Hope everyone had a good weekend. Was fun hanging at the Chiller show in NJ over the weekend. Thanks to all who came to my signings. Also cool to spend some time with my TMS partner Don Jamieson and chat some with Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, Marky Ramone and Tony Orlando. Yes Tony Orlando! Clearly not a rocker but as a kid growing up in the 70’s he was a part of my childhood and was a super nice guy. Also hung with Ace Frehley for a few minutes. He is excited about the upcoming live shows which kick off in NJ 11/13 at the State Theater. Win tickets for this and many other shows by visiting “ET’s Box Office” on this site! See you there.

Both of my books are available via mail and make perfect gifts for the coming holidays. Please hit the “Books” tab on this site for order info. I’ll mail it anywhere in the USA and write whatever you’d like as far as personalization. Order early for plenty of delivery time and be sure to specify VOL 1 or VOL 2 with your order! Thanks.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Guests include Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest and Glenn Danzig. I’ll be hosting Priest this Thursday at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Meet me and grab a copy of either of my books after Priest inside the casino at the Hard Rock Cafe right after the show wraps up Thursday night.


Seems like just about every day I am hearing about a new “supergroup” of sorts being put together. A group of musicians who have other main bands getting together to make an album. This is yet another by product of the shrinking record business. If you aren’t selling any real copies of your albums with your main band, maybe be in five bands at the same time and combined there might be some sales? Or maybe even have a hit with the side band (if that were to ever happen the main band would likely be abandon no doubt). I am not judging these artists for doing these things. I would never begrudge anyone doing what they can to make a living and survive in a business where 10,000 copies sold gets you top 10 on Billboard and sadly off the charts three weeks later in many cases. The truth is some artists making great new music are selling around 2-5000 copies. Some even less. So I get the multi tasking. I also have to laugh at how criticized a guy like Mike Portnoy was for taking this approach a few years ago. Guess what? Now it’s the norm and Mike having a few bands seems more than normal. Almost everyone is doing it. I miss the days when seeing your favorite band or musicians was a once a year very special thing. This all feeds in to the over touring and over exposure of some artists. Some are actually hurting their draw they play so often. Some are going less is more and actually getting paid better for playing less. Again, everyone does what they have to in order to survive, I get that. But what is frustrating about some of these “projects” is the almost total lack of real support for them. As fans we get invested in this stuff, buy the music (hopefully), and then sometimes don’t even see a live show happen. Then a month later we are hearing about another band with some of the same members to buy that release! It’s getting hard to keep up with all of this and it’s my job to do so. So I can’t even imagine how convoluted it must be to the casual rock fan to sort out. Some of these bands are good and have the right intentions. They actually all get in a room, work together, and try and make a real run with it. Others are a bunch of tracks emailed back and forth by guys that never even met or were ever in the same room, cut together with pro tools, throw it out and see what happens. These are often bad and dilute the scene and often have no chemistry or shot at success. I personally was directly involved in one of these projects that worked, The Winery Dogs. Those guys made the band a priority, all recorded and wrote together, and toured their asses off the promote it (and made an amazing album!). Now in down time they are all doing some other stuff but will reconvene in 2015 to continue. But sadly I see so many of these bands jam the pipeline and you can just tell it’s never going to happen. No real label support, no chemistry, no live shows, no great songs. Just throw some names together and see what happens. I hope we get more things like The Winery Dogs breaking through (relatively speaking as far as rock is concerned these days), but the formula I am seeing for so many of these bands does not bode well for that to happen. I’m curious to read your comments as a rock fan what you think of all these bands and are you bothered when you buy the music and it never goes beyond an album release? As always all opinions welcome.


Just back from a brief vacation on a cruise. The plan was to head to Bermuda, but due to the storm we ended up going to Canada (St John and Halifax). Nothing against Canada and those great cities but the idea was to go warmer not colder and the weather sucked the whole way. But it was still nice to get a few days disconnected. Now back to the real world of texts, emails, phone calls, etc, catching up some from being away. My latest podcast went up today featuring John 5. John talks about all of his music history (some you may not know he had) and much more. Truly one of the most all around talented guys out there and I hope you enjoy it. Subscribe and download free now on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . And be sure to check out the older episodes if you missed any.

All new FM radio show debuts tomorrow night 11P on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF/Boston and the usual affiliates usual days and times over the weekend. Listing under “Live & On The Air”.

Back live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 for TRUNKNation. Guests will include Glen Danzig and Glenn Tipton. I’ll be hosting Judas Priest next Thursday 1o/30 at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL. Looking forward to final catching Priest, get your tix now if in the area. I’ll be doing a book signing/selling after Priest inside the Hard Rock Casino at the Hard Rock Cafe after the show ends.

The Chiller show is this weekend here in NJ at the Parsippany Sheraton. Due to some family commitments my schedule is a bit up in the air as far as the days and hours I can attend. As of now looking like 1-6P Saturday and 1-4P Sunday only. I will have both books available for sale. Please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and changes on my schedule. I live near to the event so things can change last minute but that’s the plan as of now. Always a fun weekend and hope to see you if attending.

Huge thanks to the British rock magazine AOR for doing a feature on That Metal Show. AOR is a spin off of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer and like those two is a great read. Really cool of them to do a major feature on TMS especially when you consider we are not broadcast in the UK (why I have no idea!). But the impact of TMS is truly amazing and that’s a credit to our fans and fans of the genre. They find a way to connect with the show even in places we are not seen and blacked out online too. Thanks to AOR for the spread. New TMS coming 2/14/15


I’m off on a cruise for what will be a very rare and all to brief vacation for a few days. What I love most about a cruise (and I have taken many over the decades) is the total disconnect you get. If you are like me email, phone, texts dominate your life and 95% is work related. So the greatest thing about a cruise for me is turning your phone off and forgetting all of that for a few days. It is truly the one rare time you can get away from all of that. Of course when you dock and get your signal back and turn the phone on you pay the price big time! But it is still well worth the break. So with that in mind I will be checking off the grid for a few days from updates here, tweets, FB postings, etc. Dana will still continue to update music news. The SiriusXM show this Monday will not be live. I’ll be back Thursday October 24th. Until then I will be enjoying the disconnect. Have a great weekend/week all. More soon.


Congrats to Joe Perry for making the NY Times Best Seller list for his book Rocks. If you are a fan of Aerosmith it is truly a great read. If you’d like to hear my interview with Joe from his book launch in NYC a couple weeks ago grab my podcast free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com Latest episode is with Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer. New episodes post every Thursday and upcoming guests include John 5, Adrian Vandenberg, Snake Sabo, Chris Jericho & Rich Ward and many more. Thanks for all the support for the podcast. The response has been great and I’ve enjoyed giving talking with the great variety of names featured so far. Response from around the world has been great so thank you

This weekends FM radio show features an interview with Mark Tremonti and a ton of new and classic metal. Premieres tonight 11P on WAAF/Boston and Q104.3 NYC. If going to Priest in NJ tonight crank it on the way home. I won’t make the show tonight but hosting Priest in FL 10/30 at The Hard Rock so will catch them then. Full list of all stations airing my FM show in Live and On The Air on the site.

On vacation next week so this Monday’s SiriusXM show is pre recorded.

Many questions about AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd not being in the bands new video or in the press shot. Apparently Phil had a family emergency to tend to. Let’s hope all is okay and he is still in the band. It’s just weird they wouldn’t have at least photo shopped him into the new press photo.  Those asking about AC/DC live dates they will happen next year. I like the new song, it sounds like……AC/DC!



I know I typed this a few weeks ago but still getting asked almost daily (thanks for caring!) about new episodes of That Metal Show. VH1 Classic repeats the heck out of them but there have been no new shows since April. The network decided to put the show on hiatus until 2015 but there is now a firm plan for the shows return. We will once again be shooting from NYC and like last season be doing shows on a weekly basis. Meaning when a show premieres it will only be a few days old. No gang shooting like we did for a long time. The premiere date for the season debut is 2/14/15. Still way too early to talk about guests or audience tickets but as always I will post here when I have that info. All the things you guys ask for are the same things I want; HD, live performance, DVD, Itunes, etc, but I have no control over any of it. All 100% up to VH1 who makes all the calls. I wish we did the show on a more regular basis but again that is not my call. Everything comes down to the network and what they want to invest in with the channel. The good news is we will be back! Thanks for all the patience and support and more when I know.

All new podcast tomorrow! The Aerosmith theme continues! Last week was Joe Perry, this week drummer Joey Kramer. The interview was recorded backstage at the bands recent NJ show. Joey talks about his recent heart scare, his line of coffee, and of course the band. Subscribe and download free on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com


Back from a great weekend in Louisiana hosting the Rockathon at Paragon Casino in Marksville. Hung with so many great bands and fans and it was a blast. Thanks to Paragon Casino for the tremendous hospitality as well. They really took care of everyone first class all the way. Hope to be back soon.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39. Should be a fun one with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho both in studio. Hope you can join us for TRUNKNation.


The annual nominees for the R&R Hall Of Fame have been released today. And with that usually it’s a day I go crazy and rant and rave about who is and isn’t on the ballot as I have since the thing opened. But I have thought about it and decided I’m done doing that. Why? Not because it has been fixed at all, quite the opposite actually. It is SO damaged and SO clueless and SO disrespectful of real rock bands that it has actually become irrelevant and not worth my time or aggravation. After years of screaming about Rush, Kiss and Alice Cooper, all who finally did go in, I noticed something else, it was forgotten about 24 hours later. I mean it had zero impact on any artists careers. It did nothing to spike sales of albums or tickets. Many don’t even see it because it is expensive to go to and the TV broadcast is now on a premium pay channel. Having attended the induction  last year as a guest of Ace & Peter’s it was a really nice moment of course, and of course there are tons of worthy bands in the Hall. But looking at the nominees this year as far as who is on it and who is not even in the conversation after being snubbed for over a decade I realized something. Why get upset? This is NEVER going to change! It is a private club of the music industry snobs and never was the voice of the fans. They have run this thing into total irrelevance in my opinion because they are so hung up on what they think is cool vs what millions of music fans buy and care about. It just doesn’t matter at all in the big picture because the history of who has and hasn’t gone in (and how long some waited to finally get in) just taints it. If you are a real rock music fan and take a step back you just have to laugh at all the obvious bias going on. I get the sense the same people that made fun of me for liking Kiss in high school have all moved to the Hall nomination group. It’s that type of elitist music snob vibe. It always has been but I thought when Rush, Kiss, Alice, etc finally got in the tide would turn and progress would be made. But nothing has changed. Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Dio, Motorhead, Motley, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Journey, Styx, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and COUNTLESS other huge selling and influential acts are still snubbed in the rush to get Green Day, or Sting solo in. I have decided by ranting about it I am giving this thing way too much credit and validity. I kind of thought that all along but actually thought some progress was finally being made. But it is as disrespectful as ever for real rock music and to the millions of fans these bands have. So it doesn’t move the needle, half the artists don’t want to go, most fans can’t go or even see the broadcast, and fans have very little to do with it and THEY make the bands careers! It’s irrelevant to me now and a total time waster. Yes I get it still means something to some artists to go in, and I would never belittle that moment for anyone. But it really has become irrelevant in so many ways to REAL fans of REAL rock bands that sold MILLIONS of albums and INFLUENCED generations that it isn’t worth my time and effort. And I know many will say “somebody needs to start their own Hall”. Heard that a million times, tried and still try to find an interested partner with the resources. Maybe one day. But until then I, or any other real rock fan, shouldn’t acknowledge this joke of a private club. I did for so long because I thought it would help change the tide, but I see that is just not going to ever happen and it’s time to move on. Especially when you consider in the big picture the way it’s done it means very little in the end.


Had a total blast last night hosting Joe Perry’s book launch in NYC at Barnes & Noble. It was an honor beyond belief to have an icon and member of one of my all time favorite bands to call on me for such an important event for him. Joe has been and continues to hit the promo circuit hard to promote Rocks which is out now and a truly great read (he also came by my SiriusXM show Monday). The place was packed and we started our chat at 7P for about half an hour, then Joe answered some audience questions. Gigs like these are actually the hardest for me to do because I have SO much I want to ask and get into and such limited time. You want to get deep into Aerosmith stories but you also have to keep in mind Joe is out selling a book too. But there was a good balance and of course Aerosmith is a huge part of the book. Our conversation last night was recorded for my podcast which will be posted for all to hear and download free tomorrow via the usual outlets (Itunes, www.podcastone.com). Hope you check it out and check out Joe’s book. His signing tour goes for a couple weeks and hits my home stage of NJ tonight at Bookends, a store I signed at for my first book and a great indie retailer. Over the years I have hosted several events for Aerosmith including their Guitar Hero launch, their national radio special for the tour with Motley Crue, Joe Kramer’s book event and many TV and radio interviews. When your heroes that you grew up with posters of on your wall call on you for stuff like this it is so special to me. Great to spend a couple days with Joe and check out the podcast tomorrow and some of the photos from last night just posted to my Facebook page.


Had a great time with Joe Perry last night in my radio studio. Was also cool to meet Yoshiki from X Japan who was a last minute surprise guest. And thanks to Mark Tremonti for calling in. Off to NYC now to host Joe’s book launch and record my first ever podcast with a live audience! You will hear it when it posts Thursday. If in NYC we start at 7P at Barnes & Noble Union Sq. Attendance first come first served. More via Twitter @EddieTrunk