I’ll be hosting a live YouTube stream today with Breaking Benjamin at 2P ET from the YouTube studios in NYC. Met these guys at Rocklahoma this year for the first time and I am honored they asked me to host this for them on the day their new album Dark Before Dawn is released. Check it out live on YouTube today 2P ET/11A Pacific.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Father’s Day to all the fellow Dad’s out there. Thanks to all who came out to Blackthorn 51 for my appearance this past Saturday. Thanks to promoter Nicki Camp for having me. Fun hang!

Kicking off a busy week this week that starts today with my live SiriusXM show 6-10P ET on channel 39 (Hair Nation). Bumblefoot drops by and I will take plenty of your calls to discuss the Van Halen/Hagar stuff and much more.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a live YouTube chat with Benjamin Burnley from Breaking Benjamin. I had the chance to meet Ben and see his band at Rocklahoma this year for the first time. Enjoyed the band and was cool to get to know him. His label reached out to see if I would host the interview on the day of the bands new album release Dark Before Dawn. Catch Ben and I live from the NYC YouTube studios 2PM ET tomorrow. We will also take your questions. Thanks to Ben and Hollywood Records for having me host this special event.

Wednesday I head back to Vegas for a couple days. I’ll be hosting the listening party for Angel singer Frank Dimino’s upcoming solo album, The event is 6-8P at Vamp’d in Vegas and is free. Saturday I head back to Rockbar in San Jose to judge a guitar dual with fellow judges Jake E Lee and Warren DeMartini! This is free also and begins around 5.

My new podcast for the week will feature a new interview with Joe Satriani. More upcoming guests include Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo & Billy Sheehan.

Best wishes to Vivian Campbell for a recovery from his latest bout with cancer. I texted Viv over the weekend and he is confident he will be OK, just bummed he’s missing Leppard gigs. Good luck to my old friend Steve Brown filling on until Viv returns.

Tons of stuff going on so keep an eye on my Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news


Pretty crazy couple days in Van Halen world. First yesterday my podcast with Sammy Hagar made world news when Sammy revealed VH are trying to prevent him from playing songs from his era of the bands history. This needs to be clarified some because many don’t get how this works in the music business. Nobody can stop anyone from playing any song live. That’s not the issue. The issue is when it comes to having that performance released on a platform such as a DVD or played on a TV show. That’s a different set of rights and all people involved in publishing must sign off. That’s what Sammy was talking about if you actually listen to my podcast with him. It is not an uncommon problem on bands that had issues. Slash and the Guns camp have had this battle in the past behind the scenes as well. Playing things live at a concert can’t be stopped, but if that material is televised, sold or used in films then there becomes legal stuff. Sam explained VH blocked him from playing those songs on Live At Darryl’s which is a TV show. Then the new shoe to drop happened today when a new interview with EVH came out. MANY interesting revelations in that and you can read it on the news on this site. It is not surprising to me at all that DLR and EVH are on different planets and not friends. They operate totally separate from each other. I think at this point VH realizes they need DLR and they just deal with it. Eddie also tool shots at Michael Anthony who took the high road. But Sammy fired back today in a major way on Youtube defending Michael his friend and bandmate. Some have said all this is for hype. I 100% disagree. I know Sammy well. He is a straight shooter, wears it on his sleeve, and tells it like it is. The timing of the EVH interview today and my podcast with Sam yesterday were not planned at all. In the end it’s sad to see this all unfold, but there is another side of me that likes how honest and transparent it is. In a world of PC garbage and carefully worded PR statements I love seeing raw unfiltered truth come out. I am a fan of all eras of VH. I do not know the VH camp at all. I do know Sammy and Mike fairly well. So I can only say they are two of the most fun, real, stand up good guys I have ever met in this business. That’s not me trying to take sides, it’s just my vantage point from what I have seen for years. Sammy was like that long before he was ever in VH. Who knows, maybe in this crazy world when the dust settles this clears things some and paves the way for a better relationship one day. But I doubt that will be the case. But Sammy 100% should play that material he was such a huge part of. It’s the only way you will ever hear it live and for many it is their version of VH just as much as the DLR era.

All new radio show this weekend. Catch Eddie Trunk Rocks debuting tonight 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream. Joe Satriani is the guest. Full list of affiliates on this site under Live & On The Air.

I will be at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst NY tomorrow night for my speaking show. I’ll be on stage around 10. Kiss tribute KISS IT plays after me. Tickets at the door. Hope to see you!


My new podcast for the week is now up and features an exclusive interview with Sammy Hagar. The interview is already making news and is currently top 5 on Itunes as Sammy reveals exclusively that Van Halen is trying to stop him from playing Hagar era VH songs. As I have always said I love both eras of VH, and have been a fan of Sam’s since LONG before I knew him or he was in VH. He is the real deal and the most honest and transparent rock artist I have had the pleasure of interviewing and spending time with. The guy just speak openly and honestly about VH, Chickenfoot and much more. Agree or not you have to respect his open free flowing no BS approach. As much as I also love DLR era VH it is crazy that a HUGE part of the bands catalog with Sammy and a HUGE amount of hits have been left on the shelf. Van Halen won’t even remaster that portion of the catalog it seems. I get there was a falling out but it makes no sense to virtually ignore a HUGE portion of their history. Just the other day “Right Now” was playing during the NBA Finals. You can’t rewrite history and to many Van Hagar means as much as the DLR stuff. Hear the interview now free via www.podcastone.com or Itunes. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

News of the new Maiden album is interesting. Double album with LONG songs! Seems like Maiden are more and more channeling their prog side in their later years. The other thing that struck me about the info on the album is this maybe the least amount Steve Harris has ever written on a Maiden album. He still has many songs but not to the usual degree. Good to have new music coming and if they put out a release it must mean Bruce is going to be 100% which is most important!


Cabins for the Def Leppard Cruise Hysteria On The High Seas go on sale tomorrow at www.defleppardcruise.com . Like the Monsters Of Rock Cruises I am a part of every year I am honored to be hosting this one as well. Tom Keifer, Richie Kotzen, Kip Winger, Def Leppard’s side bands and more artists to be announced will be joining us. Hope to see you Jan 21-25 2016. I am also giving away a balcony cabin for two on this site! Entry instructions will be posted very soon so keep a close eye out!

Brand new podcast exclusive interview with Sammy Hagar debuts tomorrow! This interview is making its debut on the podcast and will be available just after midnight Pacific time tonight FREE worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Sammy discuses The Circle, VH, his future, Chickenfoot and more. Don’t miss this one! Be sure to subscribe so you get each Thursday’s new podcast instantly when it posts to your device.

This Saturday night I’ll be in Elmhurst NY at Blackthorn 51 doing some Q&A, Stump The Trunk and my speaking show. The evening will also include a performance by Kiss tribute KissIt. Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets on sale now here: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/826575/tfly?utm_medium=api&utm_medium=253529

I will also be back in Vegas 6/25 at Vamp’d to host the listening party for Angel singer Frank Dimino’s new solo album 6-8PM. Then back in San Jose CA at Rockbar 6/27 with Jake E Lee & Warren Demartini to judge the guitar contest. Both events are free. All appearances on the home page as they are confirmed.


Packed house this past Saturday night at Starland Ballroom in NJ as Twisted Sister performed a farewell show of sorts to the tri-state area where they have had roots for 40 years and also a benefit for deceased drummer AJ Pero’s family. Mike Portnoy has been filling in on drums and has done and amazing job in his first two dates (Vegas and NJ) with the band. The best way to see TS is in a packed large club like Starland. I’ve seen these guys so many times ever since they reunited in 2001 for my NY Steel event, but have to say this was one of the best performances yet. It was filled with emotion, passion, energy, great songs, and a crowd that sang every word. AJ made an appearance for the drum solo via the video screens, with Portnoy starting and AJ taking over. Really cool classy moment. But as has always been the case with TS the star is Dee Snider and it is incredible what this guy still does as a performer and singer at now 60! He is in remarkable shape, moves as much as ever, and vocally is still a powerhouse. So why is TS ending next year? Because Dee knows he can’t keep this up at this level and wants to get out before cracks do begin to show. I credit the band for this because I am one that would much rather have a group end than destroy their legacy by replacing key members an/or having original members at half their ability. Twisted has maybe a dozen shows next year and that will be it. But I can tell you they are going out as strong as they have ever been. One other thing; being they are a NY band the assumption would be they would do their final show in the NY area? But Jay Jay told me that’s very doubtful given that TS is a WAY bigger band in Europe these days and they may end there, which is also an area they were first embraced as well. If you get the chance see these guys one last time, they truly are going out at the top of their game as far as performances go.

Nice to see after 40 years Rolling Stone woke up and realized there is this band called Rush that are kind of good and they might want to put on the cover…. Better late than never I guess.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 with Trixter in studio and plenty of time for your open phone calls as well.


First weekend home in NJ in many weeks after doing so much work on the road. Lot of catching up to do and plan on hitting the Twisted Sister show tomorrow night in Starland to help out and help raise funds for the family of AJ Pero. Hope to see you there if in the area. Openers include comic Billy Mira and the band Four By Fate which features former Frehley’s Comet members and old friends John Regan and Tod Howarth and original Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso. Should be a great night for a great cause.

No news on the next season of That Metal Show yet but some replays to catch this weekend on VH1C. Saturday 1P ET it’s Mick Mars, 2P Dee Snider & Glenn Hughes, 3A ET Sunday Peter Criss. News on when there will be new shows when I hear.

My radio show is all new this weekend and premieres tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free, so you can hear the show free anywhere from either of them. For Q104.3 use the free iHeartradio app and just dial up that station. All affiliates listed on this site under Live & On The Air, Eddie Trunk Rocks FM.

My new podcast for the week posted yesterday and features an interview with Jay Buchanan from emerging rockers Rival Sons. Lots of great response already so thanks. All of my podcasts are free worldwide at www.podcastone.com or on Itunes. Coming soon Billy Sheehan and Joe Satriani.

Live this Monday on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Guests will be members of Trixter in studio celebrating their new album release.

All upcoming appearances on the home page. Next up Lynch Mob at Mexicali in Teaneck NJ this Wednesday (last call to enter to win in ET’s Box Office), 6/20 I’ll be doing my speaking show at Blackthorne in Elmhurst NY, 6/25 I’ll be at Vamp’d in Vegas for the Frank Dimino album release party, 6/27 back in San Jose CA at Rock Bar to judge the guitar contest that night.

Have a great weekend, more here soon and on Twitter @EddieTrunk


Getting some requests for signed copies of my books for Father’s Day gifts. I do have stock and all books ship Priority mail the next day. So if you get payment to me by next Tuesday can’t promise but will do my best to get them out in time. Just hit “Books” under media tab for order info and be sure to specify VOL 1 or 2 with your order. Thanks. Also be sure to check out the shirts and other items in my online merch store as possible gifts as well. Thanks again!

My podcast for the week goes up tomorrow and includes an interview with Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons. I have been a fan of these guys for a few years now and it was cool to hear Jay’s story. Truly one of the newer emerging rock bands making noise these days. Check it out free worldwide available starting tomorrow on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast. Also had a bunch of feedback about having Punky Meadows and Felix Robinson of Angel on my SiriusXM show this past Monday. In case you missed it I did post an in depth interview with Punky a few months ago as a podcast. Check the archives and grab it free. Good to see him making music again.

Speaking of Angel, I will be in Vegas 6/25 for the listening party for the new album from Angel singer Frank Dimino at Vamp’d. The album sounds great and was produced by my old friend Paul Crook of Anthrax/Meat Loaf fame. Hope to see you out at this if in that area. I’ll also be back at Rock Bar in San Jose 6/27 to judge a guitar shred battle.

Congrats to Armored Saint on their top 75 chart debut for their new album. Also check out the new Tremonti album. Killer and the drummer Garret Whitlock is a monster too!

Halestorm is playing the Central Park! Huge milestone for them. Good people and great to see for rock. Date is 10/3 and you can enter to win tix in ET’s Box Office on my site.

I don’t have any new TMS news yet, when I do I’ll post. In the meantime hope all my local friends come see me 6/20 at Blackthorne in Elmhurst NY. Will be a fun night!

Trixter in studio this Monday for my live SiriusXM show. More soon.


Well it’s been a while since I have posted here. My apologies but I just got home from a long stretch of 11 days on the W Coast which included hosting the Metal Meltdown concert in Vegas and live shows with Don & Jim in Portland, Seattle and San Jose. Everything went great and thanks to all who came out and all who I met. I will be back live on the air tonight on SiriusXM after a few weeks of recorded shows due to my travel. Live 6-10P ET for TRUNK Nation with guests Joe Satriani and from Angel Punky Meadows & Felix Robinson in studio! Don’t miss it tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39. Much to play and say. Much more to come now that I am back somewhat stable for a bit. All upcoming appearances on the home page. Lot of catching up to do so hope to catch you on the radio tonight and more updates here soon.


Headed on the road through the West coast for the next 10 days starting with Vegas tomorrow hosting Metal Meltdown at The Hard Rock with Twisted Sister (first show with Portnoy), Extreme, Skid Row (first time seeing them with Tony) and Great White. If you are attending see you there tomorrow night. I will have shirts for sale at the band merch as well. Then it’s a few days off in Vegas before heading to Portland 6/4  (Bossa Nova Ballroom), Seattle 6/5  (Studio 7) and San Jose 6/6  (Rock Bar) for live shows with Don & Jim (info on home page for all appearances). This marks the end of a crazy 2 months of travel. Still a ton of stuff coming up, but just consistently on the road as I have been has been a first for me to this level. But it’s been great to meet so many of you and I look forward to this West coast run which starts tomorrow in Vegas.

My FM radio show for the weekend premieres tonight as always on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11P-2A. Michael Schenker is the guest. Schenker is also my podcast this week. It’s free now on www.podcastone.com or on Itunes. Live SiriusXM shows return 6/8 with Joe Satriani and Punky Meadows among the guests.

More soon, follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk