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Been a couple weeks due to my schedule with the new book and the signing tour, but I will be LIVE 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation tonight. Lot’s to play and say and as always your live calls are welcome on 866-315-2663. Join me for music and talk that rocks live nationwide tonight! Enjoy your Columbus Day and catch you on the air tonight.

7 thoughts on “10/14: LIVE SIRIUSXM SHOW TONIGHT!

  1. Hey Eddie,
    Just finished Vol. II and loved it as much as the first. I always walk away with a nice list of albums to check out. Actually just picked up Trapeze-Medusa after reading the Glenn Hughes chapter and I am in LOVE with it. A classic rock MASTERPIECE! Anyways, just thought of an idea for your sirius show that would be cool. How about playing a song or two from each band/chapter in the book, in order…even the “more essentials” section! It’d be cool to follow along to. Just a thought…



  2. You do not give enough love to Helloween. I listen to the show when I can and love That Metal Show. I listen to all types of metal from Overkill to Pretty Maids but Helloween has been my #1 since Walls of Jerico. Since they were the fore fathers of Power Metal you might want to give them the nod. The new stuff kicks ass too.

    1. Nick, there is only so much I can do with the time I have. Between new and classic stuff the music played is what gets the most requests and most of the audience wants. There are TONS of bands I love personally not featured each week. I do my best working in what I can

  3. eddie,just saw bullet for my valentine at the paramount,huntington,ny.shocked.bullet was the headliner,but played for one hour n ten minutes????????really?????uh,is this the new way too tour???/i think they have four albums n one ep,n a new album out now.one hour.how do 3 guys in there sixties,i/e rush play 3 hours,but these kids go for one hour n ten.metallica plays a two hour show.the show kicked ass,just way too short.see ya wed 10/23/13,maybe geddy n alex????zakk???????/

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