Just back from a long overdue family vacation. Took the kids to Disney in FL for a few days. My kids are 8 & 11 so a perfect age for them to take it all in and go on all the rides, etc. If you have never been it is super expensive! They do an awesome job but you do pay for it. So my suggestion if you have younger kids is to wait until they are older and can at least take it in. But being on the road so much lately it was good to get some time with them and family in sunny FL. Great time despite a Mets loss in the series and a brutal Giants loss!

Back on the road this weekend. Been a bit since I did some live stand up shows with Don and Jim. We go out together appearing in Glendale Heights IL tomorrow at Q North and Token Lounge in Westland MI this Saturday (with Michael Angel Batio). Hope to see you if in these areas. All appearances on the home page. Next weekend in Buffalo and Syracuse!

My podcast that went up today is my first ever from my archives and is an in depth album by album interview with Billy Squier. This is in 2 parts. Part 1 now, part 2 next Thursday. A must listen for fans of Billy and some interesting stories for the average rock fan for sure. As usual free worldwide on Itunes and www.podcastone.com

Honored to be hosting a benefit in LA 12/12 for guitarist Tony Macalpine who is battling colon cancer. It’s at The Wiltern and features Steve Vai, Mike Portnoy, Zakk Wylde, John 5, Derek Sherinian and surprise guests TBA. Please join us and help out Tony and his family if you can.

Back live in SiriusXM this Monday. Michael Monroe among my guests.


Latest podcast went up yesterday with new Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra. Joel discusses Rock Of Ages, TSO, Night Ranger and his new solo album 13 as well. Grab it now free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com . Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast. It is free worldwide. Coming next week part one of two parts of album by album in depth interview with Billy Squier. This will be my first ever podcast from my archives but it is a great one! Billy talks in detail about his career, the ups and downs, every album, and how he is currently the most sampled rock artist ever in Hip Hop music (Jay Z, Eminem, etc). Interesting stuff from an artist I was always a huge fan of back to Piper. Part one posts next Thursday!

Todd LaTorre of Queensryche is my guest on this weeks Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show. Debuts 11P-2A ET tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

Just back from Milwaukee where I spent two days hosting show with The Winery Dogs. Thanks to the band and the Bob Rech and the Potowatomi Casino and staff for having me. Had a great time meeting so many fans as well as 3 of my WI based radio affiliates for ET Rocks. Even paid a visit to the studios of The Hog and went on air with Joe and Borna. Thanks to them for having me and airing my show and also thanks to Lana for her help.

Starting to get holiday orders for my two books. Yes they are still available and if you want them signed just follow the instructions under the Books tab on this site. I’ll write whatever you’d like and mail them out. PLEASE BE SURE TO SPECIFY VOLUME 1 OR 2 OR BOTH WITH YOUR ORDERS. Thanks. Check my merch store too for other cool gift ideas.

Just added a new appearance at The Brat Stop in Kenosha WI with Stephen Pearcy and Enuff z Nuff Thanksgiving Eve. All appearances on the home page.

Headed to Disney for a few days with my family. Been traveling so often for work related stuff it will be good to get some time in with my kids. As a result the SiriusXM show Monday will not be live. Go Mets, Go Giants!


Back from Texas and OK. Want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to see me at Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney on Thursday and with The Winery Dogs in Ardmore OK Friday. The weather was not great in TX and OK but I appreciate everyone who came out anyway. Thank you Brian Meader and all at Guitar Sanctuary and bands Franzen Stine and The Red Rockers. And thanks to Aubry Harris and all I hung with in OK, and everyone at Two Frogs. Great night with Damon Johnson, Gilby Clarke and more. Saturday I was with Don in NJ at Regency House and that was a fun gig as well. Thanks to Steve Brown of Trixter for hanging out and apologies to the Bon Jovi Stump The Trunk girl for getting upset when we were having fun with her! Great 3 nights of gigs!

Back on the road tomorrow. I’m with The Winery Dogs this week Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Northern Lights Theater at Potowatomi Casino in Milwaukee. I’ll have shirts and both books available for purchase likely after the show ends in the lobby. Come say hello if going to these show. I’ll also be a guest at 3:15 PM Wednesday in studio at my radio affiliates there The Hog.

My schedule is non stop so see all appearances on the home page and follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk

One other thing. I have been getting many questions about the future of That Metal Show. You may recall we only did 12 episodes in 2014. We have done 12 so far in 2015. I have no idea of the future of the show. Which is the case after EVERY season. There have been some changes and I have had meetings with my producer. When I have a definite answer as to the plan going forward I will let you know. As has been the case every season all decisions belong to VH1 Classic. NOT up to me if, when, where and how many episodes we shoot. When I have news to post I will and thank you for watching and caring. Plenty of replays in the meantime. Thanks.

Go Mets, Go Giants!


Had some great calls last night on my SiriusXM show. One of the reasons I love doing this show so much is it’s live nationwide and you never know what direction the conversation will take. We got on the topic of the pros and cons of casino shows from the fan and artist standpoint. Was interesting. Also had call ins from Ian Hill and Mike Portnoy. Ian said it is very possible Priest will make another album and continue as long as everyone is feeling good. Judging from what I saw in Vegas Saturday they have no reason to stop. Enter to win Priest tickets for NJ on this site in ET’s Box Office.

Portnoy discussed the current Winery Dogs tour and said it will continue through all of next year pretty much around the world. He reiterated that this band is the priority for all 3 guys and everything else just gets slotted in when there is time. Good news to hear and cool to see new fans discover this band each day. I’ll be with them in Ardmore OK this Friday and next Tuesday and Wednesday in Milwaukee. Hope to see you if coming to those shows. I will be selling books and merch prior to both shows in Milwaukee in the lobby at those shows. Come say hi, no purchase needed for that!

Headed to Dallas tomorrow. I’ll be in McKinney TX this Thursday at The Guitar Sanctuary. I was there a couple years ago. Really cool guitar store with a performance space in the back. Live music from Franzenstine and The Red Rockers (Hagar tribute). In between I’ll be doing Q&A, speaking and of course Stump The Trunk! Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tickets on sale now. Link on the home page. Books and shirts also for sale. Music starts at 7, I start around 8. Friday I am in Ardmore OK hosting Winery Dogs. After party at 2 Frogs with Gilby Clarke. Saturday I am in Pompton Plains NJ with Don Jamieson. Jim was originally on this show but can’t make it now. Don will do stand up and I will do some Q&A and Stump. Hope you guys will join us in our home state. Info on all appearances and links on the home page.


Just home from a great few days in Vegas. I saw Judas Priest Saturday night in Vegas. I’m out of town when they play NJ and didn’t want to miss one more show. The were GREAT! Truly truly sounded amazing! Halford was in top form, moving well now that has back issues have been resolved and looking great. Vocally he was amazing! Nailing Beyond The Realms Of Death, Victim Of Changes, and new additions to the set like Screaming For Vengeance, The Rage and Desert Plains! To me after Sabbath, Priest are the most important band in metal history. To see them still this good is very inspiring. Do not miss them if you have a chance. Also caught some of Mastodon live for the first time who played an hour set and were a great addition to the bill for some newer blood. Thanks to all the great fans I met in Vegas and it was great seeing all the Priest guys. Ian Hill is live on my SiriusXM show tonight 6:15PM ET on channel 39.

I also saw a new Rush tribute called “Hurry” that featured Brian Tichy, Brent Woods, James Lomenzo and Sebastian Bach at Vamp’d in Vegas Saturday night. Really fun band and a must see if you love Rush. Tichy is one of my favorite players and goes off on drums. J Lo and Woods nailed it, and Bach sang the hell out of his part of the set. This was their first official show and it will get better as they do more, but the packed house loved it. Thanks to Korie and both Danny’s at Vamp’d for the hospitality as always. Also was at their club Thursday night where I saw the new lineup of Sin City Sinners who were also really good and spent some time seeing my good friend Zach Throne and his band Metal Shop at Venetian. Great to see so much rock and metal around Vegas! Also huge thanks to Mandalay Bay where I had another great stay!

Live on the radio 6-10P ET tonight for TRUNK Nation on SiriusXM 39 to cover all of this and more. And don’t forget I’m in McKinney TX this Thursday and Ardmore OK this Friday and NJ this Saturday! Info on the home page. Go Mets, Go Giants!


Thanks to my radio guests last night on my SiriusXM show Joel Hoekstra, Michael Sweet and Bobby Blitz. FYI if you miss any of my interviews on satellite radio they are available on the SiriusXM app On Demand. Just search my name or Trunk Nation.

I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow. Have a couple of meetings and going to see Judas Priest and Mastodon this Saturday at The Palms. I’m going to be out of town when they play NJ and didn’t want to miss a chance to see JP one more time. Also Saturday night after Priest a bunch of friends are doing a new Rush tribute show under the name Hurry at Vamp’d in Vegas. The band includes Brian Tichy, Brent Woods and James Lomenzo. Can;t wait to see everyone and see these guys kick ass doing Rush tunes. I’ll be home late Sunday night and back live on SiriusXM next Monday. Possibly with a member of Priest as a guest. Then it’s off to Dallas and OK for appearances. Then Milwaukee. Please check the listings on the home page and come out if I am in your area.

Congrats to Queensryche and The Winery Dogs on their top 30 debuts for their new albums. It’s great to see fans support these bands first week but lets hope radio supports them and continues to keep them selling. So many die after a week or two. Kind of the opposite of how it used to work when albums used to build.

All new FM show this weekend, usual times and outlets.

Holidays are near. Personalized signed copies of either of my books available. Just hit the Books tab. And be sure to check out my shirt designs in the merch store for some early gift ideas.


Once again the R&R HOF bands being CONSIDERED for induction was released today, and once again I was flooded with people asking for my reaction. As many know I have long screamed about how flat out disgraceful the HOF has been to hard rock. VERY important to note the bands announced today are only on the ballot to be considered, they are NOT in yet. Deep Purple has been on before and passed over. I mean why would you want the band that created guitar riff 101 in Smoke On The Water in something called the Rock HOF?!?! I can’t rehash again how wrong on so many levels this all is. The fact that a band like Purple has been eligible for over 30 years and passed over is madness at this point. Especially when you consider the number one criteria is influence! If they do make it in finally it will be great, but forever tainted. Especially now that Jon Lord is dead. Disgrace!

Yes? Not a huge fan personally, but again, INSANE they aren’t already in! Cheap Trick? Good to see them come up on the ballot. Amazing band and songs, but I’d be pleasantly stunned if they got in. The Cars? One of the most iconic rock debuts ever. Of course they should have went in long ago. Same for Steve Miller.

Bottom line is we have something called the R&R HOF that is STILL deciding if the bands I mentioned should be in it?! Think about how utterly insane that is! Especially when bands that were influenced by these groups like Chili Peppers and GnR to name a few went in first ballot! It is disgusting! Of course I hope these bands and their fans finally get their due. But because the HOF continues to ignore these guys for decades if/when they do get in it still burns my ass that they made them wait. Pathetic! Can you imagine being on a voting board for a HOF for rock that is still trying to decide if DEEP PURPLE should be in it after 30 years??????

The only reason these bands are even getting a shot now is because bands THEY influenced are now in and have a vote. And you have guys like Tom Morello fighting for some rock. And because the HOF needs to sell a TV show and finally realizes they need acts people know and love. God forbid they may even realize soon there are bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead and others people actually care about too one day…


Busy few days catching up from being away. Thanks to Todd LaTorre for a great interview Monday on the radio show. Queensryche also featured on my podcast soon. All new podcast tomorrow with producer Michael Wagener. Many have asked for more producers after my recent Bob Rock podcast and I’m psyched to have Michael on. He’s an old friend who has worked with Metallica, White Lion, Ozzy, Accept, Tesla and many others. It debuts tomorrow as usual on www.podcastone.com and Itunes. Free as usual to stream and download. Thanks for all the great response to last week with Lita and thanks for making my podcast top 10 Itunes almost every week! An average of over 100K listen each week all over the world, very cool!

Be sure to enter the Motley contest on the home page. Just hit the banner to enter. It will be ending soon so don’t wait. Also just added Priest tickets in NJ to ETs Box Office!

Tons of requests for new TMS. As usual 100% up to the network however unlikely at this point new shows before next year. There are many replays and I can tell you I have learned that VH1 will soon be posting almost every episode on YouTube for the first time. This is huge news for those around the world who have wanted to see the show over the years online and have been blocked. More news on that when I have it. Again, VH1 controls all when it comes to this stuff.

Megadeth/Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler in my FM show this weekend. Debuts Friday 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

Upcoming appearances include 10/22 at Guitar Sanctuary (solo speaking show, Dallas area), 10/23 Hosting Winery Dogs Ardmore OK, 10/24, show with Don & Jim Pompton Plains NJ. All info and updates on the home page. Come on out!

Let’s Go Mets & Giants!


Back from 9 days in CA. Great time! Saw AC/DC again, did my show from SiriusXM last week in LA that people loved, and did a great podcast with Lita Ford also getting rave reviews. Also saw a killer show from Marty Friedman and my good friends Trixter. Wrapped up this weekend doing my speaking show in Ramona and Huntington Beach. Thanks to all who came out and the venues for having me. Next up McKinney Texas for speaking show at Guitar Sanctuary and Ardmore OK to host The Winery Dogs and an after party with Gilby Clarke. All appearances on the home page as usual.

Back live from NYC HQ of SiriusXM tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 (Hair Nation). Lots to cover and Todd LaTorre of Queensryche checks in live from the road.


Greetings from Los Angeles. My trip West started last Saturday hosting the charity show Music For Heroes in San Jose. Thanks to the event for having me and to all the bands and fans I hung with. Go to www.musicforheroes.org to donate and for more info.

Got to LA Sunday. Had a HUGE SiriusXM live show from here yesterday that many seemed to really love. Basically a 4 hour roundtable talking music with a slew of rock artists including Don Dokken, Gilby Clarke, Bobby Blotzer, John 5, George Lynch, Steve Vai, Steven Adler, Lonnie Paul, Chad Stewart, Ace Von Johnson, and more that I apoloize forgetting (don’t have the list in front of me). Appreciate everyone coming and it was cool to do the show from LA. Hope to again soon. Lots of news was made in this show already making the rounds. Audio will be on the SiriusXM app On Demand now or soon.

Just did my first ever podcast from the Podcast One studio here in LA. Lita Ford came by and we talked for over an hour about her career. Don’t miss this exclusive posting this Thursday as my free podcast on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . I also review AC/DC and recap the radio show from Monday in the podcast.

Speaking of AC/DC saw them last night at Dodger Stadium. Packed house on a Monday night with no name support. Are there any rock bands bigger? It was the final show of the stadium run here in the US but I can tell you the band will be back in arenas this Winter starting Feb on the W coast and I hear ending in NYC at MSG. Should all be announced soon. I was glad I caught this show a second time. Massive production and I had the chance to watch from the sound board (Thanks Cosmo and Pete Merluzzi!), the besr place to see and hear a show! Also met Stevie Young, who like all the guys in the band is a laid back nice unassuming guy. So cool to see the biggest rock band in the world not be like rock stars off stage!

Don’t forget if in So CA come see me this Friday at Ramona Main Stage and this Saturday in Huntington Beach at Fuzion. Q&A, live music, Stump The Trunk and more! All info on the home page. Follow on Twitter for more