Greetings from Tulsa OK. Leaving shortly to host day one of Rocklahoma. Had a good time (despite the outcome) hanging with my old friends in Skid Row last night and watching hockey. They play main stage today as do MANY bands. I’ll tweet updates as I can from the site @EddieTrunk Hope to see you all this weekend if attending. Remember I have Eddie Trunk/Trunk Nation shirts and more available for sale at band merch stands on site if interested.

Golden Gods awards hosted by me, Don and Jim premieres on VH1 Classic tomorrow night 8P ET

My Q104 show in NYC is recorded tonight but all new and features new music and interview with Judas Priest. Show airs 11P-2A ET tonight and you can catch the free stream at www.q1043.com or use the iheartradio app. Monday’s SiriusXM show also recorded this Monday due to the holiday. Enjoy the weekend everyone, more soon


Headed to Tulsa in a few hours for my annual trip to OK to once again host Rocklahoma. Been great to be a part of this event since it launched in 2007 and see how it has grown, evolved, and become bigger than ever with a wide mix of rock acts. In addition to the guys I have known forever that are on the bill, I always look forward to seeing and discovering new stuff I like at these events. I don’t get to see everything with my schedule but do my best. I am not doing a book event at Rocklahoma since my schedule is pretty busy with stage stuff, but if you see me around and have a book happy to sign it. Also there will be Eddie Trunk/Trunk Nation T Shirts and merch for sale at the same merch stands at the band stuff. Thanks to all for representing, really appreciate it. See you all this weekend if attending!

My newest radio affiliate in TN Rock 93.7 FM is doing a marathon of my radio show Memorial Day Monday from 8A-8P Central time. You can stream it free at: http://www.rock937online.com Crank it up and enjoy 12 straight hours of new and classic hard rock and metal! Thanks and welcome to Rock 93.7 FM!

Just added new shows with Skid Row, Sevendust, Tesla and California Breed to my NYC concert schedule. Listen to the Q104 show to win tickets to all. Info in the show listings.

Join me for a Reddit AMAA 3P ET tomorrow/Thursday. Info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/

More from OK. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk Have a safe Memorial holiday.


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Headed to NYC shortly for a live SiriusXM show. Trunk Nation is from 6-10P ET on channel 39. Show has been jammed with guests lately so tonight will have plenty of one on one time for music and talk that rocks. Dio guitarist Craig Goldy only scheduled guest as of now. Hope you can join me later.

Leaving for Oklahoma this week to once again host Rocklahoma this weekend. An honor to do this every year! See you soon if going.

To get  the all new Eddie Trunk Rocks bumper sticker sponsored by Goody’s Headache Relief Shot send a self addressed stamped regular sized envelope to: Trunk Sticker, PO Box 41, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927. Stickers will not be sent if stamp is not on return envelope. Return address on the envelope should be your own. Thanks for representing! Will also have them free at all appearances.


Hard to believe it’s been 4 years today that we lost the great Ronnie James Dio. I remember clearly getting the call and standing outside in my driveway with tears in my eyes. I had spoken with Ronnie just a few days before and he was lifting my spirits assuring me he would be okay! That was Dio the man in a nutshell. I was so lucky to have had him as a friend for many many years and the stories I could share would be endless. I remember just having finished writing the chapter on him in my first book, then sitting down to rewrite it in light of the news he was gone. That was not easy. Over the last four years I have been supremely honored to have been a part of so many Dio related releases and events thanks to Wendy. All to help raise  funds for the cancer prevention charity she formed in his honor. From first hosting his public memorial, when he passed away, to most recently writing liner notes for This Is Your Life tribute and auctioning off items on the MOR Cruise, it has always been with great pride that I can help contribute to the mans memory and celebrate the music he has given us. Ronnie was every bit the amazing singer we all knew him to be. The proof is in the recordings that will live forever. But for those lucky enough to have met him he was truly one of the nicest and most genuine people ever. I learned so much from him in the decades I knew him and in the countless interviews I did with him on radio and TV. Many laughs too! He had a great sense of humor! One story I’ll never forget is being in England with him in 2006 when he first rejoined Sabbath. I wanted to go see UFO so bad one night but they were playing on the other side of the UK. Ronnie busted my balls non stop about how a true fan would make the effort to travel the 10 hours by train to be at that show. He was so brutal on me about it as we drank beer at the pub I actually attempted to make it, but missed my first train connection. Then when he saw me come back into the pub a couple hours later he actually offered to get me a driver to take me! At the point I just pulled up a stool with him and hung at the hotel. Looking back now I am so happy I missed that train and got to spend some great hours laughing and talking over dinner with Ronnie. Like I said, the stories can go on and on and likely will. He deserves the accolades as a musician and human being for sure. I’ll open my show tonight on Q104.3 NYC with a set of Dio music in his honor. RIP RJD.

On a related note something I promised I would do for Ronnie’s doctors. Ronnie never was one to go to a doctor and get screened or checked on. His doctor told me if he did, he very well might be with us still. So important as we get older to keep up on screenings when you can. You  may have seen me talk openly in the past about colonoscopy’s. My Dad had colon cancer and because it was caught early he is a fine. I now get screened when needed. It is nothing to be ashamed of and so important. We are all getting older so do what you can to help you beat the odds. If anything positive can come out of Ronnie’s passing maybe it’s to create awareness for keeping up on this. Especially in a male dominated world of hard rock and metal. Peter Criss has done a great job creating awareness for male breast cancer and because of early detection is fine. Dio did not get screened and sadly we lost him too soon. So do what you can to help yourself to keep rocking and best to all!


Had many requests from people to join Instagram so I have opened an account there for those interested at eddietrunkofficial. Because we all need more social media in our lives right? haha. But people seem to be into it so I’ll give it a shot and probably learn truly how to use is right about when it becomes old news! But I am up and running there and will share stuff on it as well as my Twitter @EddieTrunk and of course here and FB page as well. Now I know why some people actually have staff to manage all this stuff. But to me that defeats the purpose so will do my best to manage it personally as always. Also have another new platform I will be announcing very soon that many have requested I get into. Stand by for that soon..

Welcome another new station to the “Eddie Trunk Rocks” network! WBXE 93.7 FM in Nashville/Cookeville TN starts broadcasting my 3 hour weekly show THIS Saturday and ever Saturday 6-9PM. Always great to welcome new believers to the roster of stations that carry my syndicated FM show each week. Appreciate the belief and support from all even after 31 years doing it. Full listings of all the outlets for this show on the site under “Live & On The Air”. More TBA soon! And if there is an FM station in your area you want to air my show TELL THEM! All they have to do is want to carry it and say yes. Thanks.

Can’t wait to get to Tulsa one week from today and ramp up for another year hosting Rocklahoma! Been doing this since it started in 2007 and always so much fun and great support from the good people that attend. See you all very soon with many great bands also.

I don’t have a schedule for when and where TMS will start up again. Likely not until the Fall. As soon as there is news I will let you know. All appearances I am doing solo or with Don & Jim for our live show that are confirmed are listed on the home page of this site.


Had a really cool day in NYC yesterday that began with a private listening reception for the first in a series of Led Zeppelin reissues. It took place in a small theater in a hotel in NYC in SoHo and Jimmy Page was there to answer questions! To be able to sit in a small room with maybe 40 people total and listen to Zep with Jimmy Page is surreal to say the least. The tracks played were live and alternate versions from the new deluxe remasters. The first three albums come out next month. All feature extra material including different takes of classic songs. We heard nine tracks in total, including a version of Immigrant Song that had some different sounds and voices in it that was really cool. Also different takes on Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, and live versions from ’69 of Communication Breakdown and You Shook Me. No photos were allowed but Page did take a good amount of time after answering questions about the music we heard. I asked him how the remastered original recordings will differ from the last time he did it twenty years ago. He explained that as technology advances he is better able to meet the needs of the various ways we hear music. He also alluded to now having all the albums in a super high quality version and the technology to listen in this way is still to come. Pretty cool event to say the least and I was honored to be among a very small group invited to listen and discuss with a legend in the truest sense. And yes I am working him for TMS next time we tape!

Last night caught Fozzy and Buckcherry at The Gramercy in NYC. Really impressed with how far Fozzy has come as a band and Jericho as a singer. Crowd was into it the entire time. Buckcherry as maybe the hardest touring band I have ever seen. But they still turned in a great energetic set and have a new EP coming in August. I caught a good amount of their show between running to the bar next door to see the end of the Ranger game!

New “Eddie Trunk Rocks” bumper stickers now available thanks to Goody’s Headache Shot. They are free. If you’d like one send a legal size self addressed stamped envelope to: Sticker, PO Box 41, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927. US addresses only please. Thanks for representing! Also so cool to see son many wearing my T shirts out there at the shows. Some new designs in the online merch store on this site so have a look. Appreciate all the support! I will have shirts for sale at the merch stand at Rocklahoma as well Memorial weekend.


Huge thanks to all the fans that came out to our live gig this past Saturday in Westland MI and packed the Token Lounge! Was lot’s of fun. Thanks to the venue for having us, all the bands that played, and members of Battlecross for joining us for a few. Next road trip for me? My annual trip to Pryor OK to host Rocklahoma Memorial weekend. Can’t wait!

Live TRUNKNation tonight on SiriusXM channel 39. Chris Jericho sits in, Michael Sweet calls in. LIVE 6-10P ET.


All new radio show on Q104.3 tonight loaded with new and classic hard rock and metal including the new Judas Priest! Listen over 104.3 FM in the NYC tri state area or anywhere using the free stream via www.q1043.com or the free iHeartradio app. Show airs from 11P-2A ET tonight. Also don’t forget week number two for my newest affiliate station The Hog in Milwaukee! Tune in this and every Saturday night 9-Mid. www.1029thehog.com for more info. Thanks to ALL the great stations that air my show every week. Full list under “Live and On The Air”.

Best of luck to my friend Doug Aldrich who has just announced his departure from Whitesnake. I’ve been in touch with both he and David Coverdale and the split is amicable. Doug will explore new opportunities and DC will search for the next in a long line of great players in his history. More soon I’m sure.

If in the Detroit area come hang tomorrow night with me, Don & Jim for our live show at The Token Lounge. Info on th home page under appearances. I will have both books for sale as well as T Shirts and other merch at the gig. See you soon Detroit area!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, my wife and all the Mom’s out there. Enjoy the weekend!


Thanks to all who came to our live show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night at The Troc. Great time and appreciate all the love. Also thanks to Vinnie Moore for being a guest. This Saturday me, Don & Jim hit The Token Lounge in Westland MI by Detroit. Hope you can join us for comedy, Q&A, trivia and much more. I’ll have both of my books for sale as well as T shirts and more. Come hang!

Thanks to Judas Priest for coming by my radio show last night. Good to have Priest back in action with a new album coming in July. We hung out for 90 minutes, took calls, and played a new track. Audio already on Youtube (and my news section on this site) and also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Thanks to Rob, Richie and Glenn for coming in. Tour coming in the Fall! More from the new album when I can play it.

I am aware that once again Paul Stanley was asked about coming on TMS by a fan at a Jewish center in SF. It was caught on video and once again he gave the Wayne’s World line. I love that his FANS are asking him. But the fans are the bosses right? Seems Paul is much more comfortable on shows like The Talk and others and that’s fine. He doesn’t need our show and we are fine as the longest running show in VH1 history without him. But as proven by the clip his FANS are asking him and he has no real excuse besides “Wayne’s world”? As I said when he called us that on Twitter, I don’t take offense to that. I have jokingly called the show that myself! We don’t take ourselves so serious. Paul is very sensitive as he says himself in his new book. So shows like The Talk and CNN where he will get questions a producer fed the host from a latest bio on exactly what he wants is a perfect fit for him. Many Kiss and rock fans don’t watch those shows but at least he is more comfortable there it seems and that’s fine. Our little “Wayne’s World” was good enough for Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath, GnR, Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, Metallica, Aerosmith Rush, and many many more. Even the last few bands Kiss worked with Motley and now Def Leppard have all been guests on TMS, embrace the show, and realize the importance of it. So all good by me. Wayne’s World was a hugely popular film, TMS is a popular show around the globe with rock and metal fans. Thanks to TMS fans everywhere for all the support and to Paul for at least watching. I mean you couldn’t reach a conclusion on something without having watched right? As has always been the case our doors remain wide open to discuss ALL aspects of an artists career. Party on!


Back from a great couple of days in S Florida at The Hard Rock in Hollywood. Hosted Adrenaline Mob, Hellyeah, and Avenged Sevenfold Wednesday night. Amob sounded great. Russell Allen’s vocals were unreal, one of the best live vocal performances I have heard in a while. Their short opening set featured stuff from the new album and ended with amazing covers of High Wire and Mob Rules. AJ Pero seems to have fit in well for Portnoy and is playing a kit as big as one of his. Hellyeah barely made the show since their bus broke down. But they did a solid 45 minutes of high energy metal including new music from the upcoming Blood On Blood. Love the energy in this band but my own personal taste prefers when Chad sings a little vs screams.They went down great. Never saw A7X live and was curious to see why this band has had back to back #1 albums. They are a newer band that is old school in many ways. Guitar solos, big stage show, and rabid younger fans all wearing their shirts and hanging on every note. As an older rock fan it was very inspiring to see a younger fan base totally consumed with a heavy metal/hard rock band. Gave me some confidence for the future generations of the music we love. I suspect many of the fans at an A7X show never saw Maiden, Priest, or Sabbath in their larger than life days. So for them they have this band. Avenged themselves told me they went back and listened to old UFO, Scorpions, Priest and more and took that spirit into what they are now doing. Which explains why it really finally connected with me. The guys play extremely well and put on a great production. I left feeling good to know there is a younger band making such a great connection with a younger audience totally into metal! Thanks to all the bands and fan and thanks to the Hard Rock for having me host!

Some great new music coming. Listening to new Accept and Tesla now. As soon as I can play it I will.

Rob, Richie and Glenn from Judas Priest live in studio this Monday for Eddie Trunk Live on TRUNKNation channel 39 on SiriusXM. Show starts 6P ET, Priest should be in around 8. Look forward to seeing my old friends and finding out what the next phase of Priest will bring!

For my friends in my area of NJ a few shows to check out tomorrow. King’s X and TT Quick at Starland, The Winery Dogs at State Theater. If in the Philly area come see me, Don & Jim live on stage at The Troc. I’ll be selling and signing both books there as well. Haven’t done a Philly event in a while so hope to see you in that area!

Rocklahoma just 3 weeks away!

Live show tonight 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. Listen to the free stream using iHeartradio app or via www.q1043.com Chris Jericho will be the guest.

Have a great weekend all!