Been doing press all day for That Metal Show and almost everyone is bringing up the Kiss HOF stuff with me. It is no doubt the story of the week and since it broke on my show last Friday when Ace called in many are discussing it with me. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s take on all of this. It’s also been interesting reading everyone’s comments here on this site and the loads of email about it. I get and understand ALL sides of this. People who actually take the time to fully listen to and read what I say realize there is no agenda here but being a fan and giving MY opinion when asked. I respect yours even if it differs from mine. Just like I respect your decision to go see the current version of Kiss, even if I decided a while ago it’s not for me. There is SO much misinformation out there. Not only about what I say and feel (anything positive doesn’t make a good headline) but about the whole HOF process to begin with. In a nutshell I think this whole thing again comes down to Gene and Paul not wanting to go down reunion road with Ace and Peter at all, and not wanting to open a huge can of worms like the MTV Unplugged. Again, I was there, once Ace and Peter came out for two songs it was a reunion avalanche they could not go away from. When you spend 12 years telling people (believe it or not) it doesn’t matter who is behind the makeup, you can’t bring Ace and Peter out and get a huge reaction and remind everyone it does matter! Eventually Kiss wil be a franchise with no original members in those personas. That is where this is all heading. Going back to the original band hurts selling that concept and is bad for the current Kiss business model. I don’t believe it is any real hate against Ace and Peter, it is just a bad business decision and we all know Kiss knows business! I don’t agree with this decision, but get it from a marketing standpoint.


There has also been a familiar cry from Ace and Peter detractors that “they had their chance, they fucked it up”. True, they will be the first to tell you they are far from innocent in their conduct at times while a member of the band. But what exactly does that have to do with now? NOBODY wants a reunion tour again. I sure don’t! Nobody can go forever. But it seems the past keeps getting thrown out there as a reason for the HOF issue. Why? It has nothing to do with the fact that the original four guys are the ones being inducted and a song or two is all anyone is looking for one night only. Nobody is also mentioning that these guys have been clean and sober for many years now. People change with time. A couple songs would have only damaged one thing, the current Kiss marketing plans. And I GET THAT. If I was trying to sell what was coming and owned the business of Kiss like Gene and Paul do I can’t say I would feel different from a BUSINESS angle. But we were always told the fans were the boss with Kiss. And no denying the MAJORITY of the fans who fought so long and hard to see this day are upset. But I still feel no performance in this instance (because the HOF decided only the original four are going in) is better than a current band performance which you can see any time you want pretty much.


I am curious if they all show up. To me it’s clear if you read the recent interview that Paul is annoyed with the whole process (rightfully so), the fact they were snubbed for 15 years, and the fact the HOF is ignoring other members for induction (again, the case can be made rightfully so). But most artists who complain about it still end up showing up. Axl Rose didn’t. he knew it was all a play for a reunion if even for a photo op and stayed away. I honestly don’t think the HOF cares that much if Kiss plays. Getting them in the same room together is a victory enough for them. Now we wait and see what happens next. Do all four guys show? What does the HOF put on since there is no performance from the band? Is there so much fan pressure that a last minute performance gets pulled together? One more thing; fans did not get Kiss in the HOF through voting. It’s a nice thought and the fans being so vocal about it helped sway voters, but the actual fan vote is minimal and can not alone get a band in. If it did bands like Kiss, Rush and Alice Cooper would not have been snubbed over a decade! If the HOF would have put Kiss in when they were first eligible in 1999 none of this would be happening, because the original band was still together then from the reunion! And we all know the fact that Kiss, like them or not, should have gone in first time eligible, NOT 15 years later! More soon no doubt.. Again, ALL opinions welcome here as always.

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  • Dwayne Cole on

    In my opinion, the best thing to do at the RRHOF is for Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, Bruce, Eric and Tommy should do a couple of songs with out make up. It’s only one night. Gene and Paul say the harbor no animosity toward Ace or Peter, It was done this way with the Eagles and Metallica, Why not ?

  • Sandy on

    Eddie, I heard you on the Mark & Lynda Podcast this morning discussing this issue and thought you were very eloquent with your remarks. One thing you mentioned about the HOF and a KISS reunion with the 4 original members was that one reason they wouldn’t do it was because they hadn’t played together in a long while and they would embarrass themselves onstage if they did. On way to avoid that embarrassment would be for them to lip sync a couple of songs. They could do one song with Gene, Paul, and the ‘replacement’ band members and then for the second song Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter. It wouldn’t sound like crap (might look like crap, though!) Any thoughts? Anyone?

    • Mike Houstina on

      I’m relieved they are not playing. The last few times I’ve seen them Paul’s voice was awful. It’s heartbreaking as he had one of the best voices in rock. It’s time for them to stop. Period. It’s not just high notes either. It’s highs, lows and middle. It really made me sad.

    • George on

      lip syncing…are you fuckin kiddin me…

  • Brad hartshorn on

    Eddie I been a fan since I was 7. I have seen all different line ups over the years. I don’t feel the HOF is putting the brand Kiss in the HOF not the band. It has become a corporation instead of a rock and roll band. I do believe the should have been in 15 years ago, now I feel that the HOF just wants them in and this over with. I loved Ace and Peter, without them this band MAY never exsisted from the beginning. But Paul and Gene kept it alive and did what they had to do to do so. The four originally members should be the ones inducted, in the 1970’s and early 80’s that were the biggest thing in the world and even then they were everywhere. Those years alone should have put them in the ROF. I’m saddened that this has happened but the choice not to perform was the right way to go. All members should be recognized but the originally four love them or hate them are KISS and that will never change for me. Congratulations to Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter, for this night you are being honored for what you STARTED 40yrs ago , for the show and the much underrated music, most of which is played live to this day from that era. It’s the crown jewel for your careers, hopefully they all show up and the band, not the corporation are inducted. There is and never will be another KISS and hopefully after Paul and Gene hang it up there never will be. Congrats all of you from a fan that has never wavered on my love for the band through any line up, but there are 4 guys that influenced my taste in music and for that I honor you. Brad Hartshorn, Ottawa, Illinois

  • Del on

    Just read an interview with Gene in the new Guitar World magazine, when asked if he would play with Ace & Peter at HOF he said “We should. Absolutely. As an homage to the past”. I guess you were right Eddie that this decision was Paul’s for the reasons you mentioned.

  • Peter N. on

    Eddie is right. I do wish to see at least the photo op and I have been a fan for almost 16 years.(Being 22 years old now) I first got into them back around the reunion but was to small and young to go see the original. Once the news broke Kiss was getting inducted it was to me a final shot to see them all together. Now with no performance at least for now, the photo op is the best. I hope to at least see them all at the hall of fame.

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