Huge congrats to Ace Frehley on his Top 10 debut on the national Top 20o on Billboard! Like all records though in this day and age the proof will be where it is 4 weeks from now. Does it have staying power and continued support? Or did all the fans just buy it week one and then it’s quickly forgotten (sadly the case with most rock and metal albums). If he does videos and tours that will certainly help but that is all TBD. Either way I am happy for my old friend who is about to celebrate 8 years of being sober and just delivered the highest charting Kiss or Kiss related solo album ever.

Headed to S Florida tomorrow. See you at The Hard Rock in Hollywood Friday for Slash and Sunday for Deep Purple. Remember my books signings will be just outside the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino AFTER the concerts. Around 10:15 for Slash and 9:15 for Purple. Hope to see you. Books and merch for sale too.

All new podcast posts tomorrow with my TMS partners Don & Jim sitting in with me. We give you our top 5 albums of 2014 so far. Since no new TMS until early next year thought this would be a fun hold over to hear from all 3 of us with a Top 5 list. Download and listen via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Here is a link to the speaking engagement I did in Bogota two weeks ago. I do speak English during it and it is translated. This is the video stream that happened that night. I am talking a bit slower at times because I was asked to by the translator. Hope you like it, had a blast and the response was amazing. Thanks! http://www.rockaxis.tv/senal-en-vivo/especial-rock-al-parque-encuentro-de-dos-figuras/


I’ve often spoken about the over touring so many bands are doing these days. Playing so much their draw starts to decrease because people get tired of seeing them. It’s a by product of the fact that bands are not making money from selling music sadly. But we now have the over saturation of artists being in way too many bands. Again, same problem behind it. Artists are just casting their line out as many places as possible to see where they get a bite. All looking for something that has some traction and can be a viable source of financial and creative success. But I see it as really becoming a bit of an issue because it is flooding the market with product that has almost no chance to break through. I have been sent music featuring an artist from one label and had another label send me another release the same week featuring the same artist. How much can you do? How many interviews can you have with one person in one week? How can fans invest anything into some of these projects when you know it might already be over before it’s released or they may never do a live show? Very confusing. You have labels that will release almost anything from some bands but not ever really work it past a week. Hired gun promoters are everywhere pushing things one week to the next until the retainer they are paid runs out and  then have moved on. Again I understand why it’s all happening but I also believe a less is more plan could work just as well. I miss the days an artist had one band and it was special to see them live or release and album every year or two. I know all things change and evolve but some of the multi tasking going on in today’s music world is hard to figure. It’s already hard when everyone is so over stimulated and with such short attention spans to sell music and get real traction, but when artists are hitting you with 3-4 projects or more a year you can’t blame the fan for being confused and not knowing where that person hangs their hat. Not blaming the musicians. The business has become the wild west and I don’t blame anyone for doing what they must to survive. But I have to think that it might be a better way if a band tried to just make a full commitment to one group and see what happens. Actually work and grow it and make all the focus on it. Tour, keep the priority in one spot. I have to laugh how a couple years ago my good friend Mike Portnoy was roasted for having several bands. Well guess what? Now almost everyone is doing it and it doesn’t seem so crazy.


Just back from a phenomenal run of W coast stand up shows with Don & Jim. Thanks to all who came out to Vamp’d in Vegas, The Whiskey in LA and Ramona Main Stage in the San Diego area. Couldn’t begin to tell all the stories here from a great weekend but I truly appreciate all the support. Doing these live gigs has been a blast and we will be announcing more soon. I also have several solo appearances coming up including this weekend at the Hard Rock on Hollywood FL with Slash this Friday and Deep Purple Sunday. Please note my meet & greets and books signing/sellings for these events will be AFTER the show inside the casino in the Hard Rock Cafe. Should be around 15-30 minutes after the shows wrap. There is no opening act on either and Slash is on at 8, Purple at 7P. Hope to see you in S Florida, always a fun time!

Continued great response to my podcast. Thanks for that. New this Thursday will be a TMS special with Don & Jim hanging with me and we will do our top 5 albums of the year so far. Then a week from Thursday an exclusive with Michael Anthony! The Eddie Trunk Podcast is FREE and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Watched a great documentary on Ginger Baker on the plane called “Beware of Mr Baker”. If you like rock docs check it out.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Don & Jim will hang for a bit and Steve Morse of Deep Purple checks in live. More soon.


What a jam packed fun SiriusXM show last night! Ace Frehley was in studio during the first hour. Ace just did a non stop week of press in support of his new CD Space Invader which came out today. He was in great spirits and as usual we had some laughs and shared some stories and had a blast. Despite everything Ace is incredibly positive about everything and is soon going to celebrate 8 years of being sober. Having known him almost 30 I am most proud of him for this. Looks like a big first week on the charts for Ace is coming which will be good to see. Live shows are up in the air at the moment but he did say he hopes to do a few before end of the year.

Slash called in from the road and talked Aerosmith, raising kids, his next album and more. Always good talking with him also. His album is out next month and I’ll be hosting a show with him at The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL 8/29. Also will be hosting Deep Purple there 8/31. Please note I will be selling and signing books at both shows but AFTER the concerts inside the casino at the Hard Rock Cafe. Neither show has an opening act. Slash on at 8 sharp, Purple at 7. So come have a beer and grab a book if you want after the shows inside the casino at the cafe at around 10:15P after Slash and 9P after Purple. Vol 1 & 2 will be available for purchase.

Finally had Mark from Accept and Doro in studio, and Wolf from Accept on the phone in the final hour. New Accept out today also and sounds great! A few US shows this year, more next year for them. All of these interviews available On Demand with the SiriusXM app. You must be a subscriber to listen.

My podcast continues to be Top 5 music on Itunes. Thank you! New this Thursday with Tom Keifer. Another podcast exclusive. Free and worldwide, subscribe with Itunes or visit www.podcastone.com to listen. Coming soon, Michael Anthony, Doro & Mark Tornillo, Ace Frehley and a special TMS podcast with Don & Jim.

All new Eddie Trunk Rocks syndicated show this weekend with excerpt of the Tom Keifer interview and more.

Headed to the W coast tomorrow. I’ll be doing live shows with Don & Jim at Vamp’d in Vegas Thursday (love Vegas and this club!), the legendary Whiskey in LA this Friday, and the Ramona Main Stage in the San Diego area Saturday. Hope to see many of our W coast friends this weekend at the gigs. I will have signed copies of both of my books for sale at all shows.

TMS returns to taping new shows Jan 2015.


Just back from my latest stop on what has been an amazing Summer tour of sorts for me. This past weekend I visited Bogota Colombia for the first time. I was told so many times that I had a huge fan base there, and now I have seen it first hand! Simply amazing!! Fans at the airport, at the hotel, and jammed into a 500 capacity theater to hear me speak. Just incredible. The theater was so jammed there were people outside trying to get in and they did it as a live stream as well with a translator. I couldn’t believe the enthusiasm and love for this music and my shows and I am very thankful. I also found out TMS hasn’t even aired there since last October (I have no control over where and when the show airs anywhere) as their VH1 is now showing all videos. Hope that changes soon. What was really amazing however was the interest and awareness of my radio show. The FM show is available there as a stream and is super popular which I had no idea about. I also saw many of my books in the audience which people had purchased through Amazon. So cool! It was a short but amazing visit and I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and all the love. I would have loved to have stayed and signed after my conference speech however security would not allow it. They needed to close the venue and asked that I did not go into the crowd. Not my decision but I understand. Huge thanks to Alejandro Bonilla for working so hard to make this happen and local radio host Andreas Duran, a true music fan and supporter locally based and the interviewer for my conference. Also thanks to La X Radio who had me on almost 2 hours on the AM show. So much fun! Thanks to all, hope to be back soon. Just amazing to me to see so much support in these countries outside the US that don’t even speak English for what I do. Thank you!

The road trips continue! This time with Don & Jim for live stand up shows this Thursday in Vegas at Vamp’d, Friday at The Whiskey in LA, Saturday at Ramona Main Stage in the San Diego area. Books for sale at all. Remember these are NOT TMS tapings but live stand up shows. Hope to see you this weekend.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET and it is packed with guests. Ace Frehley in studio at 6, Slash calls in at 8, Doro along with Mark and Wolf from Accept at 9. Channel 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Ace’s album out tomorrow FYI as is the Accept.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Joey Kramer of Aerosmith who had a heart procedure. Joey is not only a friend and a great guy but I think one of rocks most underrated rock solid drummers. All the best Joey!

This weeks all new podcast posting this Thursday on Itunes and at www.podcastone.com is with Tom Keifer. Thanks for all the amazing support for The Eddie Trunk Podcast. Very cool to hear from so many around the world who are listening!


Attended a parry last night in NYC for the launch of Ace Frehley’s new album Space Invader. It was at the Gibson Showroom and attended by friends, label and media. The days of labels having release parties are rare due to the dwindling album sales these days so this was a fun thing to see happen. Ace was there for a couple hours and the album was played while the guests had some drinks and chatted. Ace seemed really happy and excited for the release of the album and was still buzzing from his appearance on The Tonight Show where he played with The Roots. He’s in NYC all week doing a bunch of press and will be live in studio with me this Monday on my SiriusXM show starting 6P ET on channel 39. Photos from the party on my FB. Also in studio this Monday will be Doro and Slash calls in. So a busy Trunk Nation coming up.

If you missed the SiriusXM show last Monday Tracii Guns and Adrian Vandenberg were the guests. As usual you can hear the interviews On Demand with the SiriusXM app.

Just posted this weeks podcast with Glenn Hughes. Glenn told me this was one of the best interviews he ever did so hope you enjoy it. Andrew Watt from his new band California Breed also joins in. Get it now free and worldwide with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks for making The Eddie Trunk Podcast such an immediate hit. Been top 10 Itunes music since we launched!

Want to send my best wishes to my good friend Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. The band had to cancel some shows due to Joey having some heart issues. I texted him last night and he did respond telling me he will be fine. Let’s hope that’s the case! All the best Joey and get back to kicking ass with Aerosmith soon!

Headed to Bogota Colombia for the first time ever. I’ll be speaking at a music conference there tomorrow. It’s a quick trip but look forward to visiting. Have a nice weekend all.


Been asked by many for my review of the new Ace Frehley album. I have been living with it for a while now and premiered the title track last night on my radio show. I have been hesitant to post a review because many will feel it will be bias because of my long time friendship with him. However anyone who TRULY follows me and what I do knows I give my honest view regardless of personal relationships on all things. So with that in mind here’s my take; this is a very solid hard rock album. Is it a masterpiece? No. Is it as good as the ’78 record? No, but in some ways pretty damn close. But it is not 1978 and Ace is not 30, and we haven’t had 35 years to live with this to see how it holds up. But it is an album better than many will expect and certainly delivers in many areas. It is pretty simple really. If you are an Ace fan, love his persona, attitude and playing, you will love the album. The album has a space theme running throughout. Maybe a statement of ownership from the original (and in my opinion only) spaceman? Production is solid. It sounds live, guitars loud, and it really jumps out at you (maybe at times a bit too much). Maybe the most amazing thing about the album is Ace’s voice. Obviously he was never Freddie Mercury, but in a Keith Richards sort of way he has an attitude and conviction in his voice that people love and more than makes up for any lack of range. People love when he sings and it clearly worked during the Kiss years with Shock Me, NY Groove and many others. Ace’s voice is strong and out front throughout. Really impressed how well he’s belting it out. And his playing is maybe better than it’s been in a very long time. My only complaint being that some songs fade on solos that I wish would stay up another 30 seconds or so. Always hated when my favorite albums and players have songs that fade while there is tasty guitar stuff happening. But everything has to end at some point I guess. As for the songs the best of them are the title track, the lead single “Gimme A Feelin” (best shot at real airplay as a single to me), “I Wanna Hold You” (another possible single), “Immortal Pleasures” (different vibe, great vocal and Ace singing about the good times.), “What Every Girl Wants” (another possible single), and “Past The Milky Way” (a classic space vibe that reminds me of something from the ’78 album, great solos, fades too soon though. Would love it to just keep going!). The space theme continues with the album closer, an instrumental titled “Starship” that does give a nod to Fractured Mirror and clocks in at around 8 minutes. Again some of Ace’s best soloing and guitar sounds in a very long time. The guy that influenced so many closing out with a sonic blend of guitars on top of guitars! The final thing heard is Ace asking if “anyone has seen George Jetson”, followed by his classic cackle! Again, classic Ace! The Steve Miller cover of  “The Joker” is fine but I would have liked to see him make it more his own. The tracks I didn’t mention are far from throw aways, but material wise I like the above tracks best. It really is a fine album that is best served listened to as a complete experience. And here is what’s really great about it. It truly has the classic Kiss vibe running through it naturally. While that band continues to try and make records that sound like classic Kiss by making two fine musicians in Tommy and Eric play like the people they have to portray, Ace IS classic Kiss. It’s the genuine artifact! The album drips with the spirit of classic Kiss and classic Ace from top to bottom naturally. It is all Ace knows. And if you are a fan that’s a damn good thing! Regardless of the attempts at times from the current Kiss to diminish his contributions, when you listen to Space Invader it becomes incredibly obvious just how much Ace meant to Kiss in his sound, playing and attitude. And this album proves he still has it in spades, or Ace’s… As Gene Simmons said himself during his R&R Hall Of Fame speech, Ace has often been imitated but never duplicated. Now there’s something I can truly say I agree with from Gene! Again, if you are/were a Kiss/Ace fan, nothing not to love here. Clearly Ace’s years of sobriety have reinvigorated him to create an album far better than anyone might have expected at this point in his career. And Space Invader is sonic proof just how vital he truly was (as was Peter) to the sound and concept of Kiss. Welcome back to the one and only Space Ace!

PS: There is a deluxe version of the album with two bonus tracks. But those tracks are only radio edits of two songs on the album. So unless you are super hardcore or want the digipak and poster the regular version has essentially the same material.


Seems several times each day I get a tweet, email or question asking about new episodes of That Metal Show. I am grateful to all of you for asking and caring about the future of the show. The simple truth is that the network (VH1 Classic) who owns the show and makes all the decisions has decided at this time not to do more episodes until this January, to air starting in Feb 2015. You all must understand this is as frustrating for me as it is for you! TMS is on VH1 CLASSIC, not VH1, in the US. They produce the show and their operating budgets and investment in that channel are very limited (as you all know it is still not available in HD in 2014!). The good news is the show is continuing and they repeat the show constantly, which creates new viewers daily just discovering it. The bad news is there are TONS of releases, events and interview opportunities we are missing without the show being produced. I am always looking for new and additional ways to deliver this content, which is one of the reasons I recently launched a podcast. This, in addition to my two weekly radio shows and this site are the best outlets I have to focus on until we start up again. I would LOVE to be doing a TV show daily or weekly, but it just is not within the ability of the network to produce that at the moment. We may do a special between now and the end of the year but that decision is also VH1’s. They decide when, where, and if we do the show and have final approval on guests as well. It has always been that way. Even though TMS was very much my baby, they own and control it. When I know more I will of course let you know. We will be back, but they have decided to take a hiatus before starting again. I am always looking for and exploring new additional opportunities to do what I do and will keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime please check out the radio shows and podcast. Hopefully I will have some new outlets to announce soon as well. Thanks for all the amazing support for TMS. It will be back! And I’m told maybe with some new things you have all been asking for, but it will be a while longer before we relaunch. I always like to be as open and honest about what’s going on so that’s the deal. Obviously not my vision for momentum for the show but January will be here before you know it. Thanks to all of you and if you have DVR set it to record all episodes. In about 4 weeks I now have 75 on mine! Great chance to see shows you may have missed the first airing. Thanks for caring and supporting this show that means so much to so many around the world. Can’t wait to get it going again in January! Of course things can change and if we do a special or anything sooner I will of course let you all know. But that is the plan now.


Back from my first ever trip to Montana. Thanks to all the amazing bands and fans that were so cool to me and made my 50th birthday memorable. When you have Lita Ford sing you happy birthday and give you a cake it’s a pretty cool way to hit the big 5-0 (there are pictures and video)! Montana is a pretty amazing place and the folks at Rockin The Rivers were very cool to work with. I appreciate them having me and hope to be back soon. I’ll talk more about this on the radio tonight.

Speaking of tonight jam packed live show 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Adrian Vandenberg calls in live 6:15, Tracii Guns at 8 and Steve and Bruno from Danger Danger in studio 9:15P ET. Join  me for music and talk that rocks!

All new podcast this Thursday with Glenn Hughes as the guest.

Yes to my friends on Colombia I will be in Bogota for an appearance this Friday. It is a very short trip for just one day but hope to see you. Details on the home page.

I will be selling and signing both books before Slash 8/29 and Deep Purple 8/31 at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Details soon.

All confirmed appearances on the home page.


Greetings from 3 Forks Montana everyone. Just a quick note to say thank you all for the 50th birthday wishes. It has been overwhelming. Sucks being away from home and the family at the moment but I am lucky to be doing what I love. Hosting a rock festival here tonight anf tomorrow so among friends for sure! Kind of hard to believe I am 50 today. I sure don’t feel it so maybe rock does keep you young! The amount of emails, tweets, posts today has been overwhleming and I truly appreciate every single one. Having been a fan of it and working in it since my teens rock music has literally been my life, and to have all the amazing support from all of you is something I am etrenally grateful for. So thank you ALL for reaching out and supporting what I do. It really does mean a lot to me and I am grateful.