eddievanhalen2400 EVH is proud to announce the release of one of the most requested guitars Eddie Van Halen has played over the years, the EVH Stripe Series “Circles” guitar made famous by Van Halen’s 1981 Unchained music video.

With an otherworldly black-and-white “circles” graphic gloss finish, the EVH Circles model is without question one of the most distinctively eye-catching guitars in the Stripe Series lineup. There’s nothing alien about the rest of this high performance tone machine, though, with its sleek Strat®-like basswood body, rock-solid quartersawn maple neck with oiled finish, fast and smooth compound-radius maple fingerboard (12”-16”) with comfortably rolled edges and 22 jumbo frets, a single ferocious EVH direct-mount pickup with single black plastic control knob (master volume), EVH Floyd Rose® with D-Tuna® bridge and locking nut, and EVH tuners.

For more information, go to evhgear.com.




  1. Best guitar player ever…”Van Halen”….amazing album, great tunes to workout to…..Joe in The Cuse

  2. Man, that fret board looks smooth, nice!

  3. pete lytel says:

    Another collectors item for the rich, you can hang it on your wall, next to your Gene Simmons axe bass and Paul Stanley “smashed” guitar. Useless trophy.

  4. John the Drummer says:

    I disagree, Pete. If it has the features you’re looking for in a guitar and the price is right, then it would make perfectly logical purchase for someone. In my recent quest to learn how to play guitar, I just purchased a “signature” model by another maker. I really don’t care whose name is on it – it just checks all the boxes on the feature list and plays and sounds awesome. The guitarist who endorses it is really good, but he’s not on my top 10 list by any means. He just knows how to spec out a great guitar. :) One of my friends liked it so much he bought one too.

  5. Edward Van Halen, “Eruption”, guitar solo of the 70’s, and beyond! :)

  6. Another cheap import guitar cheapening an already fading brand.

    • eh, still better than anything a guitarist could buy in the 70’s, when Ed started out playing.

      You’re paying a premium for the EVH brand, but they’re pretty good fiddles if you like the looks. Frankly I like this one the best, always have.

      You can grab a Kramer 1984 model for a little less. I kind of prefer the old banana headstock.

  7. Eddie uses custom made guitars. Rosewood is nicer.

  8. PJ Schwackhammer says:

    The Steinberger TransTrem model from 5150 was a notable rosewood exception, I should say…

  9. there was a video for “unchained”?

    • Yes, it was actually a “live” clip from ’81, probably can find it on youtube. 😉

      • James K. says:

        It used to play on MTV all the time back when it first started. There’s another video from the same concert that was shown a lot to. It was for “So This Is Love”.

      • I’ve seen it, just didn’t notice the guitar paint job (silly me) – I was more interested in how many times DLR leaped through the air. That is one thing I sorely miss about vintage VH. I don’t expect him to do it anymore, but it would be nice to see the next generation of performers do similar stuff on stage.

  10. One last cash grab before the grave….I smell another tour that won’t happen coming next…

  11. James K. says:

    I bought an EVH Wolfgang and it’s the best guitar I’ve ever played. The neck is the most comfortable neck of any guitar I’ve ever played, the setup was great from the start, the pickups sound amazing, it’s just the best. I played one of the Frankenstein models at Guitar Center and it played great to and its wasn’t that expensive at all. Eddie knows guitars, that’s for damn sure!

  12. on a different note, I prefer Blade-Runner whammy bars (from Super-Vee) than those clunky locking whammy jammies. I’ve got a Blade-Runner on each of my strats. No regrets.

  13. there was also a live video for hear about it later too!

  14. The back of the guitar sends everyone a message.

  15. John the Drummer says:

    What will be on the back of the Keith Nelson and Stevie D. (Buckcherry) signature models? “F$@k It!”? LOL. Maybe we should have a Signature Guitar Caption contest and suggest what should be written on the back of all the various signature model guitars . . .

  16. I like it. I’ve been plating guitar since I’m 11 years old, or very close to 40 years. (God I’m an old bastard!) These are imports,sure,but as Mike deftly pointed out above,they’re leaps and bounds better than anything from even 20 years ago. It’s a mucho competitive market out there anymore,so you can’t just throw garbage out there and expect it to sell. Thanks to the internet,people are very guitar savvy anymore. I agree with DC that $799 for this guitar is a very fair price for what’s offered. Sure you’re also paying about $200 extra for the paint job/name. But I have news for you,you’re paying about $1500 extra for a name when you purchase a $2500 Les Paul. They’re great guitars,but you’re paying for a brand name just the same….

  17. Great axes for $799. If you want something close to a real Les Paul for a lot less. Google Greco or Orville Japanese Les Pauls They are absolutely killer guitars from the 80’s that smoke anything Gibson was doing at the time.

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