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acefrehley400 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will perform on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday, August 12th, 2014, sitting in with The Roots for the show’s entirety.

Additionally, a one time only in-store appearance and signing at the Best Buy in Union Square, NYC will take place Tuesday August 19th at 6PM. Fans will be able to get their own copy of Space Invader signed by the space man himself.

Space Invader track listing:

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin’
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside The Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past The Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship



  1. Hey Ace. if you really want to confuse everybody, breakout the old makeup & costume, have The Roots back you up with a chorus of “fill my eyes, with that DOUBLE VISION!” See you on the 19th, BLAST OFF! πŸ™‚

    1. Kiss pinball machine says:
      Working with Gene & Paul would drive anybody to drink! πŸ˜‰
      1. Invented the Kiss “LOGO” design.
      2. Invented the space man makeup & costume design.
      3. Invented the best solo album out of the original 4.
      4. Came back and invented “Into The Void”, best song on the Psycho Circus album.
      5. Influenced hundreds of guitar players.
      Does Wicked Lester’s memory remember any of that? The good stuff? πŸ™‚

      1. Doug R,
        I know your joking about that first comment. Ace and Peter did not start drinking because of Paul and Gene.
        1. Ace designed the logo–Paul refined it. Now we have the KISS logo we all know and love.
        2. Designed the makeup, yes, but each guy in KISS had costumes designed for them.
        3. Matter of opinion, but it did sell the most. My favorite is Paul’s with Gene second, Ace third.
        4. Into the Void received help from Paul Stanley, by Ace’s own admission.
        5. Absolutely–not just hundreds, but thousands!

        1. Mike B……your delusional if you think Paul and Gene’s solo albums are better than Ace’s…..both of them put together dont even come close…..yes i realize its personal taste but lets be serious Aces is one hell of a Rock Album…the others you can have them

          1. Who can judge? I like Ace’s 78 album alot, but listen to Paul and Gene’s more often. Maybe you’re delusional?

        2. Mike B, there never would have been a Kiss logo for Paul to refine if Ace never invented it in the first place!
          But we do agree on FACT #5, (including Tommy Thayer) πŸ˜‰

      2. Some of those claims are your opinions and you are entitled. Don’t get me wrong, Ace was great back in the day, but I’m not a fan now. I listened to samples of Space Invader…. ouch…. Singing is horrific.

        1. Sometimes people hear what they WANT to hear–if you are looking for a weakness, you will find it–and miss all the good points. Rock music is not supposed to be perfect–its not classical.

          1. I wasn’t looking for weakness. It stood out. Wasn’t looking for weakness in Peter’s solo album One for All either, but OUCH!!!!

          2. Mike B- “Sometimes people hear what they WANT to hear”……and I rest my case to the Gene a Simmons thread. Thank you Mike B……I guess the 3 emails I received only confirmed what I said……..Joe in The Cuse

          3. (Again? Man–this joe in the Cuse guy can’t let it go–how sad).
            Joe, you missed the point, as expected.

        2. Wicked Lester’s memory, have you heard Paul sing lately? Not to many of our heroes from back in the good ‘ol days sound the same anymore. Most of my “opinions” are facts, or shared by the “majority”.
          What pisses me off the most, is that Gene & Paul want to pretend that Ace & Peter never existed, especially Paul. Yes, Ace & Peter F’D up a lot, but in some different ways, so did Gene & Paul. Like I’ve said before, nobody’s perfect, Ace & Peter are living proof of that fact, and so are Gene & Paul, because as crazy as it might sound, without Ace & Peter, Kiss wouldn’t be alive today, think about it.
          And before the response, “Kiss wouldn’t be alive WITH Ace & Peter today”, we’ll never know, will we?

          1. I won’t address your post because anyone that claims that most of their opinions are facts, and are shared by the “majority” comes across as delusional.

          2. Wicked Lester’s “memory”, anyone who can’t comprehend what I meant, is delusional.

            Ace Frehley’s smokin’ guitar from 1977 says:

            Don’t you know, I’m a 2,014 man,
            alive & kicking, doing the best I can,
            don’t you know, I’m a 2,014 man,
            “sold” my face, but not my soul,
            and now it’s my turn, to rock & roll! πŸ™‚

            BTW Wicked Lester’s “memory”, delusional is somebody who changes their name every week, like for example:
            “Kiss pinball machine”
            “Flaming yute”
            “Paul Stanley’s voice from 1977”
            “Kiss Alive 1 -5”
            “Merv Griffin”, just to name a few, now THAT’S delusional!
            So who are you going to be next week?
            “Gene Simmons’ hair from 1977”? πŸ˜‰

      3. me and douchey McGhee counterpoints:
        1. paul refined the kiss “logo”. refining is more important than inventing.
        2. he has to earn the right to wear the space man makeup and costume design he invented.
        3. no one knows what his name is. the upper right corner of his solo album reads: “space man”
        4. came back only to quit again. besides, the current set list is chock full of classics from monster and sonic boom.
        5. dated mayim bialik, but he “never did blossom”

        shame on you doug r. baaa

        1. Classics from Sonic Boom and Monster? Really? They played War Machine, Psycho Circus, Hide your Heart and Lick it Up in Jersey the other night. Everything else (12 songs) was pre Love Gun.

          1. They are touring to support Kiss 40. That’s why there is nothing from the last two albums. Previous tours they did play songs from those albums. Facts!

          1. Elliot, as I have already explained it to Mike B, just because you happen to agree with the Trunkster’s opinions, (most of them) does not mean you’re protecting him. Besides, Eddie’s 50 years old now, he can defend himself! LOL!
            Now although there is some resemblance between Eddie Trunk & E.T., I think it’s just a coincidence that they have the same initials. BUT, if Eddie starts saying “phone home”, “phone home”, I’m runnin’! LOL! πŸ™‚
            Have fun in space dude, if you run into Ace, let me know! Cheers! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hope Ace has fun on Jimmie Fallon.

    Off Topic….
    Funny how Paul criticized Gene for his show and Reality TV in general but will be starring in the AMC reality series “4TH AND LOUD”.

    1. There IS a difference–Gene’s was a view of his private family life. This is about the football team. I won’t be watching. I watched maybe five episodes of Family Jewels. I would rather listen to KISS than watch a reality series of any kind. Paul’s point was that reality TV is no longer reality when the cameras influence people’s behavior. However, the episode I watched (of Family Jewels) was excruciating! Oh! By the way “genesraccoonwig”, whether he wears wigs to make his hair look fuller on stage and in makeup–yeah maybe. But he is not bald. That episode of Family Jewels proved it. He pulled, combed, and refuted all rumors of him being bald. Not that I care! I like KISS for their music and shows, not for their hair.

      1. Gene isn’t bald…..and I believe that is his actual hair. My cousin owns The Exposure Studio in L.A., has seen Gene & Paul quite often….they have real hair….Joe in The Cuse

      1. dear wicked lester’s mammary,
        thanks for the etiquette lesson, d bag. after your sonic boom boom diaper gets changed and you’re not afraid you use your real name, get back to me…but only if gene and paul say its ok. BAM!

  3. I’ve got Kings of Leon listed as being Jimmy’s musical performer on Tuesday night’s show. I suppose they mean Ace won’t perform at all on his own, but only sitting in with the Roots.

  4. Ace Frehley is a shadow of his former self. His ability to play guitar (now) is elementary at best. He was once a fantastic guitar player. Now he just sucks. KISS as they stand now are no better.

  5. All you ACE haters are gonna see what Ace is all about he is doing something paul and gene can’t do .he is playing with the roots and the roots are top notch musicians ,goes to show you ACE can adapt he can survive where clowns can’t. If you know what I mean

    1. Let’s not get too crazy here…two nights ago they had Lester Holt from NBC news play bass with them all night, so Ace playing with them is not that big a deal…

  6. I want to meet Zacherle “The Cool Ghoul” but I can’t get to a Chillah in Jersey. Please Ace, do Chillah so I get my vinyl copy signed by somebody, bring Peter, bring Eddie. One in-store is criminal even if the CD is a stinker.

  7. Ace will be great on the show, I just know it. I hope he gets lots of air time to talk as well as play. Ace has a giant sense of humor, absolutely hilarious. I’ve said it before: Ace would be a great stand/prop comic. Maybe he’ll break out the smoking flute he had on TMS.

  8. Not sure why all the hate leveled at Ace. He’s had self acknowledged substance issues, but it’s rock roll, there are many other who’ve had the same issues. Let’s just let it go.

    Hope he kills it with Fallon. He’s the first guy that made me want to even think about playing the guitar, it wasn’t even a blip on my pre-adolescent radar screen until I saw Kiss. It’s nice he finally got at least some of the respect he always deserved.

  9. With all the ups n down ppl do have in life lets just let the guy do what he does best. I personally think of him the same as back n the day . I know all the ole stories of drugs n drinking but no one was complaining when according to some folks he was at his best. I know we didn’t have smart phones internet and all that and Im sure there was a lot of problems within the bands circle with the drinking but sounds like most of them were all doing it with a few exception of the likes of gene n paul . But I dont recall in none of my books or mags paul n gene ranting like they been doing in recent history. I wonder why that is… if one think as a fan since 1977 of the band that I have learned is that dont believe everything you hear n read besides most of it is either a lie or contradiction of something else one said.kiss today is more about the importance of being a brand then importance of being a band that is clearly a fact when you think about their idea of kiss continuing without no original member. This is about as quacked an idea as one could have. If u told me 35 yrs ago they would be evolving into a tribute of them selves I would have put down the needle on the last vinyl kiss love gun by the four and would have closed the book ..

    1. Right joe they talk about the fans, doing it for the fans but what fan would want to continue listening to a cover band being a. Brand dosn’t show u care for your fans I rather they be civil and must go out with dignity than linger on painfully

  10. Interesting to say the least…I’m not sure he will be catering to the Roots style of play as it would seem odd so they may lean more towards Aces playing that night. Every album by Ace I’ve looked forward to, but then I’m let down. I thought Anomoly was ok, but overall not a good album, just had some decent songs, but it’s good to hear any new music Kiss related. In my opinion, every album he’s done since Kiss and including his ’78 LP had a few good songs, but a good album they are not. I think Ace is better in a band with a few songs of his, but without having to carry the entire load and that’s why he has a lot of duds on each album…and honestly, PLEASE ACE NO MORE SONGS ABOUT SPACE!! it’s so cliche and three of the songs have a space theme…it smells of Ace trying to hard to remind us that he’s the original Spaceman…But I go into every album by Kiss or Ex-Kiss members with an open mind, so hopefully Ace brings it…

    1. I don’t think Ace has ever been able to deliver a full albums worth of good to great songs. Even the 78 album had a lot of weak spots, but was the best IMO, although I liked The Demon’s as we’ll. in his heyday with KISS though some of the songs he brought to the table were some of the best on whatever album it was. Hardly anyone ever talks about Rocket Ride. That was one of his best and should’ve been on a real release and not filler on Alive II. Into the Void was the best on PS. Dark Light, 2000 Man, Save Your Love. What the hell, I’ll even give Torpedo Girl a nod for the ill-fated Unmasked album. Rip it Out was the best on his solo album. Why New York Groove got all the love, I’ll never understand.

      1. Very true DR…I wish he would play some of those older songs if he tours…all of those you mentioned are not only great Ace songs, but helped some of those albums when some of the Paul and Gene stuff was a little weak. I agree also about NY Groove…not nearly the best on the album, but lots of airplay…the entire “backside” of Alive II is killer, along with Rocket Ride…one of my faves from Ace is Hard Times from Dynasty…

        1. I agree with George as well, if “Rocket Ride” was on Love Gun, Ace’s solo album, or even Dynasty, it wouldn’t get overlooked, but because it was on Alive II, it was. Shouldn’t have been overlooked, it shouldn’t have mattered, but obviously it did. April 15th, 1978, Rocket Ride hit #40 on Billboard’s hot 100, the next week it hit #39, and then it disappeared. If it came out a year earlier or a year later than when it did, no doubt in my mind that song would have went a lot higher up on the charts, never would have been overlooked, and I’m sure Rocket Ride would’ve eventually been played live, like it should have been! πŸ™‚

      2. DR…..none of the 4 have been able to deliver full albums of good music….shit Sonic Boom & Monster are clear examples of that. Okay albums but nothing really to re-listen over & over too. As a band….with 4 talented guys Tommy, Gene, Paul & Eric I was expecting ALOT more than what we received…..Ace is basically by himself & he is doing a decent job…..Joe in The Cuse

        1. That’s a very good point Joe about all 4 not delivering a full albums worth. Hadn’t thought of it that way. George I agree with Hard Times as well. I overlooked that one. My other fav from side 4 of Alive II is All American Man. That was another track that should’ve been on a regular release. Good chat Gents.

          1. All American Man, Larger thanLife….that entire album side is mostly known by hardcore fans…had a long drive the other day and was listening to lots of Kiss…put that backside on and start to finish it was freakin awesome…BTW, I heard Ace is doing 7 songs with the Roots and they are all Ace Kiss songs…some of it will not be televised but will be on internet for viewing…kind of like when Kiss recently did Letterman…

        2. Actually, Aerosmith’s last album was “okay”. Ozzy’s last three albums have been “okay”. Godsmack has been great so far, although so far IV is my favorite from them. Just received 1000hp the other day, but have not had a chance to listen. Sonic Boom is very good. I give it a 4.5 out of 5. I give Monster a 5. I love each of the bands I mentioned, but am not afraid to admit something is good. If it’s not, I admit it even if I love the band. I guess it boils down to personal taste–and an objective opinion.

          1. Mike B you’re spot on with “personal taste” . I wasn’t floored by Sonic Boom & Monster. But They weren’t bad either. Personally I feel Paul & Gene will never get that magic back from the original 4 that they have been desperately trying for over the last decade. Stop making sub-par albums & just tour & play the classics….just MO……Joe in The Cuse

      3. DR, I agree with you 100% about “Rocket Ride”, I’ve said it a million times before, how/why this song was never played live is way beyond me! I love “Shock Me”, everything from Ace’s solo album, the 3 songs Ace did from Dynasty & Unmasked, but nothing IMO, not even Shock Me, comes close to Rocket Ride, Ace’s best song! IMO πŸ™‚

        1. “Cold Gin”, “Parasite”, “Strange Ways”, all 3 songs written by Ace, I’ve always wondered how those songs would be if Ace actually sang them. And IMO they’re also 3 of the heaviest songs Kiss ever did, Especially Parasite & Strange Ways. πŸ˜‰

        2. BTW Doug, glad to see you finally capitalized the D in Doug R. It makes you look more distinguished. I did what George did a few weeks back and had a long road trip and converted more CD’s onto my Ipad for the trip, and finally put Alive II on it and included the 5 studio tracks which I admit I hadn’t listened to for a few years. I fell in love with them all over again, especially Rocket Ride. That song had balls and all four sound good on it. To your point Doug, I’ve wondered about earlier songs that Ace penned for the band but didn’t want to sing. I haven’t seen Ace live in years and always wondered if he might do some of those songs on his show. Would be a cool experience for the fans to hear him do Cold Gin or especially Parasite. BTW how good could Hotter Than Hell have been if it had been produced better. A ton of great songs on that album.

          1. Once again DR , we’re totally on the same page. Hotter Than Hell was produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise, same guys who produced the first Kiss album which sounds great, and yet Hotter, not so much. It really sucks because I agree, most of the songs on that album are really great. Too bad Bob Ezrin or Eddie Kramer weren’t available at the time Hotter was recorded. So many could have, would have should haves, I wonder if legally Ace can re-record the songs he wrote early on in Kiss, just to hear how they would sound with him singing them. Well, that might not be fair because just like all of heroes, their voices aren’t what they used to be. Well, except maybe for Hagar & Halford, because to me, they still sound “almost” as good as they did 30+ years ago! Have a good one. πŸ™‚

          2. …..1 more thing, Draw The Line/Aerosmith, another album with some really great songs on it, but wasn’t produced very well at all. Such a shame, because just like HTH, we’ll never really know just how good it could have been.

  11. Ace is playing better than ever for those of u saying he’s just a shell of his former self. I play guitar and should know. Some of u guys on here I don’t think u have a clue. He was at his all time low prolly around 94″ as far as playing. I saw him in KC at The Lonestar in Westport. He was horrible and sick that night. Sound guy did a terrible job. He was pretty sloppy in a lot if the reunion tour. But since he got sober he plays much better. Even when Ace hasn’t been in top form he still always got by with great stage presence and playing with feeling. Those of you that play guitar know what I’m talking about. I’m so proud of Ace. His new album is good from what I understand. I do wish he and Peter would do a record together with Eddie Kramer. Man Peter on lead vocals and Ace some vocals? Wow that would sell. I don’t think Ace and Peter understand how many die hard kiss fans would flick to by a hard rock album done by Ace and Peter. Peter keeps talking about a Hard rock record. Doing it with Ace would be the thing to do.

    1. Charlie,

      While I am responsible for some of the KISS news, Eddie has also asked me to post some of the stories that appear here in the news section.

      Look, like it or not, KISS stories drive traffic. As a matter of fact, Simmons was in the news again a few days ago. He was stating that he backs L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Not for his racist views, but for his right to vocalize them in privacy. It was on every music news site and I didn’t post it here.

      Sometimes, I feel like I cannot win. If I don’t post KISS news, then I am kowtowing to a certain group of readers. But, if I post KISS news, then I get backlash from posters such as yourself. It’s conundrum.

      I guess the site should be able to post KISS news as often as we like, and the readers should decide for themselves whether to read it or skip it.

      Dana from πŸ™‚

  12. Good for Ace, looking forward to watching the Tonight Show and listening to the album once it arrives in my mailbox. BUT, isn’t sitting in with the band what they do when the artist in question is not considered “book worthy” ? Sounds more like someone is throwing the record company a bone here. I’d rather see Ace and his band performing like a real musical guest on the Tonight Show does.

  13. Whats so bad about ace singing about space . I dont hear any ranting when paul sings about love n Or sex and what about gene.. and look today you got this idiot and yeah im calling him an idiot tommy thayer singing about outta this world . Come on give me a break . This dude reaks to say the least. And ppl wanna insult ace frehley their the real idiots

    1. Then don’t watch, because he won’t be drunk.
      Today, Ace is just “high” on life, just like your buddies Gene & Paul. πŸ˜‰
      The name may change, but the “address” remains the same.

        1. Well, wouldn’t have to if everybody just stuck with the same name around here!
          Maybe I’ll start changing my name every week too. Now let’s see –

          “The Phantom Of The Park”?
          “Kiss Lunch Box From 1977”?
          “Kiss Comic Book From 1977”?
          “The Hand From The Elder Album Cover”?

          Help me out Elliot, I’m running out of ideas! Oh, I know –

          They already got the “actors” to play Ace & Peter, (Tommy & Eric)
          Doc can play the phantom.
          Now, question is, who will play gene & Paul? πŸ˜‰

          1. doug r., here’s your request:
            “carnival of cruisers”
            “shandi Griffith”
            “eric ringer”
            “doc McGee’s rap sheet”
            in the “phantom” sequel, gene will played by Mario cipollina ( former bassist of huey lewis & the news). paul will be played by steve van Zandt.

    2. Or perhaps he will be backstage and someone wil put their “junk” on his shoulder so he can kiss it, as he did to Peter back in the day. Yes, Ace has always been the Rock and “Role” model.

  14. He can write and sing about space all he wants to you know why? Because he is the SPACE MAN. SPACE ACE the one and only the definition of a rock and roll guitar player. No pretender the real deal

  15. Paul & Gene would still have Ace in the band but they’ve had enough. If he went back to implode it would have been a mess, they can’t chance it. “Their (sic) the real idiots”. Welcome to grammar in the Ace world. I don’t think Fallon’s green room has those baby bottles of Jack Ace once drained by the dozens.

  16. The “real deal” isn’t in Kiss….Paul & Gene got a real deal player in Thayer…Ace will be at B.B. King’s in N.Y.C. and some dump in Scranton later in the year…he might tell some old Bronx jokes from Belmont Avenue.

  17. A real deal player as in Tommy Thayer he is a clone not of this earth he is a thief a clone and now a clown he is a joke I know he can play but there is no comparison between he and Ace .what did black and blue do? They backed up kiss an asylum kiss a very weak kiss

  18. hey ace,mabye this time we can get a real tour not just 10 dates with some really nice production?????i think the your long time fans deserve something special.what do you think???

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