blacksabb2013 Black Sabbath began their North American tour on July 25th in Houston, Texas. Watch some fan filmed footage from the show below.

Black Sabbath’s reported set list for the show was as follows:

1. War Pigs
2. Into The Void
3. Under The Sun
4. Snowblind
5. Age Of Reason
6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
8. N.I.B.
9. End Of The Beginning
10. Fairies Wear Boots
11. Methademic
12. Rat Salad/Drum Solo
13. Iron Man
14. God Is Dead?
15. Dirty Women
16. Children Of The Grave
17. Paranoid

Black Sabbath released their new album, 13, the band’s first with singer Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years, on June 13th.



  1. all things hard rock and metal says:

    No Sabbath bloody Sabbath?

    • I don’t believe they ever did that song live. Certainly not in the original Ozzy years. Dio talked about doing it, but I don’t think he ever did.

      • They did it in 1997 at the NEC in Birmingham, England (Go and listen to the Reunion album) and they also did it in 1998 when I saw them at the Ozzfest in Milton Keynes.

  2. flashrockinman says:

    I was gonna comment why Into The Void, it’s such a slow song. Then I realized, oh yea they invented doom metal too. LOL.

  3. I was there last night. AMAZING

  4. It’s great! We are waiting for Sabbath in Argentina. To Ozzy, Geezer and Tony!!!

  5. Was it sold out? it looks empty! Metal shows aren’t what they used to be!

  6. Put down the phones and enjoy the show already!! ITS BLACK SABBATH for gods sake!!!!

  7. Paul M. Kotch says:

    sorry – love em – but Ozzy sounds like dog shit

    • There were times when he lost key, I think from reading off a teleprompter while singing. But hey, the man’s been doing this for decades and father time and partying catches up. He’s still a legend and gets up there to entertain our desires. KEEP ROCKING OZZY!!

    • Lee Staples says:

      Paul, I agree. Ozzy is horrible. He’s the “deal killer” in all of this for me. He’s stealing money at this point, but then again, I’ve always felt he was the most overrated front man in the history of rock.

  8. Going 8/10 in Philly . Cant wait. Never been a fan of Dirty Women ( the song). Could easily be replaced by something better.

  9. I watched 30 seconds of Iron Man. Damn, Ozzy sounds awful.
    Out of key.

  10. Artveda says:

    I was at houston show felt like I traveled back in time
    Felt so inspired went straight home jumped on my
    Drums and then on my giutar and rocked da fuk out
    Thanks. SABBATH and GOD BLESS OZZY !!!!!!!

  11. MIKEY (aka WOLF, aka GOF) says:

    I’m going to the show because it’s BLACK FUCKING SABBATH! I listened to some of the footage from the earlier concerts this year and I agree, Ozzy doesn’t sound that good, but considering what he’s been thru and his age, I think he’s doing pretty fucking good when others that old can’t even remember the songs. I wouldn’t miss the show for any reason. Reading some of the other comments, how can you not like Dirty Women. If you’ve been a fan of Sabbath thru the years then you should know that Technical Ecstasy is one of their great albums as they all were in the Ozzy years. Every Sabbath album is kick ass! They all sound different but they all sound like Sabbath. I don’t know about you but Dirty Women was/were a big part of my younger life hanging out in the 70’s and 80’s, in more ways than one if you know what I mean. I’ve seen Sabbath and Heaven and Hell in concert over the years when they were at their best, sometimes note for note and other times when they didn’t sound that good but I always want to see and hear them play again. If I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to a Black Sabbath concert, I’m there! Do your self a favor, pull out an older Sabbath album you haven’t listened to in a while, get your mind right, and take a ride down the road with your good friends BLACK SABBATH! It always works for me. Don’t be afraid to Listen Loud. I may not know them individually but Sabbath helped me thru a lot of rough times in my life and made the good times better. That’s a friend in my book. Anyway, I’ll be there rocking out on August 2nd and if they come back around I’ll pay to see them again. The new album “13” is another masterpiece. Every song is kicks ass! Jim F. said that every day he has a different favorite song on that album. I agree. I don’t know how they did it at this stage of their lives but someone or something was in their corner for this one. For me there’s no way to say which album is better than another. Each one has been my favorite at different times in my life. Every time I listen to one of the many Sabbath albums from the past or even the present there’s a good chance that it’s going to be my new favorite Sabbath album, at least until the next one I hear. Black Sabbath is clearly my favorite band of all time. If I had the $1000 I would of paid for the meet and greet just to get a chance to meet and take a picture with Tony Iomi. That would be priceless. Ozzy and Geezer are right up there as well. Hopefully they’re coming to a town near you. If you have the chance to see them, you should go. WAKE THE FUCK UP! IT’S BLACK SABBATH. They won’t be around forever. Or will they? DON’T MISS OUT! See you at the show. MIKEY

    • Well said Mikey, or Wolf, or Gof. I’ve never understood the fans that slag Ozzy. We all know its not 1976 anymore. He’s been through it all, more than anyone else. He’s still fucking Ozzy. Before his success with MTV, people revered him as God. When Dio took over the reigns, fans rebelled and freaked out. Now people talk more highly about Dio than Ozzy. I don’t care which one you liked better, he’s still fucking Ozzy Osbourne. He’s not the guy he once was, but hardly any of these guys are. The fact that he is still alive is unbelievable, not to mention going on stage and singing. If you don’t like the guy, I get it. If you don’t want to see the guy, I get that too. But don’t slag him. He is a fucking legend along with Tony and Geezer. He is one of the reasons all those years ago that many of us got into Metal in the first place.

  12. richman says:

    Hard to imagine a song from TECHNICAL and none from SABOTAGE or SBS but whatever. I think SABOTAGE is the Sabs MACHINE HEAD or ZEPPLIN 4. The most underrated rock album in history.

  13. Go to THIS tour, pay for a ticket, then sit and watch on an Ipod screen. LMAO

    To the “tech kiddies” : Sharon smart enough to film all, compile best clips, make a DVD I’ll get next year.
    Will be far better on my 50 in screen and through my home system, an actual stereo not an Ipod, rather than some junky U-tube video, LOL. Having seen Ozzy a few earlier times from Gillis on, but far more Sabbath with Martin, Dio, and Gillan must admit I go where Iommi goes. I saw the set list and Dirty Women my pick of best for Tony’s riffs. Cut to the chase: Iommi invented Metal as we know it.
    Kiddies aren’t grasping, so missing, what they can SEE. Can’t believe I got the Heaven and Hell CDs and DVDs added to catalog, now “13.” Before that I though the catalog was long done. Pumped for the 2 shows I’ll see, as always CLOSE, and won’t be looking at it through a stupid Ipod screen !!

  14. MIKEY (aka WOLF, aka GOF) says:

    Your right Richman, It would be cool to hear songs from Sabotage and SBS. My set list would have them playing some of their more obscure stuff. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to play it all. Maybe they will change it up in the upcoming shows. Whatever they play I’m there!

  15. Yikes! Ozzy still has to read every word off the teleprompter for Iron Man. You’d think of all tunes he’d know that one. Sounds horrible. Waited too long for that reunion fellas.

  16. This tour is not getting a dime from me.

    I was lucky enough to get GREAT seats at their 1999 reunion tour (with Bill Ward). PANTERA opened up for them. FUCKING PANTERA! I met Dimebag and Sharon that night (before Sharon got her stomach stapled!).

    I consider myself lucky and am quitting while I’m ahead.

  17. He even sounds horrible on the new songs, how is that possible?? I get that he can’t reach the high notes of 30 years ago, but very flat and off key on new stuff!

  18. Pro-Tools is used to keep Ozzy’s voice fired up…..and yes, he reads the teleprompter.

  19. bigsled says:

    People keep talking about giving Ozzy a break, he’s been thru alot, he’s in his 60’s, blah, blah, blah.

    People, Tony and Geezer and Halford, and Dickinson and, on and on and on, have all been thru alot and are older but are they half as bad as Ozzy is at their skill ? NO. I guess it’s better than nothing but for me, Ozzy was a great vocalist with a unique voice but a terriable performer and dosent act like someone thats been labeled ” the prince of darkness” should . Especially with a mystique that Sabbath has/ should have . Dio even commented on it once….. Tony should have pulled him aside in the early days and said ” Dude , you need to have a better stage presence . Not run around with a bucket of confetti and jump up and down and clap in a dork kind of way.

    And mosty of all, this isnt a Sabbath reunion without Bill PERIOD !

    • Slagging a guy for having a really long career is a little silly to me. Yes he’s not Halford or Dickenson, but he was there before Halford and Dickenson. Halford even lists him as an influence back to the Birmingham days. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea – especially now. But the guy has been around forever singing heavy music. I understand that he’s a shell of his former self. But he’s still Ozzy Fucking Osbourne to a lot of Sabbath fans.
      And oh yeah, get over the Ward thing…its a little tired now.


  20. Trust me, the last tour with Ward was brutal….he’d be out like a light 4 songs in.

  21. I saw the show last night in Virginia. Appeared to be close to a full house. The house was rockin.
    No complaints. The show was great overall. I’d do it again. BLACK SABBATH still kicks ass! The new drummer was fuckin great.

  22. Saw the show last night in Toronto, Canada and it was great! Played this set list to a tee. The Ozzman sounded great as did Tony and Geezer as expected. The drummer from Rage did a great job as well.
    Over all a great night of Sabbath!

  23. I trip on how there are so many people judging – arm chair quarterbacks !

    Its live music and it does not have to sound exactly like the album – I went to the show in vancouver and it was fucking great ! When you were a teenager if you saw the show you more than likely would not notice if ozzy voice was a little different or if a lyric was missed because the music and the experience was why you were there. I think when some people get older they turn into little bitches judging – when they cant do shit themselves . Lighten up – life is short – these guys did something we all get to enjoy ! Sorry for the rant I just hate it when do nothing judge people who actually contribute the the quality of all of our lives.
    Show some respect for crying out loud !

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