My FM radio show this weekend features an interview with John Bush and Joey Vera talking Armored Saint, Metallica and much more. It premieres tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend. Remember most stations also stream free. Just check their websites for info. Hope you join me for 3 hours of new and classic hard rock and metal!

All new TMS tomorrow 9P ET on VH1 Classic. Guests are Lzzy Hale, Kerry King and Zakk Wylde! Replay at 11P

I will be appearing tonight in NJ at Crossroads in Garwood. Show starts at 8P with Randy Jackson of Zebra solo acoustic. Then I’ll be on around 9 with some speaking and live Stump The Trunk! Then Edgar Cayce plays some kick ass covers. Should be a fun night in NJ tonight and hope to see all of my hometown friends out! All appearances on the home page.

Kix is at Bergen PAC in NJ tomorrow. Congrats to my ticket winners. Be sure to check out ETs Box Office on this site to enter to win all kinds of tickets. Just added tickets to Kings Of Chaos in Hollywood FL at The Hard Rock!

Hard to believe the Monsters Cruise is finally here next weekend! Psyched to host once again! See you all on board.

Live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET. Michael Schenker in studio guest!


Another great taping of TMS last night in NYC. Lzzy Hale joined us on set for the first time, Kerry King also joined us once again, and Zakk Wylde played for the first time. The new Halestorm album is out this Tuesday and Lzzy said doing TMS was a bucket list item for her. Very honored for one of rocks top emerging newer artists! Kerry ranks 9 Slayer albums in this show and talks about their new album out in August. After the taping he treated us to a sneak listen to a few new songs and I can honestly say they sounded great. Obviously a pivotal album is the Slayer catalog being the first without Jeff and the first with Gary. It sounded exactly like Slayer should. No title for it yet. Zakk has his own line of amps now and showcased his Wylde Audio line shredding like a maniac to close the show. Hope you guys enjoy this one! It debuts this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic. Be sure to see episodes and extras online at thatmetalshow.vh1.com

Since I’m headed to the Monsters Cruise see we shoot two new shows next week that will feature Ace Frehley, Kirk Hammett, Michael Schenker, Mark Farner, Damon Johnson and Nita Strauss. More soon on those.

If in NJ come see me this Friday night at Crossroads in Garwood. Details on the home page for all appearances. Will be announcing additions soon in IL, Vegas, Orange County CA, FL and more.


Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Response to this weeks TMS with Jericho, Corgan and Cavalera has been awesome. So much fun! Great guests make for great shows like that. It was a pleasure to beat down Jericho AGAIN, haha! We tape this weekends episode tomorrow with Lzzy Hale, Kerry King and Zakk Wylde! See it this Saturday 9P ET VH1 Classic. Photos and info from the set tomorrow as it happens on my twitter @EddieTrunk

Live on SiriusXM 39 tonight 6-10P ET. Snake and Rachel will call in live with some Skid Row news at 7P ET and Bobby Blotzer from Ratt calls at 8P ET. Should be an action packed TRUNKNation tonight LIVE!

Hope all my hometown friends come out this Friday to Crossroads in Garwood NJ. I’ll be hosting a night of music and doing some live Stump The Trunk and more. Randy Jackson of Zebra plays and also killer covers from Edgar Cayce.


Thanks to all who came out to our live gig in NYC this past Wednesday at BB Kings. These live shows with Don and Jim (and on my own) have been a blast. So much fun talking with everyone and doing some live Stump The Trunk, which in a bar setting really goes off the rails! Next up for me a solo show at Crossroads in Garwood NJ April 10th. Music performances by Randy Jackson of Zebra (acoustic) and Edgar Cayce Band (some old friends that play awesome covers!). It will be a fun night, hope to see you there! All appearances on my home page. New ones will be announced very soon including the Iowa State Fair, Queens NY, and more. Don’t forget I will also be back in Largo FL on 4/16 to host Y&T at the Cultural Center. I’ll be in the lobby pre show selling and signing both books. Then on Monsters Cruise 4/18!

Eddie Trunk Rocks FM radio show is all new this weekend. Jay Jay French checks in to talk Twisted Sister and the loss of AJ Pero. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend.

New podcast is up now with guest Doug Aldrich. Doug addresses recent comments by Dee Snider and more. Dee will respond and his interview posts next Thursday. As usual the podcast is free via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

All new That Metal Show tomorrow night with Max Cavalera, Billy Corgan & Chris Jericho. Plus Rich Ward on guitar. 9P ET VH1 Classic.

Live Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET.

Have a great Easter weekend for those that celebrate.


Getting tons of reaction to Van Halen’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmell. The response is very different from person to person it seems. Some thought it was awful, others loved it. To me it was pretty much what I expected. Much of the talk these days when it comes to VH centers around David Lee Roth and his vocals. As I have said countless times if you ever thought DLR sang well live and like the albums then you never saw DLR even back in the day! He was NEVER a strong live singer! Look at the US festival! He didn’t even sing half of the first song! Dave was always a showman first, and on record was perfect for the band and the brilliant albums they made. If you are looking for a powerful singer in VH then that would have been the Hagar years. Incredible vocals were always a hallmark of Hagar’s ability and amazingly he can still do it. But if you are a Roth VH guy (I like both versions of the band) you know what you are seeing and hearing is not new. If you saw VH on the tour for the last album you know this is exactly what you will get from DLR at this stage in his life. As i say all the time you vote with your wallet. So if you don’t like it don’t go to the shows or buy the albums. But if you are cool with it enjoy. My point is this isn’t a case of a guy who was a once great live singer falling apart, this truly always was what he was about. Sure maybe a bit rougher and not able to hit the high squeals like he used to, but in my view he’s trying harder now at least (and thankfully lost the headset!). Alex was Alex and for those hoping for Michael to come back forget it. I love Mike but do you think EVH is ever going to fire his son? Wolf does a fine job but it is kind of silly we have 3/4 of original VH and Mike is the odd guy out. But it is what it is and they have their reasons right or wrong. Most importantly Eddie is playing great, looks good and is smiling and sober! If you saw him on the reunion tour with Hagar you know it was NOT good. To see Eddie in this form now for a few years is great to see! As for the live album I hate re recorded live records as most are. So I give them credit for releasing a live album that is truly live for better or worse. I haven’t heard the entire thing yet but will soon. This is VH with DLR in 2015. It isn’t going to suddenly get better overnight. DLR is not going to suddenly become Freddie Mercury. To me the ultimate scenario as a fan is a tour with half a set DLR, half Hagar, and Michael back in. VH has a HUGE catalog of massive hits that will never be played by them again without Hagar since DLR could never dream of singing like that. Split the sets and you get the “best of both worlds” and both singers don’t have to work as hard every night. Now that would be special! But also it’s about as likely as me replacing Letterman. So enjoy VH for what it is now and the amazing songs and one of the worlds all time greatest guitarists back in top form. But if you have been given another fair warning of what to expect live between the TV show and the new live album. If you DON’T like that then don’t buy a ticket and then complain about it. That would make no sense as a now educated consumer.

PS: I have asked VH to do TMS every single season. So far they have done a TV performance but continue hardly doing any interviews at all (notice no sit down on Kimmell). Their press decisions and refusal to do interviews with just about anyone is baffling and goes all the way back to the release of A Different Kind Of Truth. Clearly Kimmell and Ellen are way bigger mainstream shows than TMS but I doubt more rock/VH fans are watching them. EVH is pretty much our number one requested guest. I’ll keep asking but don’t hold your breath.. they seem to just not do interviews these days outside of extremely rare events


Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the new TMS. We are bringing more variety than ever on the show this season and it’s been lots of fun. Had old school 80’s hard rock with Frank Hannon who really pulled out all the stops including a theramin! Then new school hard rock with Taylor Momsen who is a huge emerging young artist with her band The Pretty Reckless. Then Mark Tremonti who has made two albums now under his own name that are amazing and heavy as hell (unreal drumming too from Garret Whitlock). Was also please to find a few minutes to remember AJ with the TS guys. The show was already fully booked so we didn’t have much time, but at least we were able to do something. Show repeats all week on VH1 Classic and online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com Check the many outakes and extras online too!

We tape this weekends episode tomorrow in NYC. Another jam packed show loaded with variety! Chris Jericho is back, and for the first time Max Cavalera and Billy Corgan are guests as well. No idea what will happen in this one, should be a free for all. Rich Ward plays guitar for the first time. So many have asked for new and classic artists and a wide variety on TMS and I am pleased to see so many into us mixing it up like this.

Fighting a virus but will be in live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Wendy Dio and Joey Tempest of Europe (great new album) among the guests.

Don’t forget I am at BB Kings NYC with Don & Jim and Van Halen tribute Unchained this Wednesday night! Join us for comedy, Q&A and more. We start 8P sharp, tickets and VIP tickets at the door. I am solo at Crossroads in Garwood NJ 4/10 with Randy from Zebra and Edgar Cayce!


Whatever happened to… It’s a question I get all the time and for a while a segment we were doing on That Metal Show. But it is also something that makes me nuts on a daily basis when I hear it from some fans about most artists. If you listen to my SiriusXM show, which is as much talk, interview and calls as it is music, you know I get calls from people all over the US with some pretty insane questions. Examples? Whatever happened to Ted Nugent, Queensryche, Jake E Lee, Mark Slaughter. And that was just last week’s show! I even once had whatever happened to Iron Maiden! I shit you not! It’s a big country and I get not everyone is as invested in this stuff as I am. I also appreciate that these people are listening to or emailing me and they are fans, and I appreciate that. But is is insane to me in the age of the internet that anyone could wait on the phone 45 minutes to ask Whatever Happened To any artist when Google is a click away. 99% of the artists I get asked about the answer is the same, NOTHING happened to them! They are still touring and likely making new music as well! Why does this make me so nuts? Because many of these artists are struggling greatly to get people to come see them and to buy their new music.It’s not 1988. They aren’t going to be on MTV, have a poster up in the mall, or be front page news. But if you are a fan of any artist there is simply no excuse for not bookmarking their site and knowing everything they are doing, how to buy their new music, and if they are playing near you. If you just check the music news on this site you will have a big leg up on everything going on daily. It could not be easier in this day and age and there is simply no excuse if you are a fan of an artist to not know what they are up to. This doesn’t mean I won’t take calls on it or sometimes engage in it on TV. I love discussing this stuff. But the bigger issues is that we have rock and metal artists dying out there to get a ticket or CD sold. So if you are wondering about your favorite artist catch me if you can and I am happy to discuss. But for the love of rock PLEASE search online and you will know everything, and you can about what they are up to. 9 times out of 10 they are active and looking for YOU to help them keep going!

PS: I am also aware there are some artists that are off the radar completely these days like Vito Bratta (who I get asked about all the time and is simply out of music), or more recently Jason Newsted (who apparently has once again checked out of music). There are some valid questions asked. But the huge majority of the questions are about artists who are 100% active and have online profiles. No excuse if you are a fan and care about them to live under a rock and not make a couple clicks on a keyboard to learn all and support them!


Hope everyone has a nice weekend. New TMS tomorrow night with Mark Tremonti, Frank Hannon, Twisted Sister and Taylor Momsen. We have been jam packed with new and classic artists this season and this show is our halfway point. It’s been a blast! Thanks for watching Saturday nights 9P ET VH1 Classic. Looks like I just locked in Kirk Hammett to come on the show, and play along with his hero Michael Schenker! More on that soon. So much going on and so glad to be bringing everyone new TMS! Other upcoming guests include Zakk Wylde (playing for the 1st time!), Kerry King, Lzzy Hale, Frankie Banali, Andy Biersack, and many many more!.

All new Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show this weekend. Premieres tonight 11P ET on WAAF Boston and Q104.3 NYC and affiliates all weekend. Most stream free as well.

Have had many new All Access members to the site recently, thanks and welcome.

Also had a spike in sales in my merch store on the new T Shirts designs including the Stump The Trunk shirt. With the weather finally getting nicer hope to see them out there. Have a look in the store on this site.

Live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET. Wendy Dio joins me to discuss the charity events for the 5th anniversary of RJDs passing. More in this show TBA.

Next live show with Don & Jim this Wednesday 4/1 at BB Kings NYC. Van Halen tribute Unchained will join us. First time ever for our live stand up show in NYC so hope to see you out at this one. We go on 8P sharp. Tickets in advance and at the door. Join us for metal comedy and stump the trunk live! I will also be doing a solo show 4/10 in Garwood NJ at Crossroads. Randy Jackson of Zebra and Edgar Cayce join me for this one! All appearances on the home page.


Attended the wake for Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero last night in Staten Island NY. Mike Portnoy and I went together to pay our respects to a great guy and drummer that is going to be majorly missed. We went to the evening session and it was jam packed with close friends, family, industry and just about every rock and metal musician in the NYC area. It took an hour to get to the area where AJ was because everyone knew each other and stopped to share memories of AJ and catch up. It sucks that events like this are the catalyst to bring so many old friends together, but it was good to see so many out and catch up some and celebrate AJ. His family was still very much in shock but also blown away by the outpouring of love and support. They said many times AJ would have never believed it being such a humble guy. My podcast for the week just posted today is a celebration of AJ and features new interviews about his life and his recent passing with Mike Orlando and Russell Allen of Adrenaline Mob (who he was touring with when he died) and Jay Jay French. You can listen now free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Just search for The Eddie Trunk Podcast. All indications are TS will continue at least for the dates they have now and a tribute show to AJ to help raise funds for his family is also possible. As far as his replacement it is too soon to say but that is discussed some in the podcast if you have a listen. RIP AJ Pero.


Shot another great new episode of That Metal Show last night in NYC. More great variety more new and returning guests! On guitar we had Frank Hannon of Tesla who did a kick ass job and pulled out all kinds of cool tricks and effects. Tesla was always one of my favorite all time 80’s hard rock acts and still are. This was his 3rd time playing for us and he killed it as usual. We also found a few minutes to have Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza and Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister on to discuss the death of their drummer AJ Pero. The TS camp and I are friends and have a ton of history and this is a great loss and I was glad we could get the guys on for a few minutes for AJ. Mark Tremonti is also on the show and has a great heavy new album coming with Tremonti his side project. And for the first time we had Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless. I very cool emerging new band on the scene building a great following around the world. Hope you guys enjoy this brand new episode. It premieres this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P. And remember you can see all the episodes online and many extras at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com We have 6 more new ones to tape. Audience tickets may or may not still be available but check at www.gothamcasting.com