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AceFrehley600 J. Bennett of Noisey spoke with original guitarist KISS guitarist Ace Frehely about the band’s Rock Hall induction and all the controversy surrounding it. The interview appears in entirety below.

Noisey: This whole Hall of Fame thing has turned into a real fucking soap opera, hasn’t it?

Ace Frehley: [Laughs] That’s a good word for it. I haven’t been paying too much attention to what people are saying on the internet, no matter who it is. I’m trying to finish my new record, so I can’t let that rent a lot of space in my head.

Noisey: It seems like every day Paul Stanley has a new disparaging comment to make about you and Peter Criss.

Ace Frehley: Well, I’m appalled at Paul. [Laughs] I’m appalled at the whole thing.

Noisey: One thing he’s been saying that makes a lot of sense is that the Hall of Fame has basically been shamed into inducting KISS. They don’t really want to do it, but the demand from fans has been overwhelming for the past 15 years. Do you agree with that assessment?

Ace Frehley: There’s been a lot of pressure on them to induct us over the years, and they resisted. We could’ve been inducted 15 years ago. You’re eligible after 25 years as a band, but they waited 40. Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter to me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a big honor and I plan to have a good time. Paul’s been getting involved with the politics of who’s being inducted—who should be, who shouldn’t be, as far as the people who joined the band after me and Peter left—but I try to stay away from all that stuff because it’s politics. I’ve always tried to keep music and politics separate.

Noisey: Do you think the guys who came after you and Peter—Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Bruce Kulick—deserve to be inducted as well?

Ace Frehley: I don’t know what the rules are. Supposedly there are certain guidelines that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has, and obviously they didn’t meet those criteria. I know for a fact—the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame told me—that the reason they refused to induct Tommy and Eric [Singer] is because they’re not contributing anything original to the band. They’re just copying stuff that Peter and me did during the first ten years of the group. So they’re just actors, basically.

Noisey: Do you have any sort of relationship with Tommy and Eric?

Ace Frehley: I’m friends with those guys. I really like Eric—on the last Kiss tour I did, I’d hang out with Eric and have a few laughs when we were in Australia. At the time Tommy was our road manager, which is kinda bizarre. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. What rock supergroup has a dynamic lead guitarist who leaves the band, and they replace him with the tour manager? You can’t make this shit up. If somebody wrote that as a script for a rock ‘n’ roll film, nobody would believe it. But Tommy’s not a bad guitar player. He’s got his chops. Not very original, but it is what it is.

Noisey: There’s been a huge pissing match over which members of Kiss should play at the ceremony. The Hall of Fame wanted you and Peter to play, but Paul and Gene said they’d only play with Tommy and Eric, because they’re the current members. Some folks are saying that all of you should play. As it stands now, there will be no Kiss performance. What do you think about the whole debacle?

Ace Frehley: I don’t have a problem with Tommy and Eric playing. The problem I have is that Paul and Gene shot down the idea of playing with Peter and me and wanted to perform with just Tommy and Eric—in makeup, too. That’s makeup I designed. I’m supposed to sit there while I’m being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I gotta watch some other guy playing in my costume and makeup? That didn’t sit very well with me because the Hall of Fame requested that just the four original guys perform.

Noisey: You recently said that the reason Paul and Gene don’t wanna do that is because the fans will want a full-blown reunion tour afterwards.

Ace Frehley: Well, that’s what a lot of people say. They’re afraid of history repeating itself. When we did Unplugged in 1995, Peter and me came out and did two songs and the place went crazy. Paul and Gene had to buckle to public opinion, and the fans wanted a reunion. They had just done an album with Bruce and Eric that they had to put on the back burner. But it was the most successful tour that year. We grossed over 250 million dollars. It was insane. So they don’t wanna open a can of worms. Outside looking in, as an unbiased person, I don’t blame them. But it’s been 40 years. I was in the band, I left the band; I rejoined in ’96 for five years, left in 2001 and the fans have always been there for me. They really want the reunion. Ever since the announcement that we were being inducted, that’s all I hear from fans. All they want is for me and Peter to perform two or three songs and that’d be the end of it. But Paul and Gene shot it down. They can’t give the fans ten minutes for supporting us for 40 goddamn years?

Noisey: Do you think it would be unfair to Tommy and Eric if you and Peter performed at the ceremony?

Ace Frehley: What do you mean unfair? They’re not even being inducted!

Noisey: What I mean is that Tommy and Eric are current members of KISS. It’d be kinda shitty of Paul and Gene to ask them to sit out a performance so they could play with you and Peter.

Ace Frehley: A lot of people are being honored at the ceremony. Some people are getting up to do a few songs, and some people aren’t. We’re only talking about a couple of songs. It’s not a concert. If I was in charge of the whole thing, we could just get up there in Italian-cut suits or something—we wouldn’t even have to wear the makeup.

Noisey: Paul’s book recently came out. Have you read any of it?

Ace Frehley: I haven’t read it, but I’m sure he threw me under the bus in one way or another. [Laughs] Although I heard he threw Gene under the bus more than anyone.

Noisey: Apparently he thinks you and Peter are anti-Semitic.

Ace Frehley: That’s absurd. I’m engaged to a Jewish lady! I’ve been with her for five years. Her name is Rachael Gordon and she’s a singer-songwriter. I met her in San Diego on my 2008 tour. And my whole life I’ve been in the music business. You know the music business is controlled by Jewish people: My attorney, my accountant—everybody’s Jewish. [Laughs] I’m anti-Semitic? Are you out of your mind? You know what the problem is? Paul’s cranky because he can’t call me a drunk or a drug addict anymore. He can’t say I’m unemployable. He can’t say I don’t show up, because I do these days. So now he’s grasping at straws just to grab headlines for his goddamn book.

Noisey: After 40 years, KISS made the cover of Rolling Stone for the first time this month. Did you see the article?

Ace Frehley: Yeah.

Noisey: At one point, both Paul and Gene acknowledge that they think about you and Peter every day.

Ace Frehley: I don’t believe that for a second. [Laughs]They try to avoid us. We’re like a bad rash that won’t go away. [Laughs] But it has to be irritating when all they hear from the fans is, “Yeah, Tommy’s OK, but there’s nothing like the real thing.” That’s gotta be frustrating for them. Their fallback position years ago was, “Yeah, Ace was great, he contributed a lot to the group, but he’s a drunk and a drug addict so we can’t use him.” But I’ve been sober for seven and a half years, so what’s their fucking excuse now? And now Paul’s calling me a Nazi? It’s ridiculous.

Noisey: Is that why you didn’t participate in the new KISS documentary that’s coming out?

Ace Frehley: I wasn’t actually contacted by KISS about that. Their bodyguard contacted my bodyguard and offered me a small amount of money to do it. They tried to come in through the back door because, you know, they don’t wanna pay me any money. But if they don’t pay me now, they’re gonna pay me a lot more later. That’s just the way it works. My attorney is on top of it. If they would’ve been up front, that’s different. But they go through my bodyguard and say it’s some guy from England who’s producing it when really it’s Paul and Gene that are producing it. They’re the money behind it, and they’re trying to get me cheap. But I’m in the middle of a record. I don’t have time for nonsense. Supposedly they’re using some old interviews I did. I probably come off like a knucklehead, but who knows?

Noisey: Later this month, you’re gonna present an award named in honor of fallen Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who was actually buried in a “KISS Kasket.” Don’t you think that’s a little weird?

Ace Frehley: Yeah, it is a little weird. But KISS fans are weird—everybody knows it. These days I have to be transparent, you know? [Laughs] There’s nothing I’m gonna say that’s gonna shock anybody. So, yeah, a lot of KISS fans are kinda strange. But that’s okay because we’re strange.

Noisey: I can’t believe the KISS Kasket is a thing that exists.

Ace Frehley: If it was my decision, I wouldn’t have gone there. There’s a lot of things that Gene has done with the merchandising that are just over the top. He’s got everything from prophylactics to toilet paper—anything to make a buck. It’s embarrassing.

That’s one of the reasons I left the group. Towards the end, I’d go out and see kids in the front row with KISS dolls and lunchboxes and my manager is going, “Hey, Ace—watch the cursing tonight. We’ve got kids in the front row.” I mean, we started out as this heavy, mean, nasty rock ‘n’ roll group wearing leather and it turned into a goddamn circus.

source: noisey.vice.com


  1. Wow. Ace makes a convincing case about not being anti semitic. His fiancée is Jewish and was in a band with 2 jews for years. I’m sorry but I think paul is just saying controversial stuff to sell books. It always goes back to the money with him and gene. I’m the biggest capatalist around but to use bandmates to up sales for a new book is unethical!

      1. Why would he mention his nazi collection from the 70’s? That was 35 years ago! It was stupid to have but the whole band besides gene dressed up as nazis. It was bs for all three to do this! Including hypocrite paul who doesn’t seem to have a problem being a self hating Jew by wearing nazi memorabilia. Unlike gene & paul I’m sure ace doesn’t like focusing on stupid crap from 35 years ago. Plus ace has mentioned the nazi collection before in other interviews so I have no idea what you are getting at.

        1. Ahhh yes, another “Peter/Ace” guy. “Self-hating Jew” huh? I try not to reply to closed-minded posts anymore because I usually fly off the handle and get chastised by Dana. But I will say this…… it’s one thing if you want to wear a Nazi coat as a joke when you’re drinking and it’s 1977 and you’re just a young rocker doing stupid things….but it’s another thing if you collect memoribilia from a group of people who attempted to annihilate an entire race of people from this planet. If you have memoribilia of any group or organization, that means you’re a fan of that group or organization. Not too many people out there who have Kiss bobbleheads and t-shirts who are not Kiss fans.

          1. Truth,

            If it makes you feel better, if it is indeed a proven fact that memorabilia such as that is collected, you have no argument from me.

            Also, I appreciate that you are making the effort not to fly off the handle, it really lends much more credence to your arguments/opinions.

            Dana 🙂

          2. How am I a peter/ace guy when I clearly said it was bs for all three to do this. I’m not going to defend ace and I disagree with owning nazi memoribillia but it was used as a shock factor thing by many rockers who where not anti Semites and who has Jewish wives and in some cases part Jewish themselves. Once again I don’t I agree with it but it’s what people did. Either aces girlfriend is a self hater or ace is not anti semitic. Plus if ace was truly an anti Semite why would he stay in a band for 9 years and then agree to come back for the reunion making chicken feed compared to gene & paul. Also “flying off the handle”? Grow up! Nothing I said should cause you to get that mad! If so you have serious issues.

          3. Ace stayed in a band for years with two Jewish people because he’s anti semitic. Also because paul was young and stupid is no excuse to wear nazi memoribillia after what his people went through. No Jew does that except for ones that are either self haters or have no respect for what their people went through. Sorry but it’s a FACT! All 3 where in the wrong and you know it.

      2. All I have to say about the whole nazi deal is the two “s’s” in KISS were based on the nazi SS uni logo. So were all guilty of hating jews than. Remeber the logo used in Germany?
        I can not stand the out and out labeling & judging that takes place these days based on a stupid slip of the tongue or something irresposible someone did in the past. Labeling people anti-semites or racists these days occurs far too much.
        I’m not saying that being either is kool, far from it, but there is a difference between someone who is a tad ignorant or says/does some dumb shit once in awhile vs. someone who may be a card carrying member for the kkk/nazi party or actually believes the bs that either spew.(NO TIME FOR THOSE PEOPLE. NO TIME)
        People need to lighten up a bit these days though, stop being so quick to judge.
        Just my $.02 not that it matters.

        1. A question for all the liberals on here, are the Black Panthers a racist organization? How about all black colleges? Not reverse discrimination a teeny weeny bit? Ted Nugent for president baby!!

          1. Yes I did because if they could get away with it the black panthers would absolutely positively try to eliminate whites off the face of this planet! If I started The White Buffaloes complete with an all-white college, all-white tv station, ohhhh my the outrage, I’m a racist, blah blah blah. Liberals are in denial and political correctness has sunk this country to all time lows. And before you start labeling me as racist or whatever, I have many black friends who agree with me because they’re real! Oh yeah I love Living Colout, Jimi Hendrix and especially King’s X (who is fronted by a gay black man…..gasp). Uncle Ted for president baby!

        2. I agree. People who claim they have never said something off color at least once in life are liars. I’m also sick of people calling others racist for not wanting rap music in the ROCK hall of fame.

        3. It is actually hard to say whether the Kiss logo was really inspired by the waffen ss logo of Nazi Germany’s special police force because the Nazis as well as the Kiss logo look very similar to the old Nordic/Germanic rune ‘s’, so I would advise everyone to be relcutant saying they clearly took it from the Nazi emblem.

  2. in a lot of ways he is 100% right …..regardless if you agree or not ….

    That’s one of the reasons I left the group. Towards the end, I’d go out and see kids in the front row with KISS dolls and lunchboxes and my manager is going, “Hey, Ace—watch the cursing tonight. We’ve got kids in the front row.” I mean, we started out as this heavy, mean, nasty rock ‘n’ roll group wearing leather and it turned into a goddamn circus.

    1. Ace IS right about that.
      I remember back in 76 as a 14 year old begging my folks to let me go see KISS. I didn’t want to go to a rock concert I wanted to go to church to worship my Gods. I did and it was awesome!
      Then 4 years later I was working part time at a small stage venue. KISS played there and the place was half empty. Those that were there were either parents or under the age of 11. It was so different in such a small amount of time.
      From what I saw at that point the band KISS was dead.

      1. Interesting…you say your first show was in 76 and 4 years later they played a small stage/empty venue. Well that time frame would have been Unmasked…there was only one US show that year, at the Palladium in New York to introduce Eric, which was a sellout. Small venue yes, but still a sellout. So your saying your one of the lucky 3k that saw that show? You do know Kiss toured England, Europe and Australia that year…averaging over 16k a show (still one of their largest average concert attendance figures) and the largest gig being in front of 50k in Australia. I’d say you probably need to rethink your time frame. It doesn’t add up.

    2. First of all, I don’t see how any member of Kiss could be surprised that the audience turned into young kids. One of you is dressed like a Cat, for God’s sake!!!!

      And Kiss being “dead” around 1980 had nothing to do with Ace and Peter being in or out of the band. Musical tastes change. People were looking elsewhere.

  3. This was a good interview and Ace came out ahead. Going back to the Tom Snyder thing, Ace always comes across as likeable. He’s moved on and good for him. KISS is toast and don’t wanna work with him or Peter again so hopefully his solo album will be great.

  4. My respect of Ace only grows as time moves on – especially with this interview. To those who continue to have a beef and quarrel with him, forget it about it. He ain’t perfect and neither are you. Ace has (yes) integrity – something Gene and Paul know very little about. Ace is not a sell out who will do and say anything to undermine someone if it means making a buck. He rises about the garbage and refuses to get mired in the muck. Just lives his life. No matter what he is called by Gene and Paul, he wisely dismisses them and their condescending remarks as he should. However, if things are said about him that are untrue, he wastes no time calling those people and remarks out. That is what real confidence is. You want an actual role model on how to act when people are throwing shit at you, just look at Ace. Laugh all you want. Read the interview again. Classy is what Ace is and I wish him nothing but the best for as long as he lives.

  5. Ace isn’t a sellout? Nobody put a gun to his head to sign up for the Reunion tour, nobody twisted his arm to sell the rights to his makeup. Look Ace is no different than Gene and Paul. He did what he had to do for money when he needed it. I don’t blame him for it. I just don’t put him on a pedestal like some of you seem to do. He’s done more than his fair share of mud slinging as well…his hands aren’t clean. And I’ll give Ace credit for that…he slung mud and now it’s somebody else’s turn…he seems to understand that part of it.

    1. How is doing a reunion tour a sellout? Making a living isn’t selling out. Of course there’s a difference between Ace, Paul and Gene. Show me some mud that Ace has slung without being initially taunted or insulted – just on his own for no good reason and out of nowhere like Paul and Gene habitually do. Defending insults aren’t mud slinging but instead just standing up for yourself and demanding some respect and dignity.

      1. That’s just it Rich…it’s not. Just like it isn’t for Gene and Paul to continue doing what they are doing. Totally agree…making a living is not selling out. My point is…if someone is bitching at Gene and Paul and calling them a sellout, then you gotta do the same for Ace. As I said nobody twisted his arm to do it…but as I followed up, they all did what they had to do to (legally) make a living. I won’t ever begrudge anyone that…as nobody should begrudge Gene and Paul for continuing the band and crying that they sold out. I always loved what Jason Newstead would say when fans claimed Metallica had sold out…”every freakin’ night”.

        1. All four are guilty. It’s stupid to pick sides because people don’t use fact or rationale, just emotions and piss the other side off. Ace was a drunk and a drug addict. And he’s owned it over the years. Something many don’t do. But he’s the first to admit he’s made mistakes and has moved on and deserves respect for that. He comes off very good in this interview as he has in others. He’s smart enough to know that taking the high road will pay off.

          1. Great post DR…..spot on. I think this whole situation has gotten US FANS turning against each other. I’m guilty. But…BUT… I love this band….as much as I said “kiss my ass” to Gene & Paul, at the end of the day I don’t wish any bad on them nor do I for Peter & Ace. And I really feel in my heart that all four of them love each other…I hope……. Joe in The Cuse

      2. Of course there’s a difference: one is Ace, so what he does isn’t selling out, and the other is Gene and Paul, so what they do IS selling out. Fact is, it’s been pretty well documented that Gene and Paul took the risk with the reunion, not Ace and Peter. By all accounts, they were employees, but they were paid. If the tour tanked Ace and Peter wouldn’t have lost a dime, but Gene and Paul would have. You can argue that there wasn’t much risk – it’s Kiss! – but when you need two other guys to pull their weight and those two have a checkered past… While they are sober now, it’s also pretty well documented that Ace was NOT on the early legs of the reunion.

        It isn’t Paul that’s the hypocrite in this whole brouhaha, it is the fans. Ace is the classy one? The guy who is parading his fiance around as “proof” he’s not antisemitic on one hand then saying “the entire music industry is Jews” on the other?

        I think the two weeks of disrespect that Paul is showing PALES in comparison with the 37 years of disrespect that Peter and Ace have showed to him and the band he and Gene put together.

        1. The reunion was “low risk” for Gene and Paul. If the tour was a success it keeps the money rolling in and propels KISS back to the top of the heap and if it fails they would just do what they are doing now… blame Ace and Pete. No real risk so your point is moot.

          1. Very wrong! Paul and Gene gambled the future of the band and their careers on the Reunion tour. Had it failed, Kiss (the band)…not Gene and Paul would have been bankrupt. There is a difference in “band” and personal finances…which many people don’t understand. Sure in hindsight people can say it wasn’t a risk but at the time…with how the promoters viewed Kiss, who were not willing to give them the guarantee’s they were asking, it was a big risk. The Revenge tour was a failure…as great as it was it didn’t do big business. Further Gene and Paul weren’t exactly rolling in the dough at the time either. The music scene was in massive turmoil in the mid 90’s and essentially Kiss was on their last leg as relevant act. They only had one option…put the makeup back on or call it quits because they couldn’t afford to let the bands finances bankrupt them personally…so yeah, it was sink or swim. And the kicker, Paul and Gene weren’t guaranteed jack. The money they made was on the back in, and yeah, it was a lot in the end. More than anybody ever thought. Ace and Peter would make 2 mill regardless if the tour failed. You believe what you want but that’s how it went down, I saw it first hand as I worked for one of the biggest promoters in the business at the time.

        2. Parading his fiance around? Come on man.
          He’s just saying his fiance is jewish to a response. Kinda highly doubt he went out and found a jew to parade around so he’d look good to some Kiss fans. Foresaw that Paul was gonna label him an anti-semite.
          Judas, how does Paul taste? lol
          Sounds like Ace is a bigot in your eyes.

        3. Oh really?? JUSSSST 2 weeks of Paul disrespecting?? What a meatball. I guess you have a very short memory of not only Paul but Gene’s wrath of blood swinging. And it is very evident that you really never watched any Bill Aucoin interviews. Now off you go to get Paul’s coffee….go

    1. I firmly believe Gene and Paul, and the overt stress they caused Eric Carr to have, is why he developed cancer. Major stress, it has been proven, can actually cause disease in the body. The man was under constant stress. Here’s a very true and good story for everyone. If you are a fan of Eric, you will want to read all of this, trust me:

      New Haven coliseum, CT, October 1990. Hot in the Shade tour. By this point, it was well known that Eric’s drum solo had been cut out of the show. He rebelled by showing up in half a beard (a no-no in Kiss at the time), and floppy pajama-type pants. Gene and Paul were livid about this. At this show in New Haven, a friend of mine won backstage passes for him and a bunch of his friends (including me), to have a pre show meet and greet with the band, courtesy of WPLR radio. Eric came around, and was, as always, a complete gentleman and very nice to everyone. Also, his solo had recently gotten reinstated into the show. My cousin, a huge Carr fan and drummer himself, was next to me, and thrilled as Eric approached him. My cousin is very loud and very brutally honest. “Hey Eric!”, he said, “I heard ya got your solo back in. Good for you, man! Don’t take any shit from those 2 knuckleheads! (Gene and Paul)”. Eric smiled nervously, looked to his left, then to his right, then at my cousin and said, “I won’t.” This is so, so sad to me. He was looking to see if Gene and Paul were within earshot, which they were not. This shows you exactly how those 2 treated Eric. They shit all over the nicest rock and roller anyone could ever meet. Eric wouldn’t hurt a fly. He didn’t know how to. That memory has been burned into my mind ever since. To top it off, the poor guy gets sick, and Kiss just HAS to go right into the studio?? They couldn’t wait? Sure, Ezrin has a schedule, Mercury does, too. I get it. But where do ETHICS come into play here? Our drummer and friend is very ill, you are going to have to wait. Sorry. THAT would have been the way to behave. So, business as usual, right? Eric was crushed that he couldn’t play on the record, but can you IMAGINE lying in that hospital bed, thinking my bandmates are stepping over me to make a record that’ll probably sell a few hundred thousand copies? It’s not like the world was waiting for a new Kiss record, and even if they were, WHERE ARE YOUR FEELINGS??

      1. Eric Carr was a smoker. Gene and Paul can now ’cause cancer with their behavior? That is ridiculous. Eric Carr could’ve gone elsewhere if it was hell on earth. He was talented and had name recognition.

      2. Hmm…so I guess, bringing Eric on board when they could have chosen anybody in the world, buying him a car, heading out on a massive tour of Europe and Australia, providing him with a living and in the process taking him from obscurity to instant fame and the crappiest of clubs to 50,000 people almost overnight, followed by more albums, and more tours over the next 10 years and even paying his hospital bills till the end is shitting all over a guy? Joe…just walk away from it man, you’ve lost all perspective.

        1. Oh, ok. So that makes it ok that they treated him like shit in the end, and then CRASHED his funeral when the family made it clear they didn’t want them there? YOU are the one who has lost all perspective JB.

        2. JB.

          You gotta tread a little easy here, you don’t know if KISS paid the hospital bills. Eric Carr was fired on his deathbed that is a fact. Some people claim that they fired Eric Carr to avoid paying the hospital bills, other people claim that the relationship between Eric and Paul and Gene were so strained, that they let him go. Paul and Gene has publicly said, that they regret the whole Eric Carr situation and the way they handled it towards the end of his life.

          Regarding giving Eric Carr a car? Well that was how things were done in those days, I’m pretty sure Eddie Trunk (as a former Record co guy) will agree with me on that?

          Playing for KISS was a job for Eric, so all the stadiums, fame etc was already a part of the package….. KISS is not a band, it’s a business.

          1. Well…that’s up for debate again Jimi as Paul clearly states in his book they were paying his bills. So now we’ve got another angle. I was under the impression that they had dropped his coverage based on what everybody had said until now. Who’s telling the truth?

            Even the supposed “fact” that he was fired on his deathbed…again, according to Paul the family would not let them talk with Eric in his final days. Kinda hard to fire someone on their deathbed when you can’t speak with them. Obviously the truth is in there somewhere…what that may be is again, up for debate. I do find it telling that Eric’s family came to the groups defense on the recent lawsuit issue.

            Another thing…those comparing Eric and and Rick Allen’s circumstances probably need to get a clue. Eric died. So we’ll never know if he had gotten healthy that he would have returned to Kiss or not. Further…Def Leppard did hire a drummer to work on their record and would have moved forward had Allen not be able to go.

            However one thing that cannot be debated is Kiss plucked him out of obscurity and allowed him a nice life for a decade. If people want to hate on Gene, Paul..and Ace, for giving an unknown his shot at fame, money, albums, tours i.e. a music career he had always wanted, then have at it.

      3. Agree. Gotta respect Def Leppard for sticking by its drummer after he lost his arm, waiting years for his recovery and engineering a new drum kit. Kiss abandoned Peter Criss after his car accident and erased Eric Carr’s memory altogether.

          1. I think they held him down and forced drugs and booze down his throat. I betcha Fritz thanks Peter as well.

        1. I had no idea Gene and Paul had so much power. They must really be Demons and Starchildren. That must mean Peter is really a cat! They must’ve figured he had 8 lives left. Next time I talk with Ace, I’ll ask him what Mars is like, cause he must really be from outer space!

      4. Joe here is a true story….& not a Paul/Gene BULLLLLLSHIT story. It is December 1987 and my friend Mike & his girlfriend at the time just happened to meet Eric Carr 2 days before Christmas at a local store. Mike was so excited but asked about Kiss’ next tour. He said Eric let out a huge sigh and said “I need time away from the band. I really can see why Ace decided to leave. The BS is way to much”. And I never believed that story until 2002 when one of Eric’s best friends did a interview in the local paper & told the reporter that Eric couldn’t handle Gene & Pauls ruthless commands. Eric had trouble with stress, no sleep etc: And people questioned why Ace & Peter had substance abuse problems??

      5. You’re actually blaming Paul and Gene for Eric’s cancer? I’m speechless as to how ridiculous that is. This is an example of why I don’t respect any of the Ace/Peter people in here.

  6. Eddie dose not have to help Ace getting to number one. His last Cd out sold both kiss CDs. Ace has already proven himself. When space invader comes out it will sell out. Ace could brake every record with the space invader and Gene and Paul will still talk shit that’s all they have left to do which is sad! There kids must be so so ashamed of the things they do and say! Aces daughter must be so proud of her dad and how far he has come.

    1. Brian, where are you getting these numbers from? Your head?
      Sonic Boom debuted at #2 on the Billboard top 200 and sold 108,134 in its first week (and is over 300,000 now).
      Monster also debuted at #2 and sold 56,000 copies in the first week (currently over 132,000).
      Anomaly debuted at #27 on the Billboard top 200 and sold 17,000 copies in its first week.

      As you can see it isn’t even close.

      1. JIMMY APPLE!!! Your numbers are correct. But not on a level playing field. KISS with SONIC BOOM had a exclusive distribution contract with WAL MART the biggest retailer in the world. You may have heard of WAL MART. Per having exclusive distribution rights WAL MART HAD TO STOCK SO MANY COPY’S OF SONIC BOOM. Go to WAL MART now. Still tons of SONIC BOOM . Those record sales numbers you have are not end buyers (people purchasing) for the CD’s. Ace had no such distribution opportunity like WAL MART. So his numbers with ANOMOLY are much more impressive to me. Ace did much better in sales if you take this into consideration. As big as WAL MART is 107,000 copies ain’t that hard. Every WAL MART in America stocked SONIC BOOM. Also you will notice (by your numbers) that MONSTER did much worse when WAL MART wasn’t the exclusive distributor of the CD. Also Im sure KISS had in contract that so many MONSTER copies had to be ordered also over and above SONIC BOOM. When SONIC BOOM was being done it was already determined MONSTER would happen also. WAL MART is one of the best opportunities to sell records in today’s landscape. Can’t Blame KISS. Good bizz. WAL MART at one time used to even give unknown artist space in the record dept. used to be able to go down to Bentonville Ak and hammer out a deal. Awe. Life in America. So Ace did very well. Paul and Genes solo records didn’t even come close to Ace’s. just goes to show that when its all said and done ACE HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE MOST POPULAR AND LOVED KISS BAND MEMBER. PAST OR PRESENT. LOL HAHAHA. Could you imagine Tommy and Eric’s record sales if they put out solo records???? It will be interesting how Peters will sell being a hard rock album.

  7. So, when very Jewish Mel Brooks makes movies that constantly goof on the Jew stereotype, including having a guy dressed as Hitler giving the seig heil salute (Blazing Saddles), that’s just a joke, right? When Ace does it, it’s just terrible, hmm? Give me a break. Mel Brooks is hilarious, Ace Frehley is hilarious. End of story.

    1. Give up this argument. It is so stupid. The man’s mother was a holocaust survivor. YOU DON’T DO NONSENSE LIKE THAT. Even if he was wasted and apologetic, why the hell was that uniform which fit him by the way around. This is between him and Gene. If Gene forgives him cool, if not “oh well.”

  8. On another note, I still think on TMS, they were harder on Kiss not playing the RNR HOF than they were on Axl decling to reunite Guns. I just hate when people walk on eggshells around Axl. Paul and Gene and Axl are a bunch of crybabies for not giving back to the fans who put them there. Suck it up, play some songs, its just rock and roll! #BillionDollarBabies

  9. Ace Frehley is a lot smarter than people think, especially with all of the negative comments about him from Gene and Paul over the years. In the latest war or words (mostly from Paul), it is cool to see Ace taking the high road. Classy move, Ace, looking forward to the new record.

    1. I’m going to have to disagree with you on that. I don’t think he is smarter than we think. Listen to his interview with Eddie Trunk. Based on that, he’s about as smart as One would think.

  10. Tommy was a guitar player in Black ‘N Blue back in the 80’s before he was a “tour manager”. They put out 4 records on Geffen. Good stuff.

      1. Saw Black n Blue open for Kiss in 1985, and they were better than Kiss. Seriously. Kiss on that tour were a joke. The songs were played at breakneck speed and they looked ridiculous. BnB rocked so much, that my friend who was with me, who hated L.A. hard rock/glam, thought they were great. “Without Love” is 10X better than “Asylum”. Gene was the one who ruined that band.

  11. How can the assholes at the r&r hof say eric singer & tommy thayer did not contribute to the band ?!!! they have been on the last 2 albums & have been touring as kiss for over 10years & every one knows that criss & ace did not play on any kiss records after dynasty!! so in my opinion they should all tell the r& rhof to go fuck off.

    1. This is what the HOF President said, and hes 100% right

      “With KISS, there wasn’t a single person we spoke to that didn’t feel the reason these guys were being inducted was because of the four original members I appreciate how Tommy and Eric have filled in and the way they do things,” says Peresman. “They are fine musicians and I’m sure they’re lovely guys, but they are basically replicating the two members that are getting inducted. How could we have asked Ace and Peter to accept the award and then have other people in their guise playing their music? They probably wouldn’t have even come. They were very clear about that”

      -The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s President and CEO Joel Peresman

      1. “There wasn’t a single person they spoke to”… who? Dave Marsh? The guy who said that Kiss – in any incarnation – would get in “over his dead body”? Please.

        And that whole argument conveniently and carelessly forgets about Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick who DID contribute to the band’s legacy.

        1. You guys seem to forget that part of the reason that KISS was inducted is the fact that new blood has entered the committee. And that new blood has KISS fans in its ranks. Tom Morello is a KISS fan and he worked behind the scenes to make this happen. What I’m getting at is, KISS fans had a hand in the decision. How big or small a hand I don’t know. Btw, Paul even acknowledged that new blood in the committee.

  12. Yikes, Eddie I listened to the Ace interview lastnight, just two quick comments:

    1) You should pre-screen SOME of your callers and have them answer a skill testing question. That was sad.

    2) Nice attempt at saving Ace when he was making jokes about a missing airplane with 300 people aboard. From a huge Ace fan; at best he sounded like a moron and at worst just a stupid drunk. Ace likely has as much understanding of Quantum physics as a toilet seat. Not impressed. I officially hate all four original members now, will be glad when this HOF crap is over and KISS and Ace Frehley are no longer relevant. 15 minutes is almost up again. You should stop propping this clown up, it makes you look like a wannabe.

    1. How does a guy who’s been in the industry for 30 years, has 2 national radio shows, 2 books and a national TV show that’s had 106 episodes shown possibly look like a ‘wannabe’? I don’t agree with everything Trunk says, especially about Steel Panther, but the guy is the real deal. You don’t stay in business for 30 yrs if you’re not!

      1. Thank you. And all I ever said about Panther is it’s a parody, which it is, as the band will say themselves. Not sure why that’s bad but I just don’t get excited about a parody or spoof. I loved Spinal Tap the movie, but did not need to hear those records or see them live. Just me..

    2. Quick, name another TV or radio show that bothers to even menton KISS repectfully, if at all. THERE IS NONE! I find it amusing how some of you KISS KRUISERS bash Eddie for telling it like it is about KISS. I thank Eddie for all his hard work in bringing us the radio show and That Metal Show. Oh yeah, Dana does a hell of a job too.

  13. They were on 2 completely forgettable albums dressed as other people…yeah, that’s enough to put them in the Hall of Fame! Good Lord, just look at the setlist for the last tour…one song from Monster and one song from Sonic Boom was played, and the rest are all songs that have been played for the last 15+ years…you know, the songs that they ‘had to play because those are the only one’s Ace and Peter could play’. Thayer and Singer belong nowhere near the HOF.

    1. Look at ANY classic rock band that is still touring. The setlist is always like that. People want to listen to songs that remind them of a better time – when they were young. It has NOTHING to do with who was or wasn’t with the band.

    1. I just watched the clip…wow that was just terrible…I know he had surgery..if so then he needed more rest…if its just an issue of father time catching up to him, then he needs to end it…paul was a good front man but the time to quit is now….

    2. Just watched it. Yeesh…Paul’s got a lot of crust saying what he says, let me tell you. The man charges full price to listen to THAT on tour? No thanks. Been a fan since ’76 and I’m embarrassed. Paul shouldn’t be as embarrassed as much as ASHAMED for bilking the public with this. Pathetic. Should have quit in 2001.

    3. Jason we saw them at the Turning Stone Casino….AWEFUL….Paul’s voice was this bad, Gene kept forgetting his lyrics, Tommy was just brutal….I mean BAD….& the next days review said that this was one of the worst performances thus casino has ever had. And Paul Stanley is worried about Ace & Peter??? REALLY??? Again Paul loves his own bullshit.

  14. btw TRUNK. you wouldn’t have to rush off the fans that call if you would just hush sometimes and let the fans talk to the musicians instead of you going on and on and on with them when you can do that off air. let the people speak man and lay off a little dude. u have all the time in the world with these people. the fans dont. basically… can it sometimes eddie.

    1. Thanks for giving me some insights on how to interview people after 30 years, appreciate that. I’ll make sure callers stay on extra long who usually have no question just to make you happy…

      1. Eddie is right….there are time limits….a lot of people want to talk…..you can’t get every1 on the air so if Eddie asked “what’s your question for Ace”……ASK THE QUESTION……DUHHHHHHH. Because I’m the guy who has been waiting to ask MY question while some shirt bird stumbles through WHATEVER he is try to say…..lesson over Jase!!!—–Joe in The Cuse

    2. Yeah, but SO MANY fans call in with DUMB ASS questions or requests and lots of times dunno what they are even talking about when it comes to fact. SO SILLY.
      Like that fan that wanted Ace to recall some jam session that may have or not have happened in some basement YEARS AGO.

  15. The greatest quote ever from Ace: “There’s a lot of things that Gene has done with the merchandising that are just over the top. He’s got everything from prophylactics to toilet paper—anything to make a buck. It’s embarrassing. That’s one of the reasons I left the group. Towards the end, I’d go out and see kids in the front row with KISS dolls and lunchboxes and my manager is going, “Hey, Ace—watch the cursing tonight. We’ve got kids in the front row.” I mean, we started out as this heavy, mean, nasty rock ‘n’ roll group wearing leather and it turned into a goddamn circus.”
    Nothing will ever take away the impact the original band has had on my life. I’ve been through ALOT of highs & lows being a KISS fan for 35 years. Regardless of all the drama lately, today is definitely a high! I hope everyone can take “the high road” because as a fan, I am VERY proud that my favorite band will FINALLY be in the Hall Of Fame tonight! Congrats to Ace, Peter, Gene, Paul & to everyone ever associated with The Greatest Band Ever! The Hall may have not wanted the best but, they got THE BEST!

  16. There are pictures of Kiss members goofing around in Nazi uniforms. The 3 members? Peter, Ace, and….Paul Stanley! Yes, that’s the same Paul Stanley who claims Ace & Peter are anti-semites in his new book. If the stories are true, the 3 of them donned the outfits & went to Gene’s hotel room to mess with hm. So I take Paul’s anti-semitic comments with a grain of salt.
    I haven’t bought any of the other original members’ books. Gene’s was too self centered and seemed to be a collection of all the sound bytes he’s uttered over the years. Ace’s seemed more about the groupie and wild party aspect of rock. Peter’s seemed to be just airing of bitter, angry memories. I was going to buy Paul’s book because the early whisperings I heard were that it seemed like it was going to be more about what was going on in the band when this record was made, or how he dealt with his bad childhood. But, alas, it also turned out to be about throwing all the other members under the bus so I’ll pass on it as well.

    1. That’s not what his book is about. If you want dirt…then don’t buy it because it has none of the detail of say Peter’s book. Yes, he dishes on members but that is not the center of the the book, it’s much more than that.

      I do find it odd that Paul was the last to have a book…and in the interim it didn’t bother people when Ace, Peter and Gene were throwing each other under the bus. Now Paul has his turn and “some” fans are losing their shit. Funny stuff.

  17. paul Stanley wants kiss to go on even after him & gene retire, obviously the makeup & costumes mean more to him than the music. zeppelin, stones, aerosmith, will always go on/live on through their music, MUSIC paul, music. you’re so obsessed with the “brand”, just like gene, you’re not thinking about the band, or the music, which is what matters most, to most! you will find out sooner or later MR. STANLEY, TO MOST PEOPLE IT REALLY DOES MATTER WHOSE BEHIND THE MAKEUP!!!! I, like most others if not all, don’t want to see another, any other “starchild” or the others, paul Stanley is and always will be the one & only starchild, not john doe or whoever! paul & gene care more about the brand, but the fans care more about the band, just leave well enough alone. kiss will live on forever, through the MUSIC! and the memories! nobody cares if in the future 4 guys dress up like the original kiss and sing, play & even perform better than the originals, bottom line, THERE’S ONLY 1 KISS! ONLY 1 ZEPPELIN, 1 STONES, 1 AEROSMITH, do you get it paul? I hope so.

    1. I agree, from what they have been talking about this idea of retiring and letting Kiss go on forvere, I am sure it will not work. But of course they are trying to make it happen (which is why they started constantly talking about it maybe a few years before the actual retirement?) because it will fill their pockets. But I am sure it will not happen. At least not on anything similar to the scale this band needs to finance their kind of show and play the respective kind of venues.

  18. Allegedly Vincent Cusano is in Brooklyn and plans on hitting Paul Stanley over the head with an acoustic guitar (much like the honky tonk man used to do in the wwf days) while Paulie is giving his two minute speech. While this is happening, Bruce Kulick, who has been invited to sit at Paulie, Genie, Eric & Tommy’s table, will sneak up behind Genie as he watches on in horror as Paul lay unconscious on stage with his wig half off his head exposing the ol’ “Stanley The Monster” ear proceeding to put Genie to sleep with the ol’ cobra clutch. While all this is happening, Ace & Peter are unaccounted for only to be found when the dust settles applying clown make up to a bounded & gagged Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer. Ace is laughing hysterically while saying ack and Peter is bitch slapping the make up onto Singer’s face while calling him a “motha focka” in his deep Italian New York accent over & over. (Dave Marsh & Jan Wenner look on laughing uncontrollably about the money & attention the Kiss drama has brought to the RRHOF while Dave Grohl’s guitar gently weeps). Finally Cusano, Kulick, Ace & Peter cut out Gene’s tongue (which unsurprisingly has a fucking price tag on the bottom side of it!) and auction it off on eBay to be purchased by Doc McGhee who has the tongue made into a belt to keep his pants from falling off his fat ass. You can’t make this stuff up!!!

  19. Ace was bulletproof in this interview. KISS will never be as popular as it is with Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter….period. This 40th anniversary co-headlining tour with Def Leppard is a good example. They can’t fill seats or sell tickets without a co-headliner…..but they’d be selling out everywhere headlining on their own with Peter and Ace in the band. But let’s face it…on every tour since the Farewell Tour, Paul’s voice gets worse and worse. Paul sings like total shit these days. Talk about ripping off the fans. This interview with Ace, and Peter’s appearance this season on TMS prove that they are classier and way more interesting people than Paul and Gene. I can’t wait until tomorrow and the RRHOF is over so Gene and Paul can slowly regress back into the washed up and non existent status they were at in 1994 with KISS….which is that no one gives a shit about KISS past 1979.

    1. I respectfully say that there’s not a whole heck of alot of substance in your post. Just closed-minded emotional opinion, which you are entitled to…. but impresses no one.

  20. Does paul actually believe that the fans would want a reunion? I for one would hope not…has anyone seen their show lately? Its lame….gene and paul barely can move…not to mention pauls voice is shot…I cant believe any fan of tbe band would want that, let alone pay big $$ for tickets…he probably doesnt want to do anything that could hurt attendance to the upcoming shows with def leppard…I guess playing with ace/peter could do that…they cant/wont do a full setlist which is why they been doing co-headlining tours…bottom line: its been fun but its time to go…

    1. I for one doesn’t want a reunion either. But what I really want/wanted is this ..

      My hopes for this night was, that they’d play a couple of songs as the original KISS, and then maybe a couple as the current line up, and get Bruce and Vinnie on stage for the final song “RNR all nite” and announce the retirement of KISS.

      It won’t be Peter and Ace that would ruin a reunion, it would solely be Pauls horrible voice. As you sais “It’s been fun, but it’s time to go” …

  21. I’ll be glad when this bullsh*t is over in a matter of hours. Tomorrow, we can all check out the clips of their speeches & instead of going out on top with one last moment in the sun, we’ll wake to find the once formidable KISS legacy laying in smoldering ruins. The KISS Army has been disrespected so badly that it may never recover. We deserved one last performance from the original 4. That’s all I wanted. I can’t think of any other future occasion that will allow them to shine brightly one last time.
    I’m glad the local classic rock station honored them today with the 2 o’clock fourplay featuring side 4 of Alive!
    I hope Peter & Ace make clear that THEY wanted to play & receive a thundering ovation. That will be a small consolation for the hurt caused by the other 2.

  22. Ace & Peter have by far shown much more class throughout this process than Paul & Gene. I love Ace, my favorite member of Kiss! One of the greatest guitar players who inspired many. But let’s be real here, Anomaly was not that great. I am not a fan of the current Kiss lineup but their last two records charged higher than Ace’s and sold more. Ace is not a good singer at all. Thayer, although I’m not a fan of his, is a much better vocalist than Ace ever was. Frehley’s Comet material was far and away much Bette than Anomaly in my opinion. Can anyone listen to Anomaly from beginning to end and not cringe at least once when listening to Ace sing? Again I love Ace, always will buy his records, but Anomaly is severely over-rated. I hope Space Invader is much better. Just sharing my opinion not bashing Ace.

  23. YouTube has induction speech of KISS…fan video…Ace was hilarious lol…Paul mentioned Tommy and Eric and the crowd booed…all I’m gonna say is, HEY PAUL AND GENE: THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN…

    1. Did you see the look on Paul’s face when the boo birds came out? Also aces joke killed! That was hilarious! Gene was surprisingly real cool and humble. Peter had a great speech to. Paul was 100% dead on with his hall comments.

    2. I did see KISS’s speech but didn’t see a video of Tom Morello’s induction speech. I loved it when Peter said in or out of makeup he”ll always be the Catman. Ace was funny as usual, Peter was happy. Gene seemed crabby to me and Paul, who knows what was going though his head? At least they all seemed respectful of each other.

      1. Morello’s speech was surprisingly awesome. I questioned him being the guy to induct The Knights In Satan’s Service. But gotta admit he hit it out of the park.

  24. I can’t wait to stop hearing about this band ever day since they made it “in.”

    Now that they have their Hall slot maybe I can hear more about 1,000 other bands worth listening to……………………

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