eddievanhalen2400 EVH is proud to announce that its already popular website, www.evhgear.com – the go to website for all things Eddie Van Halen – has been revamped and now contains many new features designed to enhance the overall EVH online experience.

Perhaps the most notable addition to the site is the new “Ask Eddie” feature, which allows fans to ask Eddie Van Halen questions about his career, his gear and whatever else comes to mind. Already, Eddie has responded to questions relating to his effects chain, Wolfgang guitar design specifications and his infamous “Shark Guitar.”

In addition, the website now includes an updated timeline and new photo galleries, which feature photos of Eddie Van Halen through the years. It also offers several free wallpaper designs for computer desktops; as well as a media page, which lets readers peruse recent Eddie Van Halen media interviews and an archive full of EVH catalogs, advertisements and price lists.

As always, the site features all the information and images pertaining to the EVH line of guitars, amplifiers, accessories, and the artists who endorse them; as well as the EVH Store, which sells EVH-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles.

Please visit www.evhgear.com.


  1. …guess we just found Jake E. Lee’s doppelganger–they look identical

  2. Already asked him to do That Metal Show. C’mon everybody … Go and do the same!

    It’s the section ask Eddie under media tab.

  3. james perkins says:

    Wow, so a rebirth of the fun loving/fan friendly Eddie? Lucky us. Ok, as far as a question, when are you going to decide you can’t stomach wrecking your legacy & name, retire Sigfried Manelli & get a singer that can NAIL the Roth era stuff & be a convincing rock stud doing it? Oh, & let your son get on w/ his own career & bring michael anthony back.

  4. Anthony back, bring it on ’81 real.

  5. Perkins, fans of the 78-81 Van Halen are very comfortable with Eddie’s middle finger in thier face by now….the legacy is shot for us, the entertainment value of the package as a whole is gone and all that remains is Eddie’s new fan-freindly question & answer website……all glory is fleeting, here today-gone tomorrow, youth is king……leave Edward alone about doing anything for us fans of yester-year, he’s been through enough already, considering the embarrassment of standing next to 2013 Roth in front of an audience. What people will do for money……

  6. Dwayne Cole says:

    Red Dragon Cartel CD is Great. Jake Rocks.
    Love Eddie Van Halen

  7. VH ’14 on their worst day is better than all the garbage out there nowadays, you pray a Bonham drumming group breaks out and proves new music is out there that rocks.

  8. Lonni Westphal says:

    Seen the Crue in Sioux City Iowa the other night. They simply rocked the house down. If at all possible, go see the farewell tour, its a must see concert

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