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Back LIVE tonight on Q104.3 NYC 11P-2A ET. This is the first live show since the 30th anniversary party to celebrate this show a couple weeks ago. So we will recap that amazing evening and I’ll have live call ins from the biggest story to come from it; the reunion of Ace Frehley & Peter Criss on stage! Peter will join me live at 11:30 ET, Ace at 12:30 ET. Both on the phone live. Ace is on the W Coast working on a new album. Peter from his home in NJ. I’ll also have a bunch of music and some cool giveaways as well. You can listen to this show live for free streaming at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app and just dial up Q104.3 NYC under Classic Rock. This show also airs next weekend on all of my affiliate stations as well.


Just launched a contest to win a balcony cabin for 2 for the 2014 MOR Cruise I am once again hosting. Be sure to enter, it’s free! Hope to see you on board this year. A gew cabins remain and are going fast!


Please see the just added new book tour dates on the home page for FL, PA, TX & OK. Hope to see you at these events. Both books will be for sale at all. Many also include live Q&As or are concerts as well. Hope to announce more dates soon. The holidays are near, grab a signed book as a gift! Next up 6-8P at Seminole Hard Rock 11/7 in Hollywood FL before Sammy Hagar plays!


Love reading all the comments (especially to my recent Kiss post) here on the site. Even if I don’t agree with some positions all are approved and posted providing they are responsible and not racist or overly obscene. I appreciate and welcome all opinions and debates here, on my radio shows, and of course TMS.


Speaking of, new shows start Jan 18th. Taping and guest info TBA.


  1. Eddie,

    Loved both interviews with Ace and Peter. Two of my favorite musicians and people.
    My god, that interview with Ace was so funny, raw and honest.

    Glad to hear Ace call out Gene and Paul on their bs.

    By the way, any update or news from Iron Maiden about tour dates
    in the U.S. for 2014? I’m dying to see Maiden.

  2. Loved the show last Friday night with the Ace and Peter interviews. Did I misinterpret Ace, or did it seem that he still has resentment towards Peter for, as Ace put it, “throwing him under the bus” in Peter’s book? Seems like he danced around Eddie’s question about whether Ace would ever work with Peter again. Did Ace not realize that Eddie wasn’t asking if Ace would work with Peter “right now” instead of “sometime down the road”?

    I loved how Ace characterized Gene as someone who has no friends. It’s so true. Gene has no friends, only business partners, and only those who help make money for him. For as long as there’s money to be made, any one would kiss Gene’s ass and vice versa.

    1. Of course Ace would say something like that. Ace has the mentality of a high school sophomore. Ace’s “friends” were the people he would get high with and probably still does. Ace has no career and no real family. Gene has both.

  3. Kiss should tour without the makeup. Let this lineup just come out and play all the great Kiss music, and respesct Ace and Peters legacy in the band. Its the only proper thing to do. So maybe they wont get sellout crowds in every arena.. Who cares?? They are rock and roll legends. Shame on Gene and Paul for using impostors on stage. And shame on the rock in roll hall of fame if Kiss doesnt get in this time. They deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame alongside the Stones, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush, ACDC,, and many other great bands. Lets hope Deep Purple finally gets voted in too.

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