Hope everyone is staying cool. 5th straight day of 100 + temps here in NJ. Been busy on many fronts. Looking like Sept and Oct are going to be insane months for me on the road. Really excited about the book tour announced in my last post. Please note I will be adding more stops, but of course it is just not possible to get everywhere on the initial 2 weeks run of signings. I’ll be getting out there and signing for years for both books when I can. This initial run on the release is about getting to certain cities and book sellers. I’ll let you all in on something that’s pretty amazing; my first book a few years ago sold enough copies in it’s first two weeks to be a NY Times Best Seller. However it didn’t show up on the list because I signed in those first crucial weeks at sellers that didn’t report to the list. So this time I am hoping by doing stores in that initial week it will get me the coveted slot! After the initial 2 weeks or so, then I can do events anywhere and hope to do as much as I can. So THANK YOU all for the support on book one and for helping me maybe hit that goal for VOL 2. The book is out everywhere 9/24, pre orders now at Amazon. If you pre order ot buy in the first few weeks digital or physical you might help a schmuck from Jersey be a Best Seller this time around! Moore dates to come, pre order link on Amazon by just hitting the book banner on the home page. Thanks!


Final new TMS tomorrow night. Yes I agree the seasons are WAY to short! You are preaching to the choir friends! I want many of the same things you ask for, but I work for the network. Final new show features Steve and Brian from Kix, Buck from BOC. All first time guests. Glad to get a BOC member on as they are a pioneering band of the genre, and many have asked for Kix for a long time. Jake E Lee plays once again. You will also see my Rant about “Hair Bands” and my Origins in this final new show of the season. Sounding like next new tapings in LA in October. You will know when I know. Thanks for watching! MANY new things in this season and we of course listen to everyone on what works and doesn’t and will do our best to keep getting better.


Caught Slash and band Tuesday night in PA. Band sounded as good as ever and was great hanging with all the guys a bit. Slash even dedicated Welcome To The Jungle to me which was quite an honor (he knows how I love the hits..haha). He also showed me the trailer for his film Nothing To Fear which looks cool. After this run of touring Myles will start up with Alter Bridge and Slash will promote his film and start writing a new Conspirators album. Slash also told me he spoke with Lemmy and he was on the mend, which was great news! Always fun hanging and seeing the guys and honored Slash wrote the forward for my next book. Had some great rock geek talk as usual with Brent, Todd and Frank as well!


Went to see my old friend Mike Tramp of White Lion last night at Dingbatz in NJ. Mike is giving new meaning to solo acoustic literally driving himself around the US and playing solo with an acoustic only and no band or crew. I true rock warrior! I am asked countless times about Vito Bratta and if/when he wants to come back on any of my shows, like Mike, he is welcome. But as stated MANY times he is not active in music and hasn’t been in ages. I go WAY back with all the WL guys (as you will see in my next book) and all are welcome and close friends, but no reunion of any kind is remotely close at the moment.


Remember if in IL I am hosting Rocking The Farm and if in Kalamazoo I am hosting Ratt and more at Wings Stadium next month. Info on the banners on the site. Also hosting 3 shows with Motley in Sept in OK. PLEASE be sure to check Eddie Trunk Presents tab for all events and appearances. Hope to see you. May have a major new one to announce outside the US soon….


Speaking of major announcements, this is the 30th year of my radio show. To celebrate my 25th Judas Priest played a private concert for my audience. So VERY close to announcing a similar event for 30th soon. Like 5 years ago this will be a free event you must win to get in. More soon..


New stuff I’m liking: Michael Monroe, Scorpion Child, Queensryche (Latorre), Newsted, Monster Truck and many more


A ton of stuff going on and more to announce soon. Thank you as always for all the support. I am live on the radio tonight on Q104.3 NYC 11P-2A ET, listen free using the Iheartradio app or at www.q1043.com . Also live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39. Also be sure to see all my radio affiliates under Radio Syndication tab for all the stations and times airing my show this weekend. Have a good one, stay cool!

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  • Anthony Agostine (AUG) on

    Thanks for checking us out last night again ! Enjoy the CD and let me know what you think ! We’ll see you again in DEC @ Batz we’ll be playing the TMS Christmas party again !! \m/ \m/ AUG

    • Anthony Agostine (AUG) on

      Hey.. Just found out we’re supporting band @ Batz August 12th w/ Jack Russel’s GREAT WHITE ! Hope to see ya there !! \m/ \m/ Aug

  • Eric on

    Eddie, thanks for the report and all that you do for the metal/hard rock world! You are indeed the hardest working man in the business.

    • Eddie on


  • Raymond Carver on

    If you come to Dallas on your book tour, I will certainly try to be there to get your signature!!

  • Brandon on

    Loved the new season (as I do them all – no show missed yet). What an amazing gift Jake E Lee ‘prized’ on the Stump portion last week. Will be missing the series until next season, but thankfully football starts soon. Looking forward to your new book as well.

    Can’t wait for the break in the NJ weather either – hopefully Sunday!!

    And, in parting — “Uh Eddie, I don’t know how this one got in here. It’s from your wife and she wants to know how come you never have Ozzy on That Metal Show? 😉

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dave Shamblin on

    A great season of TMS, thanks Eddie. I hope VH-1C understands the value of your show. We are a great demographic, right? Looking forward to the next season already.

    I’m going to order your book and hope that I get a chance to get your signature on it during the MOR cruise. Thanks again for your efforts to keep hard rock and heavy metal alive. I know it’s tough for you to get to Northern Cal, but we sure would like to see you out here in the bay. It’s a great rock town.

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