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paulstanley400 The bitterness between the current and former members who founded Kiss will not be quelled anytime soon. It’s been a little over a week since the group announced that it would not perform “in any lineup” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, following Ace Frehley’s comment that he would not perform with current guitarist Tommy Thayer wearing Frehley’s sometime makeup. Now, in a new interview with Guitar World, vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley has questioned Frehley’s talent.

“What we had at the beginning was magical. . . Ace and I played great together,” Stanley said. “But in my mind it’s a crime what Ace did: He threw away incredible potential and talent. The Ace I played with when the band first started out was a comet – and not [Frehley’s late-Eighties band] ‘Frehley’s Comet!’ But he was burning bright and really had the ability – and this would rub him the wrong way – to be a real contender. But he stopped practicing. He got involved with a whole lot of things that really diluted and diminished his craft. I saw that comet grow dim.”

Stanley added that after KISS fired drummer Peter Criss in 1980, he decided the band needed to reinvent itself, and that’s why they removed their makeup in 1983. It’s a decision he now feels hurt the band. “Rather than saying, ‘We’ve built these iconic figures together and we’re going to continue on with what we built,’ we bought into the idea of, ‘We have to have a new character,'” he said. “That watered it down. Some people may argue with me, but I feel that Batman is Batman whether he’s played by George Clooney, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and on and on.”

additional source: Rolling Stone


  1. Honestly, I am sure Ace would do some things over in his past if given a chance.
    Wouldn’t we all? Thanks Paul for throwing Ace under the bus once AGAIN.
    Wanna beat the dead horse one more time? Man, so sad.

      1. Yes, beating the dead horse once again. Drumming up what someone did thirty years ago–it’s tired and old and too easy. (In contrast to twelve steps and making amends and making up for lost time, which is not easy). By all appearances, Paul and Gene are making a deliberate effort to alienate their older fans. We are now an inconvenience. Somehow, in Gene and Paul’s minds, the way to sell the current version of Kiss, the franchise, is to say that Ace was never that great. Give me a break.

  2. Paul please stop talking about the past!!! Enough of the whole drugs and alcohol angle!!! The dude has been clean and sober for over 5 years, Peter the same. How come no one ever puts Gene down for being addicted to sex? Or getting herpes all over and stuff? Bury the past and KISS and make up. Not for us fans, but for your own souls!!!

    1. Paul and Gene keep bringing up Ace and Peter’s addictions because they had an adverse effect on the band. Gene’s sex addiction did not make him late for planes, rehearsal, etc….

      1. Gil,

        It’s ancient history. Ace and Peter have moved on. The other two cannot help but rehash stuff that happened over 30 years ago. Ace and Peter have actually grown. Gene and Paul have stagnated or worse. Stop making excuses for rehashing crap that has no bearing anymore.

        1. Gene and Paul are asked questions about the history of band. They don’t just start an interview by saying, “oh and yes, I always start an interview by talking about Ace and Peter, so I will begin…..” When asked about their relationship with Ace and Peter are they supposed to say, No Comment?

  3. There’s a lot of truth to that. Watch Ace playing in clubs with KISS in the earliest days and Ace is playing really well. I don’t think he improved as a player as time went on. But that’s the way it goes.

      1. Not talking about now. The article was about history – did you read it? Watch Ace in 72’/73′ and his playing never got any better and basically got worse. Most musicians get better after 4 or 5 years on the road. That being said, they have Thayer playing his same style and licks, so it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense.

        Regarding all the talk about Paul’s voice. He’s lucky it’s held as long as it has. He’s still competent with a lot of the material, but can’t hit some previous highs. Let’s see, we have Geddy Lee, David Lee Roth, Robert Plant and others. Plant started losing his high end around 1972! Geddy hasn’t been able to come close to what he could do in the 1970s and early 80s. DLR’s voice has been shot for the past 20 years or longer.

  4. I agree with this time! Ace is not even near the guitar player he used to be. The drinking and drug use took away his playing. I saw him in 87 at toads place he was so fucked up he could stand. He was singing the wrong lyrics to wrong songs and keep playing solos to different songs. Being a fan of kiss since I was six Ace was a super hero to me and seeing him fall apart on stage really knocked me down. The crowd basically walked out half way through. Don’t get me wrong his solo stuff is great but his playing is not. Just listen to him at Eddies party and you see how bad he sounds now. He should stick to releasing great studio albums and stay off the stage. Love Ace super super happy he is a sober man now! Just the abuse already took it’s toll. Can’t wait for the new studio CD but def will not see him live ever again.

    1. You saw him in 1987. that was 17 yeras ago. How can you tell what he is like today? I saw him three years ago in a club over here and it was killer. All the energy still there. I am not saying his solo playing was technically superb, actually it never was, never had to be to be influential. But it is his signature style that compensates for that. So talk about sth. you know about, please.

    2. Hi Brian, I ackowledge your dissapointment. I believe, there is slight exageration here. I don’t believe the audience walked out halfway through the show LOL. I saw him in 08 and he was GREAT! In your defense, we did kind of expect a less than stellar show…for a reason.

  5. I often wondered, If there had been no reunion with Ace or Peter, Would Kiss have put the make up back on at some point. I see no reason for them to take it off now.

    1. I’ve always wondered had Eric Carr not died what would KISS had been like in the 90s with Kulick and Carr still in the band. I think eventually Gene & Paul would have reunited with Ace & Peter. Although the Hot in the Shade tour was great, their album was not, and the music scene in the U.S. was shifting to grunge at that time. KISS was nearly a forgotten band until the reunion happened in 96. Your thoughts Eddie?

      1. I think: no reunion in 1996, no Kiss today. Kiss is still on that reunion tour, so to speak, just that the people underneath the make up and inside the costumes habe been changed, but the look had to stay the same to keep selling tickets to sentimental fans like me.

        1. Excellent points Klaus. The fact is Kiss became nostalgia as soon as they put the makeup back on…they ceased to be relevant in terms of moving the band forward and being a “modern” band. And Paul has said…they reunion would have happed even if Carr had been alive. At that point they had no other career choice. Nothing wrong with that…no different than VH when they added Roth back into the mix. It’s all about nostalgia now. They crazy thing is…and many people forget this but when Kiss decided to do the Reunion, they were all in their mid 40’s which looking back now isn’t that old. The band musically and from a live perspective was better than ever at that point. Revenge was a great album and the tour was even better…people had simply lost interest at that point though. Odd that 2 of Kiss’s best tours and best albums (COTN, Revenge) were largely ignored.

          1. I also really think that Revenge is one of the best Kiss albums, no matter who was involved, just like I think Ace’s solo record is among those very best Kiss records. If we are honest with ourselves we know that we buy tickets today because we hope for SOME kind of recreation of the old spirit which, of course, can never happen, and if it happens for two hours or so, it only happens in our minds. G & P know that, of course. It is the same with the HOF induction, so many people wanted another reunion just because of nostalgia. the one thing I really do not like about Paul and Gene is that they are NOT honest with the fans, they try to hide the fact that they are on a business venture only, they try to hide the fact that at least Ace left because he thought Kiss time was over, they seem to need all that unfair bashing to erase the memroy of the original lineup, which again is futile and ridiculous. I do not like the fact that Kiss has become associated – or a trigger for – with business ventures like Rock’n Brews and LA Kiss, just to squeeze the lemon a bit more. Maybe Ace was wrong when he left but you are right in saying that Kiss has not evolved one bit since then, on the other hand making the two “new” guys copy the old … but would we want AC/DC to “evolve” and “innovate”?? Or do we rather expect them to deliver exactly what we came to love abut them in the first place? It is a complex matter because people’s hopes cannot be hamronized with the band’s business plans and because four egos want to be pleased.

  6. I think Ace and Peter are viewed by Gene and Paul as when you have children. You love your child but, don’t wanna deal with one who’s addicted to drugs. Ace And Peter are clean today and could have remained in Kiss but the bitterness and animosity set in . After reading Ace and Peter’s books, I don’t think I could deal with em either.

      1. It always seems to me that if a person does or did drugs, it is morally OK to bash him regardless why he might be doing drugs. That is just hypocracy, because you might as well ask yourselves out there: why do you drink alcolhol, why do you smoke? Who is telling you that drugs are immoralor destructive within a band context? Gene and Paul told you so! Why did they tell you so? To have a reason any idiot can understand to justify their behaviour towards Ace and Peter, down to the question why they actually only gave them a salary on the reunion tour when it was all the four of them who made that the enormous success it was, even though G & P kind of owned the band at that time. So, was it morally correct to give them so much less money than they could put in their own greedy pockets?? It is simple. It is always easy to depreciate somebody talking about his or her drugs abuse because people out there will automatically go cry: oh god, that is bad …. G & P can rely on the prejudice out there. It is an easy excuse and an easy if not immoral way in itself to blame others to get rid of them. It has become to look ridiculous because P & A are sober and have been or a couple of years now. So wqhy keep on dishing out the old crap? Because they need a reason to go on with the current lineup and justify it exitence when, from a certain perspective, there is none. I for one do not know any recorded Kiss performance where Ace did really fuck it up because he might have been stoned just like I do not know any performance Gene messed up because of his addiction to sex.

        1. Look a lot of bands have survived drugs and alcohol…Aerosmith for one. The Stones another. However every situation is different. Take Def Leppard for example…original guitarist Pete Willis was kicked out of one of the hardest drinking the bands ever for being a drunk…and yet Steve Clark wasn’t, and died because of being an alcoholic. As was always stated about Willis, he wasn’t a nice person when under the influence…far different than Clark. We know for a fact Peter was a complainer…he even admits in in his book…in fact if people would actually “read” his book, Pete is the poster boy for hypocrisy. Whining one minute how the band could have done that to him and in another saying he could totally understand. I simply think Peter Criss has never been a happy human being and I think Lydia pretty much states that in her book. Fame only gave Peter the ability to be worse. Think about it…here’s a guy who’s already threatening to leave the band on the eve of their first big gig because things weren’t moving fast enough. A year and a half later they’ve toured the states twice in support of two albums. So again…every situation and every person is different under the influence. And another thing on the Reunion tour…Ace and Peter were paid 2 mill apiece. Guaranteed. So whether the tour failed or was successful they were going to get paid that regardless. Okay so Gene and Paul made bank…but the reality was at the time of the tour…no promoter was willing to give Gene and Paul what they wanted because the promoters thought the tour would fail. That is a fact. Kiss did not play for a guarantee on that tour. When the promoters balked and the asking price…Gene risked it all and agreed to a 90/10 split. Meaning if the band sold more than 90% of the house, the promoter would get 10% and Kiss the rest. And if the band didn’t sell 90% of the house…they only got 10%. Now in hindsight that seems great…but at the time it wasn’t. How do I know? Because I worked for the largest promoter in the country at the time…and every booker thought the tour would do 50 -75% business tops. Gene and Paul raked it in…after tour expenses mind you. Hall rental, insurance, travel for band, crew, staff and staging, salaries for all personnel, merchandising costs, per diems…you name it, tours aren’t cheap and again, success or failure…Pete and Ace would have been paid regardless. In essence, all they had to do was show up, play and collect money. They had none of the burden of anything else. Had that tour failed…in would have bankrupted the band.

      1. WTF, Paul can not stay in tune or hit any of the high end or low end stuff. It started during the Phantom shows they had to use a tape recording for his lower register stuff. Not his fault but none the less he was losing slowly then. he’s Like Meatloaf now which is hard to take but true.

        1. Last two times they played in Germany , 2008 and even more so 2010, his voice was shot. Also saw them on their Reunion and Psycho Circus tours over here before and the difference was so apparent. Listen to the professional recording of their gig in Zurich 2012 or 2013 you can find on YT, it is even more shot. Without Eric covering the high notes or even full chrosusses even the last person in the audience would know that he cannot do a full show anymore, while Gene still seems to be able to. He might have some better days, but the fact is: if he would apply his own rules his always advertising (e.g. that Ace did not commit himself totally to the band and therefore had to be let go) to himself he would have to call it quits.

  7. Eddie….can I ask a question? Do you have any TYLENOL???? And here we go YET AGAIN. Years & years of Gene & Paul trashing Ace & Peter has really given me a massive migraine! I mean seriously, this goes well beyond high schoolish shit. Joe in a The Cuse

  8. Eddie ,
    By any chance the reason why Gene and Paul wont play with Ace and Peter is because of Greed, and egos? They are just using Aces and Peter’s past as a scapegoat in order to look good in front of the HOF. They don’t want to admit the real reason. So they keep on bad mouthing Peter and Ace every chance possible to take away the attention of the truth.

  9. Not a super kiss fan but I think people just need to deal with it. Gene and Paul created a livelihood with peter and ace but had to move on to continue the livlihood with 2 drug addicted guys. I think they did quite well and honestly Eric Carr and Eric Singer run circles around Criss whether in studio and especially live. Thayer isn’t self centered he is an employee of Kiss and does very well. Gene and Paul own it and they call the shots and personally I think the music became better and more structured when they replaced these guys. Just show up at the RHOF play a couple of tunes celebrate the honor and go on about your personal buisines you will all be remembered forever now.

    1. The music became better and more structured? Running circles? Anyone who has a bit of knowledge regarding musicality knows that technique is not the only thing that defines good music, it is originality and sound and good songs that make people respond emotionally. In that respect Ace and Peter were highly influential. And anyone not deaf can see/hear that Thayer is just copying!!! what Ace did – where is the new structure in that, may I ask?? And did they rearrange song structures compared to the original versions on the records and those played during the reunion and earlier in the 70s? No, they did not. They have always done songs live 98% like in the studio. Gene and Paul have been busy for a decade now recreating the vibe, hence the success of the reunion tours, that is why the two employees are made to recreate instead of innovate. That is especially true for Thayer copying Ace’s licks note for note. OK, Thayer plays them more accurately , so to speak., But the sound of Ace is the classic sound, it is just what came out his fingers, he does not have to replicate himself, he is what he plays, you can hear, if you are an experienced musician like me, that this is not what Thayer himself would sound like. But back to Paul’s and Gene’s strategy: why would they let their new and oh so talented guitarist do that if not for a certain, very important reason?? So on the one hand G & P are constantly bashing A & P, warming up old stories of drug abuse when they do not really have real arguments, but on the other hand they bought their make up designs, they make their employeees look and sound exactly like the two alledgedly bad musicians and people called Ace and Peter – how do you call that? Hypocracy? Loss of reality? Or just business moves to try to make people think that the current lineup is THE lineup? Now make up your mind.

      1. While I agreed with what you posted earlier and the point you are trying to make now. The fact is Carr, Singer, Vincent and Kulick were far better musicians than Ace and Peter. And the band sounded far better with those guys. Kiss with Vincent and Carr was quit frankly a juggernaut of a band. I’ve seen them 30+ times dating back to ’77 and I never heard them sound better than on the COTN tour. The fact is, Eric Carr took Kiss to another level musically. One they would have never reached with Criss. And while I agree in your point regarding Ace…he was memorable and one of a kind, I agree with Paul as well. It wasn’t that Ace never evolved, it was that he got worse. As a musician and guitarist myself for 38 years…I love early Ace. It’s great memorable stuff but his playing on the Farewell tour was laughable at best. As an aside…I personally think Thayer is quit possibly one of the most boring guitarists I’ve ever heard…even with Black n Blue. At least Bruce and Vinnie injected some of their own personality into what they were doing…even if Gene and Paul held the reigns.

        1. Thayer is at least boring because he is copying the classic licks. Maybe his earlier work also shows that he could never have been as unique as Ace or other memorable players in rock history. Another example: there were times when even Jimmy Page was playing shitty, he has again become better afterwards (cf. O2 Arena), but many of the old heroes lose their larger-than-life appearance once we the fans, grow up and take on different perspectives, that is just the way it goes. You cannot say Ace was a great player once you listened to Van Halen, but you can still acknowledge that there is something in both players’ style that seems to touch people and make them feel good. The other former Kiss members you mention are and were great musicians. Having been a guitarist myself for almost the same amount of years as you, I know that I can do better than Ace, technically, actually every rockstar out there who claims Ace to be an influence can do that. The question remains: what exactly was the influence then? The interesting thing is: this band has never been one of the top bands regarding their musical abilities, the answer to their success must be found in something else. That is what I meant by influential. It is a feeling we get when our favourite band plays. I saw the Psycho Circus tour, Ace did not play that well, but I accepted it because it was my favourite band in their original lineup recreating memories by recreating the original look and feel and sound. It is a thing of the mind and the heart. Eric and Tommy cannot do that no matter how good they might be, Ace on a bad day might easily do it for me because – I want him to!

          1. Good points and I agree. And to clarify on Tommy, I’ve just never been a fan of his. I had the displeasure of dealing with Tommy on the Acoustic tour…he’s a yes man, a robot. And that is exactly what his playing is like…no feel, no passion. He brings nothing to the table for me as a musician.

      2. The whole reunion tour was smoke and mirrors. All a production all a tape induced sound goods. I seen the Criss band in 88 Ive seen Ace neither were very good. Is kiss still a production band? yes they are but just as good and with the times…… I would put both hired hands up against peter and ace anyday on a dual and put my money on eric singer and tommy thayer. forget the makeup and focus on the music.

      3. I really don’t think anyone wants to attend a Kiss concert and listen to new guitar solos during these songs. Notes are Notes are Notes. Chords are chords are chords. So you think Tommy should change the solos for the sake of not “copying” Ace’s classic solos? That’s silly.

  10. OK team. Lets see if we can get it up to 250 comments this time. I know we have it in us. Paul has given us the ammo, lets not let it go to waste! And oh yeah, he’s completely right.

    1. “Oh, yea. He’s completely right. ” ……Maybe a few sexual orientation comments and the fact that Gene is the Danny Bonaduce of bass players should garnish at least 100 comments alone there DR. Love. 🙂

    2. The issue isn’t whether he is right. The issue is that he can’t get over what happened more than 30 years ago. No need to keep repeating yourself. The issue is we’ve heard it all before a thousand times and after 30 years, its time to change the subject. Obviously you like hearing it again and again and….

  11. I need some Advil. Paul needs to just zip it. Paul, all you need to do at this juncture, just before the HOF ceremony, is to keep it simple, stop airing dirty laundry and talk about only the positives of any previous Kiss member and wish them well – especially if they (like Ace and Peter) have turned the corner. However, you just can’t seem to do it. Your comments make you appear to be a small and petty man. People like Gene would have you believe that Ace and Peter are still drug addicts and alcoholics. He always seems to mention drugs or alcohol when referencing Ace and Peter – even still in 2014. I don’t like it.

    1. They are still addicts and alcoholics. You never stop being one. They are in recovery and hopefully both will always stay that way for themselves and their families. Nobody ever stops being an addict. But I get your point. Remember that Gene and Paul worked with these two in their worse conditions and hid it quite well back in the day. Clearly they’re still bitter about that and can’t move on. It happened in the 70’s, and again when they re-grouped in ’96. I wouldn’t talk about it either if I were Gene and Paul. But I also get where they are coming from and why they can’t let it go. I think that’s also ultimately why they can’t get back together for just one night either. Way too much water under the bridge. In a lot of ways, I don’t blame them.

    2. Paul thinks that if he keeps Ace & Peter’s past issues in the present than the rest of the fans and followers will follow suit. It’s all about separating fact from fiction and trying to maintain the makeup as a separate entity from the people who created them.

      1. .. because this separate identity is still making Gene and Paul millions a year while Paul’s own musical strength left today would soon make him play clubs like many other old stars whose voices and musical powers are gone …

    3. Good point Rich. So during the next interview when Paul is asked about his relationship with the Ace and Peter, he should say, ” I won’t comment because Rich told me to zip it.” You are not that important and neither are all of the others who will only accept the 4 original members. You people are a very small sect in the Kiss Fan population.

    1. @Brian B.
      Really Brian? Who’s livihood did it hurt more? Ace and Peter paid their price. Gene and Paul seem to be the one’s who keep beating a dead horse and neither of their pocketbooks took a hit.
      I have a hard time believing that not once did Gene or Paul ever dabble either. Addicts, no, but saints….I ain’t buying it. Not the generation they came up in.
      Also these guys saying Ace sounds like shit nowadays because of drugs he did in the past are idiots.

      1. Good one. The fact ACE was so wasted and still played kick ass shows and as far as I know never missed a show because of it makes him look even better. Also, ACE And Peter, rather than hurt their pocketbooks, made them have to go buy a bigger one. Reunion tour….remember? But I guess that was just a big mistake on Gene and Paul’s part, because we all know the carnival of souls tour would have made them superstars again. NOT! Please people.

    2. KISS was effected by change in music not ACE, KISS became irrelevant with NEW WAVE then poppy hair bands, Speed metal then RAP. KISS boxed themselves into a musical style and when it attempted to come out is was not met well by hard core fans and the songs were not good enough to carry them into a new fan base. MTV fan fare kept them afloat barley but there glory days were behind them. No ones fault just he cycle of the beast. Blaming Ace is just silly.

  12. Ace’s guitar playing is magical every time I’ve seen him which was all during mid 90s and later. Thayer does a good impersonation but nothing like the one and only Ace. A lot of people did drugs and boozed… who cares. Gene appears to me to be 10 times the pain in the ass that any drunk can be.

  13. Sure Ace can’t play like Steve Via but come on. Monster and Sonic Boom sucked compared to Anomaly. I’m a true KJiss fan from way back but this constant Ace bashing from Paul is rediculous.

  14. Oh dear, his majesty Paul the Great is himself a very mediocre guitarist. He is much more of a showman than a musician in the context of this band (whiloe he might be OK at home and in the studio), just listen to live recordings, there are whole passages of songs when he does not really play at all because he is so busy making his moves. Is that talent?? While Ace might not have evolved since the late 70s, he is the influential one and always has been. He is remembered, repected and even loved for that. All the bashing will not alter this fact. Paul is obviously just envious that Ace has always had such a following and that Ace is the one whom everyone will remember when it comes to the question who really had talent and was the influential and signature-sound musician in this band called Kiss. From a musical standpoint, it ws very much Ace that was Kiss, from a theatrical standpoint it was a bit of Paul and mostly Gene’s demon persona. It is a disgrace how Gene and Paul are still trying to downplay Ace’s and also Peter’s influence on the classic sound. Singer does not recreate that classic sound, no matter how much better technically he might be. What a douchebag Paul is. G & P have major issues with hubris and self-importance, they should go for therapy, but hey, their therapy is obviously going out in public and bashing everyone who does not kneel before them. it is soo obvious it hurts.

  15. I’m the biggest Ace Frehley fan on Earth, and as painful as it is to say – there is some degree of truth in what Paul Stanley is talking about. For one thing – it took 20 years for Anomaly to come out – that is just too long a period of time for any artist. What was Ace doing in that time ? I definately love all the solo stuff – to me Ace Frehley has the best guitar tone in Rock and Roll – it’s just a shame, or as Paul says ” a crime” that there is not more of it.
    Regardless – he is my favorite, and my Guitar Idol; as a player myself I play as if to say ” how would Ace play this solo ? He’s fantastic – and I am glad he’s still playing !

    1. ACE didn’t even have to do another album. 10, 20, 30 years doesn’t matter. He could have stayed out of the music business from 1982 ’till the day he died. He owes us nothing. What ACE did from 1974- 1982 is enough of a legacy for me. Everything else is icing on the cake. You can’t watch KISSOLOGY 1 and tell me those guys didn’t kick some serious ass. I’ll put that box set up against lots of other bands entire careers and KISS would still come,up on top.

    2. Maybe he just enjoyed life? Maybe he just played stuff at home and with friends we will never get or need to get to know? Maybe many people want to hear more or his music and playing just because it has become quite rare? More precious than the yearly American tour of the current lineup?

  16. I love how people come on here and apologize for Paul’s behavior. Has Paul or gene seen ace or Peter high or whatever in the last 3 or 4 years? I mean does he think people never change? Addicition is like a sickness… You learn to deal with it as well the guilt of being a former addict. Having people accuse you of being one when you are not is not healthy for anyone. Moving on and forgiving people’s past mistakes is what a responsible person would do… Not continually bringing it up all the time. What a loser. The past affects your future only if you let it. I guess Paul just wants to hold on to grudges instead of moving on and trying to be positive with the honor they are receiving.

  17. Paul has to live the fallacy and the lie that Peter’s makeup is just as valid whether it’s on Eric Singer or anyone else. When I was 7 years old in 1977 and discovered KISS and wanted to play drums like Peter Criss – and not the cat persona – it was between me and peter Criss. When Peter left in 1980, I moved on to others bands. I find it absolutely classless, sad and so self-absorbed that Paul (haven’t heard much from Gene on the subject) has decided to continue to act as if he is above it all and above Ace & Peter when I was defending him up until this HOF in regards to business decisions. I didn’t want a reunion past 2000 and I didn’t care if they played at the HOF or not. But this constant tripping over his ego and shit-canning Ace & Peter for what at this point? Peter is a cancer survivor and happily married. And Ace is Ace, warts and all. Without the Reunion and Ace’s & Peter’s involvement KISS would either be a club band or non-existent. And I think that that’s what Paul resents the most at the end of the day. That here Gene and he kept themselves together and yet couldn’t have a 2nd wave without the two derelicts. Always remember Paul that people who live in glass houses….

    1. Good arguments. Paul as it seems to be considers himself an artist (look at his third-class paintings …) when he in fact is just a scond-class musician at best, if he could only just focus on his first-class songwriting – whereas Ace and to a lesser extent also Peter were first-class influences on a whole legion of young people who took up instruments in the 70s and 80s, like you, like me. Deep down Paul might know that the reason why is a multi millionaire today is that A and P collaborated again, which for an ego like that is very hard to stand.

  18. I guess Paul hasnt listened to Anomaly. Which is better than Sonic Boom and Monster combined. Sure Ace made some mistakes but Paul taking the bull by the horns didnt return Kiss CD sales to where they were with the Original Line up. This shit is so tired, Tommy is a clone and a lap dog. Who couldnt make it until he pretended to be Ace. Eric is a good drummer, he was much better when he was in Alice Cooper’s band. Just tired of 30 years of the same complaints.

    1. You should probably preface your post with, My Opinion is……. Anomaly is hardly better than Sonic Boom or Monster (in my opinion). You just don’t like the current line-up of Kiss.

  19. Paul is such a moron. He & Gene shipwrecked the band in the 80s. They had incredible talent with Eric Carr in the band yet ignored him. Theres a reason all those shows were half empty. It had nothing to do with new characters in the band.
    Does the Unmasked & Elder albums come to mind, Paul??,

    1. Not true at all. They did the best they could when their two partners got involved with drugs, alcohol and feelings of entitlement. I guess they shouldve just abandoned their dreams and business (and fans) because Peter and Ace flaked out. Also, Eric was treated like a prince, they loved him and really enjoyed working with him. They gave him wonderfull opportunities. I spoke with him on the HITS tour and he wad so excited about his new kit and solo, he was sooooooo happy. If things were secretly different, I dont know about that. Please be more mature in your posts.

    2. So Gold and Platinum albums in the 80’s was shipwrecking the band? Where are Ace and Pete’s albums in that decade? As for the 80’s, you probably need to understand what it was about…Motley, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Leppard etc….that was the 80’s. Newer, younger bands took the throne. By that time Kiss had been around a near decade, they were old hat. The fact they managed to tour successfully and still sell Gold and Platinum albums is a testament to the fans and Gene and Paul. Of all those “big” 80’s bands, how many remain an arena level act? Leppard, Crue…that’s it. Hey, I side with Gene and Paul…and even I wish they’d shut up about Ace and Pete. And I completely disagreed with them on the HOF thing but lasting 40 years ain’t shipwrecked.

    3. Actually, Gene left Paul holding the bag in the 80s as the Demon tried to go “Hollywood”.
      Kiss could have easily been over at that time if it was not for Paul.

    4. Ahhhh yes, Paul Stanley, the “moron”. With a net worth of 100 million, give or take. You may not agree with his decisions, but he’s hardly a “moron”.

  20. Does Paul actually think having Eric Carr in Peters makeup & I assume Vinnie Vincent in Aces, would have saved the Creatures tour???
    Instead of playing to half empty arenas it would have been to half empty clubs.

  21. After reading this, I’m reminded of the early demo “Stanley The Parrot” because all he’s doing is parroting the same insults from years ago.
    While Paul was always my favorite character back then, he’s regressed a lot too. There is no comparison between his first (excellent) solo album & the mediocre, overproduced follow up.
    What is so damn hard about setting aside differences & rehearsing a little bit to do a 20m set as the original & only KISS? Close the book with class & be done. I really wish they’d have truly called it quits after the Farewell Tour. 12+ years of pseudo-tribute band players & now this bickering has done nothing but damage the legacy of the band I love.

  22. While I think Paul is usually a giant douche, he’s 100% right here. Frankly, I don’t think Ace has done ANYTHING worth a dime since he left KISS. I ask anyone who defends him to go on Youtube and look at his live videos. His playing is ATROCIOUS. If he wasn’t Ace, he’d be thrown off the stage on a regular basis and tossed into the alley for impersonating a bad guitarist.

  23. When is paul going to realize that nobody cares about what happened 40 years ago. Aces comet went dim???? Why the did he sing a third of the songs on dynasty and unmasked????? Why did he release the best solo album of the four BY FAR! The longer ace stayed in the band, the more ace contributed musically. Paul is a liar and full of crap. It’s always everyone else’s fault but paul & gene. Nice job throwing ace under the bus AGAIN!!!!!!!!! So classless…………..

      1. He sang 1/3 of the songs because his solo album rocked and was the only one to produce a hit single. Sure he may have threatened to leave but his then recent solo work was 80% of the reason he got more power musically.

    1. Dude, those albums came out over 35 years ago!! And who cares? Obviously you. And Paul is not lying. Ace has barely done anything. What has he done musically since he left Kiss? One cd. And it was just ok. Christ there are a lot of guitarists who record and release a lot of stuff, not to mention get involved in side projects, soundtracks etc. Since he left Kiss what has he done??? He did stop practicing. He did quit working, he was held back by a lot of issues and thats wasted potential. Paul is NOT lying. Not sure if I really wanna hear it AGAIN though. Paul is almost as bad as Sammy Hagar talking and complaining about VH relentlessly in every interview.

      1. Ace did work I seen him in different clubs, prior to Unplugged he was on tour with Peter.
        Ace’s CD was just ok but IMO it was better than the stuff on Monster and most of the stuff on Sonic two very weak CD’s IMO. Ace has played various clubs prior to and after his solo CD. The biggest issue with recordings was no one really wants new KISS or solo stuff ask Paul and Gene they were very upset with sales on A**-whole and Live to Win. Paul’s was ok but nothing special.
        Gene’s had one good song and that was a cover.

      2. One cd???? Did you forget about frehleys comet and the 78 solo album? And yes he did only make one cd but kiss isn’t exactly pumping out new CDs either. Plus anomaly is better than monster and sonic boom combined. Took a look at gene & Paul’s solo careers and tell me they are more successful outside of kiss MUSICALLY than ace. That’s a joke!

      3. Who cares??? So because an album is old it is irrelevant???? Explain why black sabbaths early records have songs that are forever tattooed on western culture! You seem to disregard older music as irrelevant making you sound extremely ignorant. Kiss’ most well known songs came from the 70’s era………..everyone knows that. Nobody cares about the garbage made after! Sorry it’s a fact……………….

      4. The difference in the work/CDs/music Kiss and Ace have put out since the Farewell Tour is: Kiss are trying to make it sound like the classic bits way back in the 70s, Ace is just doing his thing, which includes putting weird songs with weird song structures and crazy or even sloppy solos on a record. I prefer his authenticity above Kiss’s fake revival of the old stuff just to make yet another million. You cannot measure a musician by listing what he has done, it is not like a 9 to 5 where you have to prove to your boss that you have spent every minute working hard. It is an art, it is a way of living. It might not be yours and it might not be fully understood by us who are not in this scene, but using parameters of a desk job to evaluate a musician’s “work” is just pointless. if Ace feels like it or maybe needs some money, he goes on a small tour, if he does not tour again, well, maybe he is just happy in his studio, why blame him for that. That would be like a child crying for getting a certain X.mas present.

        1. I agree! Kiss sounds more packaged now. Aces record is more raw and gritty which I like. If ace & peter are so useless as some gene & paul defenders claim, than why are they still trying to create that classic sound they created with the original line up in the 70’s.

          1. Ace is only able to create that “gritty” “Ace sound”, that might make him seem limited as a musician or songwriter, but it is also what the fans whant to hear from him and came to love in the first place, so it actually does not matter if anyone here is blaming him for not having evolved over the years. Even Eddie VH did not evolve – he too has his signature sound and way of songwriting. AC/DC is always “the same” – everyone is happy that they are! Love it or leave it.

  24. Paul don’t have the right to criticize Ace and Peter,they are just doing this to less in the chance of Ace and Peter to want to play at the RRHOF induction ,by the way Ace is a way better guitarist that Paul.

      1. Lead or rhythm does not naturally mean good or bad, you can both be a great or not so great rhythm AND/OR lead guitarist. These positons in a band do not tell something about who is a great musician, that is just the perspective of a fan who does not know anything about playing in band at all. Every posiiton in band is equally important because the impact of a band on an audience is bigger than the sum of the indivual parts or, from a different perspective, can only be as good as the weakest part/member.

  25. Pathetic … the star child is angry…waaaaaaa!!! Ace stopped you from having your cover band play and shitting on him and his place in history ( not your crappy kisstory) so now your upset…sniff sniff.. Gene pass me a tissue..

  26. I have to admit I see valid points on all sides. I was always pro Ace and Peter but after reading their books, I could sympathize somewhat with what Gene and Paul also had to put up with. I keep coming back to one thing from Ace’s book that really says it all for me. Although he obviously had his issues throughout the years, he walked away from millions (I believe twice)! Gene and Paul claim to be all about the music and the fans but in the end it is all about the money. I’m not saying they cheat their fans on stage because they don’t but in he end it is all about money. They turned KISS into a business and music was only part of that business. Condoms, coffins, lunch boxes, etc. It made the band a joke in many respects and the music suffered. Ace walked away from that cash machine and I feel that says a lot.

    One of the greatest moments in my life was getting to see the original four in concert. I was too young to go the first time around and never thought I would get the chance. My first KISS concert was in Madison Square Garden with the original lineup!! It was a dream come true. My last was with the current lineup and I cannot begin to tell you how much I regret that.

    Although I can enjoy some of the music without the original four, KISS to me was ALWAYS Ace, Paul, Gene and Peter. In the end, I’ve lost respect for all parties involved. I’ve grown tired of all the fighting and have come to see the flaws in all of them.

    Gene and Paul,

    I understand your issues with Ace and Peter and I also understand their issues with you two. You both have made more money than most people could ever dream of with your “business.” For once, could you please show that you actually care about the fans who made you what you are. No more lip service. I could care less about what you call KISS today. I saw it and wish I hadn’t. Please don’t let that be my last memory of KISS! The original KISS army waited a long time for this. Nobody is asking for a reunion tour. When it is over, you can go back to the farce of using Ace and Peter’s makeup on their replacements and continue to destroy the memory of what was once something great.


    WE WANT THE BEST . . .

    Ace, Paul, Gene and Peter

    One Last Time . . . .


    1. I’ve seen the current line up and they were great. A really tight band. You need to watch Rock the Nation in DVD. Its great even if you dont approve of the make-up situation.

    2. Hm, walked away from millions – the three “reunion” tours might have included some 250 concerts altogether, so 250 x 40k dollars, how many millions do we have here? 10. Now, how many millions do you think Gene and Paul each made in the same three tours?? Just figure: arenas of about 25,000 people paying about 50 dollars per person …. And do not tell me they had to pay the manager, the venue, I know … How much do they earn per gig today surely again paying Tommy and Eric a lot less than those 40k (Ace) or 30k (Peter) per gig back then? Maybe Ace and Peter just left because money wasn’t the only reason for them? I know we cannot get back the original lineup, but I would be happy to spend some money on another club concert with Ace even if he DOES play sloppy because I would get something honest.

  27. I really love all of the comments on here..There are some really valid points.. Ace does have one of the best guitar tones around period. And quite frankly Peter’s playing started to go down hill around 1976-77. But here’s a question.. Now I know Ace & Peter are clean and sober… I would LOVE to see them play a few songs for old times sake.. The original 4 should play one song together, then have Vinnie and Bruce play a song with them and then have Eric and Tommy come out and play R&RAN together and that way All parties will have a part in the evening… and would Eric and Tommy dressing as Ace and Peter even be an issue if they didn’t sell their trademark make up to Gene & Paul…..Food for thought!…

  28. Sorry Paul Stanley you are so wrong there is only one Batman and that is Adam West. All the others are just actors. Just like there is only one Spaceman and one Cat (Ace & Peter) don’t forget where you came from Paul.

  29. Get the damn ceremony over so we don’t have to listen to this garbage anymore. Gene and Paul see the anger from the fans and continue to try to justify their decision, yet they keep digging their hole even deeper!

  30. In regards to Ace and Peters books; it is safe to to say that it was a reaction. Paul and Gene went on the offensive via books and media long before Ace and Peter said a word.

    1. Actually Brendan, you are wrong about that…nobody really said anything bad about either party until the original contracts ran out. If you remember Pete and Ace were still on the payroll several years after being fired or quitting. The first salvo’s were fired by Ace in the guitar magazines, namely Guitar World…Gene and Paul finally responded and didn’t shut up until the Reunion tour. Once Ace fell off the wagon…and the same for Peter after being given a second chance then Gene and Paul went full throttle on them. Can’t blame them.

      1. Peter’s book really got Star Girl upset that is plain to see.
        I’m not sure Gene cares one way or the other really as long as people talk about him.
        Paul and Gene were pissed because they would not sign contracts not about booze. Ace and peter were upset over money and lack of control and direction of the band. If Ace and Peter would have agreed to work as employees and not ask for equal shares and control they would have turned a blind eye to the substance stuff. don’t be stupid it is always about money first, KISS has lied to it’s fans over the years about everything why would now be any different. Contrary to what they say the fans are a resource.

  31. Jeff oh for sure. I always youtubed those old classic KISS video’s. They were fearless, they were energetic, they were explosive & they were a band that was extremely hungry & wanted it all. And Ace & Peter lived the rock & roll lifestyle that their heroes lived, AND SURVIVED! God Bless them both. Gene, Ace, Paul & Peter were a nuclear bomb that wasn’t afraid to detonate in your city. Thank the good lord for youtube where at anytime I can see KISS….. Joe in The Cuse.

  32. Set with Paul at this moment. If Ace is so worthless, why dress someone up like him and mimic his riffs? I know why…. cause Aces playing is a HUGE part of the Kiss sound. Paul..take a lesson from mick jones and Lou gramm. They played together at the songwriter HOF last year for one night and foreigner went back to its current line up. Couldn’t do one night for the fans cause it wasn’t the way Paul wanted it. Paul and Gene know best….elder and all the classics they wrote for psycho circus. Nice voice now by the way!

  33. I don’t really see an insult here. In a band known more for image and marketing, Paul is accurately stating that Ace could have been an all-time great guitarist. Ace has a solid resume for sure but he really had talent that transcended what KISS was doing. I think of Ace as a top 75 guitarist, but had he stayed the course the sky would’ve been the limit. Ace is by far the most talented musician in KISSTORY. Eric Carr was also a great drummer. Sorry Peter but CREATURES OF THE NIGHT may be KISSes strongest line-up musically.

    1. The talent in the band at the time of COTN was at Kiss’s highest level. All 4 players could sing, all 4 could write. It’s simply too bad Vinnie couldn’t keep his ego in check to stay with it long enough. But by far that is the most talented lineup…and IMO, not even close. As I’ve always said…the COTN was musically the high point of Kiss and the tour that followed could be argued as one of their best…musically, it was without a doubt. I really feel sorry for Kiss fans that didn’t see it…it was powerful.

    2. Agreed. COTN is the only record that can challenge anything the original 4 did. That line up was by far KISS’s best line up. I agree with JB on Vinnie. What could have been indeed. That goes down as the one of the best shows ever seen. KISS were at their nastiest and had something to prove back then. Wish that line up could have stayed together longer than the two records it did. Even Lick it Up, if you can get past the title track was a heavy record that had a lot of power to it. But COTN is still their #1 or #2 album in my opinion.

  34. Ace and peter did drugs and drank they where from the streets playing in a rock and roll band in the 70’s man they were living the rock and roll life style living their life who are we to judge ? They were in kiss not the osmonds people are saying Ace can’t play his last album was better than kiss’es last two albums together just think if he could play! Have you heard paul sing lately?

  35. Paul is 100% right about Ace.
    However, why bring it up AGAIN especially close to the RRHOF?

    Paul normally choose is words carefully and is all with this “Live to Win” dream big crap…but here he comes across as a petty douche.

  36. What Paul doesn’t get is Ace has a signature style as signature as his guitar of choice – the Les Paul. Stanley is a guy that changes styles like he has guitars throughout his career. Some might mistake this for diversity, whereas with Paul it’s a lack of identity and having a voice as a guitarist. True he’s a rhythm guitarist, but guys from Malcolm Young to James Hetfield have as signature style, voice, and tone as lead guitarists do. Ace is Ace regardless of the decade. Anyone remember Paul taking the solo spot on the Animalize tour and standing up there with a BC Rich playing two handed hammer ons like a thirteen year old that just discovered Van Halen. It was as retarded as if Angus around Flick Of The Switch had been sidelined so Malcolm could go up there and show off his Van Halen 101 inspired licks. Then who can forget Paul dancing around with his yellow Steinberger guitar adorned with the Body Glove logo graphic on the keyboard laden Crazy Nights album. While Paul was showing us how “he had grown” as a guitarist, Ace was playing his smoking black Les Paul, sounding as Ace as ever, and kicking a** in the Rock Soldiers video. Paul’s playing reflected the Gene and Paul mentality of just go with whatever is popular at the moment. It’s like Paul said, hey Gene, the Bay City Rollers are doing well, so let’s do a bubble gum, pop rock-sounding album called Unmasked. Then Gene turns around, hey Paul, Ezrin just did Floyd’s album, which is a huge hit, let’s do a concept album called the Elder. Then they both look to each other and say, oh sh*t, Van Halen and this new wave of metal are killing us, lets go heavy and do Creatures Of The Night. This cycle continued up to the end of the non-makeup era when as one last desperate attempt they decide to go grunge with Carnival Of Souls. Just as that ship was ready to go under before it ever set sail, while playing acoustic sets at Kiss conventions, in comes Ace and Peter – Kiss is saved. They know there’s no turning around at this point and that’s why they’ll do anything to hold on to their glory days with Ace and Peter. Of course Paul would see Tommy and Eric playing the role of some cartoon character. It’s like when a guy such as Stan Lee created his plethora of comic book characters, they were just that – characters. Anyone that knows Ace and Peter’s backgrounds knows that the Spaceman and Catman are just extensions of THEIR personalities. It would be like Axl Rose putting Bumblefoot in a top hat, having him perm his hair, wear some shades, and adorn him in denim and leather. Not to mention, have him play Slash’s guitar of choice and encourage him to play like him note for note. If Paul would stop following Gene and his brand decisions around like a kid following the Pied Piper, maybe he’d see how ridiculous all of this is and he’d flip his wig. I guess he feels relegated to get in all his shots now before the jeers at the HOF. Meanwhile I’ll be looking forward and supporting Ace’s consistency to deliver his “diluted and diminished craft” as you put it in his new solo album, while your football team fails, and you and your cover band disappear into some remote corner of the world still trying to convince people your band is as legitimate as your supposed progressiveness as a musician.

    1. FACT: Did you know that Charles Dickens wrote such long books ’cause he was payed by the word? It is true. I learned that at QUEENS COLLEGE located in Gene’s old neighborhood and NY METS home of Flushing. I guess I won’t see many of you @ Paul’s book signing in early April. I’d like to go. Axl Rose is a nasty man. Paul Stanley can attest to that. Back to sleep……..

    2. You’re dead on here. KISS would wait to see what was happening and change course. A lot of people did that though – when disco got big you had the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and even the Grateful Dead doing some disco stuff. Bands try to stay relevant with the changing times. But true hard rock bands tend not to change much. ZZ Top, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, UFO for the most part have stayed the course. I think great bands evolve naturally – not in a contrived, market oriented way. People don’t feel the same way when they are 50 years old as they felt when they were 19.

  37. Paul keeps talking about how Ace & Peter hurt the band because of the drugs & alcohol… WE GET IT ALREADY!!!! And Ace & Peter never denied their addictions nor their mistakes, but let;s talk about Gene’s neglect to the band in the 80’s. Besides being a womanizer, Gene was Mr. Hollywood in the 80’s. There are a bunch of songs where outside bass players had to play bass on KISS songs BECAUSE… there was no Gene in sight. Gene himself called Crazy Nights a Paul Stanley solo album. Clearly the band wasn’t the top priority for Gene in those days. So where is Paul’s rope to hang Gene? Oh, let’s sweep that under the “Gene’s” rug. Paul wants to talk how Ace’s comet had dimmed? Go listen to those Paul albums like Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, and Hot In The Shade. They do not hold up today. They are boring and unlistenable albums. I’ll give you Heavens On Fire, but really that time period is quite forgettable. Uh! All Night??? Um… no. The neon colors & sugar-coated music? Um.. no. I believe it’s Peter who has the band’s #1 hit of all time. Not Paul or Gene. I Was Made For Loving You was a huge hit for them. Go to Youtube and listen to the making of that song. You will hear both Ace & Paul writing that song from the ground up. Ace is NOT credited at all! You want to talk about hurting the band & it’s image? It was Gene & Paul’s decision to once again put out all the silly merch (something they said they’d never do again). Talk about losing credibility. Fans outside of the Kiss Army are laughing with all the stupid shit they are selling. Anyone up for a Coffin or a $3,500. book? It was Gene & Paul that went with the disco sound to sell records. The Elder disaster was… that’s right, Gene & Paul’s baby. Point being is that both Gene & Paul need to share in the blame game for the demise of the band and it’s image. Paul needs to shut up. He sounds really silly and he is hurting the already laughable legacy he & Gene are putting forth these days. It’s Gene & Paul that has turned what should be a real high point in their career into a laughing stock with the HOF. We’re not laughing with you Paul… we’re laughing at you the more you open your mouth. You & your brand… I mean band are the punch line. You & Gene have own this mess, not Ace or Peter.

    1. Leo Tolstoy first published WAR AND PEACE in eighteen sixty-nine @ a whopping twelve-hundred and twenty-five pages. I learned that @ St. Raymond’s High School in Aces hometown of the Bronx. Gene was on MIAMI VICE while it was still great so I give him a pass. Eighties era KISS albums all have enough good songs on them to hold up on some levels. In fact the guy whose website were on right now ranks a song from ASYLUM as KISSes best ever. You mentioned toupees, you ever see a guy with one doing cardio @ the gym? They must be hot and stinky. Take it off for God’s sake. I need to sleep now. I just got back from Atlantic City……

        1. That thing has three good songs on it, which are very good..Tears Are Falling, King of the Mountain, and Who Want to Be Lonely, but the rest just completely blows chunks. Lol oh my. That album literally gives me a headache with all the clanging, synthetic background singers, half assed song writing. You know Gene sang his parts while he was on the toilet taking a dump…right?

          1. Boy that’s class. Taking a dump? Huh. Did you know Elvis the King some allege was trying to do the same in his shower when his heart expired? Love that tender and return it to sender..

  38. Tommy might be a more schooled guitar player he might be a faster cleaner player but he’s lacking a couple of things he’s lackig soul and style would love to see a guitar dual between them like some one suggested I think you might be surpised Ace is not joke I saw him do a blues jam with jason hook i think it’s on you tube check it out also check out Cherokee boggie by ace.

  39. You know Gene & Paul read these posts. Hey Gene, have you spoken to the Jersey Boys producers for the Kiss Boys on Broadway? I bet Howard Stern rips them the day after the HOF. Def Leppard slot number two this summer. The guys can’t pull a Metallica and do it alone. Just put them on doing “Stone Dead Forever” and you can see why they don’t need a Crue or Leppard.

  40. “These characters we’ve created wouldn’t work with anybody else doing them because they are extensions of our personalities.” I’m paraphrasing here but that is what Paul Stanley said when Kiss was in their prime. And Paul was right. Now to address the rest of Paul’s article: Ace did piddle away the crucial years he had after he left Kiss. Kiss, towards the end, almost gave the guy a nervous breakdown, he was doing the same show every night, which he said he could do in his sleep..It just got to be too routine and he did imbibe in way too many substances, which did affect his guitar playing. But he did progress as a musician in Kiss all the way through Unmasked..there is a pronounced growth as an artist, technically, musically, if you can’t hear the progress he made, then either you don’t know anything about music, or you are on a personal vendetta (Paul). But if Ace had kept his act together after Kiss he could have flourished, Trouble Walkin; features some of his best work. Now, contrast him with Gene and Paul, they need each other, neither of them could make it as a solo artist, whereas Ace, if he would just get out of his own way, could. And they know this.

    1. You do realize that alot of the ‘Ace Frehley’ guitar parts you listened to in the 70’s weren’t him right? Have you ever heard of Bob Kulick? He’s more responsible for Ace’s sound than Ace is.

      1. DR what Kiss records have you been listening to? Ace’s guitar solos got covered by Bob 3 times and by Dick Wagner one time…Paul Stanley played a few leads on some of the 70s records through the Elder….the rest is all Ace…and for all the shredders Kiss has had over the years, Ace’s and Paul’s leads work best for Kiss, they’re very hummable.

        1. You need to read a book or two. What the liners said, and reality are two very different things. Did you like Ace’s work on Destroyer? Tell me which was your favourite solo of Ace’s from that classic album. Maybe for the time being, until your feet get a little wetter you should stay at the kids’ table while the adults are talking.

          1. “Shout it out Loud” is one of Ace’s best solos, very hummable. The liners actually don’t say anything. You mention only one album, out of oh…over half a dozen or so…Ezrin composed the leads for the first two songs on Destroyer. Uh bro, alot of those books are about as legit as that paper that is on that roll in the bathroom. Didn’t you read my post, I know who played on what, half the leads on Unmasked are Paul. So yeah, have fun with reading those stupid books.

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