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As I write this I’m listening to Black Sabbath Live at Hammersmith Odeon on Mob Rules tour. Damn I miss RJD. Just stunning stuff!

Anyway lot’s of stuff happening. Been going full force on the new season of TMS. Visiting our new NYC studio this Monday for a bunch of run through, then we tape the first new show in almost 6 months Tuesday that you will see 1/18 on VH1 Classic 11P ET. All 12 new shows we are about to do are almost totally booked. Last night we secured a great guest from a major act that has never been on before and is not heard from much. We will likely be announcing guests week to week so more on this soon. I was worried being in NYC about bookings since so many artists live in LA, but thankfully TMS has become big enough that people are willing to come to us now. This is huge because doing the show at home saves money that allows more new shows. As an example our past seasons were 8, this one is 12. All good stuff and we have many first time guests, returning favorites, and as usual a diverse mix of new and classic rock and metal. Keep an eye on Twitter for reports from the studio and photos @EddieTrunk


Zakk Wydle and M Shadows are the guests in the first show of TMS. Zakk will also be in studio with me at SiriusXM live this Monday 6-10P ET for TRUNKNation.


This Friday on the Q104.3 show I will be live 11P-2A. Frank Bello will be in studio to discuss and play music from his new side band with David Ellefson. You can hear this show free streaming live at www.q1043.com or use the free iHeartradio app. The streaming issues have been resolved from the previous few weeks!


Many live appearances coming up. Be sure to watch the home page listings. Just confirmed I am hosting two dates with Winger Jan 30 & 31 at Northern Lights Theater in the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee. In addition to hosting I’ll also be selling and signing my books pre show in the casino lobby. Winger on at 8, I’ll be there around 6:30 before the show at a table outside the theater. I hosted Winger in Vegas not long ago and they were great! Amazing players and everything was played live and real, unlike so many bands out there today. Different sets each night too. Will be fun for sure.


Don’t forget live gigs coming for me, Jim and Don 1/18 Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ and now Starland Ballroom 2/15 in Sayreville NJ. These are NOT tapings of TMS. They are live stand up comedy shows that I host and also do some stories at. Then we all have fun doing trivia and Q&A at the end. Mexicali will follow that with live music. I will be doing this solo 2/8 at Concert Pub North in Houston too. Books signed and sold at all events. Look forward to Houston where I hear from so many great fans! More to come!


Don’t forget TMS weekend on Palladia in HD starts Saturday 9AM ET. Schedule of TMS episodes airing in HD in last post. VH1 Classic is not an HD channel but the shows are shot that way. This is the only way to see episodes in HD so set those DVRs!


  1. thankyou for tms i’m a big led zep fan never got to see them live but would love to see ufo if they ever come to seattle area they rock my kind of music thankyou for talking about them on your show.my wife thinks its funny ive turned into a metal head

  2. Looking forward to the new season of that metal show, one of my favorite shows on tv. Like how you represent hard rock and metal in a positive light. Just wondering if Ace and Peter will come on this season, I’m sure they have alot to talk about.

  3. Great Eddie! Nice to hear you can tape more episodes this time around. Would love to see you out here in Portland Oregon for a book signing!?!
    Thanks for Championing METAL FOR US ALL! \M/

  4. OK i am sorta pissed i bought tickets to Mexicali thinking it was a TMS taping. I was super stoked. No offense but i don’t want to drive 2+ hours to watch a comedy show. Can i get a refund?

  5. Excited to hear what crazy and amazing stuff Zakk has to say on the show! I was happy to see David Ellefson’s name on the TMS commercial on VH1 Classic as I have been campaigning to get David on the show for a while. He expressed his interest in a Megadeth Cyber Army chat.

  6. Major act? New guest? Doesn’t do a lot of interviews?

    Alex Van Halen? Dave Murray? Ritchie Blackamore??? Damn Eddie you’re such a tease lol!

    I’d say Eddie VH too but he seems to do interviews on occasion. Hmmm… Interesting to find out who it is. Can’t wait!

    Very glad to hear you guys have some cred now. You have are a quality rock program and deserve some respect. I myself have bought music/went to shows because of seeing or hearing bands on your show. May you guys continue to have success!

  7. Eddie
    Will this season run on Palladia too as it airs on vh1 or not until the seasons over ?

    On a side note about the winger info above.
    You went to Cheap Trick there ( Northern Lights Theater in the Potawatomi Casino ) for the Dream Police shows .
    I almost went from here in mpls but gas , hotel , etc $$$$ . Now I regret it . I loved the setlists I saw and the length of the shows compared to reg ct tours
    Did they ever film that for future dvd? Its kinda been a long time now so I doubt it ….

  8. hey eddie, how come no other stations run your show live after 30 years? When is that gonna happen? lol. I almost think you don’t want to be live in another city. Not one station can run this live???

  9. I was dissappointed to see the Winery Dogs were coming back to the nyc area because they have not yet been to Boston !
    Do ypu know if they ever plan on coming up this way ?
    Ive tweeted all the guys in the bad with no response so thought Id haunt you now! LOL!

    BTW,Love the shows


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