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acefrehley300pix Original KISS guiatrist Ace Frehley was a guest on Eddie’s Q104.3’s, Eddie Trunk Rocks, radio show on December 20th. Excerpts from the interview appear below courtesy of blabbermouth.net.

Ace discussing performing with his fellow original KISS members when they are inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next April:

“I always try to take the high road and be optimistic and hope that everybody’s gonna come to the bargaining table and do the right thing. Sometimes I get the support. But I have a feeling everything’s gonna work out. I mean, I spoke with Paul [Stanley, KISS guitarist/vocalist] and Gene [Simmons, KISS bassist/vocalist]. I know they wanna perform with me and Peter [Criss, original KISS drummer]. I’m just not sure how much they want [current KISS members] Tommy [Thayer, guitar] and Eric [Singer, drums] to be involved. But since [Tommy and Eric] not getting inducted, I’m just gonna let that play out with the Hall and management and attorneys and all that stuff. I’m just excited about getting back with them and doing a great three or four songs. And I think it’s gonna be great. I’m hoping that everybody’s just gonna do the right thing.”

“I know for a fact that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame wants the four of us to perform in makeup. That’s what they want, and we’ll see how it plays out. I’m hoping that everybody’s just gonna do the right thing and celebrate the four original members who started it all.”

On his conversations with Paul and Gene after it was announced that KISS was being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:

“They actually called me today. We had a very nice conversation. They congratulated me. They actually have been trying to get hold of me since the announcement, but I’ve been in the studio working on my new record, so I wasn’t available. But they tracked me down today through [KISS manager] Doc McGhee’s office. And we had a nice conversation; it was very up and very positive.”

Speaking about how the current lineup of KISS should be included, if at all, in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony:

“Where KISS is now, that’s fine and that’s the way it is now, but what we’re celebrating is what Paul, Peter, Gene and Ace started back in 1972. ’73…

“I don’t have a problem with Tommy and Eric being there out of makeup, if I’m in makeup, because they’re a big part of KISS today. They had nothing to do with the beginning of KISS or had nothing to do with the designs or the costumes or the makeup, but they’re a part of KISS today and it is what it is; I don’t control that. But this is about the celebration of KISS and how it all began and started and it should be honoring the four original members.

“If those guys [Tommy and Eric] wanna come up out of makeup and do Rock And Roll All Nite with the whole cast of the show, that would be a great thing. They deserve a little. [But] I can only hope that [Paul and Gene are] gonna do the right thing.

“You can’t have me and Tommy both in makeup. You can’t have Eric and Peter both in makeup. That’s gonna be a farce. So hopefully the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame will talk some sense into those guys [Paul and Gene] as far as that aspect of the show. Believe it or not, I have faith in those guys.”

Talking abouy whether he is open to doing more things with KISS in the future beyond the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction:

“Like I said to Rolling Stone [magazine], never say never. Anything could happen after that night. And I don’t wanna speculate at this point, but who knows? We’re gonna make rock and roll history one way or the other.”

“Look, if something was presented to me in the right way, anything is possible. That’s as far as I wanna go on that. I’m working on my new album. It’s gonna be released next spring. I’ve got a single coming out probably right around the time the ceremony is gonna be happening. And [my new record label] eOne is really excited about the new record. So who knows what’s gonna happen? But I’m not gonna scrap my record [to reunite with KISS], I can tell you that right now. [laughs]”



  1. Eddie..I put up a tweet with a link. Someone on Youtube put up audio of Kiss at the Daisy 73. The quality is unbelievable. Want more people to hear this. The poster put up many songs. This is the holy grail of Kiss audio…Never thought these would surface. Check this out before they’re taken down…Would be cool if Ace could hear these too. Hes unbelievable, and its cool hearing Pete being a mc.


    1. That was good. And I’m not even the biggest KISS fan by a long shot. BTW – nearly every touring guitarist improves with the road. Is ACE the only one that got progressively worse on each tour? I think it’s true. The more money the band made, the more he partied.

      1. Wrong, Ace sounds amazing on Dynasty & Unmasked. Unmasked was the last tour he did. Listen to KISS in Paris, 1980, if you can find it. It’s way better than the Australian gig that’s excerpted on the box set.

  2. The original 4 are being inducted so they should be in makeup not Tommy and Eric, I agree completely with Ace on that one. I do like the idea of them playing in suits like dressed to kill, that would be killer!

  3. Regarding Ace’s first quote here: I listened to this interview and I thought Ace said “Sometimes I get disappointed,” not “Sometimes I get the support.” Disappointed makes more sense in his context: “Sometimes I get disappointed, but I have a feeling everything’s gonna work out.”

  4. This guy is always interesting, smart and funny. The hall is total garbage but as a New York event original KISS in make up is cool and nostalgic. The more Ace presents his side of the arguement in favor, the more a reunion sounds like a good idea. 4 songs sung by each 4 would be a real crowd pleaser. I like Ace’s solo material and I’m looking forward to his new album. I’m sure this website will give particulars as they become available.

  5. Gene thinks Ace is a drunk and a three time loser. I think Doc or maybe Irving force fed the reality of 4 gigs in 10-12 day slots in each region of the country with big loot and Gene smelled the money. I still think he thinks Ace & Peter are F-Ups but the Kiss Army backlash and big $ woke him up. Thayer & Singer will just be onstage for RnR All Night looking like idiots as the real deal comes across as Godzilla.

  6. One thing’s for sure. It can’t turn out any more ridiculous than Van Halen when they had Velvet Revolver perform songs they were ill prepared to play, especially Run Around by Hagar. Of course, VH redeemed themselves by putting out a reasonably good if not excellent album (whatever the sources), and seem to be continuing their work, albeit without Michael Anthony.

    At least in the case of Kiss, on paper it looks like the HOF will ensure that the original 4 show up and play songs in makeup which will be cool, if only for the night. I wouldn’t expect anything beyond that, but then again, if the crowd responds as they did during Unplugged in ’95, Gene might give in, and it seems like Ace is open to it. We shall see. All of the Kiss Army will be tuned in, and for what it’s worth, I have respect and admiration for Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam), Linda Rondstadt, Hall & Oates, and Peter Gabriel, but IT WILL BE KISS WHO WILL BLOW THE ROOF OFF THE BARCLAY’S THAT NIGHT!!!

  7. Ace and Tommy, Peter and Eric on stage at the same time wearing the make up? It would be just like that scene in KISS meets the Phantom of the Park when the the real KISS takes on the robot KISS on stage. Can anyone (besides Eddie) tell me the song the robot KISS band was singing before the real KISS shows up and kicks their collective asses? Hint: Its sung to the music of Hotter than Hell.

    1. Rip and Destroy. And I agree with you – it’d be reality imitating art – though I use the word “art” loosely. What’s next, Frampton and the Bee Gees vs. Aerosmith?

      1. Well done John. No wonder why you and Richman are my favorites. Robin Gibb is the only one left, but I’m sure he and Frampton could still kick Aerosmith’s ass in a fight.

    2. The answer to the “KISS ROBOT” song set to the tone of Hotter than Hell was “SEEK AND DESTROY”!
      CONGRATS TO THE ORIGINAL KISS!! BEEN A FAN SINCE 1976(age 6), 44 years strong now and I am still a fan(from the 70’s, through the 80’s and 90’s, and The Millenium)! It’s a shame KISS was snubbed for so long, they should have been inducted into the ROCK HALL the year they became eligible! Maybe now “Houston radio” will start playing their music in the same rotation as Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin!!

    1. Anything with the original 4 is cool but like I keep saying nothing would be more interesting than a Vinny Vincent reemergence. The Jake E. Lee thing with Eddie was cool but Vinny Vincent has had a few awful stories written about him and he is one of metal’s more interesting loose ends. Peter’s great book finished up Mark St Johns and then he died. Nothing evil about Vinny just weird (I.e. a sex change rumor and a misunderstanding regarding dogs). Love to see him on TMS but he s an L A guy and he probably won’t t come to NY and be confronted by Eddie and 2 commedians. Who knows?

  8. Eddie you know what I would love to see. KISS is doing their 40th anniversary next year so I would love to see the original 4 in makeup then you would have Eric Singer as backup Drummer without makeup and Tommy as backup w/o makeup and Bruce Kulick, Vinny(Doubtful), and Mark. And they would all perform celebrating 40 years of KISS. And with a cool video in the background showing the whole history of KISS. Now that would be the most respectful, Intelligent thing KISS has ever done. It would be smart on Genes part $$$ and also do a nice tribute to Eric Car(RIP). What’s your thoughts??

      1. I’d also like to see Rod Stewart join them on stage for a version of Hard Luck Woman. That’s who Paul originally had the song in mind for. Bob Kulick would be a must as he created a lot of memorable solos that another guitarist got credit for.

        1. Country Music star and NY METS outfielder Garth Brooks did HARD LUCK WOMAN not too badly on a very bad KISS “tribute” album called KISS MY ASS. Garth is theatrical and should do his flying thing while the Demon spits fire and then Garth and Peter get it started. What is more NY than KISS and the METS. NO BABY DRIVER, IT’S AWFUL. MERRY KISSMAS GUYS. FARE THEE WELL. HOT. HOT. HOTTER THAN HELL. I got SMASHES, THRASHES AND HITS twenty five years ago today. Still have it.

  9. I am not hugely interested in a FULL original lineup reunion. Love the original material, and looking forward to seeing the mini reunion at the ceremony, but that’s it. Ace is better solo. I would like to see a permanent Revenge lineup reunion. KISS was at its best creatively at that point.

    1. Bruce absolutely shredded on Revenge. Some of his best work ever. He’s probably the only member that left this band with all integrity intact, which clearly is not easy to do. Like Eric Carr, he was a driving force in the non-makeup era of KISS, and he along with Eric Carr would be the only other two members I would consider for induction along with the original four. Vinnie Vincent is worth the conversation, but his time in the band was too short IMO (essentially two albums and a writing credit on Revenge). I often wonder if Eric Carr hadn’t passed as to what KISS would look like today. Like Bruce, he was a class act to the end.

      1. Had Eric lived, I’m sure Gene and Paul wouldn’t have hesitated at all putting him in the catman costume after the reunion of the original members. They already started this sort of thinking back in 1988 on Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits when they had Eric sing Beth. If Bruce didn’t have his integrity, I’m sure he’d also be in the spaceman costume right now instead of Tommy. The non-makeup era is definitely underrated. To bad most people (even Gene and Paul) tend to remember the dreaded Asylum outfits over their music of that era.

        1. Eric was THE FOX and the fox says: RING-DING-DING- DING- DING- A – DING-A-DING-DING-DING-RING-DING……..He was a distinct character as was Vinny Vincent (who was a weird fucking thing ((why he lost his marbles like Heath Ledger?)). He would have stayed the fox. No reason to imitate Peter. Eric like the current Eric was a very good drummer, just neither could sing like the CATMAN. Paul singing GOT TO CHOOSE and anyone other than Peter doing BLACK DIAMOND lacks energy and greatness. Peter may not be KISSes best singer but he sang some of their best songs. Ace is a great guitarist, but he only sang a few songs. Paul is definitely their best rapper. ALL HELL’S BREAKING LOOSE is still fucking hysterical. A STREET HUSTLER WALKS UP TO ME……….

          1. ‘You know we ain’t always winners. But this is the life we choose. And we ain’t gonna change or rearrange and we ain’t ever gonna looooooooooosse…….

  10. Have a Kiss Week in Vegas in July. MGM Arena shows with each line-up. Every single Kiss member and assorted Kiss people. Smaller shows with special guests. Gigantic Kiss marketplace & museum. Bring it on large. I wonder if Gene would give Eddie a backstage pass?

      1. Ace’s interest? How exactly?? Buy saying ALL members of Kiss should go in if not just the originals? INSANE the assumptions people make that only view things through the way they want and NEVER acknowledge the full story. And DAMN RIGHT it would be an insult to have two guys dressed as Ace Frehley on the stage at the same time!

        1. SIMPLE ALL MEMBERS NO MAKEUP, ITS JUST 3 SONGS. You know metallica had all 6 members why do you act as if its a demand that cant be changed, they filed for extented members, so could kiss, and they should. This isnt about the original 4 its about KISS, they should simple drop the gimmick for a night. INDUCT BRUCE BOTH ERICS AND REALLY TOMMY. Its the right thing to do, as for the hall DEMANDING…… KISS should demand them to go to HELL. If what ace is saying is true.

    1. What are you talking about “Ace Frehley band”? Wow, amazing what people come up with! The HALL makes the decisions on who goes in! All i ever said was it should be ALL past and present members or just the original four! And just because you play on stage and stand up there with the band it does NOT mean you were inducted by the Hall. Gilby Clarke was not with GnR!


        1. Love to see them walk away for being snubbed 15 years, but they won’t. Funny because I didn’t see Lloyd Grant, Dave Mustaine, Ron McGovney or any other Metallica members inducted? But you seem to know all and have some agenda here only believing what you want, so good luck to you. You are the same guy that bashes Ace and Peter and then would fall to your knees in praise of them if they walked in the room. Seen it a million times. Keep drinking that Kiss Kool Aid you are loving, after all, doesn’t matter who’s in Kiss or behind the makeup, just “characters”. Maybe just four guys off the street dressed as Catman, Spaceman, Demon and Starchild can be inducted right? I mean it doesn’t matter…

          1. not true ace nor peter have impressed me, Kiss has had much better musicians who didnt walk out on thier fans, I know local gutiarist who play better then ace. I personally was happy with the revenge line up.. they should have put the makeup on with the release of revenge. The reunion tour was really huge because of the makeup not the members, dont believe it? how well would the reunion tour done without makeup?

    1. What the KISS camp wants doesn’t matter. I don’t think they can leverage the hall. The Grateful Dead was able to get all members past and present inducted, but most bands haven’t been able to do that. I see zero chance of any members apart from the original four getting in. The 80’s version of Heart sold millions of records and had #1 LPs and singles. The RRHOF only inducted the original band. I don’t think John Rutsey from Rush got in either.

  11. I’ve been a KISS fan since I was 6. I think that all of them should be inducted because all of the members past and present have contributed to the band. Makeup or not they still all “ROCK AND ROLLED ALL NITE”!!!

  12. The current line up could start the show unplugged and without make up, they do this well. This could move onto a one or two Revenge era songs with Bruce (unplugged or plugged) followed by a break (for Paul and Gene to change) and ending with the original 4 in make up and just leave it at that. Lester 🙂

  13. I feel all members should be involed. The late Eric Carr , Rest his soul was in the band longer than Peter was. I have a lot respect for Eric Singer he step in when needed when they were having a beef with Peter. I think Eric Carr an Eric Singer should get inducted An Bruce Kulick should get inducted also.

  14. 4 in make-up inducted. F the rest. The HOF isn’t the other guys. Gene wants the Thayer-Singer line-up realized. Hey Gene, The Jersey Boys producers are calling, get your Kiss Boys auditions going.

  15. I think that not only 4 original members should be inducted
    But I really think Eric Carr (RIP) and Vinnie Vincent should be included as well
    No doubt that even Bruce Kullick deserves the honor
    But I highly DOUBTH that Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer deserve that honor
    They are only paid workers that do what the bosses order
    They are excellent performers no DOUBTH, but they never contribute on song writing as all the ones who really deserved to be inducted
    About the make up I agree with the one and only Ace spaceman Frehley

  16. I think that all the members of Kiss past and present should be included.. I’ve been a fan of Kiss since 74. Without all members doing what they’ve done and are doing 2 day there would be no need 4 Kisstory I say let them all rock out on stage 2gether and enjoy their fame..

  17. The big 4 in make-up for three then the rest of them for the encore….pretty a given thing. Just think, a few months ago Gene said the three time losers ain’t welcome, it is Thayah n Singah. Hey Gene, you want Peter & Ace for gigs this summer: try paying them, I hear T&S get weekly checks no matter what the shows are.

  18. You have to draw a line somewhere for who is on stage accepting an award and or performing. I say current Band members and founding members only. of course others are invited to the event and thanked.
    Ace, for your new CD can you please put it in normal packaging? the anomoly cd packaging was ridiculous.

  19. “Been a fan since 1976” “Been a fan since I was 4″…
    In other words, you clowns have yet to hit maturity. No wonder you still like KISS. I did. Then I turned 17. That was in 1992. Grow up.

    1. So you’re on a website, reading comments about a band you admit to disliking. And it bothers you so much that total strangers like this band, that you had to take time to comment on other peoples’ likes, and telling them to “grow up”. Is that what you consider “maturity”?

  20. ’77 line-up accepting, the laughter will be screaming if 6 come on up each giving their speech. Thayah & Singah can have a seat til the encore. Thayah: “I’d like to thank Ace for lending me his make-up for my face…”. I give Ace a pass on the bottle swigging after the acceptance, celebrate, just take a limo back to the hotel.

    1. Thayer would more likely thank Gene and Paul for letting him use the makeup, because, you know, Ace sold it to them for $$$. And he obviously didn’t use it to pay his mortgage.

  21. Ace had a 25 page Kiss ending contract, his likeness ended up with Gene & Paul. Mortgage….true story, as an opening act for Alice Cooper his tour bus was repo’d and Alice cut a check to get it back! Guy seriously has had money problems forever. I wish he woulda done book signings everywhere like the Trunkster but he didn’t. He and Peter ought to do a traveling convention but then Gene & Paul would be pissed off like wet dogs.

  22. The Hall of fame is crap! Why isn’t Johnny Winter there? as far as Kiss goes, only the original 4 should be inducted.And who gives a fuck if they wear makeup or not. I sure don’t. In my opinion there are a lot of bands that deserve to be there that aren’t.And a lot that are there that shouldn’t be. Just get it over with,It means nothing.

  23. I personally feel that Kiss is a what, not a who. Paul and Gene couldn’t have done it by themselves. Or have they done it by themselves? Kiss is a collective. Kiss is almost like a professional sports team. You get different results the more you tinker with the lineup. Maybe the only ones to be inducted should be Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. They are the only constants. Is Kiss a band? A corporation? A brilliant stage show full of special effects and simple rock songs? A licensing juggernaut? An inspiration to many generations of musicians and fans? The answer is yes. The answer is Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. They got by with a little help from their friends….

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