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Wow, just waking up after a very late night last night and seeing the incredible response to Ace’s announcement on my show last night that he and Peter are not being allowed to play with the original band being inducted by Gene and Paul. I was aware this was coming and have been a sounding board in many conversations with many different parties ever since the HOF was announced for Kiss. Nobody was going to say anything publicly because everyone had hoped an announcement like Ace made could be avoided and at least the original band could do a song or two. The news had to come from Ace or Peter when they were ready and Ace asked me last night if he could come on because he needed to let the fans know what they were dealing with before they purchased tickets to attend (they go on sale Monday). That’s why this happened somewhat last minute on my show late last night. Tons of fans were going to come from all over and pay God knows what to see the original band, the band being inducted. Now there is transparency as to what is going on and that there are no plans for a reunion that night. As a fellow Kiss fan and someone who has been extremely vocal about them getting into the HOF for years, I join the MANY really disappointed today. The comments section of my site has blown up about this as well as my social media. Everyone has their view here and all opinions welcome as always. My understanding is Peter will also be posting a statement soon on his site if not already and is in the same position as Ace.


A few things now that this news is out:


Gene and Paul had to know this was coming at some point. What is strange however is that Gene in his initial RS interview seemed open to playing. It was Paul who had a different take via Twitter. The word out there for a while now is Paul is calling the shots in Kiss world. Wonder how much internally they are on the same page on this? Especially with the fallout so far from fans?


Does Kiss play at all? Could be one solution to all of this. That nobody plays. That would likely maybe get Ace and Peter to at least attend. Would the HOF accept a tribute vs a Kiss performance? If current Kiss plays, as it looks now, this also puts Tommy and Eric in quite a spot. They take their orders from above but hard to imagine they would want to be in that spot. But who knows? They did it during VH1 Rock Honors, but this is much bigger and only original band going in.


I was contacted last night by the HOF producer Joel Gallen. He may come on the air with me at some point. He said the HOF position is that they are inducting the original 4 and that is who they would like to play. But the HOF will not dictate Kiss can not play if they are only willing to do it with the current band. Meaning they will accept current Kiss if that is all the owners of Kiss (Gene & Paul) are willing to do, but it is not their preference. He also said nothing was decided as to what will now happen with the Kiss performance and he was hoping maybe something could still be worked out. Seems unlikely at this point since this event is rapidly approaching, Ace and Peter would need time to reconnect and rehearse with Gene and Paul, and needless to say feelings are very bruised at the moment. My take is you will either see the current band or no version of Kiss play. Also will be interesting to see if the massive backlash from fans about no original performance pressures what happens now in some way.


I have read many comments saying Gene & Paul’s decision is ego driven. While that may play some role if you read previous posts here about this I have written I truly think it is more BUSINESS driven. When you spend over ten years selling the “it doesn’t matter who is in the band” concept, and rebranding Kiss to be a franchise where they say members don’t matter, this is not good for that master plan. Why? Because it wipes all that work away and shows it DOES matter! Look no further for proof than the MTV unplugged taping. When Ace & Peter walked out for 2 songs at the end they saw how huge it was and had to do a reunion in ’96. In other words it’s a big can of worms to open and hurts their ultimate plan to sell Kiss as a franchise where members are interchangeable. No matter what, unlike ’96 there would never be a reunion tour no matter what happened. As a fan honestly I wouldn’t even want to see it. In your 40’s possible, 60’s now, no way. A show? A few songs? Sure. But fans thinking there could be a full reunion tour? Never saw that remotely possible.


Do Ace & Peter go now? I feel this is a personal decision that only they can make. There is no right or wrong answer. It is their honor and up to how they feel if they want to stand up there even for 3 minutes. Time will tell as we get closer what they do. With performance off the table as of now they can make a decision I would think right up to a day or two before. I see both sides of it and the feelings involved and really think it is all up to how they feel.


Do Gene and Paul go? Sounds crazy but who knows? Paul clearly has no love for this process from his recent interview in RS. Do they send a statement and just check out of the whole thing? Unlikely but who knows?


Much of the blame here is being pointed toward Gene and Paul. And rightfully so in the sense that according to Ace and all sources they are the ones saying they won’t play with the original band, but the HOF has plenty of blame here also. Why? BECAUSE THEY WAITED 15 YEARS TO PUT KISS IN! Think about this; if they put Kiss in in 1999 when they first became eligible (and SHOULD have gone in), this would be a non issue! Because the original band was together then! The HOF can also be blamed for just caving to what Gene & Paul want and not considering Ace and Peter in this. If they said to Kiss (G&P) only band being inducted or nobody plays at least it would have been a level playing field. But as the HOF told me they will not do that because whoever controls the name is who they ultimately leave the performance parameters up to.


Much can still happen here. Remember although we are focused on Kiss as Kiss fans, there are 7 other bands going in that have to play as well. Although Kiss fans may dominate this event (how much so now with no reunion I don’t know), the other inductees need their moment and performance too. So who knows when it gets to budgets and stage specs what whatever version of Kiss plays agrees to and if it all works out.


All of this can be debated and discussed forever but those are some of my thoughts. As always my doors remains open to ALL to discuss and debate and members of the HOF may very well come on the air with me as they have in the past when I was screaming to get Kiss in the damn thing! Ace and Peter are scheduled to come on TMS together next month. More on that when we get closer. For most Kiss fans this news sucks big time, but there’s still about 7 weeks left to see what unfolds.. All we know as of now is that their is no performance for the original band planned or being allowed by Gene and Paul. We have been told for decades that the FANS are the boss of Kiss. Judging from the reaction to this news this is one instance that clearly does not apply..


Sorry for any typos, been a long late night last night. All comments welcome and being posted ASAP.


  1. I think at the least, they should have a video tribute of the originals and other past members played before and even during the live set, if the current line up plays.

  2. Let’s see how this all shakes out before we make premature judgement. We are hearing from many people and all with differing opinions and there has been seemingly bad blood before an unlikely reunion in the past.

  3. There are a lot of whiney high school kids posting on this message board. For the love of God, get a life, a job, a girlfriend, something! Stop complaining already. You should be embarassed.

  4. The fans of the original 4 have been cheated for a long time. I thank you Eddie as you brought up when I saw you here at the Concert Pub in Houston, it’s ok if you are ok with going to watch two guys pretend they are Ace and Peter. I certainly respect Eric Singer for the many artist he has played for over the years. Loved REVENGE, but this is totally different. Tommy Thayer I loved in Black N Blue, but to walk out anywhere and dress yourself up as ACE? First off Tommy is nowhere near the talent of ACE and surely does not have the stage presence of ACE. The only way this even works is for those who were not fans in the beginning , or for those “fans” who go to see the show and really have no clue has been in the band at all. Those are people who wouldn’t know the difference anyway. I say this is a slap in the face to the TRUE fans in so many ways. They can make all the excuses they want, there is no VALID reason this is what it is.

  5. I saw this coming from the Minute The Original Kiss was Inducted. Like Eddie said It’s not good for the Kiss Brand to have the Original Cat and Space Ace in the Make up that They Created up on stage playing. I’m a Kiss fan since 1975 [now 45] and I am More a Ace and Peter Fan than Gene and Paul; but I Gotta put this out there and I Hate it If Ace and Peter didn’t sell Their Right to Their Make Up to Paul and Gene Then this All would have been a Whole Different ball game. Face it if it wasn’t for the Reunion Gene and Paul would be No Where as Rich as They are Now. Kiss in the 90’s Was Not Selling out Arenas; If they has been do you think they would have jumped all over the Kiss fan gatherings and bought up all the Names to them? Hell I really like Peter but if Eric Carr was still Alive The Reunion would have more than likely Been with Just Ace and Not Peter! i’d love to talk with Eddie on the Phone about it just for the Hell of it! This is My Opinion And That’s All The Original Kiss is the Kiss I Love and Ace and Peter More Than Gene and Paul! I’d buy a $100.00 ticket to see Ace and Peter play at a club than go see Gene and Paul’s version of Kiss in a Concert Hall Any Day Of the Week!

  6. This is my worst day as a life long fan. Thank God I didn’t buy a ticket! Gene and Paul have proven that they do not give a crap about the fans. The true sound and show is with the original four. I will not even waste my time on debating with the idiot Kool-Aid drinkers. They can just pour themselves a nice tall glass and head to the mother ship!

  7. This is absurd! This will tarnish the legacy of KISS in my opinion. I can almost see things from Paul and Gene’s perspective but not quite. I don’t care how ridiculous the R&R HOF is, or how stupid it is that the fans want to see 1 final performance from the original 4 for this ceremony. The fact is it’s what the R&R HOF wanted, it’s what Ace and Peter wanted, and most importantly it’s what the fans wanted. Only 2 people didn’t want it, and they got their way. Without the KISS Army, Paul and Gene would be 2 poor musicians. I tweeted to Gene and Paul “go ahead and slap the KISS Army in the face April 10. how do i withdraw from the KISS Army? u can block me now.” and Gene blocked me. I am no longer proud to be a KISS fan. I want a refund for every concert I went to and every piece of merchandise I bought.

  8. Very sad news. So much for Kiss being about the fans. Such bullshit. Its only 2 or 3 songs for fuck sake. Really, how can Gene and Paul stand up next to Ace and Peter and get inducted into the HOF then walk to another stage and play with two guys dresses as Ace and Peter. Can someone fucking explain that to me?????

  9. The irony of all of this is that it took this long for KISS to get into the RNRHOF because so many people believe that they are a business or a brand, not a band. And now Gene and (mostly) Paul are proving those critics right.

    I was born the same year KISS was, so I started following them the year they took the make-up off. To some, these were the bad years (I totally disagree). But one of the things I most enjoyed during this time were the humorous and witty interviews that Paul Stanley gave. Now he’s turned into some bitter rock n roll recluse. What the hell does he have to be bitter about? He has more money than God and has sustained a 40 year career in an industry known for 15 minutes.

    He recently was interviewed by RS where he downplayed the RNRHOF induction, stating he was happy for the fans, but it meant nothing to him. If he’s so happy for the fans then why does he piss all over them (the diehards anyway) every chance he gets.

    As Ace and Peter have been in and out of the line-up, I always find it interesting that they resist saying anything derogatory about Paul and Gene while at the same time Paul and Gene hurl insult after insult at them. Paul and Gene are hands down better business men then Ace and Peter. Hell, they are probably the best businessmen who dress as rock stars you’ll ever find. But Ace and Peter, IMO, have always proven themselves to be better people. Sure, they have had their demons (we, even Paul and Gene, all do). But they have always been very careful not to disrespect the band that so many love, regardless of their personal issues with members past or present. I’ve always thought that they understand the fan base far better than Paul and Gene.

    So, in April, KISS will be inducted to the RNRHOF and will look like clowns in the process.

    Who’s getting the last laugh?

  10. Iam 44 years old a huge kiss fan and its bullshit that ace and peter will not be their their were the ones that got the band of the ground not Eric singer and tommy Thayer . Peter and ace did hall of fame is peter criss and ace Frehley not the other 2 . Gene and.Paul should put their differents in the past and welcome ace and Peter what is kiss without those 2. We all make miskates get over it and let’s carry on . Peter and ace should be their to carry the torch again they are kiss. Everything I have is ace and Peter and nobody else ace and peter criss rule kiss.

  11. Never knew that KISS was not n the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, ……
    Being The Biggest Band IN America in the 70’s …. There are legends and have
    influenced bands ,rock , metal , & musicians still to this day.
    Why is everybody mouthing off or saying anything about them,
    there business is there business, respectfully stay out of there business
    or be there business, you know what I mean ? lol………….
    Congradualtions to KISS with the HOF about tythe eh…. Never knew they were not
    already inducted…. sad . BUT ME & THE BOYS WE’LL BE PLAYIN….. ALL NIGHT ! \m/ \m/

    Devon Harvester

  12. This whole debacle comes down to one thing…..business. Gene and Paul have this 40th anniversary tour coming up this summer with KISS 2.0. They clearly feel that playing with Ace and Peter would ruin what they have been trying to sell for the past 11 years! Paul has stated that members of the band are interchangeable and they are known by their characters, not personally and by name. They are afraid fans will revolt and won’t want to see the 2.0 version this summer after the originals perform at the RRHOF. Believe me, it wouldn’t matter even if they didn’t play with Ace and Peter at the RRHOF. KISS 2.0 can no longer tour without co-headlining, otherwise the seats would be only half full or worse! What happened to the whole “without the fans, we wouldn’t be here and the we hear and we obey.” If this was for the fans, then the originals would be performing at least a couple of songs to put a bookend on their history together and to end things properly. I have been a fan of KISS since I was 6 years old and I am now 40, and in my mind, Gene and Paul are holding up their middle fingers to Ace and Peter as well as to all of the members of the KISS Army! Very disappointed to say the least!

  13. I’ve been a kiss fan since I was born almost 29 years ago. my mom is a member of the kiss army since 1976. my house looks like Gene’s office, and my son’s name is Paul. I’ve seen the band 6 times, starting with the reunion tour in 96, and even became a musician because of the band. and though I’ve lived every incantation of the band out there, I can’t begin to express the sheer disappointment with this news. not only has the HOF got everything all wrong, it seems so does KISS. from a business standpoint, I completely understand the original four members tarnishing the band and image gene and Paul have set up for the last decade. however, this is the ultimate opportunity to make new “kisstory”. if gene and paul keep insisting that it doesn’t matter who’s in the band, and that they’re looking for a replacement for even themselves, this is the chance to do so. I guess in a perfect world, Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter would stand on that stage, appreciate one another for the last 40 years, have Joyce Bogart induct them, because she was also there in the beginning, pay tribute to every member and era of the band in a video, give a thanks to Eric Carr, and then perform a mmedley of say “Deuce” ” love gun” “black diamond” and finish with ” rock and roll all nite” after the performance, bow out, announce and introduce Paul and gene’s replacement, and the original 4 walk out the way they started. together. then, the band can continue with Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, and the 2 new guys. thus ending an era respectfully, while keeping their ” brand” alive.

  14. Disgusting, but COMPLETELY EXPECTED and predictable. I’m going to openly express my opinion, which I believe is based upon 99.9% fact:

    I have, like many on here, been a Kiss fan and follower for MANY years, even done TONS of their material in various cover bands. That being said, here’s MY take on this. It seems Gene and Paul are just being their typical douchebag selves, being power and money hungry as they’ve always been. I’m sure they’ll try justifying this by saying it wouldn’t be fair to Tommy and Eric by having Ace and Peter play, as well as dragging them further through the dirt, likely claiming they’d be showing up drunk and high, or some other bogus nonsense. Did Ace and Peter f#@K up at times in the band – yes. Did they deserve to get booted – more than likely. Are the current “replacement” players in Kiss “better” players – without a doubt. Were Peter and Ace “intermediate” players at best – absolutely. Should they still be allowed to play the HOF ceremony as the original members of Kiss – YES!

    The fact is, f#@k ups or not, inferior players or not, there is a LONG history with these players, and are original members of a band that had a huge influence on music today. Tommy and Eric were no part of it, so they deserve to be present and even play as well, but should definitely have to take a back seat to Ace and Peter. I also think even with all the drug/alcohol and possibly mental issues Peter and Ace may have or had, they STILL deserve their due, AND are more classy individuals than Gene and Paul put together.

    Oh, just for the record as well, neither Gene nor Paul have any real musical talent on their instruments either, and are pretty limited vocally as well, although both very unique in their own rights. The whole thing about Kiss was the magical combination of 4 guys that just worked. Mediocre musicians and vocalists that found a way to collectively be great. THAT’S the REAL reason anything other than the original 4 would just be a complete f#@king joke! My 2 cents worth……..

  15. I am a KISS fan since Destroyer came out. From there i bought every 8 Track, and album from the first album to Dynasty. Now lets be logical here. Who did we fall in love with? Ace, Peter, Gene, and Paul. These are the guys that deserve to be honored. Also does anyone care that if it weren’t for the late Bill Aucion, there would be no Kiss after Dressed to Kill? I could not care less about the KISS swag, except for concert T-Shirts. I fell in love with the Kiss image. Ace and Peter were very important to me, as were Paul and Gene. Whether or not KISS moved on that is not the point, the point is respect where you came from. The 70’s were one of the best era’s for original concepts and KISS was part of that. The KISS of now is commendable for one reason. It showed the world that you can be over 50 and still Rock. Please put all 4 original members on stage and enjoy the moment

  16. Gene and paul are showing how petty they really are. It’s very simple. Ace and Peter had a lot to do with Kiss’ early success and they deserve their recognition on this night. Adults put aside their personal bickering and do the right thing. To strip these men of their rightful place in music history is just wrong. I’m a lifelong Kiss fan. I love their material that doesn’t include Ace & Peter. I think Monster is one of the best Kiss albums ever, along with Carnival Of Souls. The fact that Kiss has moved on without Peter & Ace is a fact; and they have done great work since then. But none of that is the point and Gene and Paul need to put on their big boy pants and grow the hell up. Get over your selves and be a Mensch. It should never have come to this and just shows how small these people are.

  17. I initially was thinking Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace should go on the Dr. Phil Show and work out any differences between them. But in reality, I think the issue is not Ace or Peter. It is Paul and Gene not wanting to disrespect Eric and Tommy. Kiss is Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy. Us fans from the 70’s don’t like it, but it is what it is. Paul and Gene must think that playing with Ace and Peter at the RRHOF would be a slap in the face to the current band members.

  18. unfortunately it stop being about the fans long time ago Eddie. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are a bunch of ego tistical people. it stop being about the fans when Gene Simmons started his TV show family jewels. Anymore all the fans are is a source of revenue for Paul Stanley gene Simmons in the kiss brand. I feel pity for the two remaining members of KISS. They’re stuck between loyalty to Gean to Paul and a hard place. if it was up to me I would say snow performance by kiss at all. I might even to go to far to say to yank the Hall of Fame induction. It was supposed to be the four original members being inducted. This is so sad this reminds me of Axl Rose Guns N Roses. Grow up jean-paul let him play a couple songs with you and get it over with. Stop acting like children

  19. I pose this question to Eddie. As a fan what would you like to see happen? Forget that you know all of the member’s in question. As a LONG TIME KISS fan what would you like to see?

  20. Take it or Leave it? I take it. I mean on one hand I am sick of all the ‘he said, she said’ drama. Paul and Gene (at least) say one thing in the beginning and later change their tune and say a completely different thing and now are trying to cover up their tracks and make it all better. Ace and Peter have been pretty much consistent in their statements all along. But if no one can agree and can’t put aside their differences and play a song or two for the fans and the legacy of the music, then I really don’t wanna see any form of KISS play.

    On the other hand, it makes sense in what Paul and Gene said in their statement in that if the RRHOF won’t induct the entire lineup then why play at all. I mean I can see where Vinny Vincent and Mark St. John may not care about KISS or playing with KISS at RRHOF. But for members like Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer and if Eric Carr was still here, those members will feel left out if just the 4 original play and vice versa if KISS were to play with Eric and Tommy, Peter and Ace might get upset and more drama would ensue. Plus if the entire band isn’t inducted thats like a big fuck you to the non original members and the legacy of KISS as a whole especially since other bands have been inducted with the entire lineup, past and present. There really should be an across the board rule that says something like original members inducted first then the different and current lineups follow or if you induct a band induct the entire lineup, past and present. But the RRHOF doesn’t have that. Their rule it seems basically is induct whomever the hall wishes on a case by case or band by band basis. So in essence, the Hall could induct Ace by himself for KISS and not his solo career and not induct the rest of the band. Which is really a shitty thing to do since KISS would NOT be here today had it not been for Vinnie Vincent, Eric Carr, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer taking over the reigns after Peter and Ace first left and when they left again after the reunion tour.

    As a HUGE fan of KISS, I am completely fine with KISS not playing the RRHOF! To many issues and Gene and Paul are really on the verge of tarnishing the legacy of KISS if they keep up all this drama crap. I would rather they not play and stop all the drama and just enjoy being inducted and not cause any harm to the legacy of KISS!

  21. After reading Peter’s book, I can’t blame them for not wanting to share the stage with him. Read Ace’s book too, and have nothing but love for him. Ace is my fav.

  22. First, thank you Eddie for allowing us the chance to voice our opinions on a band that has meant so much to so many. Wrong is wrong and this is disrespectful regardless of the “business model/ branding”. That is total b.s. Kiss now is just another cover band. I hope Ace and Peter read our comments and feel the love and respect we have for them. As for the comments about Ace an Peter not showing up and having session players fill inGene did the same while dating Cher and starting his “movie career”. Ace and Peter contributed on the early albums and their LIVE performances is what made KISS! Bob Ezrin destroyed Kiss with his style of producing. Destroyer was a hit.commercially but Ezrin convinced Paul and.Gene to change their style. Other than Beth, Peter didnt sing on any other songs or as a backup. The combination of.all their voices contributing on a variety of songs disappeared. Aces solos got smaller or nonexistant thanks to Ezrin. Eddie Kramer captured the real Kiss on the albums he produced. I became a fan when I was 8 and im now 45. I saw Kiss on the reunion tour and loved it. They may not have played perfect but it was Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter, the rock gods i grew up loving. I dont like the kiss.cover band now ( its pretty tacky for Tommy and Eric to act like Ace and Peter) so i dont buy the tickets or merchandise or go to the concerts. KISS should have quit after the reunion tour. Led Zeppelin did it right when John Bohnam died. It wasnt Led Zeppelin without the 4 who started it. Eddie tell Ace come to Cincinnati if you tour with your new album! We would love to see ya! Thumbs up to you and Peter for thinking of the fans and releasing this info before anyone wasted any hard earned money.

  23. So I guess bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, AC/DC , The Band , Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones ,Judaist Priest should all have their musical discographies that were recorded after losing a member just shredded into pieces- ignored as blasphemy huh? That seems to be what The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is saying about Kiss.

    This induction is an insult as far as I am concerned because there is no way to induct half a band. The issues most people in my “Original Kiss Army” generation are completely over-looking is the plain & simple truth that regardless of which era of Kiss’s music we like (or hate) and regardless of any personal animosities we might have for members past or present the facts remains undisputedly simple: Kiss as a band never broke up and even if you hate both Gene & Paul nothing will change the fact that there are two founding members of Kiss that have worked their ass’s off to maintain this band for over 43 years. And NOW that they are finally being recognized for their craft they are being told that ONLY the first 10 years in a 43 year body of work count and that the 7 Platinum & Gold albums made in the following years WITHOUT Ace & Peter do not count because “that wasn’t really Kiss” therefor its non-existent –

    That’s a serious insult folks no matter how you try to candy coat it because it really was Kiss.
    It doesn’t matter if you truly believe it wasn’t really Kiss after they left & it doesn’t matter why left, the fact remains they left and Gene & Paul carried on the band that they ALSO founded known as Kiss. Just as The Who carried on, The Stones carried on, AC/DC , Van Halen, Guns & Roses carried on and many many more bands carried on- regardless of why the members were gone be it death or a split. Zeppelin called it quits because they didn’t feel they could carry on and had Kiss broken up & Gene & Paul officially started a new band this would be different but that’s not what happened.

    Yes I am an original Kiss line up rocker but I refuse to insult Gene & Paul along with other band members & their 43 years of work based on the ridiculous assumption that Kiss ceased to exist when Ace & Peter left.

  24. Wouldn’t it be great if they were met by a thunderous and deafening Barclay Center roar of “REUNITE! REUNITE! REUNITE!
    It’s very clear to me that Kiss has always been a duo. Its a shame.

  25. In life, some issues become a matter of dignity. I just remembered Marlon Brando rejecting the Oscar for something he believed in. Sex Pistols did the same in the rock Hall of Shame. They did stand up to their values and made everyone clear that there were more important things than being honored in some way or fashion and that they were not taking bullshit from anybody who wanted to understimate their talent. KISS, should not even accept the induction. Having them “honor” the hall after 15 years and watching how artists like Run DMC, Public Enemy or Bob Darin (just to mention a few) have walked through “the big door” just before their eyes, is a slap in the face. This is not about who will be perfoming or not, this is about respect and appreciation for a job well done. Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter know they don’t need this kind of circus to be honored. Their carrer that spans over 40 years plus a ZILLION records sold speak pretty much for themselves. Let those useless “judges” and organizers induct who ever they want. KISS is already in the Olympus. Let them raw and fuck themselves.

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