. Ace and Peter.

    3. Paul’s voice gave out because instead of spacing Albums with quality songs and tour’s in the 80’s, Paul put out what he even admit’s were solo albums with a couple of Gene demo’s on them every year….SO INSTEAD OF 9 OR 10 GREAT KISS SONGS YOU GOT 5-6 PAUL DEMO’S AND 3-4 FORMERLY REJECTED GENE DEMO’S and passed them off as a KISS album, look at Hot In The Shade, not 1 song has all that Kiss line-ups together….This is why on the Kiss cruises or even the 95 conventions Gene couldn’t remember how to play a lot of fan requests….He never played on them in the 1st place. They were all polished up demo’s. They did it for the cash…If they took 2 or 3 years between albums, only put great songs that pass the KISS TEST. His voice wouls still be here….quantity over quality….a good producer like Ezrin or Kramer would have guaranteed it, but when Paul has a hand in it….the shitty pop/metal slips in

  8. Why are you here? If Ace is mediocre, then what are you and your less than sophisticated rhetoric? It doesn’t take a genius to make inflammatory comments towards others who enjoy this forum. That’s easy. Are you not getting enough attention in your life? Keep your derogatory remarks to yourself.

  9. Well If you know anything about Guitar or music in general you know that there is no way Ace is blowing any body away. You can’t find one good guitar solo on any track of Anomaly. Lets remember Ace had to take lessons from Tommy Thayer to even remember his own lead tracks. That being said I will always Love the original 4 and wish they could have re-united for 10 minutes at the R+RHOF. Ace said it himself..”Peter can’t even play a 2 hour show anymore” So Paul and Gene don’t have to worry about a forced reunion. Ace’s playing at this point is just as shot ,but for 10 minutes it could of been fine and we would have all loved it…too bad.

    1. Oh yeah. If you know anything about guitar or music you know Ace has influenced hundreds of guitar players. John 5, Dimebag, Rivers from Weezer, Lenny Kravitz, Slash, ect.ect.ect. I could go on and on. Tommy Thayer can’t hold a candle to Ace. Ace is legendary. That’s why he is trying to play the part of the spaceman. Tommy will be remembered as the last guitarist Kiss had, but everybody wanted the return of Ace. But bottom line Gene and Paul were too greedy to let that happen.

      1. “everybody wanted to see the return of Ace”? I had no idea you spoke for “everyone”. Was there a national election that took place and you were voted in as a Kiss fan spokesman?

        1. There are certainly some vocal people on this site, but I don’t think “everyone” is worried about it. Tommy is doing a great job singing the songs with conviction, playing his own licks, and is an good stage performer (Ace as a performer was his strongest point during the last few tours he was in KISS). People (including me) miss Ace because he is just such a unique character–no’one can imitate Ace and all the original guitar solos from the classic albums are his. Nevertheless, Tommy is doing great as a member of KISS and in my opinion, deserves to be the Spaceman.

          1. Mike seriously?? “doing a great job singing the songs with conviction, playing his own licks, and is an good stage performer”????????? Playing HIS OWNNNNNNNN licks??? He is doing nothing except copying what Ace did. Sorry brah, but there us ZERRRRRO way that any of that garbage you said is even close to real…..Joe in The Cuse. …..playing his own licks, dumbass thing to say….sheeeeshes

          2. ‘all the original guitar solos for the classic albums are his’. Not quite.

            But I hear what your saying about Ace. The most unique dude in KISS. Tommy is doing what any of us would do if given the chance. So I can’t bang on him too much.

          3. @ Joe in the Cuse for 7:51 am comment to Mike B.
            LOL! JOE!!! Calm down! Are you serious? This is a debate, not your personal club where everyone agrees with you. Anyway, I was referring to Tommy’s licks on Sonic Boom and Monster (no need to mention Psycho Circus, which do sound like Ace’s licks, but are not). SO THERE! I did say that all the original albums were Ace’s licks which Tommy plays live. Maybe I should have clarified that, but your comments will not stop me from disagreeing with you! (Good grief…)

          1. Patrick,
            I am not sure if you are responding to me or Yute, but I think Tommy is a better fit today than Ace would be. Ace from the old days is the best. If you like Ace so much, why aren’t you focusing on Space Invader instead of wishing he was in KISS? I look forward to listening to Space Invader because I think Ace has his s**t together and he has always been my favorite KISS guitarist. I am trying to be objective here, not piss off Ace fans. This is a debate, and as Eddie always says, all opinions are welcome.
            In case you were talking to me… Beiber jokes? Not just a Beiber joke, but an overused Beiber joke…LOL

    2. What these cover band supporters like Billy always seem to forget is Paul and Gene can’t play a two hour show anymore either. They get up there and play maybe a dozen songs with a co-headliner that had just as much to do with filling seats to play arenas. They need another draw to pull ticket sales as much as they need another band to make up for the fact they’ve only got a dozen songs left in them. Paul’s struggle just to sing through a couple songs on American Idol said it all. Then you have Gene that was equally embarrassing off to the side, making the chubby kid look like a lean mean fighting machine in comparison. I don’t think Peter could pull a full two hour bombastic Kiss show either, but based on what I’ve seen from Gene and Paul, he’d have no trouble keeping up with and even surpassing their cover band standard at this point. At that all the cover band seems to play are the original lineup songs, which just reenforces the whole cover band thing.

      As Patrick pointed out, if you knew anything about great guitarists, you’d know how great Ace is judging by the laundry list of the greats he’s influenced. As for as the caterer refreshing Ace’s memory of stuff he played on Kiss albums, you have to figure Ace had moved on over the years in his solo career playing new music. This was during the same time the caterer failed to do anything with his own band, ending up being Gene and Paul’s handyman, and was resigned to performing in a Kiss tribute band playing what Ace created note for note. I suggest you go back to Kiss Online with the other minions and leave the objectivity to the establishment on this site that gets the bigger picture and substance in what’s being discussed.

        1. Music is subjective, you either like something or you don’t. Sonic Boom and Monster are excellent, but I bet you don’t like those albums. Am I right? It’s not about listening “that hard”, but some music grows on you and sometimes you like it as you listen the first time. When I first heard Animalize, I didn’t like it, but I do now. No matter how much an album or a band sucks to someone’s ears, it sounds great to someone else’s.

    3. Sorry folks…gotta agree with some of the points Billy is making here.

      As for pure ability on the guitar…Tommy can play circles around Ace. Look…I really don’t like Thayer at all, perhaps one of the most boring players ever but chop wise, at this point in his career he his is a better player than Ace. Any guitar player worth their salt will agree with that. Take this argument up with a room full of guitarists and alot of you are going to be disappointed. Hell Bruce could take both of those guys out behind the woodshed. Bruce is a world class player.

      Unfortunately some of you let your emotions get the best of you here…at this point Ace is just a shadow of his former self playing wise and has been for decades. Nothing wrong with that at this point in his career…afterall what does he have to prove.

      Yes he influenced a ton of people to “pickup” the guitar…no denying that. But directly influencing how people approach playing the guitar and influencing people to “start” playing is two different things. Ace’s biggest influence was getting people to start playing. As a comparison…look at Eddie Van Halen, he changed how everyone…not just beginners but professionals approached the guitar, he changed the entire guitar landscape…few other than Hendrix and a hand full of others had that type impact when it comes to guitar. Huge difference.

      Just because a guy influenced people to “play” doesn’t make him a great player. Kurt Cobain influenced whole generation…is he a great player? Hell no.

      I love Ace, would love to see him back with the guys…he was a very solid player in the early years, one that was on the verge of evolving but like Paul said…he didn’t. Lets not pretend this guy is on the same level as an EVH, Rhoads, Vai, Gary Moore, Sykes, Campbell, Vandenberg, Jake or some of the players mentioned above with John 5 or Dime etc….

    4. Actually, who told us that Ace needed help to relearn his licks? That phrase and alleged piece of Kisstory has been repeated a thousand times, probably without thinking or questioning its validity. That it appeared on the DVD Second Coming does make it a fact. That video was shot to create and manifest and also make some more money from the legendary return. Yes, the two businessmen did. So do you think it is true? At least there is the possibility that it is not. But like the talk about them still being drug abusers these so-called facts took on a life of their own in the minds of not-so-critical people. Then, and only then, of course, but not so unlikely, many here would again fall for their little trap of buying everything they say as fact. Technically, it must be admitted that Tommy can “blow Ace” technically, but there is more to music than technique, there is ideas and sound and originality, and that is where Ace will remain the legend that he has become influencing a generation of rock fans that wanted to play guitar and be cool just like him back in the day. So there is no need for him to show off or trying to be a virtuoso anymore, he can be himself, you might bash him for his sloppy chops, and he will be happy doing his thing, so what.

  10. You are right Patrick he did influence a lot of guitar players and countless others we know nothing about some people say he’s not technical he’s not this he’s not that but he is rock and roll he’s the real deal not a poser like so many others out there yeah he might have a gut but that’s alright that means he’s eating and that’s a good thang

    1. Ziggy,
      Good points. I prefer Ace’s creativity over other guitarist’s technical ability. Ace’s solos on the KISS albums from KISS to The Elder are far more unique and interesting than most of the “technically proficient” wizards out there.

    2. Yep, the fact that Gene and Paul obviously have always made Tommy copy it note for note shows that even they know that Ace created something of value and recognition way beyond his time in the band. That is something uite rarely achieved by musicians, virtuosos or not. Musicians will mostly be remembered for their songs and the impact their music has on people, impact that will last, memories that will be cherished by the fans. This has not necessarily anything to do with musicianship. for those musicians who are real virtuosos this conclusion may be sad or even unjust, but it is a fact.

  11. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Ace’s solo album, Trouble Walkin’. Lots of KISS anniversaries to be celebrated this year.

    Anomaly was a good album and I’ve been listening to it everyday since it was released 5 years ago. I look forward to Space Invader and hopefully Ace can release some preview samples in the coming weeks.

    As for the Hall of Fame, what’s done is done but he’s right that it would have repeated the reunion history again and Paul and Gene don’t want that after investing in the current lineup for 10 years. I wonder if Ace and Peter saw KISS’ performance at American Idol.

    1. True, and guess it’s okay for some people to keep talking about Peter’s playing while ignoring Paul’s voice which has been gone for a few years. He couldn’t get through a song on Idol. But pay no attention to that and keep slamming former members as drug addicts and critiquing THEIR performance even though they have been sober for years? Gotta love the double standard.

      1. Ok, now I will critique Ace and Peter’s appearance on American Idol. Hold please, looking for the tape…… Wait a minute. Just remembered – THAT NEVER HAPPENED! Enough said.

        1. And THANK GOD that Ace & Peter weren’t playing……that was a 5 Alarm DUMPSTER FIRE brah. Even Gene looked like he was imitating Barney & Friends. A major EMBARRASSMENT that had a lot of print (FYI Yute……that would be PRESS) totally laughing at…and you are spot on….ENOUGH SAID.

      2. Ace has issues unrelated to drugs but I guess at his age and the fact that a few brain cells are gone he is doing pretty good(I intend on buying the new CD). Peter is at the end of his days as a drummer but still can perform in some capacity. Paul is a shell of his former self and not even in tune anymore, forget hitting all the notes. Gene actually doesn’t sound that bad considering his age but who knows what his vocal range is now. For me the bigger issue is how bad the song writing is on the last two KISS CD’s.

        1. Playing at the Hall of Fame? Hmmmm….well it’s kinda of HYSTERICAL because Gene & Paul still continue to yap about “how bad Peter & Ace play” (hmmmmm) but REALITY really has shown enough proof who is playing ANNNND singing bad……..cough cough genepaul!! Joe in The Cuse

          1. Gene and Paul really really need Tommy and Eric, not only for filling in for the two originals, but even more so today for covereing up on vocals. So it really is double standard. I can understand G & P’s motives for carrying on, I and you would probably also like the money and the fame and the big arenas, but they should stop telling everyone that A & P cannot do it anymore when they themselves have arrived at the end of capability.

  12. I listened to 104.3 it was artist profile on Kiss Paul and Gene admitted they did what they want wether the fans liked or not, so it was never about the fans. The bad thing is more modern bands seem do it. Bands just make a so called statement. Slipknot part ways with one member and no statement for 6 months. My opinion that’s not being up front with fans.

    1. Bands have to grow Nick…you have to make decisions on your own. Look at how much flack Metallica got for growing…and yet their still going strong. As much as it is for the fans, bands still have to do what they think is best….the old saying “can’t please everyone all the time” definitely applies to being in a band.

  13. @Patrick S…Just for the record Ace probally influenced Thousands if not millions of kids to play…So did George Harrison when the Beatles came out. That does not mean they are Excellent lead players. The only reason Ace is not in Kiss is because he no longer plays at his previous level. Paul might have to consider the end coming for him with his vocal issues, but it came for Ace long ago. Money or Greed have nothing to do with it. The players you mention other than Dimebag are not the Virtuoso’s I was referring to. Try Vai, VanHalen, Satriani, Doug Aldrich, Those are Players. Although I may think Tommy Thayer does a good job, neither Ace or Tommy need to be Talking about Blowing any one away because they are not the Virtuoso type of player…Regardless off How many Ace has influenced. Kiss has always been a band about great songs not chops, which is More important if you want to sell records.

    1. I don’t think it is either or with guitar playing. Ace is not just a guitarist he sings, writes and is at this point a celebrity personality. BB King is not a virtuoso either but very much relevant in his time. You could say the same for countless guitarist. KISS is not any one thing because the tried to morph as the years went on sometimes they succeeded other times not so much. KISS has not always been about great songs example everything Gene wrote from Animalize through Crazy nights(YIKES) Classic KISS pre-dated the list of guitarist you listed and could be listed in almost a completely different style of music. Money and Greed always have something to do with it, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

    2. What the he’ll does George Harrison have to go with a discussion on Ace vs Tommy. He’ll let’s bring Eddie Van Halen into the conversation? Stay on the topic!

      1. @Patrick S. That is on Topic.. Comparing Ace to another Player who was more Famous for Songs and Star Quality than his lead Skills. Kiss were the American Beatles Of our generation…Many people feel the same way.

      2. Dana, did you see that?
        I think you do a great job, but I wanted to point out that comment.
        Hey Patrick! IM TALKING ABOUT YOU! COOL OUT!! We are allowed to disagree with you! Grow up!

          1. No worries Dana, and thanks for editing that! (:
            I know there are a lot of comments. You must be sick of KISS by now! Thanks for being so patient and for facilitating this site!

  14. Man … just caught the Metal Evolution episode with KISS featured and the first clip was the band circa Alive era (’74-75) doing Deuce live. Now THAT is the shit … that is the band I miss. Ace was just killing it. They were so tight because of all the touring . The only members to speak on camera were Ace & Pete. There seems to be a trend on the episodes, the host says that Zepplin and Purple don’t like to refer to themselves as metal. Maybe this is the club that Gene & Paul have joined – hence the distance from Ed’s show.
    Looking forward to new music from Ace, can’t wait.

  15. The morons think Ace was drunk at Golden Gods I guess years of drugs and drinking can take a toll on you. So Ace went sell a million records so what at least hie following is their.

  16. Yute is a fan of the current Kiss? Current fake Kiss is a joke and only in it for the money.
    Speaking of mediocrity, Monster sucked balls – I’ve never heard something so contrived in my life. “Back To The Stone Age”. “The Devil is Me” and don’t forget they need the Ace ripoff song for Tommy – “Outta This World”. What a bunch of phonies and guys like you will lick it up. Atleast Ace has some integrity left, Paul and Gene are dragging Kiss through the mud to make more money.
    Paul’s voice is horrible now and the ticket prices for the Def Leppard tour are way too high to see a Starchild who can’t even sing the easiest Kiss songs in the catalogue. Don’t forget the best songs in the catalogue have a Mr. Ace Frehley on lead guitar.

  17. Just because Ace “influenced” others doesnt mean he’s some inctrdible guitarist. He influenced kids because he dressed up like a super hero, the modern day musicians were all 12 year olds when he was at his peak. I love Kiss but in the words of Shatner everyone here needs to “get a life” and the next moron who says “Ace is back” is going to make me sick. Also, quit talking about how he outsold the other guys solo albums, 25 plus years ago.

    1. Sorry, but I humbly disagree with that statement, Shawn. Compared to some of you, he doesn’t even register on the whine-o-meter.

      As a female, I am simply embarrassed by some of the comments I read on here. As I stated before, sometimes I cannot tell the difference between this board and the boards for Celebitchy or Us Weekly. I expected a much more elevated level of discourse from music fans, namely hard rock and metal fans, but I guess I expected too much.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

  18. Here’s the deal. KISS fans have always been super loyal and supported the various lineups. The issue with Tommy and Eric isn’t that they suck as musicians or not, because they don’t (although I will argue that Vinnie wrote better riffs and both Vinnie and Bruce composed more distinctive, memorable original solos). The issue is that they are wearing Ace and Peter’s costumes, which is disrespectful to what the four original members created together. If they were wearing different makeup, the fans would support, as they did with Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. Their wearing Ace and Peter’s makeup is yet another attempt by Paul and Gene to re-write KISStory by diminishing the contributions of the other two original members. By confusing newer fans by blurring the history/identities of the spaceman and cat characters, it makes them seem less important in the scheme of things thereby making it appear that truly KISS’ accomplishments are solely due to Paul and Gene. In retrospect, knowing now how big divas they are, it makes one wonder if Vinnie Vincent was really as bad as they made him out to be. Can we really blame him for not wanting to be seen with them at the RRHoF table?

    1. Very well said. Paul & Gene making the current members wear Peter & Ace’s make-up was the worst decision they ever made. All it did was split the fan base in two (and frankly, I think Thayer copies Ace in his playing as much as he does in his appearance, something else Bruce & Vinnie never did). This band was one of the most important things in my life for decades, and I really resent being called a “hater” because I disapprove of Paul & Gene’s current marketing decisions. The reason I don’t support the band now is the same reason I was a fan for so long in the first place – I can think for myself.
      I would like to add, Dana, please don’t be too hard on the posters here. Yeah, some of them are thoughtless idiots (like Mr. Yute, or whatever he calls himself next), but most are just very passionate about the band, and when you’re that passionate, tact and diplomacy often go out the window. It’s not right, but it is human. As both George Carlin & Bill Hicks said, People Suck (I recently watched a democrat and a republican attempt to have a “conversation,” and it made this message board look absolutely civil by comparison LOL).

      1. Rick….I’m still waiting on that People that Hate People meeting to get off the ground. We still just can’t seem to get that meeting together. 🙂 R.I.P. William Melvin Hicks

  19. I have a serious question: do sports figures get into their respective Halls of Fame multiple times if they have been on multiple teams in their career?

    (Sorry I do not follow sports)

    1. No, Michael. The only scenario I can think of for that, and that would require some thought, is if you have double entries into a professional sports Hall of Fame because the guy excelled at playing the sport and then coaching it.

        1. Sort of apples and oranges there, Michael M…..how can you put Clapton in just once with what band and ignore or not put in those in the band with him that made it great? Do you pick the Yardbirds with Clapton and forget about Cream and Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce because let’s face it, those guys probably never did enough after to warrant a RRHOF induction, but talk about them during your RRHOF video and whatnot? Do you put him in with Cream and ignore the Yardbirds or Clapton’s solo career? I won’t even get into the brilliance of Blind Faith or Derek and the Dominoes. Not enough time for either of those bands…..some of these guys just HAVE to be recognized multiple times. It just is what is because of their musical journey and how things turned out.

          1. I guess the best way to do it is to induct individuals. If Baker and Bruce are deemed worthy (as they should be), then they would likely be voted in.

            It just seems to me if any organization wants a HOF, there should be some kind of rules and criteria. Again, I don’t know how sports does it exactly – do they nominate entire teams? – but it would make sense to run it similarly.

  20. With all Is said. I for one have finally found some kind Pease with kiss and closures .I have been a lifelong kiss fan since 77 and have respected and loved every lineup equally outside the original lineup who to me by far is after all what got me likening the group in first place. But not the current lineup this is were the ship started to sink .I totally lost all respect for paul and gene and even though ace quit twice that doesnt make him a bad person as the two others would like u to think he is. I was inspired by kiss mainly because of ace and no it wasn’t makeup and costume .it was never About that it was always the music first and foremost. Always has .the other stuff was cool and I later on saw it more for what it was and meant . But to now see two guys n ace and peters makeup just didn’t sit well with me personally. After farewell tour gene n paul I think had this all cooked up n with that lil fat dude doc McGhee had a new plan and idea that I think was disrespectful and a slap I the face not only for the fans that supported them for couple decades but but to ace and peter. I had to make pease with the whole thing and I sold almost my entire kiss collection and I was a dealer at few conventions but this today has gotten pretty stupid to say least . And yeah who has the right to bash ace guitar playing because has anybody heard paul. . I really and t ruely feel sorry for him as I Can only imagine what it must be like to know where he once was as a singer n hear him today . Im sure its a bugger

  21. I saw Ace last year in concert and was unfortunately disappointed. He was really off that night and just didn’t sound good. I give him credit though, he played a LONG time with only a few breaks.

  22. I really think everybody is underestimating Peter Criss. Don’t fucking kid yourselves. Peter can still do it. He looks in better shape than any of the original 4. His voice is strong. I think he could do a 2 hour show and a tour. It’s painful to see Paul struggle so bad. Id have to quit if I was him. Not being 100% wouldn’t cut it for me.

  23. Don’t fucking kid your self. Peter Criss can still play a 2 hour show and tour. He looks in better shape than the other original 4. His voice is strong. It’s painful to watch Paul struggle so bad. I really would love to see Peter prove a lot of people wrong.

  24. Eddie only comments when he agrees or when someone bashes him, but never does he address good, solid commentary that is different from his…and the biggest asses on this site are the ones who rip apart fans for liking the new Kiss lineup…Go on other sites where the “host” isn’t so entrenched in his opinion as Eddie is and you get a better view of all opinions…Eddie has said many times that if you like anything the current lineup is doing that you are sheep drinking the P an G Koolaid…then what does that make those that follow Eddie’s opinion? Trunk sheep?? Eddie has made this he and his fans v.s P and G and their fans because they won’t do his show, or speak with him…if they would come on TMS, no one on this site would be bashing them because Eddie wouldn’t be…Kiss fan since 1976, and I am not a huge fan of current Kiss, more because Paul’s voice doesnt allow them to do much in terms of the set list, and not a fan of T and E in the makeup, so I am not a P and G apologist…I just think that most people on this site agree with Trunk, so when you give a different opinion you get bashed…and yes there are trolls out there but sometimes the trolls are not as bad as some of the “real” fans posts…

  25. Everyone grow the F up already, enough of this shit. It is what is is.
    If you don’t like it, just go away already, no one cares about your stupid opinion. I am done with Kiss. The whole hall thing was it for me. Ace still has it! Can’t wait for Space Invader!

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