Really excited to be guest co-hosting The Michael Kaye show today on 98.7 ESPN Radio in NYC (streaming as well on the ESPN Radio app) and simulcast on TV on the YES Network. I’ll be with my old friend Don Lagreca. Although I’m far from a sports expert I’m thankful Don asked me to sit in with him. Hope to hear from you guys and work in some rock talk as well (Don is a huge metalhead also!). This should be a blast so listen and watch and join us on air. Also just got Mike Piazza to call in at 6P!

My new podcast for the week is up now with Ted Nugent. Even if you are anti- Ted, listen, I think you will be entertained. Free on Itunes or www.podcastone,com.

Eddie Trunk Rocks debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend.

I am aware we are still having some issues with this site. Trust me I am as frustrated as anyone. It is being addressed. Thanks for your patience.

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Just back from an amazing weekend in Cooperstown NY and my first visit to the MLB HOF. My good friend Mike Piazza was inducted yesterday and it was a true honor to be invited by him for this incredible event. If you’ve never been and are a baseball fan Cooperstown is a must! As a lifelong Mets fan it was surreal to see the second ever Met be inducted and it just happen to be one of my closest friends. Met many other HOF-ers as well including another rock fan Randy Johnson, who I’ve know for some time and takes amazing photos (he did the R-40 Rush cover). If you followed on Twitter you saw many photos and maybe even caught a glimpse of me on MLB Net during the ceremony. Congrats and thank you Mike! For the long time radio listeners out there you know what a huge part of my radio show Mike was for a long time and it was an honor that he asked me to attend. Congrats of course also to Ken Griffey Jr who was also inducted.

I’m back live on SiriusXM 6-10P ET tonight on channel 39 TrunkNation.

More soon..

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Just back from a week on the W Coast. Had some great shows with Don & Jim in Vegas, LA and Orange County. All were well attended and had a ton of great fans and friends come out. Thanks to all! I also had some great meetings while in LA for possible new projects and spent some time with friends Zach Throne, Brent Fitz, Todd Kerns, Frank Sidoris, Ron Mancuso (Vegas) and Richie Kotzen, Brent Woods, Jay Ruston and Fred Coury in LA. Was good catching up and breaking bread with all. And most of all it was a blast doing some shows with Don & Jim.

By now most have heard the announcement that VH1 Classic will cease to exist as of August 1. I knew this was happening for some time and it was mentioned in the past. But now MTV Networks has made it official. We were first told of this happening last year. It’s the reason That Metal Show was cancelled. You see TMS was THE franchise for VH1C. But when they decided there would be no more VH1C, there was no need to continue to make the flagship show. They didn’t care nobody was watching because they knew they were pulling the plug on the channel in due time. Most of the execs I worked with are now no longer there. So all of this had something to do with things way bigger than TMS. VH1C will become MTV Classic as of 8/1. I have no idea what that channel will look like or if they will air old TMS. For me seeing VH1C end is truly the end of an era personally. It was my first TV job back in 2002, and I have worked for the channel 13 years! I did a ton of stuff beyond TMS over the years. I am as equally as proud of that stuff that less people saw, as I am in producing and co-hosting what became the channels biggest ever show. When I think of all my years with VH1C I am grateful to have been such a huge part of it and work with many great people, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part thinking what could have been if they invested in developing the channel more. RIP VH1 Classic. MANY great memories!

As for TMS I assure you the show is still being shopped and still looking for a new home. It is owned by the our producer of TMS. He just called me today with his new plan for finding a new network. I don’t control what happens to TMS but needless to say I am in if he finds a new spot. In the meantime catch me on AXS TV hosting their series Reel To Real, and keep an eye for exciting new stuff TBA .

There is a benefit tonight at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick for my friend Karl Cochran who is recovering from a stroke. Shuli, Craig Gass and Don Jamieson among the performers. Get there if you can.

New podcast tomorrow with Ozzy guitarist Gus G and a recap of the end of VH1 Classic. Free www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

Congrats to my brother from another mother Mike Piazza on his induction into the HOF this weekend! I will be in Cooperstown with him and many to celebrate. Mike was a huge part of my radio shows for years and I was just interviewed by the Daily News in NY about that. Look for it in the Piazza special on Sunday! Mike is one of my best friends to this day and I am grateful and honored he asked me to attend this really special and deserved weekend!


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Had a great radio show last night with live interviews with Ted Nugent and former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch. Some really great revealing stuff. I will also have interviews with both coming to my podcast soon. This Monday I will be traveling so my show will not be live. Next live Trunk Nation¬† 7/25. I was supposed to do this Monday from LA where I’ll be but there was not a studio available for me then at SiriusXM. Hopefully another LA show soon.

Headed to Vegas tonight for a run of W coast shows with Don & Jim. Sadly still no TMS news. It is 100% out of our hands but still hope it comes back by the end of the year. In the meantime if you are in Vegas, LA or Orange County come see us this weekend doing our stand up show. Thursday at Vamp’d (on at 9P, followed by Sin City Sinners), Friday at The Whiskey and Saturday at M15 Corona CA. Follow @EddieTrunk on Twitter for updates. Tickets at the door.

This Thursday a double dip on my podcast with interviews from Bret Michaels and Metal Church. Free www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

Thoughts and prayers out to Joe Perry. One of my all time favorite bands and music heroes as well as a friend. I covered this extensively on Twitter as this happened Sunday night and there is no further confirmed news on his status at the time I write this. More when I know.  Get well Joe!

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Just back from a great visit to Houston. This was the first time I stayed right in the city and really enjoyed it. I hosted The Winery Dogs show at Warehouse Live on Thursday night. The band has finished touring for their latest album (outside of an appearance on Monsters cruise in Oct) and I had to catch one last show before it ended. Good to see Billy, Richie and Mike and hang with the great fans in Houston. Mike now continues with Twisted Sister, Richie has material ready for another solo album, and Billy has some projects as well and a date with Mr Big to kick off MORC. Looking forward to what’s next for this amazing band.

Hope everyone had a chance to check out my podcast with Joey Kramer. Apologies for what sounds like a typing sound in the audio. Seems to be a glitch somewhere in the audio chain and I am working to fix it. New podcast every Thursday, grab them now free at www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

Live SiriusXM show tomorrow night 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Guests will include Ted Nugent and former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch. Like all the guys in Tesla, Tommy is an old friend and really has barely spoken since his departure from the band. I look forward to catching up with him. Maybe some other guests too.

Thrilled for Steven Adler playing some songs with GnR. He’s done it twice so far and sounded great with them. His smile says it all! Steven has wanted this so bad and I am so happy this is happening for him and Guns fans! Now where’s Izzy…? Looks like I might be catching GnR in Boston 7/20. More soon on that.

I’m headed to Vegas on Tuesday. Really psyched for some live club shows with my TMS partners Don & Jim. Come see us this Thursday in Vegas at Vamp’d, Friday at The Whiskey in LA, Saturday at M15 in Corona CA. All dates on the home page.

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A quick note to wish everyone here in the US a very happy safe 4th of July! As a result of the holiday my SiriusXM show tomorrow will not be live. Back live there 7/11.

Be sure to check out my latest podcast up now with Joe Lynn Turner talking about the Rainbow reunion and more. Free worldwide as always at www.PodcastcastOne.com or Itunes. Just search my name.

4th of July sale now going on in my online merch store. Grab a new Eddie Trunk/TrunkNation shirt at a limited discount now for the Summer.

Last call to enter to win tickets to Slipknot/Manson in NJ or NY. See ET’s Box Office to enter now.

This Friday I am in Houston at Warehouse Live to host The Winery Dogs. I will have both of my books for sale as well.

Nu TMS news but I have several exciting new projects I am working on and can’t wait to share the news when I can! Of course the minute TMS has a new home I’m in! Repeats continue on VH1C.

Watched “The Night Of” on HBO which was great. Hugely disappointed by “Roadies” on HBO.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

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